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Real Events That Inspired Horror Movies


  1. mad honeybee Author

    @9:28ish… Oh! my, a Colorado College accidentally named the Student Cafeteria after this guy… He was famous for other things, but the people in charge did not look far enough back in his history… Quite some vetting process they got going on, much like how our Whitehouse vets their potential employees… employees like the head of Department of Education, or the EPA… Yeah…

  2. Clint W Author

    Ok, pardon my language, but HOW IN THE F*CK HAVE I NOT HEARD THE STORY BEHIND THE BLOB BEFORE? That movie scared the hell out of me as a child and I spend way too much time watching videos like these. So, why have I never heard that The Blob had something behind it? Just makes the concept more frightening.

  3. Patricia Zernone-Wood Author

    Another interesting video..i learned something i never knew before. You can always bring great videos with great info Calen…#slappedham

  4. Manuel Mendoza Author

    Me: sees slapped ham in notifications
    Me before seeing the vid: turns off lights and get in bed
    Me after seeing the vid: turns all lights on and does not go back to bed

  5. Greg D Author

    My dad used to let me watch old horror movies from when he was a kid. I was terrified of the blob. Now I get to know that there is possibly an extraterrestrial creature hiding in the earth waiting to leave it’s residue on me…

  6. Michael Scott Baker Author

    Love your videos! But I have to laugh at that aerial view of the city of Albuquerque, which is in New Mexico and not Mexico where Borderlands takes place.

  7. Sindollx666x (Heather/Sprout/Monster) Author

    Not many people know that nightmare on elm street was inspired by that strange news story and true event listed on here. That's always one of my favorite things to tell people about ! 😁👏👏👏

  8. La Doña Mariposa Vigilis Author

    Man, I was terrified of the Blob as a child, full blown nightmares and refusal to touch anything with a suspect texture, doesn't matter if I logically knew it was safe. I wasn't risking it!🤣😂😅

  9. Meg DiPaolo Author

    Wasn’t Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome also the cause of the Korean culture’s “Fan Death”? Fans have automatic off timers there. When I was a kid my best friend refused to let me have my fan on at night whenever she slept over. I was an easily frightened child, but I never feared her story that having the ceiling fan on might kill us. I slept with it on every other night of my life and was fine; only when she stayed over or I stayed her her house, did I suffer – sweating through the night.

  10. No-Pajama Panda Author

    I came to the comment section just to see how many people claimed that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was real. And no, this was before I actually saw the comment down below that made that assumption.

  11. GiantAtomicLizard Author

    I always enjoy your videos. On this topic, please check out The Serpent and Rainbow.

  12. Mary Madrigal Author

    I live in the city where Constanzo's cartel used to operate, so i was familiar with Blanca's bar, just in the outside are in where Mark Kilroy was kidnapped. I used to passed that area many times. That bar was frequented a lot by Anglo spring breakers, winter Texans, and rich Mexican preppy rich teens.
    By the time Mark was kidnapped, I was in highschool at the time.

  13. Marta Peterson Womack Author

    I like the kind of videos with real stories in them, so thanks! I remember some of these events. They made a movie about Ted Bundy, as well. My husband actually met him when we were living in Miami. Glad he never knew where we lived! Back then, I fit the physical description of of his preferred victims. I freaked!!


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