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Republicans Burn AOC’s Picture In Disgusting New Ad

During last night’s democratic debate, a disgusting
new ad from a group called new faces GOP aired where they burned digitally burned a picture
of Alexandra Kazuyo Cortez. And then the, the flames subsided and you
see images of Cambodian genocide. Here’s the ad. [This is the face of socialism and ignorance. Does Alexandra Ocasio Cortez know the horror
of socialism? My father was a minutes from death in Cambodia
before a forced marriage saved his life that socialism forced obedience. Starvation. Mine is a face of freedom. My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist or socialist. I’m a Republican.] So the woman speaking in that ad was Elizabeth
Hang who, uh, ran for Congress last year and lost, so she is a failed political candidate
who now I guess has become a spokesperson for this new faces GOP running this disgusting
ad, conflating Democratic Socialism with for a full blown authoritarianism because Republicans
can’t tell the difference, or at least they don’t want the public to know there’s a difference. You know, when Republicans talk about socialism,
they always like to point out, you know, borderline communist countries or most cases full blown
communist countries. While ignoring the fact that we’re actually
talking about places like Canada, Norway, Denmark, you know the places that are at peace,
the places that don’t have tons of mass murder in their history, the places that are not
run by Authoritarians, they just happen to offer healthcare to all their citizens. And that’s kind of what we’re getting at here. But Republicans don’t want you to know that. They want you to think that if you listened
to AOC or if you listen to Bernie, we’re going to have killing fields. We’re going to have mountains of skulls and
all kinds of horrible hell happening here on our soil in the United States. So I guess the biggest question is who in
the hell is new faces GOP? Who are these people who funded this group? Where did this ad come from? And that is where our good friend open secrets
come in because I’m about to tell you everybody who’s given money to this group. So let’s start. They did not exist in the 2018 cycle. This is a new group here and there are 2020
pack summary Data says total receipts are $170,000 and they have spent $139,000 so they
got a little under $31,000 cash in hand. So here on open secrets. Again folks, I’m showing you this right now
because this is data everybody can access. Click on donors and let’s go through here. Um, we have, I’m not gonna name regular people’s
names, although I should. I’m going to this public record and I’m going
to do it. Sorry. You have James Jamison from del Mar, California
who donated 25,000. Uh, Paul Martino from bullpen capital who
donated 25,000. You have TOV Investments LLC who donated 25,000
EAC bold from Washoe Valley, donated 20,000 Frank Delina from Delina farms donated 15,000
Hannah Trust DTD donated 10,000 Norman Metcalf and investor donated 10,000. Andrew Saban from Saban commodities donated
10,000 a Shirley and enterprises donated 5,000 T management services incorporated, donated
5,000 Sanders properties, 5,000 a fiduciary management Inc 5,000 Precision Pharmacy LLC,
2,500 a precision civil engineering 1000 and then you got a couple other folks that gave
1000 bucks or two 50 and here’s the thing folks, I didn’t just docs anybody. This is public record. It is openly available on open
where I just read it from. So don’t go out there conflating this with,
oh my God, ring of fire. Just docs to bunch of people. No, we expose the horrible human beings who
produced this horrible ad filled with lies because they don’t want people to know the
truth about that. We’re trying to make their lives better. Actually. They don’t want people to know that we’re
trying to make their lives better. We’re trying to help them while Republicans
are trying to oppress them. So yeah, nothing wrong with calling out the
people who are funding those lies. And that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to do.


  1. Kay Bergstrom Author

    The Republicans have been afraid of AOC. They began lying about her immediately and trying to destroy her credibility. Just shows they recognize her power and fear her.

  2. michael doyle Author

    it seems rich donors want people tied to jobs because of need for insurance where as if everyone would have greater job mobility because they wouldnt need insurance & would be able to choose jobs for other reasons like benefits with paid maternaty leave & child day care extra. & even if we had medicare for all there would suplimental medicare like now I am on mrdicare & get additional suplimental insurance

  3. Anne H Author

    If we do have killing fields it will be the GOP doing mass shootings with their assault rifles. They are sick, twisted people! Not surprised there are no $27 donations to the new GOP

  4. brenda okuda Author

    The comments section is nothing but a hate fest. Somehow, y'all seem to think that physically harming someone ("boots to neck") is okay, but calling out the horrors of socialism & burning a picture (metaphor for burning the image into your mind) you find totally offensive. Why is okay for the left to hate so much? I'm just curious. Do y'all really not see it? If I just migrated here from another country & read the comments below, I'd want nothing to do with such a violent hateful lot. Just sayin…

  5. ManAgainstCrime Author

    So, the Kathy Griffin thing = Not disgusting at all, but cute and funny and suitable for small children.

    But this = "OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! WHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Sick hypocrites.

  6. No Body Author

    i found nothing disgusting about this ad. Your party had ads of speaker ryan dumping granny in a wheelchair over a cliff, and you had a commercial with a truck with a confederate flag running over minorities. You are a complete piece of shit sir and your party is full of authoritarians. Oh now you are doxxing people. Wow, you are a real saint dude. You in the words of Anna Kasparian are fucking garbage. Your party's words. BULLSHIT YOU DIDN'T DOXX PEOPLE! You just called out their names and where they lived to try to get someone to harass them. You are a hypocritical piece of shit. The truth is socialism is not help, its tyranny and oppression and you starve and murder your opposition every time in every nation. You are either stupid or evil. Read more about socialism and communism's actual results you absolute loser. Man you got some low IQ people democrats, they fall for anything. Socialism has killed almost as many people as the black plague. Is the black plague also helping people? Complete lack basic reading skills. Glad I only found this channel by looking for the AOC commercial. Never watching this moron again.

  7. Rah Alex Author

    Denmark, Norway & Canada are NOT socialist countries stop lying to your viewers. I repeat they ARE NOT socialist countries. The PM of Denmark even told Sanders to not call them by the Socialist & even referred to the term as a slur. But I have been to echo chambers like this channel before & most are too dumb & just believe anything a checkmark leftist says.

  8. Roger London Author

    Remember the Democrat who held up a fake beheaded Donald Trump head had and OAC said sweet eff-all about it?
    Remember the Republicans who got shot at a kids ball game, and OAC said sweet eff-all about it?
    Remember the Democrat advert where a Republican was shown driving around looking to run over black children, and OAC said sweet eff-all about it?

  9. maxcat1982 Author

    They called the woman in this add a white supremacist. That was a cool add. Is you listen to AOC Berny there will be killing fields in this country! Because the Democrats are evil. I’ve voted Democrat for the last 24 years but never again and it is because of chomos like the guy in this video.

  10. maxcat1982 Author

    Doxing is a technique of tracing someone or gather information about an individual using sources on the internet then releasing that information to others. That’s exactly what you did!

  11. Supremus Arrillius Author

    It wasn’t disgusting at all compared to the venomous insults she’s spewed against President Trump, Trump’s intelligent supporters, the patriotic border patrol, America and other sane members of society! Like a typical liberal she can dish it out but she whines and cry’s like a baby when she gets it back! Karma is a bitch just like her!

  12. Arthur Hogan Author

    You are absolutely correct, Farron. The republicans hate the truth. That's why they hate A.O.C. this is a horrible ad. These guys don't care about Americans, their Heath, income or a peaceful life to live out( hence, the push back on the gun law bill ) All these guys are rich. Some of their income is in the hundreds of thousands. Others are millionaires many times over. Even Tim Scott's wealth is in excess of three hundred million. And he's black. I read somewhere or, saw on TV that the Norwegians or the Danes not only pay their citizen's heath care, but, also set aside big bucks for their retirement, old age and eventual passing away. Can you believe this?? And average Americans struggle to pay for a funeral because it's so expensive.

  13. WhiteRajah Author

    There is a difference between socialism and communism, but most American socialists dont know what it is. USSR: Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. You people want to admonish a Cambodian refugee for wanting to warn us. AOC and Sanders have dedicated their lives to destroying everything I hold dear.

  14. Marion Morgan Author

    Sorry scummy people who need to use scare tactics because they can't win any other way. they scare the Republican base hoping to win. Anyone with half a brain can see this. But Trumps base doesn't have even half a brain between all of them.

  15. Kimberley Morris Author

    I seen this woman being interviewed on Cuomo she thought she could charm him and flutter her eyelashes and he would be putty in her hands! It didn’t work and she was well pissed

  16. ashley nicely Author

    A little disingenuous for a site named "Ring of Fire" to be triggered by the pretend burning of a photo of a woman who not only supports socialists and socialism, but apparently is unaware that she is a Caucasian.

  17. StockTradingMaster Author

    Stop toting the official corporate mainstream media line. AOCs picture is being burned because she supports socialism which burns down Democracies with horrifying actions. They are not burning her picture because of her race. AOCs support of socialism is far more disgusting and horrifying than a 30 second ad. The only reason you have so many subscribers is because you act like you are alternative media but instead you promote the corporate line and so you receiving support from them. You are not grass-roots alternative media reporters. For toting the corporate line, Google rewards you with fake bot posts below your video and fake views to push this garbage up in their search engine but in the end it's all fake and more people are beginning to learn that truth.

  18. Ixionos Author

    The AOC cultists who claim this message is pure hatred are the same ones who threatened a little 8 year old girl for making a parody video of AOC on YT. Her mom had to put down her channel for fear of her child's safety. Let that sink in.

  19. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification Author

    I have to guess Trumpanzee right whiner morons that bash AOC and Bernie, or ANY Democrats don't seem to realize that trying to 'swift boat' Dems just motivates us to chip in even more donations to Dems. Bring it on Trumpanzee's! You will end up helping us to more easily beat the lying extremist Rethugs and trash alt-right fascism. We don't want an American Taliban and will resist, and speak out VERY LOUDLY against it!

  20. John Kesich Author

    As I recall, it was spillover from the insane, imperialist war the US was waging against Vietnam that destabilized Cambodia and led to the killing fields. Is Ms Hang aware of that?

  21. Bmanritchie Author

    GOP: I’m not killing in effigy, I just don’t like her!

    Skeptic: So your supporters that hanged or burned Obama scarecrows just “didn’t like him,” too?

    GOP: (crickets)

  22. Rapture Ready Author

    Why is the ad disgusting? Democrats burn the American Flag, burn the Christian Bible…etc. its a double standard! Your Crying and Whining hasn't stopped since 2016 and the grownups are ignoring your tantrums!

  23. Mórrígan Author

    Democratic socialism is full blown authoritarianism. This leads to communism.

    I'm not a Republican. But I'm truly disappointed with +The Ring of Fire for this poor coverage of socialist Democrats. AOC is a bleeding heart socialist/ communist.

    This is so commie biased it's not even funny.

    The European countries you listed are not at peace and have economic and social upheaval.

    I'm officially unsubscribing today

  24. Joe The Jet Author

    Lmao. The silent majority has woken up to your stupidity. We will never let you evil lucifarians win again. So move to Canada, but people there are waking up too, so your lies won't work there anymore either. Find God and stop murdering baby's. Maybe we will let you stay after the arrest happen.

  25. Mark Gigiel Author

    The very large mass of people that believe that propaganda aren't watching Ring of Fire. Unfortunately. Except for a few professional trolls in the comments.

  26. nozo mashii Author

    James Jameson?! What a person to be named after, I'm fairly certain he bought a little girl to feed her to cannibals or some crazy shit

    not saying he did it, but hey – maybe it was a relative.

  27. Lenny M Author

    "Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke.
    They stand four-square for the American home but not for housing.
    They are strong for labor but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights.
    They favor minimum wage the smaller the minimum wage the better.
    They endorse educational opportunity for all but they won’t spend money for
    teachers or for schools.
    They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine-for people who can afford
    They consider electrical power a great blessing-but only when the private power companies get their rake off.
    They think American standard of living is a fine thing-so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people.
    And they admire the Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it."
    ~Harry S. Truman~

  28. Jose Acevedo Author

    Republicans are too Low IQ to deliver a cohesive argument, so instead, they resort to visual imaging to entertain their infant-minded MAGAGA crowd who glue their eyeballs to Fox News every second they're awake.

  29. John Tessier Author

    You are not talking about Canada, Denmark etc. Those are Market economies with Government funded programs. If Dems talked about that I listen. But when you conflate Socialist policies with Capitalist countries you are going to get called out on it. This response was pure International Marxist Spin. Look elsewhere for truth.

  30. Amanda McClellan Author

    Uhhh.. I LOVE HOW THEY SAY THAT EVERYONE WOULD DIE IF WE IMPLEMENTED SOCIALISM! Everyone is dying now! Being killed in mass shootings, damn near daily! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?


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