1. Michael DeSanta Author

    Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world!
    All other countries are run by little girls!
    Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium!
    Other countries have inferior potassium!


  2. Chris Johnson Author

    Pull out a 357 magnum loaded hand gun and proceed to empty the entire chamber into this piece of sh*t yielding a knife. He will think twice about attacking a person in the future.

  3. Joseph Smith Author

    Your a fat ass. Maybe instead of reviewing security something you obviously know nothing about you should work on defending your heart from cholesterol or diabetes ya fat bastard. Ugh people like you are just gross. Get some self discipline.

  4. Goat Reacts Author

    You guys are funny. It's both glass and plastic. He had to bust thru that. You can see the glass breaking and flying away. Plastic alone doesn't do that.

  5. Notcha Grandpa Author

    I can't believe the choice of glass that was used in that window, the owner definitely went as cheap as possible on the choice of glass, it wasn't much more than a single pane.

  6. Awaken To Life Author

    I think the worst part about this is how did he know it would break? Either very obvious from looking at it, or he has inside info, or in that country they have cheap “security theater” all the time so people just know. All of the above are very frightening.

  7. Jon Williams Author

    Cheap bastards saved money and bought fake security glass. I think she had a split second while he was half way in and halfway out to get out the door. She was one very lucky young lady.


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