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Reviewing The Lowest Rated Bollywood Movie


  1. Slayy Point Author

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  2. Aarya Raj Author

    लगता है तुम यूट्यूबर और मीमेर देशद्रोही दिखा के ही मानोगे।
    इससे से फिल्म का प्रचार हो रहा है,अब मुझे ही इस मूवी को देखने का मन कर रहा है इसकी घटियापन देखने के लिए।

  3. Prerna Shukla Author

    Congratulations on #8 on treading I watched the video the moment you posted it but after seeing the treading page 4 days later I came back to comment

  4. Mahesh Parge Author

    Good content but at'7.28' 'Pandu' is the name of god. Avoid this name in further videos. Nowadays college guys are using this word just to show how cool they are. I dont think this word has any other meaning really exists.

  5. Rekha Rawal Author

    Aap Mumbai gaye the na mere ko pata hai aur FIR Apne Nikhil se photo bhi khinchi ki yah sab Kisne bataya finsttre
    nd ke video mein Maine dekh liya tha


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