Proof That Hollywood Medium Is Totally Fake

It may not come as a surprise, but Hollywood
Medium’s Tyler Henry may not be the “clairvoyant, and medical intuitive” he says he is. On his reality show, Henry and his mom visit
celebrities’ homes to connect with their deceased loved ones. But it’s hard to believe that this young man
supposedly knows nothing about the celebrities he meets with. Doesn’t he have a TV? Here are all the reasons why Hollywood Medium
is a sham. Obvious props When Henry did a reading for Matt Lauer in
August 2016, he was given an old pocket knife to assist his senses, but most sensible people
could easily conclude that an old pocket knife is probably going to belong to someone older
who had passed. Tyler then says this person wanted to die
at home, which is a very common request. It’s Lauer who reveals that Henry must be
referencing his father, who passed away in 1997 at home in hospice care. Next, Henry brings up a coin collection. “Very strange, he’s showing me a reference
to like a coin. And I don’t know why this is coming through
in the way that it is. But he’s showing me… it may not click right
now, but he’s referencing these coins.” “I have a couple of silver dollars from him,
but not a lot.” “Okay.” Henry never explains the significance of the
coins or the pocket knife, and the rest of the reading is uneventful. Henry calls Lauer out for snoring, which Lauer
himself revealed a few months earlier on The Today Show, and then throws in the typical
comforting sentiment. And nothing of value is learned. Thanks, Tyler. “Wow.” Easy to Google When Henry met up with other Today show staffers
in January 2016, much of the information revealed was very easy to find online, particularly
since the tragedies mentioned in producer Alex Ficquette’s life had occurred within
the past six months. “I’m gonna bring through I think two people
for you, which is good to keep in mind. I have a man who dropped dead of a heart attack,
completely random, talked about having a valve problem. The emphasis with this is honestly we couldn’t
really predict this happening, so does this make sense for you?” All Henry needed to know in advance was the
name of the staffer to easily research enough information to formulate a seemingly accurate
intuition. In another example from his own show, Henry
attends a party with cameras in tow when he “randomly” gets a “pull in the direction of
this girl.” “I couldn’t quite explain it, but I just felt
like I had to deliver a message.” Most people could see that this random girl
is actress Bella Thorne, but Henry supposedly has no idea who she is. He talks to her about a man “in the fatherly
kind of a realm” passing in a “vehicular-related accident” and a reference to 2007. Thorne eventually reveals that her dad died
in a motorcycle accident in 2007. You know what also revealed that information? Google. Henry goes on to try to forge a connection
involving a plush gift, but Thorne draws a blank on the teddy bear references. Henry concludes by advising her to talk with
other family members. “It would be like really old, really deteriorated,
but I would check and see where that’d fit with family, because it’ll really make sense
with someone. I would ask around about it.” Though Henry told Out magazine he prides himself
on focusing on “information that cannot be researched or Googled,” his vague references
that connect with the client all seem be information that’s easy to access online, suggesting his
visions aren’t the “sentimental pieces of information” he says they are. Why not give a few more readings to people
who aren’t on Wikipedia? Is telling Tori Spelling about her long-dead
dog really that big a deal? Anyone can be a medium When Henry appeared on an episode of Keeping
Up With the Kardashians in 2015, he claimed that Khloe had “a very great intuition” and
felt “energies and spirits really well.” She asked if she’d ever be able to see visions
like him, and Henry told her if she wasn’t afraid of her psychic abilities than she,
too, could be a medium. “You definitely do have that really keen intuition.” Of course, Kourtney also has special powers,
according to Henry, leaving Kim out of the psychic club. The only thing we’re learning from this is
that perhaps we’ll see another Kardashian spin-off soon: Kourtney and Khloe: Take the
Afterlife. No big questions If you have the ability to communicate with
the dead, you’d probably want to ask some big questions… like speaking directly with
deceased attorney Robert Kardashian, who defended O.J. Simpson. But Henry did no such thing when he met with
the Kardashians in 2016. Instead, he focused on her deceased ex-father-in-law’s
tree trimming business, which again, is easy to find online. And pretty boring. “Someone worked in an orchard?” “He was a tree surgeon.” “What’s that?” “YOU’RE BORING.” It’s information straight out of Wikipedia. Henry relies on the old trick of only telling
clients either things they already know, or vague, comforting sentiments, such as assuring
subjects that deceased family members are together and watching over the living. As usual, nothing too surprising or interesting
emerges. He messes up his own game Henry sometimes trips over his own words,
revealing that, despite working constantly in Hollywood, he actually knows who celebrities
really are. In Season 2 of Hollywood Medium, Henry meets
with The Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill. As usual, Henry pretends to have no idea who
she is, saying, “I don’t know what you do for a living. I don’t watch much TV or anything and you
might not even be on TV.” How, exactly, does Henry know this person
is on TV? He quickly tries to cover up his misstep by
saying, “You may not be in TV, you could be Broadway.” But this revealing conversation shows he may
have conducted his own research before the reading. Or, you know, had seen her on TV, like most
people. ‘Grief vampire’ Like many TV psychics, Henry tends to play
on people’s sorrows in order to demonstrate his “gift.” According to Susan Gerbic of the Skeptical
Inquirer, by telling clients he’s communicating with their loved ones, he’s exploiting their
pain as a “grief vampire,” feeding off others’ sorrow. Henry told Out magazine his goal was “ultimately
to work with parents who have lost children to suicide,” but we don’t see him doing much
of that. Considering his high profile and $1.7 million
dollar net worth, you’d think that would be a goal he could pursue if he truly wanted
to. Instead he only visits people on E! and their
associated networks, in the ultimate cross-promotion. Henry also told Out, “…a huge part of my work revolves around
being an activist and being able to create a conversation.” Yet again, the bulk of the activity we see
from him is at party appearances, book signings, and announcing some very vague “visions.” With a reported waiting list of more than
15,000 “regular people” as customers that Henry isn’t addressing, his business seems
to have everything to do with staying famous, and that doesn’t involve anyone who isn’t
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