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Race Gurram Telugu Full Movie w/subtitles | Allu Arjun | Shruti Haasan | Part 1 | Mango Videos

“Every mother hopes that her
sons live in peace and harmony.” “It’s the same with her as well.” Hey, Ram!
“He’s Ram.” “He’s the good boy kind.
He’s the trendsetter.” Why are you guys here?
– Your brother is talking to Laddu. Laddu is a thief.
The teacher punished him… …but your brother
is still talking to him. Why don’t you tell to him? Laddu, stop crying.
I’ll explain. Your brother is here.
– Hey, Laxman! Laxman, I’m talking to you. Call me Lucky..just Lucky! “He’s Laxman.
But he dislikes being called so.” He’s a mischievous boy. Why are you talking him? He’s my friend.
I will talk to him. You are not supposed to talk to him. I will never obey you. Get lost! Rascal! How dare you disobey your brother?
Learn from him instead. You’re in the company of wrong people. He’s my friend.
What’s wrong with that? How dare you back answer me? (Lucky screaming) I still didn’t hit you! “Ram is content.
That satisfied his ego!” “Lucky is furious. That hit his ego.” Write about Rabindranath Tagore. “Ram is good in academics.
Lucky has good general knowledge.” “Lucky went on for 50 pages
while others stopped at 5.” “But he was wrong, they said.” Why? What’s irritating you, tell me, father? To have given birth
to an idiot like you. What were you asked to write
and what did you write? I wrote about Tagore! They asked you to write about
acclaimed poet Rabindranath Tagore… …and not about Chiranjeevi’s Tagore. Megastar is the only Tagore I know. It’s not him, it’s you! Donkey! Oh God, I am always wrong
and he’s always right! “That’s what Lucky feels and
that’s what really happens.” “If Ram fights in a game,
Lucky fights in real.” “Ram returns with a prize
while Lucky comes home injured.” Father… What’s wrong with you?
Where are you coming from? You beat me up few days ago.
Now, again? Why don’t you take off this weekend? Why do you always get
beaten up by your father? Why don’t you learn
something from your brother? Study well, like him… If both of us are the same, what’s
the point in being two different people? No matter what goes wrong,
I’ll be blamed. Don’t mistake us, son.
You guys must live in peace, that’s all. Stop it, mother.
Lucky is right. Ram is not. Go tell him.
Tell your husband as well… …to not beat me everyday. “Whatever happens, their mother
wants them to keep peace.” “Lucky then realized, that his
brother blindly believes the books.” “He can’t understand the book.
He believes his instincts.” “How will Ram, who follows the books &
Lucky, who follows his heart, sync?” “Therefore they’re
always at loggerheads.” “There problems grew with age.” “Lets see what will happen to the
unusual brotherhood.” I proudly announce Mr.Ram as ACP. (Gun fire) Mr.Sameer as ACP. Are you happy, Ram?
– No. You continued to fight with
Siva Reddy in immense pressure. I’ll be happy the moment
you arrest Siva Reddy. Yes, Ram. We must never back out. People like Siva Reddy
can’t get into politics. I will make sure I expose him. Good luck. Son, go to school. I won’t go, father.
I don’t want it! I am paying the fees.
– What for? I don’t want to go. You should say that, son. What’s the confusion about, uncle? He doesn’t want to go to school.
– Is it? Yes.
– And are we going to let him be? If we do this…
the bus will take him to the school. Why did you let him
get into our family? I’ll kill you, you brat! Why did you do that? How can I let my
brother become a brat? Lucky’s brother can’t be like that.
– How must he be? Like me! That’s when he’ll go down the drain. That was emotionally upsetting.
Uncle, give me 1000 bucks! Make a note in my account. I’ll return
it to you once I go to the States. You fooled him! Is he your elder son?
Looks like a responsible boy. You think so?
-What? Once upon a time,
he came to my hotel. 2 cups of tea! He came back the next day. The tea is just amazing here. I got friendly considering
they were regular customers… …and he became family. What did you say? Look… How are you, son? What did you ask?
– How are you, son, I asked. What happened, son? My parents never asked
how I was doing… …and you greeted me so well,
you are now my uncle! A god gifted uncle. Father…
– What happened, dear? She’s my god gifted, aunt.
He’s my brother. This is my temple.
I’ve connected with you so well. You’re my new world!
(temple bell rings) We thought he connected
with us emotionally. Later, we realized that
he was using my family. Look what he does when he’s hungry. My inn becomes his hotel. It becomes a bar when
he wants to drink. It becomes a bank when he needs money. We suddenly became a family
of four without my knowledge. …and he’s been showering his love. Who ever gets connected to me him gets
confused. Only the one who created
him can understand him. “He’s a scary guy.” “He leaves an effect. He’s defective.” “He never disconnects.” “He leaves an effect. He’s defective.” “He never disconnects.” “Like a horse, without reverse gear.” “He fixes focus and shoots.” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He’ll stick around like the blue tooth.” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He is crazy, he’ll make you go crazy!” “Scary guy!” “He leaves an effect. He’s defective.” “He never disconnects.” “You’ve spicy looks.” “That will make me miss your moves.” “Let’s settle scores.” “Let’s play the game.” “Take me away!.” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He’ll stick around like the blue tooth.” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He is crazy, he’ll make you go crazy!” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He’s crazy. Be careful, he says.” “He’s a scary guy.
He’ll boom all over.” “He can stop the tsunami.” Scary guy! Scary guy! Scary guy!


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