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Remotely Stream PC w/Movies 🎬 & Kodi To IPad Away From Home And Any ATV Or Friend’s Roku w/Slingbox

Hey guys so today I’m at the gym and see
there’s gym stuff around here and I’m going to show you how I can access my
Kodi machine remotely. So I’m not at the house my ipad is on a hotspot and
I’m going to access the remote control on AT&T network so i’m on 4g on the
remote control. So let me go ahead and connect to my Kodi PC using Chrome
Remote Desktop and then I’m going to minimize it so I
can navigate on my IPhone. Okay so I’m going to navigate to a movie. I’m going to maximize the movie. [Music] Alrighty and I’m going to use my Remote
Control and I’m going to press the home button. I’m going to navigate to TV. Ok so its IPTV. I’m just going to bring up the first one and as you can see I can see IPTV
programs on my iPad. I can also see the same menu selection on my phone as well
let me bring the screen to my iphone. Here is my iphone with the IPTV options
and I’m going to use the remote control. So let’s go ahead and open it. Okay so you see a program is playing and
i’m going to hit the home button and there you see the menu options just
showing on my iphone and i’m able to navigate as well so i am able to access
my home Kodi PC remotely on my iphone ipad on my iphone and ipad and i’m able
to cast this to Chromecast to a Roku TV and to an Apple TV. So as you can see Kodi is capable of leaving the building.
(Demo Link in Description Box)


  1. thegeez001 Author

    Video Sections:

    Kodi Remote Control App on 4G: 00:27

    IPad Playing Movie on Kodi PC: 01:20

    Using Kodi Remote Control on IPad: 02:02

    Access Kodi IPTV on IPad: 02:26

    Access Kodi IPTV on IPhone: 02:45


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