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Ray J Wants The Tea On Fizz & Apryl | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

– What up everybody, this is Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, uncensored and Apryl Jones is out
here lighting up Instagram with photos at the B2K concert. – And I’m backstage eating. Waiting for the show to start. – Wonder what Omarion’s gonna say because I know Moniece, when she sees it is gonna be pissed. (hip hop music) – Yo, the Millennium tour
rocked LA this weekend. The crazy thing was having
Apryl in the building. – You seen that right? – I’m not gon’ lie. It was nice, it wasn’t the greatest. – The tension backstage was
thick enough to cut with a knife and I kept thinking that
something was gonna pop off at any time. Fizz is playin’ the Apryl situation like he’s playing the eight ball. He tryin’ to hit it in the side pocket. (laughing) – Know y’all boys can’t
shoot no pool, man. – What’s up my jiggies? Are you good? – What’s good with cha? – The LA show was crazy,
got to have my son there. He was right there front and center and got to see me pop off the stage. Apryl was there. Seeing everybody’s faces light
up as we got on that stage it meant a lot. – Y’all was on 1,000 on the LA show. ‘Cause it sold out back to back. – Fam, I had a minute and a half. I performed you know? I rocked it. (uplifting music) It was so mother(beep) epic. I had a good time. – I love that man. – I saw you with your new wifey. – What you talking about? – Apryl? I saw you pull up. – Don’t even put that out there like that. – [Friend] I saw you pull up. – Me and Apryl’s friends. – Oh yeah?
Okay. – I ain’t gon’ lie, Fizz. Y’all did look a little. – You know what I mean? – That’s my friend, bro. Why is that such a thing though? It’s like everywhere I’m going now this is a conversation when I’ve already said it a million times. That’s my friend. – I’m just seeing you now so I was just, you know? Wish you (beep) I’m just shootin’ the (beep) you know? Why, everybody been on
your bumper about it? – Yeah, it’s just like come on man. Even if I did do it. What does it matter to you? – It ain’t nobody business but I seen it effect the O. – That’s interesting to hear because nobody says nothing to me. – I wanted to holler at you, too about the LA situation because after the whole Apryl thing the next day I’m getting calls like yo, is this for real for real? Y’all (beep) gon’ break up? What y’all doing? – It’s just funny to me ’cause everybody brought
friends and family to the show. Why would you not expect to see that? – I don’t care what the relationship is but there should be clarity there. It’s not clear. – Just to put it on the table. – That’s why I feel like it’s clear. If I put it out there like, yo that’s my friend and I said that and she said that then that’s it. Why everybody keep trying
to make it something? – [Man] You need to keep
Apryl away from the tour. – Y’all gon’ (beep) our money
up, you know what I’m saying? And everybody wanna make it something ’cause it’s something to talk about. – [Friend] Straight up. – For the bag, for the future for respect to the brand let’s just minimize it and we can move forward and get the max potential outta the joint. We got something good going on right now. – Word. – [Spectacular] Know what I’m saying? – [Friend] Bringing
that (beep) is sold out. – Hey, you don’t mess up my money. It’s game time right now. – [Ray J] That’s how you
gon’ mess up your money.


  1. NooNie Poo Author

    Wow! Idk. These folk ain’t wrapped too tight. Like, Fizz has 0 respect for Omarion. This guy has two whole kids with this girl. Fizz can’t call his baby mama crazy. Omarion always been the star of the group. So with that always comes jealousy and these ole snakes. Really! Omarion can link up with some other R&B greats and go on tour by himself. They need Omarion because they know without him the tour would be WACK. That just goes to show TRUST NO ONE. I don’t put nothing pass nobody. Omarion doing the right by not even speaking on or addressing Fizz and Apryl.

  2. NooNie Poo Author

    Don’t get all defensive Fizz because people are speaking FACTS and the truth is coming out. Know what you steppin into! You tapped that. That’s normally how it start out. Oh, we just friends. Yeah, friends with benefits. Ain’t nobody stupid! You crossed that line. You’ll never be looked at the same. Grow up! Your supposed to be setting an example for your son.

  3. Shayla Washington Author

    April know she went to that show just to see if she could get a rise out of Omarion , & Fizz – be a man & admit you smashing the homie ex already!

  4. NooNie Poo Author

    Bro! You ain’t keepin it 💯 wit yo so called bro Omarion. Fucc everybody else. That’s the person that you should be sitting down having a conversation with. Yep! You still young and immature. Since you out here doing grown man SH!T ACT like one. A real man would’ve addressed his Patna and let him know what the business is.

  5. THE REAL Author

    That's some snakey stuff dude…hit ya mans baby mother is enough……Annnnnnnndddd she ain't even gonna be ya wifey…GOTTA BE KIDDING ME BRUH SMH

  6. beghz z Author

    Why Lil Fizz acting like he didn’t know this script. I love how JBoog was like “it’s not clear.” I like this scene seeing different artist as friends. Fizz no damn well he using the gossip for what it is to keep his name out there. Fizz, Omarion, and Apryl all in it “getting the bag” together so why not use the lies and spread gossip. I don’t necessarily believe Apryl and Fizz are a thing

  7. ᗷᖇE Bre Author

    That’s so trifling even J-boog, Ray J, and Spectacular telling fizz that messing with Omarion baby mamma not right fizz needs to wake up 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. keisha Huling Author

    Y’all can be friends but don’t be disrespectful. If one of his band mates was smashing any chick he use to deal with his non cute self would be in his feelings. Like is she trying to piss Omarion off? There’s always 2 sides to any story so she can’t pretend to be innocent or like she didn’t play a part in why they broke up.

  9. Andrea Wynne Author

    If the shoe was on the other foot Fizz would be crying. HOW you don’t know WHY it’s a big deal? 🤔She is the mother of Omarion’s (the star of the group) kids. But ok. Play dumb

  10. Marysol Pope Author

    Listen fizz STOP being fake your hitting it now what i don't like is the fact that Your interfering with their kid's that has absolutely Nothing to do with you take care of your responsibility your child and let them settle theirs on their own cause u have No say so

  11. Demetris Lewis Author


  12. Glenda Freeman Author

    Why does April have to come to the show there seems to be some disrespect and revenge. Fizz acts like this is commonly done. If O had been a thug she wouldn't have been at the show it would have been a pull-up situation and friction after the show. Fizz has no respect for himself, April or the brand. cancel both of them the show won't suffer. Jacent did the right thing he wasn't going to allow her to spoil what he has going on. There needs to be respect, handle the personal stuff behind closed doors both of you need to grow up. Both of them behave very childishly.

  13. ryan tabb Author

    He says she's just a friend …he keeps quoting lyrics to a song that are the edited version of the background music of their storyline…we know something happened…just wont find out until next season..

  14. fhdgdiksîig vcmum!hvjvkkkytf8yrJovan Gilmore Author

    Fizz know he dead azz wrong messing around with April. He has no loyalty to nobody not even his son bringing different women around his son is fuckd up. Before April there were other women. Fizz Fucked up in the head!

  15. Lorinzeon CollinsLowe Author

    They both in da wrong ray j shouldn’t of mentioned starting more drama and fizz shouldn’t be messing with other people girls especially if that’s your friend

  16. Pauline Siler Author

    Even though Fizz shouldn't be running around with April it's not Ray J"s business he needs to mind his business and stay out of other people's business he's messy he's started a lot of he say she say on this show , mind your business and learn how to fight before you get f&$#@ up on this show

  17. Sallylicia Glasgow Author

    Fizz and Apryl are adults. Fizz said he and O aren't friends they're coworkers . Secondly O left Apryl so he has no right to feel no way about it.

  18. Lyric Walker Author

    💁April clearly makes dumb decisions…..she went from dating the main singer in b2k to basically the background dancer….. fizz outta pocket and who's next Raz b or j boog April?? Shes going on a B2k tour frfr🤦

  19. KODABOSS BOSS Author

    fizz& april is fuccn!! big deal welcome to da REAL W🌎RLD! most baby mamas fucc on! yo friends yo family or enemy's its called da tripple threat😬 picc yo poison🐍 din take yo medicine😷

  20. Eboni Shanice Author

    And here I was , thinking that Omarions mom was being mean to April but she spoke no lies. Everything she said about her turned out true. They say mothers know !

  21. Ashlee Temple Author

    First of all HE’S calling her a friend and each and every time we see her she’s saying the totally opposite lol she’s like “fizz can get my p***y and so on and so fourth. Lol like he must not know what she’s saying when he not around.

  22. Ashley Aurion Author

    Everybody needs to mind their business lol… Clearly Omarion ain't it. She gotta miss her blessing cause her stupid baby daddy use to be cool with him? They haven't spoken in over 5 years… there is no loyalty anymore.

  23. Miss Love Author

    Fizz you such a chump. You don't know nothing about loyalty smh. How you Messing with your friend baby mama like eww come on so many amazing women out here you had to check out your homeboys come on!!!!

  24. Davonne Hayes Author

    BS they more than just friends and O must of hurt her heart because shes "trying" to do tht yo him. But I have to salute O bc he has not said 1 bad thing let alone anything about her.

  25. Melanin Appétit Author

    All I know is this, Fizz better keep her away from his homeboys. She gone mess around and gone lonely, one of them is going to be Apryls new shoulder.

  26. Dera Brown Author

    Fizz and Apryl know that looks bad whether their friends or not. I lost complete respect for Apryl and Fizz. That's messed up I hope Omarion move forward and ignore the folly.

  27. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY Author

    Lil Fizz the show can go on without you honestly. Let’s be real. While you busy being grimy. You’ll be tired of that Trollop in about a year and be broke. And for what? Some puss from your ex buddy?

  28. janitajanita5 Author

    If he said they just friends why everybody keep trying to make it a big deal damn leave the man alone he grown she grown Omarion knew what type of chick she was from the jump and obviously Omarion and fizz relationship ain’t all what people think it is so let them grown ass people do what they want KNOW WHO YOU SICKING YO 🍆 IN RAW BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO HAVE BABIES 💡

  29. Asia Jones Author

    Fizz keep making weird choices in women. First it was Ashley who was moniece girlfriends ex-best friend. Now his ex-best friend(brother or whatever) baby mother lol

  30. QueenChunky31 Author

    Fizz fucking up the money w/ his Apryl drama….if I was Fizz I wouldn't want any parts of her knowing she's the homie's babymama….that's just nasty!

  31. Anthony Lee Author

    Fizz and April are definitely messing around one she's trying to get back at Omarion..One thing about women if you make them angry they can be very vindictive.


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