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President Donald Trump Paints Bleak Picture At North Carolina Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Dre-Day 1127 Author

    I wonder is he ever going to the midwest or great plains and rally where some hard hit farmers are at. I bet he would probably get booed off the stage.

  2. Darrell Morin Author

    This is the "Whine and complain about Donny" channel. Joe: How about some news other than trump on this channel. Its been so long now and NO NEWS just tRump whines. I know tRump is disgusting but stop your whining and crying and move on with other news….Already

  3. Divine Author

    Idiotic right wing talking points. "Don't attack Obama or Biden" – Well what did Obama really do. Everything Obama achieved in terms of domestic policy was watered down. Obama HIMSELF said that if he was president during Reagans years, he would've been a MODERATE REPUBLICAN. So please, I'm tired of this BS where we can't objectively speak on the issues at hand so we can protect the legacy of the first black man in office (and our corporate overlords, atleast for these pro-corporate goons). That's a pile of BULL.

  4. Bear Post Author

    This is hilarious! You're still wasting time and energy attacking Trump instead of giving realistic goals of what the Democratic party will do for me. It's either Tulsi, or Trump. Ball is in your court DNC. Go ahead and fix the nomination again, and you will fail. …AGAIN!
    So sad that this is so far from the Democratic party I grew up with😪

  5. Noe Berengena Author

    Dems need to stop with the Lenin-Trotsky talk. No one wants Commies in control of this country. Stop trying to be the wildest radical in the bunch. There is absolutely no need for that. All the talk about free everything for everyone (even new unprocessed immigrants) is going to get Trump re-elected. Use your heads!

  6. Dan Witzke Author

    As a proud North Carolinian, I'd like to personally apologize on behalf of the good people of this state for all of these brainwashed, abhorrent, gullible idiots who support orange45. They are not reflective of nor indicative of the vast majority of people here.

  7. Looping Spiral Author

    I wish MSNBC would hire a Vulcan journalist.
    It seems all left wing news is emotionally distraught and polarized…it polarizers people. They tell us how to think about stuff cuz they are incapable of being objective.

    Sure, right wing news is exactly the same…but I'm sick of the rampant hopelessness eventho humanity is obviously on an upswing. Our Enlightenment began years ago and the news is just a bunch of college educated fools with no sense of foresight. Their version of the big picture is temporally absent.

    Y'all need to read This is a Trap Door by Zachariah Bennet Douglas and quit acting like intelligence can't exist cuz the president is a noob.

  8. Ed Johnson Author

    MSNBC like CNN are frauds! They are democrat operatives masquerading as media using the 1st amendment as a tool to destroy all who oppose their criminal agenda. This is fraud and treason of the highest kind. They need to be shutdown, arrested and sent to gitmo for the rest of their lives never to be seen or heard from again!

  9. Pamela George Author

    Racist, scam artist, con, propagandist, anti-Democracy, womanizer, liar, draft dodger………hey, let’s vote for him! 🤪 NOT! I can’t wait till the day he looses…like Hitler, I hope he has his cyanide pills ready! 😈. Tainted Kool-Aid for all his supporters! 👍 TRUE BLUE 2020! 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙

  10. Kittymittens Knit'n Author

    Trump just booted a proud strutting peacock of the MSNBC class. The class on the left and the right see eye to eye on matters of class. You must understand Bill Gates youthful task that was the International business machines database of class. Jeffrey Epstein was a caterer of this class. M.I.T is a hot lead. Some slathering pander to class, as opposed to the lower echelon workload. To do so you must swear the oath that is the hatred of those below your class. You must obstruct no effort to crush and demoralise them with every weapon at your sworn class disposal.

  11. dafttool Author

    Oh look, Trump is hosting yet another of his White Nationalist Hate Rally.

    [Edit: It has come to my attention that this isn’t actually a White Nationalist Hate Rally; it’s a Nationalist Hate Rally with mostly white people. —Sorry for the confusion.🤷‍♂️]

  12. karenza t. Wall Author

    Where is little Stevie Bannon? He is silent? Out of character. He's enjoying the trump debacle variety show as it tramples on decency. When will he realise that his pal donny will throw him to the citizenry or Democrats wolves to be shredded. Oh well, maybe he'll lose some weight. Every cloud and all that.

  13. Benjamin Buckley Author

    If they don't do something about debt problems people en mass are just going to stop paying, especially if the law doesn't allow them to declare bankruptcy.

  14. Rob Robson Author

    As A concerned Canadian I have to tell you… It ain't no different up here when it comes to negative political ads on radio and tv. Don't tell me what the other party is doing wrong, we already know that. Just tell me what you're going to do right, how you're going to do it and who's paying for it.

  15. beverly nichols Author

    Stupid msnbc commentary. Send her back was not a racist chant. The congress person hates america, and should be sent back. MSNBC insults all trump supporters

  16. Mr Underhill Author

    joe – your bias is showing when you lie -progressive democrats have not talked about forgiving all debt – (although dems and reps did forgive 23 trillion of the banks debt and counting) – you need to stop looking back and start looking forward – the economy is about to break because of all the debt (more QE or socialism for the rich is coming), jobs are going to robots and human beings are sick and tired of crony capitalism that creates billionaires for us to ogle on tv while we stress and can't get health care. the progressives want the corruption out (off shore tax evasion for starters) and the focus brought back to helping all the people instead of just a few billionaires. and sorry to repeat but I have not heard you ask how much the military is costing us these days – with all the 'military exercises' and real wars and super secret money that disappears, 2-3 trillion missing from the pentagon was announced conveniently on sept 10,2001, and is never asked about again?

  17. Vicky Jameus Author

    I don't believe that a person who believe in God, would vote for the antichrist
    These Trump supporters are definitely not religious people
    There are just alot of rasict people living in North Carolina

  18. deadpixel1791 Author

    "Where he has struggled in the past" you mean like when he won this area by 12 points in 2016? Yeah struggled. I dont like Trump but when blatently lie or get things wrong you are helping him get relected. Which new flash people he is going to destroy whoever comes out of the democrats as nominee so kiss them goodbye….

  19. Wado Waleli Author

    It's amazing that any human being who has a brain can support the psychotic charlatan known as Trump. Maybe the people who attend his rallies are the same ones who go to freak shows.

  20. Gee Lawrence Author

    AKA Trump wannabe brother of Beavis is brain is clogged with chewing gum and silly putty. Riddled with stupidity and nonsensical chaotic thought..
    A Russian corruptors dream

  21. ღSwnsasyღ _ Author

    Trump never ever talks about policy.. He doesn't know any.. All he does is talk sh**.. That's literally all he does… It's actually not difficult to understand. M4A has a 67% approval rating.. Bernie says EXACTLY how to pay for everything.. Bailed out the richest of the rich but you guys sure don't want the rest of us to get help!!!

  22. Lydiah Kanyoro Author

    Democrats need to learn about focus from Republicans. If this president was a Democrat, Republicans would have found some way somehow and would have impeached him by late 2017 or early 2018.
    It feels like Trump is TRYING to get impeached or TRYING to get beaten in the elections and Democrats are so ?!???? that they can’t even do that. The way they’re going, it’s actually not a stretch that he might secure a second term.

  23. Jorge Stolfi Author

    Even serial killers in jail have the right to free health care; and everybody accepts that as a basic human right. Why deny it to immigrants just because they lack a piece of paper, when most of them are honest and hard working — on the average, more so than American citizens?

  24. Jennings644 Author

    Once you're on the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link, next, scroll down to where it says Click here for more S o r c h a F a a l reports 
    There, you will find a WHOLE LIST of LINKS on ALL the CRIMES that have been COMMITTED by your previous presidents, you should take them ALL serious…
    Below shows a link on how YOUR LAND HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM YOU, Fires is just part of how they did/doing it…
    This is why A l e x J o n e s was taken off the all the platforms, he WAS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!
    Things have been put in place of what WILL happen to our planet for centuries, it has been planned what will happen and who it will happen to, for decades:
    If you don't check out all of these links, you'll never understand what's been happening to your own countries! We have all been FOOLED long enough, back the people who are trying to SAVE YOU or you'll end up dead like many MILLIONS of people before you!

  25. Daniel Schaeffer Author

    Maybe I'm fantasizing here, but I'm beginning to sense a massive sea change going on. The American people are changing their mood from horror and a sick sense of humor mixed with rage to something far more dangerous to this presidency. Boredom. We can't go on like this forever.

  26. Supre Macy Author

    I’m pretty sure that getting rid of immigrants hasn’t changed the country much. Everything else that’s bad is in the rise. Whoever is seeing America as getting better, is living in a parallel universe!

  27. George Rasmutin Author

    Politics on YouTube is nothing but propaganda wars and bot armies, ridiculous.

    Blame the past 30 years that got us to this point all on Trump.
    Maybe look in he mirror at your own greed and corruption these people are pathetic they really believe they re infallible.

  28. Christian Butler Author

    This news feed is all crap it's all bull it's all lies…
    And when I scroll down and read comments it's just a bunch of illiterate ignorant insults none of you can formulate a legitimate argument that actually proves that President Trump is anything but legitimate you have no clients that you can use against him you have no deviant behavior that you can use against him you have nothing all you have are these ignorant silly insults why don't you try finding something that proves he's a criminal well as try finding something that proves that he is a derelict or a deviant of some sort you can't you cannot find any fault with this man as a person you will not find anything that makes him look bad as a president either…..
    And I am beginning to wonder if many of you have an understanding of economics and political policy in foreign trade I'm beginning to question whether or not you comprehend anyting in a political spectrum of any kind let alone social discourse and social behavior the only thing that you proven is that you are capable of social discourse and lies if anyone says anything different than what you perceived to be truthful or factual even though you have no real truthful evidence or no real facts and the Pershing speaking in opposition of your opinion has the tistics proof evidence evidence of all kind audio video pictures whatever crime statistics medical statistics you will blatantly call them a liar with no proof of your own to formulate a valid rebuttal you are some of the dumbest f**** people on the planet

  29. Brenda Bass Author

    Remember where Donald Trump comes from! When have anyone from New Jersey's fast-track or gaming cult ever cared about or embraced the ideas of southern ideas or needs. Lol. And believe this… Anyone he promotes has already become his personal butt kisser…

  30. Super Sonic Author

    It's fcking sickening they he parades around on the stage reveling in his self perceived notion that he is just the most GLORIOUS person in all the world! His narcissism is horrifically fascinating and is now full blown off the rails

  31. Daniel Osterman Author

    Most of these "rallies" should open with a song like Psycho Circus perhaps? Trump has proven himself to be inept, corrupt and out of his depth. Change does need to come.

  32. Jean Engstrom Author

    Bleak, indeed! As long as your silly blubberbutt remains in office.
    Mazel Tov, dimbulb! You've made America HATE again…(as predicted). 🖓😡
    To be clear, there's been a BIG increase in what was dying down:
    Hate crimes are up, and we can thank the divider & thief for it. 😈


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