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Regal Cinemas® | Cheetos® Popcorn | Food Review! 🍿🧀

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya this time headed out to check out Star Wars The
Last Jedi with a couple of friends but before the show I thought I’d check out
some of this Cheetos popcorn I keep hearing about that’s right guys Cheetos
popcorn and it looks like Regal Cinemas has got the exclusive on this one for
right now so let me run inside the theater here in Ontario California real
fast to scoops them up and then we’ll definitely peep this out it’s the newest
Cheetos mashup this time invading Regal Cinemas for the time being guys
Cheetos popcorn is here premiering December 15th just in time for Star Wars
The Last Jedi and I gotta say I’m already digging the presentation of this
one here it definitely pops with Cheetos it pops with that dusting from the
Cheetos on the popcorn itself and it’s a pretty nice mixture decided to avoid
adding any butter to this I just want to taste it on its own but I think I know
what to expect from this one with the movie theater quality popcorn mixed
with the classic Cheetos flavor that we know and love the presentation pops pun
definitely intended along with the packaging here it really looks pretty
snazzy on the Shelf and if you guys are interested in checking this out
definitely hit up the Regal Cinemas website and see where it is available I
got to say I am really looking forward to getting into this guys it’s the
Cheetos popcorn officially here at Regal Cinemas let’s peep out this flavor
well it sure does smell as good as I think it looks aside from the packaging
here we go Cheetos popcorn crazy right let’s start
off with a couple of the popcorn kernels by themselves to see how cheesy they are
before the actual Cheetos themselves it doesn’t really make a difference because
it is Cheetos wow that is a pretty heavy dusting let’s follow that up with a
regular cheeto let’s see how that is even better definitely adding more of
the crunch as you’d expected there but I got to say I think I like it a little
bit better with this version on the popcorn itself it’s a nice little combo
on top of the crunchiness of the Cheetos too there pretty cool hmm that is really
tasty it’s really good pretty heavy-handed dusting for the Cheetos on
the popcorn itself guys even though you’re gonna get a lot more on the
physical Cheetos as you’d expect the combo works nicely and when they work
together with that crunchiness it is a really really nice buttery finish at the
very end I really like it a lot let’s go for another one – punch of that Cheetos
goodness mmm awesome awesome and hey it wouldn’t
be a real Cheetos eating experience without the cheesy fingers to go with
this is definitely legit guys and I got to say the presentation and the taste
everything is primo on this one speaking of primo no the price is a
little bit up there I mean $6.99 for what you’re getting here is pricey but
guys look what you’re getting here movie theater popcorn and classic Cheetos with
the official marketing spin from the company on top of it
absolutely diggin the quality tasty as you’d expect mmm classic Cheetos dusted
fingertips mixed in with some quality movie theater popcorn along with the
original crunchy Cheetos makes for a totally legit snack eating experience
guys this is a really really tasty combination and like I said it looks
great on the Shelf it’s gonna be even better when you eat it cuz the flavor is
definitely up there highly recommended sorry guys I’m having
a lot of trouble getting through this review right now because I absolutely
want to kill this box it’s very very addictively tasty and I got to say if
you already love Cheetos you’re gonna have a lot to like about this scratch
that a lot to love about this because when you mix it with movie theater
popcorn it’s crazy delicious but what do you
guys think of this all new Cheetos popcorn are you super excited to give us
a shot because I can tell you the combination definitely works and I think
you know that by now based upon my humble opinion hit the link down below
to Regal Cinemas find the one closest to you there give it a shot and absolutely
light up that comment section and definitely let me know and as for the
overall rating is if you don’t know what this is gonna get already I’m gonna have
to give the Cheetos popcorn here at Regal Cinemas and obvious 10 out of 10
guys it’s Cheetos and movie theater popcorn you’re getting the light
butteriness of the popcorn itself mixed in with the crunchy cheesy goodness of
the Cheetos along with extra dusting on top of that how bad could that possibly
be and those are my thoughts on this latest mashup exclusive here at Regal
Cinemas as we close out another episode of peep this out guys and like I always
say I’ve got brand new content every single week here on my channel so why
you stay tuned for the next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty you know I think I’m gonna have to get another one of these before the
movie starts because from what I’m hearing this newest Star Wars film is
the longest one yet and given the tastiness that this is right now this is
probably not even gonna make the end of the trailers alright guys until next
time I’ll talk to you soon



    Shout out to you for doing this REVIEW! I was wondering who was going to do this review cuz I really want to see what it look like! Awesome job bro!

  2. Brendan Flannigan Author

    If I ever see this kind of popcorn at one of my local movie theaters, I would definitely try this. Maybe to make it even better, I think I would to put some butter on it. I'm sure that would definitely be a treat while watching a movie.

  3. FitAngie Author

    oh wow those would taste fantastic! they sure look really awesome Ian, we need those here in Australia, or i guess they wouldn't be hard to make either.

  4. Michael Jones Author

    sounds great! Unfortunately no Regal Cinemas nearby. So Imade my own hack of this – Buttery home popped popcorn, dusted with ground extra crunchy Cheetos, and thru in some whole crunchy Cheetos also. A party winner forsure! Thhank Ian!

  5. Mohamed Mike Fahmy Author

    Wish this was available in Canada. Canada gets screwed time & again with these types of products unfortunately. Great Review as always Ian

  6. Kermit CS:GO Author

    Great review, you have a really awesome presence and are a spectacular food reviewer! Definitely underrated! This review made me crave some cheetos popcorn lol


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