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Rodney Dangerfield Crashes Morgan Fairchild’s Hollywood Bash

(piano medley) – Rodney! I’m so glad you could make it. – Morgan how ya doin? Hey take this will ya? Hey don’t worry, I’m not loaded okay? – Rodney I hope you didn’t try to drive in that condition. – I tried, the bus driver wouldn’t let me. – Have some hors d’oeuvres. – Alright, hey, you told me a few people, what’s goin on here? – Oh well things got a little out of hand. – Yeah looks like it’s
outta the apartment y’know? – Just relax and have a good time. My home is your home. – Oh yeah? Well which way is my bar? I had a few drinks before now I need a few drinks for a chaser. Hey bartender, have a double scotch with a twist the bourbon okay? – Meatball! – Aye who’s a meatball? Oh sorry, hey, forget about the meatball. Hi, you live alone? Hey whatta ya say you and I got outta here and go someplace special like the backseat of my car huh? – I’m not interested in casual sex. – It won’t be casual I’ll keep my tie on. – How did you get in here? I’ve had enough of you, I’m leaving. – Hey chief! Hey chief give someone
else a break will ya? How ya doin baby, what’s a high class man like that doin with a
low class broad like you? – Winston we’re leaving! – Oh yeah, thanks, I was waitin for that. – It’s obvious what you’ve done here. It just screams the vastness of eternity. – It looks to me as if you were commenting on the search for the meaning in one’s life. – Yeah looks to me like your dog messed up your white rug y’know? – I don’t believe I just heard that. – He forgot to put ice in here, you’re finished, give me
that ice in here will ya? – I’ll have no choice but to remove myself from this distressing plain. – Well you can take your distressing friend with ya okay? – Goodnight! You know Rodney, artistic people have a certain temperament and well sometimes without even meaning to we can offend them or hurt their feelings. – No I’m okay, your
friends don’t bother me, I’m alright. – Well why don’t you join
this group over here. They were having a fascinating discussion about nature. – Everything I know about nature, I learned from Sonia. – We do have an obligation to all endangered species no matter- Mr. Dangerfield, what should we do about the sperm whale? – Keep em away from my daughter okay? – What do you think about the taking of furs just for pleasure? – Oh no, I never let a woman take her fur for pleasure, never. Cab fare that’s about it, that’s as far as I go. – We’re talking about animals. – That’s the kinda woman
I give cab fare to. – I’ll take a breast. – Why dontcha take two
they’re kinda small y’know? – Oh, come on Edward. – Go head, walk out, leave, go head! Why don’t ya ya drive
fast, you’ll get there before the accident okay? – Thank you for coming! Well weren’t they a fun group. – Oh they’re a lotta fun
your people they’re all- – Oh no! I dropped my brooch in
the punch bowl honey, I dropped my brooch in the punch bowl! – What’s goin on over here? – There’s a brooch in the punch bowl. – Oh ya hear that? There’s a roach in the punch bowl! I’m glad I’m drinkin scotch I’ll tell ya that. – It’s not a roach! It’s my brooch! It’s my brooch, my
expensive Peruvian brooch! Don’t you understand? It’s in the punch bowl! – Here, here’s your brooch, ya alright? Now ya got your brooch,
now take it easy alright? My lady alright, let me tell ya somethin, do yourself a favor will ya? Go find yourself a man okay? Yeah, and if it don’t work out then keep in touch okay lady? – So glad you came! Well Rodney, looks like it’s gonna be a small party after all. – Whadda ya worried about? Now we can be ourselves. – Rodney do you really think we dare? – Why not, nothin we haven’t done before. (accordion music)


  1. dudetocartman Author

    Man oh man, Rodney is sure one guy who knows how to be funny. If he were really funny, he would be funny like a clown, he would amuse me, make me laugh. Be there to amuse me. That's how funny he would be. Funny guy LOL

  2. ProjectFleekDot Com Author

    My wife always said, you need to be a Pilot, a receptacle position in society
    So i went right to it, i got piles of shit everywhere, I don't know what went wrong?

  3. Martin Jensen Author

    I actually legitimately laughed out loud watching that/so wonderfully politically incorrect/Rodney Dangerfield Joan Rivers Don Rickles oh do we need them now more than ever!!!!

  4. Kevin Henderson Author

    I really do miss Rodney. What should we do about the sperm whale ? Keep him away from my daughter. Lol. Nobody did it better.


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