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Ridiculous Actor Demands That Forced Movie Details To Change

When actors reach a certain level of fame,
they gain the ability to shape a movie to their own whims, either as a result of their
experience or simply their sheer star power. Sometimes these changes barely affect the
movie, but other times they completely change the final product—for better or worse. Here are some of the most ridiculous examples
of movies that were significantly altered by actors’ demands. The Mummy When you’ve got as much clout as Tom Cruise,
you can make all sorts of stipulations when you sign on for a movie. Reportedly, Cruise’s demands for the 2017
Mummy movie included near-total creative control. As later outlined in a Variety investigation,
Cruise was accused of micromanaging almost every aspect of the film’s production, changing
everything from the script to the way it was marketed. Perhaps most notably, Cruise allegedly insisted
that his character, Nick Morton, be given more screen time than the mummy. His presence was beefed up accordingly, effectively
turning the horror franchise reboot into another of the star’s blockbuster action vehicles. Snakes on a Plane Just like snakes have all sorts of reasons
for getting on planes, stars have all sorts of reasons for agreeing to take on a role. Samuel L. Jackson, for example, admitted that
he only wanted to star in Snakes on a Plane because of its title. When executives considered changing the title
to Pacific Flight 121, he personally intervened, telling them it was “the stupidest damn thing
I ever heard.” Jackson also advocated for more violence and
profanity, an issue because the studio envisioned Snakes as a campy PG-13 action movie. Eventually, they agreed with his more adult-oriented
take and he agreed to re-shoots to secure an R rating… which just served to make the
edited TV version all the more ridiculous. “I have had it with these monkey-fighting
snakes on this Monday to Friday plane.” The Avengers In the original script for The Avengers, the
scene immediately following the near-defeat of the Chitauri was much less light-hearted. After sending the bomb through the wormhole
and falling back to Earth, Tony Stark simply asked “What’s next?” after being roused by
his comrades. Robert Downey Jr. felt this line fell a little
flat and suggested trying something different. According to Entertainment Weekly, director
Joss Whedon put together three pages of new lines based on Downey’s suggestion. In the newly revamped scene, Iron Man has
a little more banter with his teammates. “Have you ever tried shawarma?” “There’s a shawarma joint three blocks from
here.” “I don’t know what it is but I want to try
it.” Everyone liked the line so much that Whedon
filmed a bonus post-credits scene of the entire cast eating. But since production had already wrapped,
he had to film the scene when the cast came back together for the premiere. According to EW, Chris Evans even had to wear
a fake jaw prosthetic to hide the beard he’d grown. That’s why Captain America isn’t eating with
the rest of the team. And it was all because Robert Downey, Jr.
wanted to spice up his lines. Jurassic World Critics were pretty happy with Jurassic World,
but that didn’t stop audiences from complaining that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character somehow
outruns 22 tons of T-rex in high heels. Director Colin Trevorrow was completely aware
of how ridiculous this was, and reportedly spent much of the film’s production trying
to convince her to literally slip into something more comfortable. Howard refused, insisting that her character
had to wear heels the whole time. “We’ll find them.” “You’ll last two minutes in there! Less in those ridiculous shoes.” Trevorrow would later admit that he wasn’t
sure exactly why Howard was so insistent, but he respected her decision, and the heels
stayed in. Howard herself would later say she never expected
wearing the heels to be such a major talking point, but she was happy to have the effort
she put into running through the jungle acknowledged, noting that no camera trickery was used—she
really did wear the shoes in every scene. Pulp Fiction According to the original script for Pulp
Fiction, everyone’s favorite Bible-quoting hitman with a heart of gold was supposed to
sport a giant Afro that would stand in contrast to the slicked-back hair of his cohort Vincent. However, according to Samuel L. Jackson, the
person sent to buy a wig had no idea what an Afro was, and returned from the store with
one styled into a Jheri curl — something that infinitely amused the star. “Heh heh heh.” Rather than getting a replacement, Jackson
insisted on keeping the wig. The actor later told MTV that as soon as he
put it on he knew that’s the way the character had to look. Clash of the Titans Bubo the clockwork owl is one of the most
memorable parts of the original Clash of the Titans, so naturally, director Louis Leterrier
planned on making it a major part of his 2010 remake. Unfortunately, Sam Worthington hated Bubo. Leterrier later recounted that Worthington
complained about the owl at every opportunity, going as far to accuse the director of trying
to ruin his career by making him star opposite something so ridiculous. Leterrier goaded Worthington by saying he
wasn’t trying to ruin his career, just damage it, which didn’t exactly help matters. Ultimately, to appease his star, Leterrier
took the owl out of the film, relegating it to a brief cameo. Shrek Shrek’s signature Scottish accent went through
a couple of major changes before audiences fell in love with the big green ogre. Saturday Night Live vet Chris Farley was originally
supposed to voice the character, but passed away before he could finish recording his
lines; after his passing, Mike Myers stepped in. It wasn’t until after roughly a third of the
movie had been animated, however, that Myers decided Shrek should be Scottish. Myers’ reasoning was that since the movie’s
villain, Lord Farquaad, spoke with an upper-class English accent, Shrek should sound more blue-collar,
to highlight the difference between them. “It’s hideous!” “Aw, that’s not very nice. It’s just a donkey.” He also felt that the Scottish accent lent
itself better to dramatic, abrupt shifts in tone and would allow him to emote in a more
exaggerated fashion. DreamWorks exec Jeffrey Katzenberg pegged
the cost of reworking the already animated scenes at 4 to 5 million dollars—roughly
10 percent of the movie’s overall budget. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones After watching a rough cut of the Battle for
Geonosis with Star Wars creator George Lucas, Samuel L. Jackson noticed that it was hard
to spot his own character, Mace Windu, amongst the dozens of Jedi on screen. He asked Lucas if it’d be possible for Windu
to wield a purple lightsaber—partly because it’d stand out more, and partly because purple
is Jackson’s favorite color. “So I said to George, ‘You think I can get
a purple lightsaber?’ ‘Lightsabers are green or lightsabers are
red.’ ‘Yeah but I want a purple one.'” Lucas initially turned down the request, but
later decided to let Jackson get his purple lightsaber. Because when Samuel L. Jackson asks for something,
he gets it. “I have the real one at home that says ‘Bad
Motherf—er’ right here.” “Are you serious?” “Yeah!” A Million Ways to Die in the West Family Guy has mocked a lot of people over
the years, but one joke in particular came back to haunt creator Seth MacFarlane. Family Guy made a joke about how Liam Neeson
would never be able to play a cowboy in a western because of his inability to convincingly
mask his distinctive Irish accent. “This glen’s gonna be tough to traverse. And the river’s gotta be 50, 60 meters wide. And God knows how many fathoms.” Years later, when MacFarlane asked Liam Neeson
to star in his comedy western A Million Ways to Die in the West, Neeson said he’d do it,
with one condition. “When Seth called me up to ask that I do this
film, I said I’d do it on one condition, that I can use my own Irish accent.” MacFarlane agreed, and Neeson’s character
became an inexplicably Irish cowboy—all because of a throwaway line in an old episode
of Family Guy suggesting that it’d be pretty stupid for anyone to hire Liam Neeson to star
in a western. “You really do have a death wish, don’t you.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. K Ego Author

    They should have lost Howard.. then the shoes wouldn't have been an issue. she's not that big of a star…. plus, how did her character not go to jail at the end of the movie? Didn't have high hope for the sequel at all since they brought her character back… but it failed because of other reasons.

  2. Nancy Demoss Author

    It's past high time that everyone woke up and admitted that Tom Cruise sucks!!! Why does he have to make movie after movie after movie? Is it to fill up time in his stuck up useless life?? Ok, in his early days he made a short list of ok movies.
    I'm saying all of this with the knowledge that I have a death wish on my life. Deal with it!

  3. Sandro Kobulia Author

    That Shawarma scene was one of the best scenes from the movie, heck it even made it more memorable like every time I get shawarma with my friends I remember that scene.

  4. Heather Hillman Author

    Tbh, I thought BDH's character was stupid to run in heels. You can verify with my husband that I was saying that as we watched that movie on the big screen.

    On a lighter note, Liam Neeson in AMWTDITW was hilarious.

  5. Benjamin Swain Author

    I completely understand and respect Bryce’s decision. The character gets dirtier and loses more of her attire and original persona as the film went on signifying her character arc and her heels remaining throughout represents her persistence to me.

  6. Natalie Washington Author

    The chick wearing heels throughout Jurassic World added to her character's stuffy persona. It's all about character development.

  7. Atromus Author

    Wasnt Law Abiding Citizen supposed to have a satisfying ending where the main character wins, but Jamie Foxx threw a hissy fit since he didn't want to play a character that loses, so they changed the ending?

  8. Kyle Shebilske Author

    When Being Contractually Obligated To Something You Don't Wanna Do Anymore… You Can Make Lot's of Rediculous Demands Hoping They Just Refuse To Fill Them & Problem Solved!

  9. AresSG Author

    I mean.. it was a stupid joke by family guy cause to begin with like half the west were Irish immigrants back then. So Cowboys or Outlaws with Irish accents was pretty common.

  10. conrad black Author

    why would it be strange that an Irish person would be in the wild west? between 1820 and 1840 Irish made up almost half the immigrant population of the united states, an estimated 4.5 million Irish emigrated in just a few decades Billy the Kids mother was an Irish immigrant. The Irish accent would have been quite common in that time period

  11. robhigg2203 Author

    Actually the push for a R rating for Snakes on a Plane was the result of what was then a huge cult following it had gathered online before its release. The producers even admitted to taking the famous lines towards the end from the early online fan base.

  12. robhigg2203 Author

    Actually the push for a R rating for Snakes on a Plane was the result of what was then a huge cult following it had gathered online before its release. The producers even admitted to taking the famous lines, whose sensored version you showed, from the early online fan base.

  13. Medic Engineer Author

    There were hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrants in that at time. It seems sort of obvious that there were probably Irish cowboys.

  14. Cat Lady In the making Author

    "All because RDJ wanted to spice up his lines"
    The shawarma line and the shawarma scene is goddamn iconic, why would you say it like that

  15. John Koziol Author

    Tom Cruise is one of, if not THE biggest narcissists on the face of this planet or any other for that matter! His oversized ego is the reason why the remake of "The Mummy" flopped. I haven't seen a movie that he has done since "The Last Samurai" and don't ever plan on seeing anything he acts in ever again!

  16. michael mede Author

    Snakes on a Plane is one of the worst movies of all time the fact that Samuel L Jackson was so passionate about keeping the name and making it even worse than it could have maybe been shows what a terrible terrible actor he is. I mean for a guy that has been in movies as long as he has, he sure back a dumbass movie that time. But I guess it's not surprising from somebody who screams every line that he has in every movie and calls it acting.

  17. Nathanael Jacob Author

    I'm glad that George Lucas gave Sam Jackson his purple lightsaber. I think Mace Windu is more Iconic of a character because of it.

  18. Maria Kelly Author

    Tom Cruise micro-mananged the first Mission Impossible movie so much that director Brian De Palma vowed never to work with him again.

  19. a Author

    Sis thinking that using the heels is important somehow is the funniest thing ever, you know what might be funnier and still send the message? take the damn shoes off and throw them at the T-Rex and run barefoot.
    Also no one thinks she is brave or strong, just stupid.

  20. Ben Magnez Author

    The marvel graphic novels are deep, dark and passionate and films could've been aswell if it weren't for people replacing the original material with stupid fuckin campy and ridiculous bullshit filler that a three year old most likely puked up

  21. freemind222 Author

    Tom Cruise seems like a pompous ass. Samuel Jackson seem like he actually give a shit about his job and Robert Downy Jr. can out act them all.

  22. Christina Norman Author

    I thought the reason she wasn’t destroyed by the TRex was that they were trained to eat using the flair and it knew to follow the flair to food thus it followed her to the food not tried to eat her. Though I agree it’s a bit Meh.

  23. Vivienne Popek Author

    In a blooper reel, it shows Bryce Dallas Howard DID wear trainers in a scene. So what? Doesn't matter to me! But to insist high heals were worn throughout is a little annoying 🙄

  24. tclass99 Author

    I can understand caving to the demands of Cruise or RDJ…. but why in hell would Bryce Dallas Howard have any pull in a film that literally ANY woman could have done?

  25. Zekram Nordran Author

    RDJ's, Samuel Jackson's and Mike Myers' ideas were actually really good ones tho, if anything the only one that was pretty petty was the one with the mechanical owl, and to a lesser extent Tom Cruise being too controlling of the Mummy

  26. Bad Bear Author

    Ruining his career? 😂🤣 The only thing that ruined Sam Worthingtons career is Sam Worthingtons acting💩 His agent should get an award for landing him all those big roles.

  27. Xerra Finite Author

    I really don't get the shoe thing from Jurassic Park. I have worn heels for practically half of my teen and all of my adult life, love them and can run in them. I think the only ones to have complained or raised an issue with it, were women with airy armpits who are more comfortable in Clarks and Sketchers.

  28. Derek Patterson Author

    Thick Irish accents were actually pretty common in the old west. Many Irish came to America during that time, fleeing the poverty of Ireland

  29. Bobby Rooney Author

    Irish immigrants helped build the west, just like the rest of the country. It'd be "pretty stupid" to not know that. God, have you even seen Far and Away?

  30. Uriah Light Author

    This proves all the purple lightsaber Star Wars lore videos you find on YouTube are as dumb as I always thought they were. They take little bits of info from the non-canonical Star Wars Legends and try to merge it with the bizarre clash of film and media canons. In the end, only the George Lucas Canon matters, and the purple lightsabre has no meaning whatsoever in the true Star Wars lore outside of the fact that Samuel Jackson wanted his Mace Windu character to have a purple one so it'd stand out better amongst the others in a fight scene. I think George Lucas was smart in granting him that request because it sure has generated a lot of revenue for YouTube from people making videos explaining the "lore" (that doesn't exist) behind it.

  31. Fish Sandwich Author

    Why not have some quality or legitimate demands for a change on these movies? For example when Robin Williams was asked to do a movie, he specifically made it mandatory for them to hire at least a certain number of homeless people to be able to work on set or he would not do the movie. That is a legitimate demand. Not a narcissistic, arrogant, clown shoe, fuktard demand like these idiot movie fucks put forth.

  32. のーHOODWINK Author

    Mace Windu's lightsaber is purple because Mace uses anger (a Darkside trait, purple being closer to red than either blue or green) to boost his Force power. Luke eventually has a green lightsaber because he brought balance to the Force (green is between blue and red).

  33. The Seleuf Author

    I'm failing to see why an Irish accent in a western would be bad or inaccurate. There were loads of Irish in the old west and Back to the Future didn't have any issue with it. Or is this more like a racist thing where cowboys aren't allowed to have anything other than a southern American accent because anything else would be un-American?


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