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Rebel Telugu Full Movie | Prabhas, Tamannah, Deeksha Seth | Sri Balaji Video

Why can’t you go home early
after visiting the temple? Do you need to be out this late? l took a vow, on top of it
this rain got me delayed You always do this
l was so tensed, you know – l’m sorry
– You know how to pacify me Hey, wait till l get you Please don’t do that
Let’s go, l’m scared Wait, how can he park his bike
in the middle of the road? Remember whom
you intend catching Maybe it’s their plan? Should l let them go
if this is their plan? l beg you, let’s go
l’m scared l’m begging you l can’t bear it if something
happens to you…please Hi! – DlG is finished
– David, cash Thank you, sir l need to meet Nanu sir You better be careful Sir, Anthony and David
have come to meet you Ask them to come in Sir, DlG is finished Take this cash,
Rs 5000000 in this suitcase Thank you, sir Sir, just a request Can we meet
Stephen Robert once? -Are these 2 your men?
– Yes, sir You are lucky this time
your men were killed lf you ever say you want to meet
Stephen Robert, you’ll be killed Take the bodies away Which platform
does the flight arrive? Flights have runways,
not platforms Ah, they have changed it now So, general arrives
in the back or front? -Arrives under the wings
– Probably to avoid the sun Have you come from a village? – Do they have red flights like red buses?
– Kingfisher flights are red flights Then, does this flight stop enroute
for coffee and tea or is it non-stop? Have l said something wrong? Have you seen an airplane
on TV or for real? As though it differs!? lt’s not good enough
if you come with a bouquet Greetings, sir How can l help you? Will you repay my loan
of 50000 bucks? What? What time does
the Vizag flight arrive? Will arrive in 10 minutes Tell me if it has crossed
Warangal, Surya pet …or stopped at Moulali junction – l want clarity
– lt has landed, sir Nice dress!
Who stitched it? A Tailor Everyone goes to a tailor
How old are you? – l can’t give you that information here
– Let me come to your house then Close your mouth, else
the planes will go into it He looks different,
must be our man Hello, sir My name is Narasa Raju My friends call me
Nasa Raju, as l speak well How is my name?
lt’s okay My boss has sent me to
be your guide for 3 months l know all the tourist spots in this city Sonia Gandhi usually uses
my services as a tourist guide Now, it’s you
Aren’t you lucky? Why is he silent?
ls he physically challenged? Why doesn’t he reply
despite my being sweet? He is maybejealous that
l’m better looking than him My boss instructed
that l should find you a bungalow This is the best,
that l found through brokers 24 hours water, 24 hours electricity
and 24 hours my company l’ve noticed, ever since you landed
you haven’t spoken a word What’s the problem? l fear that l’ll die
if you don’t talk Please talk My bad luck! Saluting the Sun God?
l thought he looked like a fool He must be a nice fellow,
if he is God-fearing Perhaps he will talk after
he prays, l was very hasty Oh my God! Drink, go on
Enjoy! You should wear the holy ash
after praying, not drink! Drinking is for people like me
Not for someone like you Talk please… l’m asking you to talk
so patiently Talk l’ve just had a peg Don’t make me angry Talk before
l complete counting 5 1 …2…3…4 l beg you, tell me
when you’ll talk …and l will then count 5 Who is Stephen Robert? l beg you, please don’t ask me
any further about Stephen Robert l’ll tell you everything
about Stephen Robert Police haven’t seen him Neither have the goons
who work for him Have you seen the people
who work for him in this city? – Yes, l have
– Then show them to me l will show you on 1 condition
l will point out from far They will kill me
if they get to know Anyway, why do you
need this information? Okay, let’s go! For the 1st time l’m seeing
someone wear a helmet in a car lf l didn’t, that would be
the last time you saw me You’re asking for Stephen Robert ln fact l wanted to
cover myself like a robot But it seems Rajnikanth
has taken that costume – Stop blabbering and tell me where
– On the 4th floor, you can hear music Tell them you came alone,
don’t mention my name l want to meet your bro – Why do you need to meet him?
– For business Thomas, someone’s here to meet you Who is it?
Ask him to come Hey! Come here – Tell me
– l need to talk personally Someone has come
to meet Stephen Robert Believe it is a big deal lf he had that big
a deal with Stephen Robert… …he wouldn’t come here
looking for us He’d have gone
directly to meet Nanu This guy is an useless fellow
Beat him and send him away – There is no business, go
– lt is a big deal, brother Why do you hit me
if l want to meet Stephen Robert? Give me the rod Don’t you get it? Leave You’re lucky as l’m in a party mood,
else l’d have killed you Boys! Start the music l thought this fellow was a brave
l’ll deal with him later at home You drink like a fish! You pose like
you’ve beaten 500 people? When you asked me
about Stephen Robert… …l thought you’re a daredevil He bashed you,
and you couldn’t hit back Useless! Move your leg
Get up What are you looking at?
Get up l say! What’s the use of being 6 feet tall? l’m 5 feet, and l intimidate people Bend, as l want to hit you Sit down You think only you can drink? Who did Stephen Robert’s
people kill recently? Why do you again talk about him? Think of llleana,
you may dream of her Do you know or don’t you? He has started again
What a pain! – Let’s have 2 pegs and sleep
– Why? Are you scared? lt’s like asking if one is scared after
watching the spooky film ‘Chandramukhi’ You think
l’ll do anything for money? Only a few bad things They killed the DGP
l won’t come, you go – You took money
– Okay, so l’ll come No, l’ll go by myself …my dad has been collecting
evidence forthe last 2 years …they murdered my parents
in the most gruesome way You did not go to court? l’m left with my sister l didn’t want to orphan her
if something happened to me So l let go of everything
and l’m looking after her Shut up
Who are you to see that file? Brother, why do you
even talk to him? – Listen ma’am…
– l beg of you, sir They’ve already killed my parents l’m left with my brother
Don’t you want him to live? – Stephen Robert…
– l don’t know who Stephen Robert is Please don’t say anything, brother – Ma’am, listen to me
– No, you leave now – Listen to me for 1 minute
– No, leave now Listen to me 1st
and then it’s up to you Brother, come in and sit down
l’ll bring the file There is no photo, just a name
No one has seen him? Nobody has seen him till now
Only Nanu has seen him He handles in Hyderabad
all his business deals 2 men, 1 is Stephen, very influential 2 years ago, he collaborated with
Robert and reached a high level lf l approached Nanu with a business deal,
will l be able to meet Stephen and Robert? – lt’s not the right way to execute your plan
– Then what should l do? There’s only 1 way to know if Stephen and
Robert are the people you are looking for Nandini…Nanu’s daughter
She is his life Since Nandini didn’t approve of her dad
she moved to Bangkok and teaches dance Anthony who works for
Nanu took this opportunity …and sent his brother Thomas
to woo her in Bangkok Will Google search get for me, on this earth
A girl as beautiful as you are? A guy who will flirt (sight adichify)
and whose heart will beat faster Won’t there be someone
like that for sure meant for me? When l laugh gracefully,
all girls become jealous To have created such a lovely girl
All thanks to the creator Lord Brahma Will Google search get for me, on this earth
A girl as beautiful as you are? Romancing me, riding a bike, ho l am the kind even the earth will
want to mollycoddle me Poets dead and gone, Nanayya or
Tikkanna come down from above Will not be able to describe
my charms at all Does Anjelina Jolie or Shakira Have the slenderwaist that
l boast of, what do you say Youngsters like kolaveri song that went viral
Hum my name all the while Even in Bars the queue of men,
are all out to flirt with me They named me a dream girl,
fixed it forever RDX and Jallard sticks
Crazy looks well hidden The pleasures of cocaine and
wild trips of Ganja Being enjoyed today itself,
is not wrong at all Somewhere, someone, l wonder
Will be my own husband one day Will Google search get for me, on this earth
A girl as beautiful as you are? A guy who will flirt (sight adichify)
and whose heart will beat faster Won’t there be someone
like that for sure meant for me? When l laugh gracefully,
all girls become jealous Get lost, da – Do you know this girl?
– Looks super – Do you know this girl?
– Looks super l asked if you know her?.
Not if you like her How would l know?
Tell me who she is She is my lover You will show me
100 pictures claiming Shilpa Shetty is my wife
Aishwarya Rai is my love How can you be in love?
Does she love you? – That’s why l’m going to Bangkok
– Please go, l’m unable to bear your torture – Pack my clothes
– Why should l pack for you? – Because you are coming too
– l’m not coming – You are
– l’m not You are coming, that’s all lndian Airlines flight at 4:00 P.M today
Tickets will be taken care of – l’m bloated, l need to use the toilet
– Didn’t you use the toilet in the flight? lf he figures that l don’t know
then l will become a fool You don’t know bathrooms
existed on flights! l know l didn’t want it to drop on people here This is our apartment Stop your style
What’s her address? Got it How long will you wait?
Tell her you love her My brother sent me here
to fall in love with Nandini lf the plan fails, he will kill me l’m waiting forthe right time to tell her lf you keep waiting,
someone will take her away Who will come? Why do you disturb me
when l’m in a love mood? That girl is mine
l love her Your height doesn’t match with her’s Mine does lt’s not fun kissing a tall girl Fun is to lift a short girl
and kiss her Think about it! Your hair looks like a coconut fiber Don’t you have translation to Telugu? – What do you want?
– l want dance classes -Are you Telugu?
– Yes – Where are you from?
– Hyderabad -Are you married?
– No – How many kids do you have?
– 5 Why don’t you talk to her l want to learn dance What kind? Break, folk,
rock, rap, hip-hop, salsa? We are asking about dance, not vegetables – Those are dance forms
– Yes, l know that too Leave all that, teach him
traditional Kuchipudi dance He is crazy,
don’t worry him – What’s the dance that girl’s teaching?
– Hip hop – Yes, l want to learn hip-hop
– One ortwo of you want to learn? Two of us
Here’s the fee Madam, these two are new joinees
They are Telugu folks Fine, l’ll attend to them
You can go Hey, do you have any sense? She has retorted l’m not your dance master l’ll call your instructor,
go and stand there Warm up today,
l will teach you from tomorrow l have a doubt Are you a dance teacher
or kung fu teacher? Don’t l look like a dance teacher? You should shake your entire for hip-hop
but you only move your hip This is hip and that is up
Together it is hip-up ls this dance? Appears like you’ve got fits Shut up
Come for the class from tomorrow – Why did you leave without telling me?
– You want me to say bye, see you? That old woman is harassing me – Haven’t we come to fall in love with Nandu?
– WE? lt is Me l came here for you because you love her But, after seeing her,
l’ve fallen in love with her – Brother, how can you be my competition?
– What do you think of yourself?. Women fall for you because you
are a 6 footer and flaunt a 6 pack? What about men like me
who are short and bald? 50% of lndian men are like me You please withdraw Since you are pleasing,
l’ll make you an offer lf you can woo Nandini
in one week, then it’s ok Else, return to lndia Allright – l’ll make you another offer
-Another one? l will even help
you fall in love with Nandini Thanks, in that case
l’ll definitely succeed l’m calling you l will start your class
after they finish their rehearsal, ok? Not here, look at my face – David, you know this movement?
– Yes, ma’am Teach him! And you practice
l’ll watch it tomorrow Why are you looking there?
She’s got a nice figure? – Very nice
– What’s your name? Where are you from?
Why don’t you speak? Has Madam asked all this?
Teach me the movement, sir Let’s practice now! Come l can do this
First teach the dance Stop Always you teach this
Teach me differently l plead, stop it! Micheal Jackson
died so young after he saw you dance – A pig dances betterthan you
– Oh, so, even you dance better than l do? – Yes l do
– So, are you a pig? – Why did you get me here?
– Nandini comes here after dance class – Turn around, she’s sitting right behind
– Yes of course You said you’d help me in my love life?
Please do something – l’ll manage, you wait
– Thanks Will you step aside?
l need to talk to you Why? Please don’t look at me
that way, am shy Please come, my boy wants
to talk to you Ok, l’ll come l’ve spoken to her, you can tell her
that you love her l don’t know what you’re saying – Tell her l love you
– Me? Tell her l love you – l should tell this girl l love you
– Yes, say so Tell her l love you What happens to my cousin? You hit me?! When l try to help you
You hit me in front of that girl? You are ill-fated You see how she looks like, and
how my cousin looks like? You want me to betray my sweetheart Please don’t hit me
You hit me, even after l told you Stop Sita, Gita, Mona, Sony, Mini, Sonu…
All of you come here – What happened?
– l’ve been insulted – l will fix it, tell me who did that?
– You shut up The man who came to learn dance
from me says l’m not beautiful – Correct, isn’t it?
– l’m tense, don’t mess with me His cousin is better than me, he says Apparently my eyes are not good
My body is not good, he says Baby, don’t you worry l’ll make sure he says
that you are beautiful Jessie, l’m going crazy You go back to lndia You hit me in front of Nandini
when l tried helping you You shouldn’t stay here
You go back to lndia l’ll settle down here with Nandini
Go away That will be injustice to me brother
if you settle down with Nandini l didn’t do that intentionally, it’s
wrong to hit you, l’m sorry Nandini has a sexy figure,
and is a dance teacher Many would’ve told her l love you lf l do the same then she won’t give a hoot
so l tried a reverse method Sorry, l faulted You have developed so well, like that tower
after you become friends with me – You need to help me again please?
– What is it? You need to again go to Nandini
and tell herthat l’m in love with her Ok fine! l gave you my word – So l will do it
– Thanks You won’t hit me again this time? Promise?
Ok, go, have fun You silly fellow,
you hit me in front of her, …so she sympathizes with me,
and that’s the 1st step to love Sit down – Dad, why did you come without informing me?
– Because you did not come l felt like seeing my daughter
so l came l have a small doubt, is anyone
disturbing you here? Nothing of that sort
l’m very happy here You come and disturb me – Do you need any security?
– l came to Bangkok as l don’t like all that l will go away to a different country
if you insist that l have security – You really have no disturbance?
– l need to go for swimming practice – Please trust me, l’m truly happy
– l trust what my daughtertells me l’m getting late, l’ll go Dad – Where did you go?
– Stand out and ensure none comes in – David, tell me
– Nanu has come here – Why did he come there?
– l think he’s doubting something – ls he still there or left?
– He has left – You be careful
– Ok, big brother What are you looking at? Nandini must be at the swimming pool
Let’s go You wait here
l’ll deal with her He is the Casanova He is the Casanova He is the Casanova He is my dream boy He is still in my dreams Even film-stars and cricket players
will get jealousy seeing his smartness He is my dream boy…! Jessie, leave now
or l’ll sack you Tell me She isjealous, l’ll see you
later at the dance class l try to hook you up with Nandu
and she is trying to hook up with me – Because you are so sexy
– So, anyone can hook up with me? l’m in a different range,
am bald and have a paunch lt’s correct Forget your problems for a while
and hook me up with Nandini please You are so proper
when it comes to pleading me Wait, l’ll get her here – Excuse me, ma’am
– What? Will you come out for 5 minutes?
l need to talk to you Yesterday, you both fought saying
his cousin is better than me and left… …l was standing like ajoker there
That’s why he has come to say sorry At least now, please tell her that you
love her and have it all set These guys are just too much l can see! This is the right time
to show them my heroism Tell her Tell her…tell her l love you
Why do you look up? You said you wouldn’t hit me
and you started to hit again – Shut up
– How many times should l shut up Are you crazy?
How can l love her? lt’s not enough to have eyes, nose, ears
They have to be aligned, don’t they? Alignment? That is for a house?
Not for body Well, lt applies to bodies in Bangkok My cousin looks like the moon,
and she like a demon My cousin is a beauty, and she is scary She is ok to dance with, but
not to fall in love with What do you think of yourself?
That you speak badly about me? – You come here
– Why do you call him? Ma’am this is not concerned to you No Ma’am, he will hit me You come here Why are you behaving like this?
l’m talking to you Can’t you see what a beauty ma’am is? l’ve been waiting for a month
for her to talk to me Come on
Say sorry to her Don’t look at me
Say sorry to her David, leave him, l don’t
want any trouble Leave him for my sake l’m leaving you because madam said so
You please come madam – Why are you crying?
– That woman raped me – Who?
– That hip-hop lnstead of teaching dance, she
says she wants to rape me – lt’s ok, commit yourself to her
– She isn’t a 16 year old, she’s a 60 year old – You want a 16 year old?
– How do you care whether a 16 or a 60? – Nandini is dancing with that boy there
– l’m waiting as Nandini will come here Nandini is coming here, l’ll manage
something, you too do so please l can happily see
my cousin through my laptop When l’m here, else l have to see
that boring teacher’s face – What did you say?
– Oh! You are here? You just saw her is it? lf your cousin is beautiful then worship her
but don’t comment that l’m not beautiful l never said you look bad Am only saying my cousin is
more beautiful than you are Ask your cousin here, and let’s see
whether she is better than l am My sweetheart will not come here, so
you can come home to see her – Tell me where to come! Address, please?
– This is my address l’ll look at your cousin and then
let’s see who is better lf l go like this in front of him… Won’t work! lf he’s saying so then his
cousin must be more beautiful than l am Baby, you’re wrong Should l give you a new idea?
From what he says… …his cousin will come in a saree, so, you
go in a swim suit, as a reverse strategy – Swim suit, why don’t you wear it?
– l tried! 3 died, and one is in coma – Nothing happened to you?
– l am a complan girl lnstead of laughing, why don’t you
give me a new idea to impress him? You try one saree after the other
and we will select Not nice – Really?
– Yes, madam When his cousin spots you in this saree
she will hang herself dead with this saree lf his cousin is betterthan her, then
will she hang herself to death in this saree? l’ll kill you and that Rishi My cousin walks this way everyday
so l lay buckets of flowers for her – You know she is beautiful
– Did l ask? Whether or not you ask, she is
beautiful! You go and sit there Humans need flowers, but flowers
don’t need flowers – Well, who is a flower here?
– l am Go and sit there please My darling, sweetheart, your fans are here! Come and give her an autograph She says she won’t come, so you come
Be careful not to step on the flowers Look, that’s my cousin God, please let me be more
beautiful than his cousin is Look at those eyes…so sexy l feel like looking at them,
but l can’t because they are too sexy What eyes! Look at you! Look at those lips Softerthan rose petals Feel like biting that lower lip That is lips Yours are rough Look at how elegant my cousin is… l feel like kissing her midriff, but no l want to hold hertight and sleep How can l not say such a cousin is
more beautiful than you are? – How is my cousin?
– Horrible Excellent is your figure
as ultimate is my arrogance lf you and l become one,
shout out in joy Your complexion,
such a marvelous color lf you and l fall in love,
yell out in happiness Your heart l cherish,
the one who touched my heart, you are the very breath of life Don’t hide the thoughts
that’s in your mind Come on say it out, quickly, hastily Excellent is your figure
as ultimate is my arrogance lf you and l become one,
shout out in joy l shall follow you
whatever you choose to say l will not stop bothering
you even if you say no You can sprout wings and fly
wherever you want l shall be there before
you even reach, won’t l for sure? You can rant and rave at me
all you want as if l was mad l still won’t take it to heart,
nor feel bad Today or tomorrow,
in any case you’ll confess So why don’t you tell me
those words today itself lt’s impossible to hide your feelings
for sure it’s bound to spill out Come on, blurt
your thoughts out in a jiffy Don’t commit the mistake
of saying it being there or not there My dear girl don’t continue
to burn my heart…aiyo! When your 2 eyes are
telling me of your love You deny, your lips too are
whispering sweet words, l swear lf you really have a heart
and feel it belongs to me Love me…baby and
shout 1 43( l love You) loudly! Excellent is your figure
as ultimate is my arrogance lf you and l become one,
shout out in joy Your complexion,
such a marvelous color lf you and l fall in love,
yell out in happiness They will leave when you turn, not me – What do you want now?
– You You fell for me the moment
l said you are my cousin, isn’t it? Don’t act, say l love you Who told you so? – Don’t you?
– Shut up l flipped for you when l saw you 1st Then? Why didn’t you tell me? Tell me l love you Not now, l need to have a personal
conversation with you for 5 minutes l will say it after we talk, come Tell me l love you
l can’t wait We don’t know each other’s
family background Do you want to tell me
first or should l tell? – You tell me
– My dad is an LlC agent Don’t you understand? My mom is a homemaker She cooks well
l’m scared of fights Believe too many fights in Hyderabad, so
my parents sent me to Bangkok -Are you from Hyderabad?
– Oh, so you too are from Hyderabad? Don’t rush in
You really don’t like fights? l have a good body,
but l’m a soft guy Just imagine that guy beat me up at
the swimming pool, and l kept standing there Even my 5 foot friend hits me
l don’t retaliate l am a soft guy l ask all this because
my dad is a big goon… …called Nanu in Hyderabad,
works with Stephen Robert After my mom passed away,
l’ve seen a lot of fights… …where my dad killed in front of me l came here because
l couldn’t bear all that That’s when l decided… The man l’ll marry must be a nice guy
Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have money Should look after me like a child That’s why l enquired about
your family background Why are you silent? You won’t love me
as l am Nanu’s daughter? Not that Nandu, l would’ve done a good
thing, had l been in your place… …you can’t do it, you could’ve helped so
many families if you wanted to… …But you can’t so such a good thing Good thing to do? Tell me
what l can do, l’ll do Nobody but your dad knows how
Stephen Robert look like lf you can get their pictures
and give it to the police… …you will help so many families But you can’t do such a good thing No, l will do it You’ve asked me to do
a good thing, not a bad thing right? – l’ll do it for you
– Promise? l promise on our love
l love you Now, tell me you love me Give me a tight hug
and tell me that you love me What happened?
lf your dad’s men spot us… Yes, l understood l will book tickets now,
and let’s go to Hyderabad Let’s love each other in Hyderabad l doubted you the moment
you came for dance class You pretending to love Nandu Why do you ask about Stephen Robert? Where are you from? Tell me Brother, he isn’t going to talk, why
do you want to risk it, kill him – Hey!
– Yes, brother l called my brother in Bangkok but
he isn’t taking my call, find out Brother, please come in – How are you, sir?
– What happened brother? Wait, driver, you get the car out
and l will be with you soon Come sir, let’s sit and talk Tell us what happened brother lt’s exactly like we discussed Nandini is a nice girl,
she’s gone home now We can get the pictures of Stephen
Robert any moment lnformation for you l’ve killed Anthony’s brother
David in Bangkok My presence is not good for you both l’ll come once l get the pictures
Take care Cancel my appointments for today l want to spend the day with my daughter How can you say sorry
to me, my girl? l don’t like fights Dad, but, 1 day,
in Bangkok during some fight l mentioned… …names of Stephen Robert Everyone ran and l understood
how powerful they are – Really?
– Yes dad, they are famous in Bangkok too l’m such a duffer l take so long to
understand anything l believe none has seen
Stephen Robert till now ls that so difficult to see them Dad? Yes, it is difficult for other Not for my daughter
Do you want to see? Wow, they fight so well,
like good villains Aren’t they very strong? – Hey Rishi, l’ve good news for you
– Have you got them? The pictures? You asked for pictures,
but l found a video itself – l’m coming there
– Now? lt’s 11 pm, not now, tomorrow Why did you come here at this time? l told you l’ll give you tomorrow, go lt’s a problem if dad hears it Nobody messes with Stephen Robert Brother, he must have got the pictures – Why are you here?
– l’ve come for dinner You want to be killed, like your dad Who came here enquiring
about Stephen Robert? – We don’t know anything sir
– You don’t now? We don’t know You think this is your driver
He is my man now, tell me – No one came here?
– No, sir Someone came her twice asking about
Stephen Robert, he told me only later… …that’s why l killed him fast Now tell me who came here You won’t tell me! lf l take her
then you will bring him Rishi, you didn’t take my call
Where did you go? Stephen Robert’s men found out that
you visited us, and took my sister away – Sir, please save my sister
– Get up! l found out that Stephen Roberts are
the people l’m looking for l won’t spare anyone She is my sister
too and l won’t let her anyone harm her This is dangerous! After hearing this
l shouldn’t be here anymore What happened? What? What happened? Someone called Rebel hit us badly He warned that he will kill me, you
and even Stephen Robert How does he look? Please don’t kill me You know why l’m not killing you? lnform that there is someone to
kill Stephen Robert Looting, killing people, harming
women isn’t masculinity Ask them to face me and fight me War has begun, ask them to escape They cannot! Stephen Robert would’ve
seen different kinds of tigers… …But they haven’t seen a tiger that has
been hungry for 2 years which found it’s food l will be in your area tomorrow at 5 Now, you’ll go and inform Stephen Robert
and they will but ask you… …who is this that has come to our area,
our kingdom and killed our people Go tell them… That l’m Rebel,
their death mascot Where does he live? Where is he? He’s challenged to kill him whilst
he lights his cigarette… …and walks from that bus stop
and finishes his coffee there Why isn’t he here yet? The signal is here – Go George
– Just me? – Yes, one man is enough
– No, even 100 men aren’t enough l’m lucky, mine was
like a vernacular film He is unlucky to go
through a English film Shoot that fellow! Let me run away from here Sir, please forgive me You’ve got good news,
and that is l’m going to kill you lt’s my style to give
good and bad news The bad news is that
l’ve killed your brother too This place has to be cleaned up
before l finish counting 3. Tell me who are you? Rishi, talk
to me, l’ve been asking you. l will tell you, but 1st move your
hand away from him Rishi is not a goon,
like you are presuming He is the son of our god Mr Bhoopathi Sir is here, let’s go brother People feel protected
not because of Politicians or Gods… …but because they trust police They don’t need
a wrong doing police station Raju, seal this police station Greetings sir, if you lock our police
station, we’ll lose our jobs Superintendent, do you know what
this fellow has done? Lakshmi, tell him what happened Sir, this is my brother, he is physically
challenged and can’t speak… …He was duped selling our land, so
when he approached police for help… l won’t say like that – Sir, since he is your nephew…
– So what? Jairam, your son is at fault
Should we let him go? Don’t leave him – l will…
– Stop Heard that? Whether he is our man
or an outsider, we punish the guilty Raju, he can’t live
in our house nor our village Banish him lf l see you around ever again,
you will be killed Sister-in-law, brother is on his way Why did your son behave like that? l am unfortunate!
My wife died after birthing him He is dead to me, after today Big brother is walking in angry Uma, please bring coffee for sir Lakshmi, l don’t want coffee,
l’m not feeling good Please don’t disturb me for an hour But, please listen to me…
our son called… – Greetings, sir!
-All of you have my son’s horoscope Unlike me, he grew up traditionally l’ve kept him away from this blood shed
and educating him in Bangalore Tell me what his horoscope says – What can you see in his horoscope
– That he can hit very well What happened? – Sir, is this yours or your son’s?
– lt is my son’s, any issue with it? No! There is no co-relation to
what you’ve described and what’s here – What do you mean?
– Does your son listen to music? Yes! He wears headphones He’s been listening to classical music Music can melt stones,
but stones can’t learn music What do you say junior?. – l didn’t hear a thing sir
– Good then – What is the confusion?
– ls your son in love? My son isn’t that kind Does he touch women, sir? What are you saying? l’m telling you that he is not in love,
how can he touch women Extremely sorry sir You don’t need to be in
love to touch women, You need 5000 bucks – You can touch forfree, if she is a lover
– You can hear these things, idiot! Priest, tell us what kind
of a girl he will marry? He should know better,
instead of asking – What are you saying?
– Oh nothing sir, l’m looking at this Sir, she’ll look after her in-laws well
is good-looking, good-character, cultured – Priest, so many girls?
– Nosy fellow l’m referring to 1 girl
with all these qualities You have a good nose, take care of it Priest, you said ‘confusion’, is
my son’s horoscope all right? Yes ma’am it is, l’m flawed Priest, answer to the point, we
don’t need to know your issues lt is okay, sir
This guy is a tough cookie This boy’s horoscope is the reverse
of what he spoke Should we tell them? lf you tell them so, it will hurt their ego
and they will kill us So, you shut up But how can we bluff and be
untruthful to our profession Our profession will feed us
but do not kill us Do you see that fellow… …lf he shoots us though our mouth
then we will be dead in no time… – Concur with them, and let’s run away
– ls that so? Your son is a very nice boy, has respect
for elders, doesn’t have any vices …is allergic to girl friends and keeps
away from fights and killing… Keep quiet Your son is like Basha (movie name)
without flashback …Billa (movie name) without action …Mr Perfect (movie name)
without girl friends Can we leave now, sir? Thank you for confirming
good things about my son Raju, give them a reward so huge
that they haven’t seen in their life Does he mean to blind us
by saying that? – Your phone is ringing
– Why do you shout? Yes, father -Are you coming tomorrow?
– Yes, dad -Are you going to the temple everyday?
– Yes, twice daily – Do you wear vermillion when you go?
– Yes, dad! A long one – Have you been learning classical music?
– Yes, dad! l even practice in the bathroom Get your music teacher along tomorrow Do l need to get my teacher along? – For practice! Here isn’t a music teacher
– How can l…music teacher…? – ls there any problem?
– No, anyone will come for money Money?! l mean, l need to
spend on train, tickets etc You will come soon, right?
Come soon He is coming, right? – l’m caught
– What happened? l have to go home along
my music teacher tomorrow What do you mean
by music teacher? My dad sent me to study and learn music
l haven’t done either but l found you – Then you are caught
– Yes, l am terribly caught No – You are my music teacher
– Me? l don’t know music – l too don’t know music right
– But what if your dad finds out He too doesn’t know music Please, you don’t have
to perform or teach You think they will believe me
as your music teacher You think it’s believable
that l know music Let’s bluff them But how can we
make them believe? My music teacher should’ve been old
but you’re sexy, let’s camouflage you – l’m scared Rishi
– Don’t be scared, l’m there But you yourself are scared Okay, let’s manage somehow l’ll evaluate his mood
and tell him about us – Please darling, help me
– Okay, let’s go lt’s difficult for me to come as l have to
take the permission of my 3 mothers – Can you repeat the question?
– Permission of my 3 mothers – You have 3 mothers?
– Yes – My life is battered
– What happened, Rishi? You have 3 mothers?
Then how many fathers? Shut up – You shut up
– Don’t speak wrongly about me Not me, it’s you speaking wrongly l’ve wooed you But haven’t known you or
Yourfamily background l was cheated
Bad selection Hold your tongue 3 mothers and fathers,
ridiculous family Shut upppp! Don’t utter a word about my family Come with me
l’ll show you my family You told nonsense
about my family, right? She is my 1st mother,
this is an orphanage l don’t have my parents l am an orphan Somebody took me and dropped at here She raised me
till l was 10 years old And she passed away
because of illness Come, l’ll show you my 2nd mother Then, Lord Jesus appeared
from the sky Mother… She is my 2nd mother Mother, this is the Rishi
l told you about Greetings She raised me
till l was 15 years old She taught me my entire grooming Mom, l need to talk to you after class Come, let me introduce
you to my 3rd mother Touch this one- Mother! She is my 3rd mother After 15 years of age
We are sent to her She looks after me now Mother, l need to talk
to you for 5 minutes l’ll leave the kids in class
and come to office Please go and wait there Rishi, what happened?
Everyone is looking Sorry, l spoke wrong You’re not an orphan
l’m there for you Deepali has told us about
you and yourfamily You can take her – Thanks ma’am, come Deepali
– Just wait, my dear – What is it, ma’am?
– Deepali is very special to us – ls that so?
– We can’t send her like that We would like to give her
a farewell this evening – This evening?!
– Yes You can take hertomorrow – You go get ready forthe function
– Should l get ready too? – You’ll get ready only if you go now
– Yes, that’s right Sister, you’re better looking
than uncle is Sister, we know
how you look like Yes, he’s right here Touch him – How is he?
– He looks very good Uncle has a very good heart,
he’ll look after our sister very well lnexpressible happiness hoy,
like a sudden burst within my heart hoy As if beautiful land of Gods, heaven
Has come visiting down to earth Lips with just a hint of smile, like lightning
Arrived bright and shining, the first Diwali Everything has come together, like you Deepali
Oh my dear Deepali lnexpressible happiness hoy,
like a sudden burst within my heart hoy Closeted within our own world,
thinking it’s only ours, who shall it benefit lf everyone in this world belongs to you
then no one will appear as a stranger A bunch of flowers bloom on a single stalk
And the ocean is one, while its waves are many Every single atom of
my lifebeing is for one and all Let at least a few people out
there witness our happiness lnexpressible happiness hoy,
like a sudden burst within my heart hoy Binding me with bonds of love
you call me your little one As l came closer l realized
my faults and shortcomings Dreams that were dreamt/unseen
Were realities… Which only you made me realize Hey, yesterday and the day before that,
thoughts in my mind Hereafter, l shall step
along only with you Will l not always come
with only you, Deepali? Oh my Deepali! Dad…! Our acting starts now! l thought this boy would be modern
but he appears so traditional Sir brought up his son very principled
and traditional, so he’s like this How come he is like this? He should’ve been like a Tiger
but he looks like a mouse? She has grayed
but has a fit body You scoundrel! – Respected father!
– Wow, what values he has! Get up, son – You grew unto be how l expected
– l’ll be dead if you find out – My son
– Yes mother, tell me Whenever your dad sees you, he is as
happy as he was when he saw you at birth – l too feel the same mother
– Look at how humble he is – Uncle…
– Get up, my boy But, l feel horrible Dad, she is my music teacher You are a teacher,
you shouldn’t do this l will tell her You old teacher, you are supposed to
be older, you shouldn’t touch their feet – You rascal, lend me your hand
– Yes, teacher She’s old, so she has body pains On the occasion of our son’s visit
we invite you for lunch at the temple – You must attend the function
– We will do, sir – Dad, what’s all this?
– Nothing, dear! Sit next to your mom – Teacher…!
– Sir! As a child, when our son
used to sing rhymes l thought he would be
a great singer someday We wanted someone
to dance to his singing… …so we looked for
a good dance teacher We found him in the next village
Raju, call him Dance master, please come Greetings My name is Kamal Hassan Shiv Shankar You’ll be the winner if you sing
uninterruptedly to my dance Else, l’ll be the winner if l dance
continuously to your song So, who is singing to my dance? – My son
– This boy… – Which is the northeast?
– lt is that side His nose is so long l’ve seen a lot like these
Keep it aside Lord, only you and l are aware
that l can’t dance Please make sure l win, my Lord l’m going to dance now
Will you play the music? Well played l’m ready Discuss what you’re going to
sing and what he will dance to What dance do you know? What form of dance do you want?
Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Godhumapuri… – Godhumapuri?
– Yes, latest dance from Orissa Have you learnt these,
orjust heard of them? Don’t say that, l will be pissed off
What song do you know? Why are they talking
to each other like that? When big artists meet,
that’s how they converse l know classical music,
bengali, malayali music l have all CD’s – You mean CD’s?
– l’m as clear as a CD is Who is yourteacher?. Kamal Hassan from
Sagara sangamam (Movie name) …and Manju Bhargavi from
Shankarabharanam (Movie name) …and Master Shiv Shankar They are my teachers
Are you ready? This man seems very talented
let me try scaring him a bit Have you ever seen anyone
giving up their life whilst dancing? l think he is trying to scare me Have you seen anyone giving
up their life whilst singing? Why should l lose to him,
unnecessary Strain? Perhaps l should tell the truth l’m sure of losing to him, so instead of
becoming a fool l rather tell dad the truth – Sir…
– Dad… lt seems he can’t dance
ls he faking? Maybe l should settle
a compromise with him – What are you murmuring?
– Dad, we want to discuss 1 more time – Master, l need to tell you something
– l too need to tell you something – You are older, so, please go-ahead
– l don’t know to dance – You cannot dance?
– Yes, l can’t He is caught Then everyone says
you’re a big dancer ln the past l used to
dance at a grave yard… …forthe lack of money Omkar
appreciated and gave me a certificate Then master Shiv Shankar
gave me this ornament l can’t dance, but looks like
you can’t sing either, right? Since you don’t know dance
l can sing very well You know what will happen
if my dad finds out this? He will shoot you
with his gun Greetings, sir Please somehow save me
l’m not even married yet Ok! l’ll sing, and you act tired
and fall down before l finish Should we start? – We are ready
– Then start What is this non-sense! – You are so good with music
– Credit goes to all CD’s of music directors CD’s?! You were singing all through- Boys, he talks too much
Throw him out – What if sir gets to know?
– These boys will throw you before that Hail brother Simhadri – Greetings, sir
– Please sit down With your help, l got
the MLA ticket last time l’m hoping you’ll support me again – Uma
– Yes, sir – Do you get water in your colony?
– We get it once a week, sir – How are the roads in your street?
– Full of trenches, sir Heard that Mr Simhadri? People vote hoping you’ll help
but not for you to enjoy lf you’d done yourjob correctly… …people would’ve supported you,
and you needn’t have been here Understood?
Please go Sir, l need to talk to you personally
please don’t refuse Only for 5 minutes Sir, only you can save me lf l lose my power,
l lose my life l’ve a lot of money and
l’ll give you all of it Please support me
and make me win No, sir l would’ve killed you, but a Rebel
like me can’t stoop to that level Don’t tell anyone
that l hit you People won’t cast their vote for you
and you will lose your deposit Let’s go Smile please Else outside people will suspect Not that much l can’t win
whilst he is alive Kill him somehow What are these bruises? The old man took me
to his room and kissed me You idiot! – Slaughter that Bhoopathi
– lt’s not within our purview, sir – You are so huge, you can’t kill 1 man?
– No one in this state can kill him Then call someone from Bihar Tomorrow there is a celebratory
lunch at the Kali temple for his son Tell your men to disguise
as women and finish him He has to die! Greeting, sir Dad, the deity looks so fierce? She is Goddess Kali,
so she’s like that Priest, start the prayers Raju, take my son home safely You go and take care my dad Nothing will happen to him
You come with me – Dear!
– Sir… Brother! Rays of sun is Rebel Flow of water is Rebel He is our Rebel, the young tiger – That is a sword
– l know, please step back – You are bleeding
– l do know, step back please – You tell me to step back?
– STEP BACK Oh goddess Kali! Rays of sun is Rebel Everyone stand still Mother, father, sister,
brother, children… …all my people step behind me Only those who want
to kill my dad… …dare face me Come on l knew it, you were born to
hit, hit them and kill them Let’s not spare this fellow! He is coming with fiery face,
to destroy his enemies He is moving with mighty,
to ruin the wicked people He is making thunders
with his blows He is turning
as God-death’s guard He is roaring and
jumping like a lion He has started to eradicate evils He is making thunders
with his blows Oh Goddess Kali Sacrificing…! Bless victory to him C’mon hit, put your foot down
and start hitting – Who sent you?
– Simhadri Rays of sun is Rebel Flow of water is Rebel You dare to plan killing my dad? Do you know why
l’m not killing you? My dad will be pained
if l kill you, go live l’ve never been cheated You’ve turned out exactly
how l didn’t want you to be What was that fight? You can’t live in this house
Leave now Sir… You reared an orphan like me l’ve never spoken to you,
but today l will speak What will you say? What if
something happened to my boy Who? Our boy? He fought
100 men by himself Sir, had he not been there today,
something would’ve happened to us l’ve been wondering from when l saw
him that your blood can’t be like this The boy until yesterday isn’t your son Today, by hitting those Bihar men
he proved that he is your son Your son should be like this,
word for word, death for death Sir, only a cub is born to a Tiger – Please forgive me if l spoke wrongly
– Yes brother, Raju is correct Whatever you’ll say, l can’t
accept him being like this We are helping people, but,
we’ve developed so many enemies We don’t know what can happen
at any point of time That’s why, this saga
should end with me Why should it end, sir?
You don’t need lineage to do bad But you need lineage to do good Dad, l’ve grown up watching you
how can l be any different than you are? Please forgive me for lying to you
that l pretended to learn music One more thing Mom, please come here Deepali, come here Her name is Deepali
and we are in love You told me that rich people
should marry poor… …and people with family
should marry orphans She doesn’t have parents or anyone She is an orphan Who said she is an orphan?
She has all of us Why are you selling your property? You need property and l need money
Tell me which property you want? – The house in Seethammadhaara
– Here are the papers, go! – Leave the money, take these land papers
– What land papers are these? lt belongs to this house You selling this house?
What will you do? l’ll marry you and settle down!
Give the money and get out l don’t want property,
power or prestige l only want to see his death
l can die after that Bhoopati can’t be killed by outsiders,
or by men from Bihar Only an insider can kill him,
so l called you l know what transpired after your
son was beaten up by your brother Why did you come here? He did not spare his nephew,
and you too supported him Are you my father?
Was l born to you? Had l supported you, he
would’ve shot us there That’s his power! You’re angry now, but l’ve been
angry with him for the last 10 years We can’t do anything now l’ll call for you at the right time
Come and avenge him then! l know how much you are aspiring
for your brother’s position lt’s enough if you do as l say
My men will murder him He is Stephen from Hyderabad He started with small murders
and has now become big murderer You heard on TV about the 20 people
who died recently He killed them Till now, no weapon or person has been
born that could kill Bhoopati But now, the weapon to kill Bhoopati has
been born- the collaboration between you – Brother
– You sit This is Mr Subramanya sharma, a very
well known priest from Rajahmundry Since our boy is getting married,
l’ve showed him both their horoscopes He suggests that we get
some pooja (prayer) done They should live a long life
That is my wish Should we get it vetted
by another priest here? When you saying it with
such trust, let’s do it What should we do priest? Tomorrow is full moon day The boy has to offer prayers to Lord Siva’s
and Lord Narasimha’s temples… …2 different places
at 9:30 A.M tomorrow morning Oh sure But, how can he offer prayers at 2
different places at the same time? No problem Let our boy will go to Narasimha swamy
temple, and let us both go to Shiva temple Take the boy to Narasimha swamy
temple, we are going to Shiva temple Sir, l will come with you No, l’ll go with big brother
you take the boy Correct, brother? He’ll take care us
You take care the boy – Where is Deepali?
– She is coming – Deepali, come soon
– Coming, mom – Go with Rishi, dear
– Come Do you want to come with us? Want to go with mom? l’ll go with mom and dad – Greetings, sir
– Greetings -All preparations ready for the prayer?
– Yes sir, please come in Mom… Dad, you’ve done as planned You son of a gun Die! Sir, get up Ma’am, get up l told you
l’ll come with you You refused l would’ve
saved you with my life Get up, sir l’m an orphan sir,
l don’t have anyone but you Don’t make me an orphan again Rishi, they’ve killed them l couldn’t save mom and dad l shouldn’t have left you alone Rishi, l want you… l am an orphan He’ll take care of sister very well Deepali is very special to us Will you kiss me once? Your dad is dead l made a plan and killed him
How dare you to mess with me? Wondering who killed?
l planned But 2 people executed 1 is your uncle,
and l won’t name the 2nd You want to kill them?
Look for them You can go searching the world,
but you won’t find them Come! Don’t you feel like killing me? l won’t give you
a chance to kill me l’ll kill by myself – Tell me, where have they gone?
– l won’t tell Go, search for them
and catch them Raju, l want them They killed everyone
l want them After that we don’t know
where his uncle disappeared Later we found out
that Stephen Robert were… …running a business in Hyderabad
so we came here Rishi came to Bangkok to procure
pictures from you, Nanu’s daughter This misfortune should not happen
to anyone else ever again So he started to kill everyone
associated with that group Only 3 people are left
Your dad, Stephen and Robert lf you let us know
where Stephen Robert are… …we’ll spare your dad,
else will kill him too l pretended to love you in a big to reach
them, as l didn’t know what else to do Sit down What are you seeing? Eat, since you are so thin Let me tell you a story A boy chases a girl and
profess his love Once she reciprocates, he reveals that
he loved someone else and says sorry Nice story! My and luck
You!!!! You said your love
was acting, okay? But if your acting was so good,
imagine if it were true! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! ls there anyone prouder than you? ls there anyone greater than you? ls there anyone as good hearted as you? Which blessed mother
were you born to…poda poda l am the perfect bride
who will marry you for sure l always thought you were
ordinary, that you were just so-so l always thought you were
like everyone else around, da But, you are electric and
your bodymuscles full of talent l saw all this with my own eyes da Which blessed mother
were you born to…poda poda l am the perfect bride
who will marry you for sure My girl with a snap of your fingers
l surrender to you Happily like a perfect pair,
to sing and dance, you are the right one The girls look at your height
and fall flat…fall flat Oh my goodness, the competition
becomes real tight, sure it does l witnessed the goods like it
and snatched it for myself l closed the door, gave you betel leaves,
claimed you as mine with a promise l prayed that the driver
of our cart/jataka would be you lf you happen to be so,
l shall make your heart my bed lf you agree, you become my equal half We shall play the game,
l declare you are my beloved half Which blessed mother were
you born to…my love bird l shall truly get married
to you under a pandal Your desired glances
make cold winter into me The breath you take
is my life like summer My dear, it pierces
my heart like a bullet Hey man, the door to heaven,
is in your hands Tight like the hold of a wild lizardmoniter,
l fell into your clutches Like pure gold all over,
l love it and gives me a pepenthusiasm Hey, you and l are major,
old enough, so why waste time l want to hang you around
my neck as the tiger-claw pendant Which blessed mother were
you born to…poda poda l am the perfect bride
who will marry you for sure l always thought you were ordinary,
that you were just so-so l always thought you were
like everyone else around, da But, you are electric and
your bodymuscles full of talent l saw all this with my own eyes da Which blessed mother
were you born to…poda poda l am the perfect bride
who will marry you for sure Someone called Rebel
has been killing our men, l hearthat we are the next target This looks very grave to me, lets
tell Stephen Robert about this Let us deal with him,
where is he? lf you think you can kill Stephen Robert
by just killing 2 of our men, it’s a pity You have no idea about
who Stephen and Robert are l don’t need to know about you once
l’ve introduced myself You want to tell me where they are
or should l kidnap you? You will kidnap me, that too
after informing me? Ok, when, where and what time? Your wish, you choose
the time and place You are a man! Come and kidnap me
from my house at 10 tomorrow Gather all security in the city
as he has challenged… …to kidnap me from my own house lt’s 10 like you said, where are you?
You cannot kidnap me – l will
– You can’t l will
Kidnap! Dad, l left home as l couldn’t bear your
anarchy, but that didn’t stop you Rishi will kill you if you don’t reveal
the whereabouts of Stephen Robert Nandini, l don’t have any sentiments
Guys, shoot my daughter You want to kill me?
You want to kill Nanu? She is not my daughter
l’ll kill her l’m your daughter, dad Shall i give you a twist?
Boys… Rebel’s very smart, he bought over your wing
man Farooq and everyone else last night Don’t waste my time,
where is Stephen Robert? l won’t reveal Raju, he is lazy sitting in
this AC room and won’t talk Shift him Nandu can’t bear it if we torture
her father, take her home, please Rishi, however bad he maybe, he
is my dad, please take care of him l don’t care whether you kill Stephen
Robert or me, but kill her 1st She isn’t my daughter
anymore, kill her Tell me Don’t do that
l’ll tell you You summon them
by telling them it’s a big deal – They won’t come
– You’ll make them come Sir, this is Nanu – There is a big deal
– How much? -Approximately 100 crores
– Where do we meet? – The usual place, sir
– Ok, l’ll see you there Nice names! l didn’t
expect to find you so easily You thought l would apologize
that l did all this for money? You thought you could locate
your uncle so easily? lf we were so easy, then we wouldn’t have
scaled international repute in just 2 years You want to catch Stephen Robert? Got confused? You fool! We are not Stephen Robert You can’t do anything to us
Stephen Robert is calling you, speak How are you Rishi? After a long time
We are Stephen Roberts, your uncle Your silly plot to catch us
by trapping ourjunior man You can’t touch us Because your lover and
your wing man are with us …to your own house
Hero’s house lsn’t it new to hear?
lt’ll be very nice, if you come here How do you do, my boy? You are angry with me? What to do, life’s like that,
but no chance Feeling to kill me? You haven’t seen how
your dad was killed? His eyes were closed
and l shot him like this lt took you 2 years to see us,
lt will take you many years to kill lt is impossible to kill us Another man needs to be born
to kill this Stephen Robert No, a real man can only
can be born, not made You have 100 guards knowing that
l’m coming alone, you are a man? You’ve killed your own people,
you’re a man? Fight me without guns and swords
and l’ll admit you are a man l’ll give you 5 minutes,
ask your men, 1 or 100… …to come and fight and kill me
in that 5 minutes Pass that 5th minute… l will start hitting from
the 6th minute and kill in one blow Swear on my dad,
l’ll beat your son to death That’s being a man!
Who else is a man here? Don’t get tensed lt’s been ages since l murdered Whether it’s a machine or a man,
it remains sharp when in use You don’t need me to kill you
women are enough to kill Girls can’t kill Rebel, Stephen
don’t waste time, send the boys Rishi, get up! He has gotten up, see! You have 1 minute left
Kill me Ask him to get up Hit him! That’s the power of Rebel Just one stroke and
the guy won’t ever get up He is dead, check
if you are doubting My son… Are you weeping?
Weep! From this day,
my name is Deepali Which blessed mother
were you born to…poda poda l am the perfect bride
who will marry you for sure l always thought you were
ordinary, that you were just so-so l always thought you were
like everyone else around, da But, you are electric and
your bodymuscles full of talent l saw all this with my own eyes da Which blessed mother
were you born to…poda poda Hey, whatever l am
whoever l choose to be My girl with a snap of your fingers
l surrender to you Happily like a perfect pair,
to sing and dance, you are the right one


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    SAHHO=REBEL 2 😍 the sequel of REBEL MOVIE the continuation of Stephen and Robert gangster empire!!! 😎😎 get ready guys for the visual action of Stephen and Robert gangster empire!

  5. geetha madhuri Author

    SAHHO= REBEL 2 😍 it's the sequel of "Stephen Robert " empire! The continuation of "Stephen Robert "gangster empire!! SAHHO is the sequel of REBEL movie awesome action gonna wait!, JAI DARLING PRABHAS!

  6. Creative Studio Admin Author

    Dear Darlings,

    All Prabhas fans we have created Computer Quiz ..
    Lets talk to Mr Machine and defeat the questions.
    Please access link to play the Quiz



  7. POWER ENGR. Author

    Prabhas .. Success….. is a true example of Dynasty .. & same with RAM CHARAN ,
    Both are perfect only for ACTION .. without opening mouth .. Dialogue delivery is very poor.

    True assets of Tollywood are BRAHMANANDAM ,PRAKASH RAJ.

    One can see movies of MAHESH BABU ,ALLU ARJUN , NTR ,RAVI TEJA, RAM , NANI…. Even some belongs to Star Families ..But have our recognisation, acting skills & style.

    FANS .. do not take serious .. u cant force others to appreciate ur Hero… Fact would be bitter but have to digest.

    Love from BOLLYWOOD.

  8. Nejar Hmed Author

    بموت فيه الفنان ده هو اسمه ايه😝😍👏💖💗💝💓⁦❤️⁩💘💋💝💞💟👄👀💙💚💛💜⁦❣️⁩👔

  9. Harsha Vardhan reddy Author

    Cinema chusina taruvata prabas fans collar agaresukoni bayatiki vastaru Ani Lawrence cheppadu ..
    Cinema chusina taruvata prabhas fans one year collar unde shirt lu veskovadam manesaru🤭🤭

  10. balaji balu Author

    E movie kosam papam prabhas Ni 3 years waste cheyachara.. vere hero ithe chese valu kadhu manchodu kabati chesadu.. Mari over ga villans chupidam , heroin last lo a song , dialogues .. abbaa andhuke poindi..


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