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Reintroducing Amber Diamond ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

A couple nights ago,
I seen this chand I’m like,p] bar Yo, how do I
get that alone? She says she’s a singer so, you
know, we agree to link up and talk about some
music. Or really just… Hit it from the back? as Amber Diamond, the singertrf Everybody knows me as [bleep] ex girlfriend, but I’m here to do my music. So when I met the producer Roccstar I thought this could be
my big break. A girls gotta hustle any way
that she can right? -Thank you for coming!
-Of course… -I really appreciate it
-You know I had to come see you. So what’s the the plan like- do we have to worry about a
boyfriend -showing up like yo?
– No. I’ve been just focusing on my
work right now. I’ve been working on my music wanting to work with you. Cause
i feel like you could help me take my music where it needs to
go, you know? -I’m with it.
-So how can we do that? Well, I mean, we gotta figure
out how do we get the compensation compensated? I’m, I actually invited my
manager I may look like Amber’s sister but I’m her mom and manager Shun mother[bleep] Love. -Hi
-Hey! This is my manager slash my mom! Oh! Momager? I’m a promoter, manager and
hustler in one Amber came to me talking about
this producer she met I had to do my homework I found out Roccstar
was the real deal. So I know exactly
what to do with him. I’m trying to figure out
how I can make her a star. OK. So I’m trying to you know
get her an EP done. Well you came to
the right place. -Really?
-Absolutely. -How much are you charging? You know what- What about $100,000 for a track? One track? What ya’ll got? Because I love
everybody I would just- I don’t care what ya’ll talking
bout I’m with you. Ok well, it ain’t about what I
got. Ok so we gon go
with what’s in my purse. Oh you are here like that. Damn. OK so that’s what you on.
I like your style. I ain’t putting my money
back in my pocket I’m putting it over there. Welcome to the jungle. Hello? Yeah is this the studio? Now when the momager joined
our little lunch date. I mean my plans with Amber
changed dramatically but I guess 20 racks for a hour
of my time isn’t a bad days work That’s 20. OK.
Ok once it’s complete. I’ll give you the other 20.
Is that fair?. Yeah for the song right?
For the EP. EP is 7 songs. So you saying you’re going to
charge me 40 bands one song? For the record.
I need to understand what is You get that single that’s going we top 40 Billboard.
to take you to the moon OK. Aain’t nobody trying to [bleep]. Ok that’s definitely
understood we on. All right? Yeah. I’m gonna hold my breath
don’t let me down.


  1. Jean Larks Author

    Mannnn all these fukn SHOWS IS FAKEEE ASFF why is they both on VH1 fix my mom an another show… hollywood jus hire people wit hollywood acting experience smh they not putting nobody thats real an from tha streets and know tha street on at all but wanna act like they showing real people and real shyt NOo ITS ALL FAKEE … im from Cleveland and none of this shyt real fr

  2. Andrea_the Awakened Beauty Author

    Rockstar don't seem like he know what he doing ..a so called professional don't seem to know how to handle himself in front of 20 rack…if he was truly the real deal then he should be used to that kind of money being put on the table 👉😒😐😀

  3. Nathalia Rolleg Author

    Dude looks like "Robby Rotten" the villain from lazy town that use to come on Nick Jr. He is so extra but I kinda like him he's very entertaining. Can't be trusted tho. That girl is beautiful… is beautiful

  4. Anisha Brisonette Author

    She has great legs but she doesn't have a talent in her voice. And the way he hype her up like she got talent is disrespectful.

  5. Jocelyn Ellis Ellis Author

    Who carries that kind of cold hard cash in their purse like it’s nothing?! She should’ve gotten a cashier’s check. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. GirlYouAlreadyKnow Author

    I remember Amber being a host for a few talk shows a few years ago. She's very sweet and humble. I don't want ppl to stereotype her for being on the show. Shes probably doing it for more attention to her work which is okay but I hope she plays this reality tv game well.

  7. Salaam Bowens Author

    She should've took Dem 20 Grand and got her daughter sum singing lessons because she is HORRIBLE 😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💪💪💪

  8. Burberry black Author

    Amber mom is so beautiful.that boy roccstar I do not trust him. So no paper work???? Now I remember where tf I know them from. They were on mtv fix my mother or something like that lol. They been tryna be famous


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