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ReZero Special RELEASE CONFIRMED! Re:Zero OVA Theater Release Date | ReZero Season 2 Coming?

Some more juicy info has dropped for the
upcoming ReZero special! So what’s up guys Foxen here! New details are out for
ReZero. This time it’s coming out with a new visual. A few weeks ago they released
part of what you now know is part of this much bigger picture. The first one
only had Subaru and Emilia. You now have the whole family here this includes
Rem and Ram, the clown guy, betty and the village kids.
Anyway this ReZero Special is titled Memory Snow. I was hoping they gave you
also the Japanese name but even in the official Japanese announcement they have
this in English. With this they have confirmed the release date or maybe I
should say release time. This ReZero special will come out in time for the
fall season so not an exact date but we have a three month window now. Last time
I gave a few possible release date predictions and I really thought that
we’re gonna release it much much sooner. Now it turns out that they’re releasing
this in the fall season. Due to this you could bet that they’re gonna release
it around the time of Emilia’s birthday that’s on September 23rd which also is
around the start of the fall season. More info about those will come out this
weekend in anime Japan. I guess it’s kind of makes sense given that Emilia will
get more focus in season 2 and yes I did mention ReZero season 2. I’m not
saying it’s guaranteed but seeing as how this is coming out so late this year
I’m putting the chances of seeing a ReZero season 2 announcement at over 50%.
If you’re gonna go watch this in theaters definitely stay for the
post-credits scene but back to the visual just getting a closer look at
this new visual pretty interesting face that’s Subaru is doing. Is this guy a
little too happy? Perhaps a little too joyful?
It’s almost as if the guy has never seen snow but then again Subaru is the type
of guy that always stays inside. Oh yeah and I do have to mention it
some people have brought up how it looks like Subaru doing something with one
of his hands. Really guys honestly if you guys didn’t bring this up I would
not have noticed this! Anyway you also have the two adorable twins. Both of them
seem to be in less revealing maid outfits just due to the snow. Ram in
particular has a very nice pair of earmuffs. Again it seems like they’re
trying to throw a little more focus on someone other than REM. As for what you
could expect from this ReZero special it looks like they might combine two of
the short stories. One of them will surely be the
snow story and the other one may be the mayo story. You did see that they were
trying to cook something. The combination of these two should be really fun. By the
way I did mention theater since a few weeks ago they did announce that this
special would be shown in theaters in Japan and actually you’re gonna be able
to buy advance tickets soon. It’s part of this combo package from anime Japan this
weekend. The price is 2700 yen which is about 25 US dollars. In the package
you’re gonna get a movie ticket and this ReZero tapestry. You can see that the
features of visual Subaru and Emilia. To be honest this actually isn’t a bad
deal at all considering that the price of this thing on its own might be just
that. Of course it all depends on the quality. I actually wouldn’t mind getting
one of these for my room if only and included REM somewhere in there too.
Unfortunately what kind of ruins that for me is Subaru’s weird expression but
more so what you guys told me about what Subaru is doing with one of his
hands. Like really I definitely can’t unsee that now. I could only hope that
they make different versions but anyway let me hear from you! Do you like this
new ReZero visual? Who do you think looks the best here? Emilia RAM or Rem?
Were you also one of the one that noticed Subaru’s interesting hand
position? And do you think the chances of season two being announced here is over
or under 50%? If you enjoyed this definitely give it a thumbs up and
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whatever comes out this weekend. Also I did bring up season 2 for every zero
here if you’re wondering about that definitely check out my full video on
that and I’ll see you guys later

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