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Pro-Life Response To: “Those Graphic Pictures Are Actually Miscarriages – Not Abortions.”

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court
legalized abortion nationwide. The decision is called Roe vs Wade, and
those who defend it are known as RoeBots. This is how they think… *Robot Voice* To begin with, if those dead babies are
stillbirths, how did we get access to them? and where did all the puncture wounds
and torn-off body parts come from? I mean, does anyone seriously
believe that hospitals provide us with the corpses of stillborn babies
which we then mutilate and photograph? And how have we been doing this for
almost fifty years without getting caught? As for miscarriages, the medical standard
of care is that the biological material resulting from a miscarriage is sent
out for a pathology report. So how does it end up in the
hands of the pro-life movement? Or maybe the abortion lobby is
suggesting that these photos came from miscarriages that
occurred at the woman’s home. Could be. After all, I’m sure the first thing a woman
thinks about after losing her baby is to alert the pro-life movement so we can rush
over with our lights and cameras. Look, the solution to this is really simple. If the abortion lobby wants
to convince the public that the abortion pictures we use are phony,
why don’t they just show the real ones? All they would have to do is provide before
and after pictures of what’s being aborted in their clinics, and if they showed that
we have been using fake images, our credibility would go up in smoke, the pro-life movement would be destroyed overnight, and the abortion lobby would win the
battle over abortion in a matter of hours. Of course, these people are
never going to do that. That’s because they know better
than anyone else on earth that the images of abortion being used
by the pro-life movement are real. Thanks for watching!

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