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Professor Layton Voice Actor Is In Nintendo Switch Commercials in Japan! Lost In Localization – GTV

A lot of people say that Japan has some of
the best commercials. With most of them being crazy or funny. I think that’s true at first but once you
learn Japanese, and understand what they’re talking about, that kind of goes away. A lot of people also say Japan makes the best
games. There’s no denying that some of the best selling
and most acclaimed titles came from Japan. Some require that you learn Japanese just
to play them! But then there’s Japanese game commercials. Some are cute, some are funny and some just
get right to the point. You only have 30 seconds anyway right? One campaign I noticed recently was for the
Nintendo Switch. Since its goal is to promote a new piece of
hardware and some new types of play, they can’t really go too overboard on the silliness. I’ll definitely say that the Japanese ads
were much better that the ones in The West. To me they have the feel of one of those instruction
videos on flight safety. The star of these ads in Japan is Yo Oizumi. If you live outside Japan then that name might
mean nothing to you, but he’s a pretty big name over here. It’s kind of like when you see this… it’s
not just any old schmoe they picked up off the street. Yo Oizumi was born in Hokkaido, that’s the
northernmost of Japan’s 4 main islands. And he got his start 20 years ago on a local
TV show in Hokkaido called Suiyo Doudesho? (水曜どうでしょう?) in English,
“how’s your Wednesday?” He’s done a lot of commercials and other TV
shows since then, but what really makes it weird to see this actor in a Nintendo commercial
is that Yo Oizumi is also the voice of Professor Layton! At least in Japan… That’s right! He’s been The voice of Professor Layton for
each game, the feature film and even dressed in full costume to promote Professor Layton
and the Diabolical Box, in 2007 Though there are a lot of strange and funny
commercials from Japan, for video games or otherwise, at least take comfort in knowing
that in this case, Nintendo remembers their history and went with someone with deep ties
to gaming, whether you knew it or not


  1. K.S. Tokyo Author

    I fucking love this guy(^ω^)!!!
    Yo Oizumi is very famous actor in Japan 🇯🇵.
    Moreover, he's a
    great voice actor and singer. He' s also a great comedian .
    His comedy show called "How do you like Wednesday?" is one of the most popular comedy shows here in Japan 🇯🇵
    (DVD of this comedy show will be sold out within a week!!!)


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