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Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart Channels the Icons of Old Hollywood | Harper’s BAZAAR

(funky rhythmic music) – [Lili] I’ve always really loved old Hollywood glamor and fashion. There’s so many iconic women: Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall,
Marilyn, Audrey, Grace Kelly. Marilyn is an inspiration
to me in the sense that she was a curvy girl and she had boobs and she didn’t have a 24-inch waist and to me that’s really inspiring and makes me feel like
my body can be accepted. Old Hollywood was a time when
celebrities were untouchable. They were living in this kind of elite, mysterious, glamorous world that people didn’t really
get too many hints of and now everything is broadcasted. There’s a lot of pressure there, not to screw up or not to do anything bad but also I think social media is a way to present yourself as a real human being.


  1. rachel serrano Author

    JUST when I think I can't possibly love Lili Reinhart any more, she goes and does something like this. THIS girl is revolutionizing Hollywood. She's the ABSOLUTE BEST and can't wait to see more of her. Awesome Interview and photographs too!!! Will be subscribing to HB for this type of content <3

  2. ale hurtado Author

    She's wrong in the part of Marilyn waist, but yeah , she wasn't a slim model, she wasn't have thin legs and she wasn't so tall, and she is one of the most beautiful womans and a sex symbol. Also, my baby slay 💕

  3. Miriam L Author

    Marilyn Monroe actually had a tiny waist, but I guess she seemed to be at a healthy weight. The thing that bothers me is that her measurements are still kinda the standard for models nowadays when she was a fairly short woman and most models are 5'9 and up. I know some girls that height have tiny frames, too, but others based on bone structure alone can barely reach those 35-24-35 measurements or whatever and then they try to overcompensate by starvation.

  4. rhanie joyz Author

    i just searched that marilyn monroe has a 22-inch waistline. her vital statistics is '35-22-35'. still a good video anyways

  5. Teddy:, Author

    Love Lili but sorry, Marilyn did in fact have a 24 inch waist 😂 and not an average body type at all. She was exceptionally lucky. (I DARE SOMEONE TO SAY SHE WAS PLUS SIZED SO I CAN DEBUNK THAT SHIT)

  6. cucamunga Author

    The fact that Lili would ever think that her body would not be accepted astounds me. Like, I'm fat, my body is not accepted, but hers? Lili has the body that society tells us every girl should have. I know we all have insecurities but it always surprises me that people that look like her also have them… the media has fucked up everyone's brain

  7. The softest angel Author

    lili like Marilyn is ur idol ur mine ur so amazing beautiful and gorgeous I'm so lucky that I live in this era as u and cole sprouse must be having the time of his life with such a strong breath taking individual like you <3

  8. Depressed girl from Mars Author

    Actually she had a 22inch waist at a point in her career. She changed weight (as she should) between her career due to depression and Illness but never the less she was gorgeous and one of my favourite woman ever


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