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Real Paranormal Footage! │ Ghost at Haunted Theater? (DE Ep. 61)

Tonight on Dead Explorer. We are at the haunted
Palace Theater in Seguin, TX. People report shadow figures, ghost girls, and investigators
getting scratched. I’m here with Roger of Shadowlight Paranormal, Javier, Sunshine,
and Mai to see if we can capture real paranormal activity on video. I’m Alejandro. I search
the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer. There are some noises up here.
Is there anybody up here right now with me? That was me knocking a table. I’m looking
for the little girl that hangs out up here. Whoa, I keep hearing sounds from over here.
Was that you? What’s your name sweetie? Can you tell me your name please? On the left
side, I keep hearing sounds. It’s okay, I’m just here to hang out and say hello. Are you
having fun tonight with all these people here? There’s the trap cam going off. Are you at
the stairwell to my left? Man I really feel there is something up here. Is somebody in
the front row right now? Hello? What! I just heard heavy, heavy footsteps. Hello! I just
saw a red light on the front row with my naked eye. I mean there is no confusing it and there
is just crazy footsteps in here right now. I mean, it’s really beginning to freak me
out. I’ve come here to communicate with whoever lives here and to pass any message you would
like me to convey. You can talk and I’ll capture it with a recorder. You can knock and I’ll
capture it with a recorder and I can share it with the owner and I can share with people
who are interested about, in the Palace Theatre. That’s why I’m here. So if you want to communicate
with people who are really passionate about the Palace Theater, this is your chance. Is
anybody here to watch a show? I just saw something flash across this room right now man! Oh,
dude! Is that you? A second ago I saw something across camera one and camera two. Looking
at me? Yes. I just saw something run across man! How far up did you see it? It was right
above the row of chairs over here right where you at. I saw it on camera one and then I
saw it again on camera two. Jesus man. I saw it with my own eyes man. We need to review
this stuff. I was pointing the camera at myself like an idiot. It was something from behind
you, towards where my trap cam is. Is it possible at all that a car driving by could cast a
light through here? I don’t think so. Man. This is something. Which seat are you in?
Why do keep coming to the Palace Theater. Is this one of your favorite places? Whoa!
Major footsteps from over there. Whoa! Major footsteps from over there. More footsteps.
It’s not stopping. Are you over here on the right? So you are over on the right. I asked
where you are and you are on the right. Is that correct? I smell a soap, a perfume or
soap, or like a soft lotion. Are you a woman? Are you woman or a girl? Why is there so much
noise from up there? Man there is some serious creaking going on in these steps right here.
Are you in front of me? I wonder if when cars drive by somehow it shakes the structure of
this building. Whenever you do an isolation session you just got really stay calm. Especially
when there is a lot of activity going on. You do not want to start freaking out. You
don’t want to jump at everything you hear because then everything is paranormal and
a lot of times it’s not. Thank you for watching Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos. Please
make sure you favorite and like this video and subscribe for more Dead Explorer.


  1. Dead Explorer Author

    New paranormal footage! Scary isolation ghost hunt for real spirits at a haunted theater! Staff stories include a ghost girl who scratches!

  2. CmdrSloanne Author

    A movie would be a great place to die or get to see the movies for free & watch couples make out or fight.hahahaha  nice investigation is not the same being there in person than watch it on video. to experience a ghost or entity.

  3. dunnow Author

    7:00 what's that thing sitting on one of the seats? I mean if it was a lens flare it should have moved around the screen, but this one is standing still at one point.

  4. Jessica Rice Author

    I think. U have a high intelligents of paranormal u seem to sense things from all around you keep up the good work by the way to my way we have a train station and it's still up and running but it was in the newspaper that there is crazy paranormal activity down under the station want to go to the ghost tour but can't so I will have to keep watching your videos keep up the good work


    You go to a known haunted place, you call out to make any contact, you keep asking to Speke or show itself, and when she does something YOU SCREAM AND CUSS AND RUN SCREAMING AND CUSSING SCARED SHITLESS!!!! The spirit is like " he kept asking me to do something for an hour straight, and when I show myself and try to say hello, he Screams and shits himself running away from me screaming bloody murder?!?!? I'm confused he begs for hours and when I finally give in he screams and runs away, scaring me!…….I mean am I that ugly or smelly? Why does he bother asking, begging and then just run screaming like a little bitch. I'm confused. I'll be damed if I do and I'll be damed if I don't, geeeez. Sincerely spirit girl………….lol

  6. TheRusher1996 Author

    This theater looks like very scary, I couldn't stay there with some weird noices like foot steps :O Are you scared sometimes in places like this?

  7. Davey Boy Author

    Hey Alejandro, just found your uploads and wanted to say thank you. I'm working my way back through the catalogue. Love your work! I've recently bought a digital recorder and hope to do some investigation myself.Wish me luck and keep up the great work. Thanks again! David   

  8. KidKrazz Author

    I think your just nervous so your mind is playing tricks, so far ive watched very carefully and seen nothing but heard very little noise. Good video though.

  9. S.L. Para-Tube Author

    You know Alejandro….this would be a great place to go back to. Its not far and i think it has potential to be a real project to keep up with and spend some real time trying to document activity.
    My most profound experience was when you and Harvey were shooting B-roll and I heard a door slam while inside alone. I don't think i captured it on video. It was bizarre though.
    Great vid!!

  10. sissy4259 Author

    WOW,those entities were alot closer than you thought. it's so nice to see investigaters stay as composed as you and yours. i cheeted and saw last video posted first. so i had to back track. do you remember feeling any chills or strange sensations ? great job as always. thank you

  11. evper Author

    If you listen very closely at 5:43 you will hear in a breathy sound the answer to your question,
     "Which Seat Are You In?"
    the response sounds like they are saying to you "Right Here!"

  12. Manish Sanadhya Author

    heyy alexandro…i think u should visit india too for watching some paranormal it's more clear..vivid..and interesting too..following is an incident happened in daylight with a family in Kuldhara village.rajasthan india
    Bhoot Aaya – Episode 17 – 9th February 2014

  13. Hank Stratton Author

    Dude … I saw it! It was like "whoever" was walking off the stage and sat two seat in front of you! At the 2:22 mark!!!

  14. Pia Brynildsen Author

    I really believe in paranormal things and so, but my friend doesn't believe it, can u give me some good reasons for this to be real? Oh I hate when people talk down on things I really believe in !

  15. Bogus Memes Author

    at 6:21 you can see a weird white figure in a seat at the back I'm not sure if it's a ghost or something else but it doesn't seem to go away you can also see it at other times when DE looks over there but I'm too lazy to find the times when he does so yeah…

  16. Aubrey Author

    my theory is that ghosts are always trying to communicate with us but can't because they don't have energy and that they try their best everyday to make sound. Maybe they need help letting go.

  17. Dead Explorer Author

    #FBF  Was real ghost footage caught on tape during a paranormal investigation at a haunted theater?



  18. sissy4259 Author

    Watched before. Awsome. Loved your lil blooper in there,"Just want to comunicate with who ever lives here" hahahaha Didn't catch that before. I love your lil bloopers,so cute.; )   

  19. Laney N. Author

    2:22– 2:26 something runs behind you, a white oval. It's there for two seconds then gone the next. I can't believe I saw in. U should totally check it out. It looks like it ran on stage and down the stairs. U can only see it cause of the black curtain or background. Plz check it out I want to see if it really is a ghost

  20. diablo 1970 Author

    good day sir
    I just started watching ur videos and its all
    awesome…I do really like ghost hunting…
    if I havent just lost my memroy card sir I could send to u all the videos that ive captured in my
    place in the philippine..but I lost it when the war at my place began…
    if I only have those memories my god I could asure u sir that those videos ive captured will make u satisfy
    that ghost do really exist..they are real…
    just like wat ive capture before…
    it was 7:40pm in the evening sir and I was just about to go home…when suddenly I spoted this dog walking towards me it was a black I diceded to take a video of it…and when I started filming it…
    it changes to a figure that looks like a human figure
    and when I try to run far away from that creature…I couldnt even move but I feel I was running but I was not…I dont know what happen next becouse I collapse..I was so scared and then thats the day when I diceded to film a lot of mysterious things…
    hope u could visit philippine and shot a lot of film in my place….
    more power and god bless sir..

  21. Cheezy weezy Author

    You know what, you should've said you wouldn't have hurt her, and that she was beautiful, and you weren't afraid, so she shouldn't have been afraid

  22. Harry Stevens Author

    First lesson for so called paranormal hunters…………Building new or old make noises mostly due to temperature and air pressures changes and not dead people…….

    Second lesson Saying you saw something or heard a voice is not proof it's just you saying your saw something or heard a voice..

  23. Manju M Author

    😀😀 ghost exist but no body can see them nor in camera, if ghost are exist then people would have not done any crimes, ghost is cooked up stories nowadays

  24. Daddie Gru Author

    I know this might be hard to take in for some people, and it was for me. I find the deeper side of things very quickly, and what I found I can't lie did make me shed a few tears. The theatre is such a happy, calming place. Where all your dreams come true. You hear that and think theatre. All that emotion, that feeling, that happiness. It remains.. It stays in the place we all let our hopes and dreams come true. I know it sounds silly, but when I realised that, it made me cry a bit..

  25. Kung Po Author

    How often have you felt that strange gust of wind? Don’t worry, chant this protective mantra “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha” 108 times and all’s well. Read up here: bit{{dot}}ly/DSretreat


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