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Ranking The Most Expensive Movie Theaters In The World

How much did you spend the last time you went
to the movies? Sadly, the answer is probably “too much.” In the U.S., ticket prices are at an all-time
high, and innovations like IMAX, 3D, and premier seating drive the cost up even higher. As a result, it’s becoming the norm to pay
more than $15 for a movie ticket. But if you want some extra bang for your buck,
check out these fantastic movie theaters. The TCL Chinese Theater Right in the heart of Hollywood, The TCL Chinese
Theater may be the most famous movie theater on the planet. More commonly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theater,
it opened in 1927 and has since become an iconic part of Hollywood history. The privilege of watching a movie in such
a jaw-dropping, recognizable venue, however, doesn’t come cheap. A standard ticket will cost around $16, but
seeing a major release in 3D or IMAX will set you back a little over $20. The Odeon, Leicester Square London’s Odeon in Leicester Square is is the
most well-known major cinema in London and hosts an array of world premieres as well
as the annual Royal Film Performance, which is attended by at least one member of the
Royal Family. A standard adult ticket in the stalls of the
main screen will cost you around $22, while a royal circle ticket will lighten your wallet
to the tune of $29. iPic Theaters, New York Nationwide chain iPic claims to offer the
ultimate theater experience, and its New York branches certainly represent a decent attempt
at being the costliest. Get yourself a premium plus seat and you’ll
get the privacy of an individual pod-like double seat, a blanket and pillow, and full
table service with a range of drinks, snacks or even a meal available to you. That experience costs $32, and the food and
drink costs a fair bit on top of that — you can expect to shell out $16 for chicken fingers
or $18 for a pizza. The BFI IMAX London’s BFI IMAX is the face of the British
Film Institute, a charitable organization which promotes film and television in the
U.K. It’s also the home of largest cinema screen
in Britain, and its movies are shown in the finest formats currently available. A blockbuster during peak times will cost
about $30 for an adult if you’re in a premium seat, though the prices get lower in standard
seats, or if you’re seeing a lesser-known movie. Hot Tub Cinema This theater experience is, well, exactly
what it sounds like. Hot Tub Cinema sets up a screen along with
a dozen or two hot tubs. The movies are usually classics, and you get
a glass of sparkling wine to boot. Naturally, it’s expensive. The 2015 London tour offered a spot in a hot
tub for just over $45. It’s a little cheaper if you pay for a private
tub and split it between six, which you probably want to do, because who wants to pay extra
to sit in a bath and watch a movie with strangers? Cine de Chef With only 30 seats for the theater’s single
screen, Seoul’s Cine de Chef is pretty exclusive, but those lucky few people experience the
movie along with a meal prepared by Cordon Bleu-trained chefs. At the low end, a ticket at the Cine de Chef
costs the equivalent of around $60, but can go up to around $88 on weekends and busy periods. The Paragon Cineplex Downtown Bangkok’s Paragon Cineplex offers
an “Enigma experience,” in which, for $90, you’ll receive a complimentary drink chosen
from a range of fine wines and whiskeys, a number of snacks, and the chance to relax
on a sofa bed to sprawl out and watch the movie. The Orange Club Cinema More of a private members club than an actual
theater, Beijing’s Orange Club offers three individually designed screens. You can relax on a sofa, settle in with some
pillows, and throw a blanket over yourself. The presence of butlers means you’ll never
have to move to get any food or drinks. Like any club, however, it’s extremely pricey
— membership begins at $150 and could cost more than $800 a year. Secret Cinema It’s safe to say this is not your average
movie-going experience. Secret Cinema knocks it out of the park as
a fully immersive cinematic experience in which visitors dress up in costume, mingle
in a super-secret location decorated to look like scenes from the movie, take part in themed
activities, and then watch the movie together. The cheapest ticket for their recent run of
Moulin Rouge cost $66, with the most expensive hitting the dizzying heights of $230. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Rick Charles Author

    Haven't seen a movie in a loong time, so have no idea of prices. Since so-called "stars" have become political haven't gone back. On top of that HollyWeird hasn't made anything worth seeing.

  2. Disc147 Author

    Fun fact, standard adult ticket price in Australia when I was an usher in 2011 was $19, $22 for a 3D release until we phased out reusable glasses (where you would have to purchase your own glasses if you didn't bring your own pair). This was also at a time where our currency was equivalent with the USD.

  3. Darth Star Killer Author

    You see what three or four movies a year and that depends on what’s coming out that year you could only see one if you don’t really care

  4. Daniel Gardecki Author

    I was going to say that "Bradford has the largest IMAX cinema screen in Europe" but it looks like that hasn't been a fact for a long time now. We were the 1st in Europe to get an IMAX cinema screen, and that's a fact that can never be changed.

  5. Denise M. Faraday Author

    I normally go to the AMC's Dine-In Theater in Ft. Lauderdale but I will go to the Ipic in North Miami a couple of times out of the year, usually around my b-day…


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