Ranja Ranjha Kardi Bhola| BHOLA FUNNY ACTOR |HUM TV| Imran Ashraf, Noori| Asim Sher Official 2019

Assalam-o-Alikum Everyone! How are you? I am hoping that you all are good in your health. So, this video is very very much special so I request you all guys to please watch this video till the end. As I have told you today’s video is very special because because Imran Ashraf As you shall know his name and you also recognize him. He is the one of the beautiful actor of Pakistan yes right! As you recall his drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was very much appreciated by the people. So, in that drama he act as Bhola. So, I remembered from the bhola acting that and I will greet with Bhola. that is a Pakistani Bhola & you will see his act as same as Imran Ashraf. So, his name is M Qasim Sher. So, now I will show you the acting of Qasim Sher. So, watch it and if you like the acting so please do the comment. So, that we know how was the acting. & if the video was good so please like it and to be connected with us so you have to Subscribe the Channel. Click the Subscribe Button this is what you can do for us. According to time So, let’s move towards Qasim Sher as a Bhola. Assalamolalikum! Yes Yes I am Bhola. You know your mouth is like what it say’s yes … watermelon! Your hairs are like Beso. and your eyes are like the seeds of Matar. Yes! and your skin color is like the stomach of Lizard. Don’t focus on me! Bholay got bad eye sighted. Don’t Look like this. What happened it’s our conversation yes Yesturday, your bhola is handshaking with a girl yes! My mother came and say’s Bholay don’t shake hands with girls. but secretly I have shaked hand with the girl. My mother say’s that she is going to take me to an Event as mella by tomorrow! Haye Haye Mazay Mazay

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