1. Koneko Productions Author

    I feel you man. I auditioned for a part in ace attorney with the only thing in my mind saying, "Why am I doing this? I'm a writer not a voice actor oml. What even is Ace Attorney? This is absolute crap what is this. What am I even doing? Screw it I'm gonna submit my audition."

  2. We're all going to hell Author

    7:56 I'm calling the police you nearly killed me. I was choking on my water because of this and I'm taking you to court

  3. galeforce3192 Author

    Less than a minute in and I already hurt my throat from laughing at Connor’s reaction. It didn’t get any better. XD

    Anyway, I can’t say that a lot of these were horrible. What ruined a lot of these was awful accents (hey, you admitted it yourself and I have to agree with you on that part XP), poor editing of the reels (OMG why did you add the music to the Lind L. Taylor reel), and an apparent lack of confidence. They got better after the mic switch for sure (note to all VAs, a higher-quality mic makes a lot of difference).

  4. NikkiMoonlightVA Author

    ….You wanna know something hilarious? I've been lurking around your channel since it started….and I never subscribed until about..a couple months ago? Maybe less? Some of your stuff got me wanting to do voice acting work myself. So…to me, I dunno how many times I could say thank you and have it being enough. But I wanted you to know that you've inspired me to do voice acting, along with several other VAs in the professional field as well as the hobbyist.

    PS…This old Voiceover work is hilarious.

  5. KilledByAnAngel 64 Author

    I’m about to say something that WILL most definitely make Connor hate me

    I ship Levi and Eren soooooooooooooooo much like you don’t even know 😂❤️👏🏼

  6. Blakefulable Author

    Voice coach, voice actors, shitty voice actors and narrators of youtube: If I just use this word inflection enough, people will think I know what I'm taking about

  7. itrasheditgood Author

    Just remember, there is always someone worse. Despite, the mistakes , you have always had a voice that is really marketable, people could see potential, even if you don't. It's like a good singer, it all starts with potential ( good voice), the talent ( training) always comes second.

  8. Tate Blackman Author

    You should do a video remaking some of your really old auditions and going over what you did wrong/ what you could have done better

  9. Elisabeth Heiman Author

    I tried to restain laughter at 5:45 when I heard Connor doing Mr. Mackey's voice from South Park. (Btw, he's a counselor, not a teacher.)

  10. Fluffymiyster Author

    You answered a question here that I had asked back when I began binging your videos, regarding if you felt like you needed to use an American accent to get roles. Considering doing accents in other nationalities isn't the easiest, I'm happy that you've found it best to just stick to your accent. Besides, there's a lot that can be done with your accent and tone of voice anyways 🙂

  11. Lizette Moreno Author

    I watched this last night when i was supposed to be ‘asleep’ and had a very difficult time trying to contain my laughter. Today, I had to take my senior pictures for the yearbook so I watched it again on the car ride there to calm my nerves and get me smiling, laughing, and happy. You never fail to make me smile so I just wanted to give you a big thank you for making content. You changed my entire mood and the atmosphere. Especially the Cumberbatch & movie narrator bit!! I’m not sure if you know how large of an impact you have on people but when I opened YouTube I knew exactly who to go to. So thank you!!! ♥︎

    P.S. I think my pictures went great!

  12. RustyIron 7 Author

    I couldn't tell if Connor was trying to audition for a Nigerian archer or Sean Connery from The Hunt for Red October…

    He nailed that Sean Connery accent tho!

  13. ethereal_ amber Author

    I love how no one noticed the thumbnail for this video is a hint to Ouran Host Club. The scene when Tamaki learns Haruhi is a girl. Come on guys, what kind of weebs are we?

  14. Jacks Elves Author

    when he gets upset at the his own voice im confused cuz i didnt hear anything wrong with it and i probably will eventually cuz i want to get into voice acting but for now ill just watch his videos confused

  15. candymeow Author

    It's funny how he essentially did everything at his beginning at voice acting his voice acting guide told us NEVER to do. He apperently learned from his own mistakes and happy that people who want to start voice acting right now (like me perhaps) have acess to Cdawgs wisdom from the start. Thank you Cdawg!

  16. ガムパラ Author

    great video , you should always read out loud and practice it if you want to do voice overs I read that tip online 🙂 and also have a voice trainer before to start


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