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Qarib Qarib Singlle – Official Trailer | Irrfan Khan | Parvathy | Neha Dhupia | Hindi Movie

My good name is Yogendra Kumar
Devendra Nath Prajapati a.k.a VIYOGI Get some action girl
or you’ll become a virgin again! What?! Entry gate shuts down, babe! Damn it, I’m stuck! An espresso coffee please. Buddy, the lady would
like an espresso… And I would like an expression! I’ve had 3 great romances in my life. Each one – historic. Legendary. – Shakespearean Tragedy.
– Are you in touch with them? No. So, why not visit? Would you come along? Ms. Jayashree! Must you yell so loud? How does one yell gently?How about I strangle you, darling…… while you squeeze my neck?You booked us a spiritual retreat?! Enjoy this view of the Ganges…
Practice Yoga at 6 am… Roosters practice Yoga at that time,
Ms. Jayashree… You want to compete with them? What are we, milkmen? O King of Rhymes! – Kids, meet your uncle!
– Radha, we’ve got some work… Hello, Uncle. Blessings, dear child.God knows why he doesn’t get it…I’m stuck with such a dimwit!
– You’re such hot stuff!You can’t tell a pigeon from a sparrow?
– You have the sweetest smile.Are you uneducated?Oh my god! – OH MY GOD!!!
– What the hell are you doing? Get OUT! Close the door! You’re on the train, right? Yes, absolutely! – Just not on the right train.
– Jump off! Yes, jumping!
No, too late now! Get down fast you donkey! Idiot of the first order!Why don’t I strangle you, darling…… while you squeeze my neck?… while you squeeze my neck?– Mr.& Mrs.?
– Ms. Shashidharan But make it 2 separate rooms please. We’re quarreling. So, one room is fine? NO! Two please!


  1. malayalam movie theater scenes Author

    Parvathe is now kicked out of Malayalam cinemas..I hope she gets more Bollywood movie to survive..but still she is a shit…

  2. Kiara_Sonam Author

    I don't understand what's happening here?! Why so much hate for Parvathy? And why is everyone commenting in a different language 😂

  3. Sate De Author

    You claim to hate her and watched her jn the trailer! Double standard! What a shame! I have watched the movie! She has done good job! Irfan is great actor and he he has proved it again!

  4. Amrita Talukdar Author

    I see a lot of blind fanatics spreading hatred here. India has now come to a point where speaking (the truth) against "megastars" is being countered by mindless bashing n threats(on Twitter). Very sad state of affair, especially coming from the "most literate state" of our country.
    Nonetheless, kudos to Irfan Khan and Parvathy. Both are fantastic actors.

  5. Pankaj Naik Author

    Awesome movie..awesome acting by Irfan and Parvathy… love it..get well soon Irfan….we r waiting for your next awesome movie….god bless you both Irfan and Parvathy….love you….

  6. Tijo Koshybaby Author

    Hai… പാർവതി ഇനി ഇത നല്ലത് മലയാളം സിനിമയിൽ നിന്ന് ഓടിക്കോ കണ്ടം വഴി .

  7. Vineet Kumar Author

    After watching this film on Netflix ….I want to say all Parvathy haters …..

    Ma chudao madharchod tum log ….big star k pichwade chato 😂😂😂….. Acting tum sabki bs ki bat nahi

  8. JUBIN N Author

    What a terrible movie…… Plot is the biggest weakness of this movie….. Personally didnt like feminist point of view of this movie, may because ofthe female director

  9. Aravind P Author

    A person at his young age have not done anything bad against women is blamed by this young lady at his old age for her publicity. After acting in handful of film this you lady wants Mamooty to learn from her what kinda film he should choose. Please be in Bollywood/north india, our industry and people need only honest people in Kerala- no Rakhi savanth's in Kerala please!!!!

  10. anoop shukla Author

    Brainwashed people also here .. gud for them .. u people can only hate cuz u don't have ur own brain … Parvathy is gud and she will always be…. Even she is better than yesterday fan prying actor …

  11. Raman Rajput Author

    Am new create new account in Netflix for the reason of scared games season 2 after watching am searching some different in Netflix then i suddenly see qareed qareeb single i like irfan khan sir so i decided i watch this movie after watching this movie am really confidential said this is my favourite movie.


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