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Roger Waters – Picture That

Picture yourself as you lean on the port rail Tossing away your last cigarette Picture your finger Pushing the doorbell Picture the skull and crossbones on the doormat Picture yourself on the streets of Laredo Picture the Casbah Picture Japan Picture your kid with his hand on the trigger Picture prosthetics in Afghanistan Yeahhhhhhhh, picture that Picture a courthouse with no fucking laws Picture a cathouse with no fucking whores Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains Picture a leader with no fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains No fucking brains Follow me filming myself at the show On a phone from a seat in the very front row Follow Miss Universe catching some rays Wish You Were Here in Guantanamo Bay Picture a seat on a private plane Picture your feet nailed to the floor Picture a crew who are clearly insane Picture no windows, picture no doors Glued to a screen in the state of Nevada To follow the dream gets harder and harder Picture her wrapping a gift for the wedding Picture her boiling some water for tea Picture the kids climbing into the backseat Picture my hand turning the key Yeahhhhhhhh, picture that Picture the dog in the pickup ahead Picture the tree at the side of the road Picture my hands growing steadily colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Colder Follow me down to a place by the river Sold for my kidneys, sold for my liver Why so weedy, so fucking needy There’s no such thing as Being too greedy


  1. Carlos Ferreira Author não foder crianças não foder cérebros foder sim.merda.como.Donald Trump Roger Waters. Bravo Espero.Por ti.em.Maio no.Meo.Arena

  2. Martin Cummings Author

    The Man The Legend that is ROGER WATERS just seen him in Birmingham and it was the GREATEST CONCERT of all time ⚒🎸🤘💙

  3. fuzzywuzzy2622 Author

    How about A Pink Floyd reunion?
    'What God wants' has tainted every song since with its repetitive rhythm that was immensely popular at the time…
    Something fresh and new that's far away from the rhythm of 'what God wants' is needed to breathe new life to your work.

  4. PCBacklash _ Author

    Picture a leader with no f*cking brains?  I don't have to picture it.  All I need to do is turn on the news from the White House any day and I can see it first hand.

  5. François Cauneau Author

    This guy never left any band : he simply is the soul, going his own way and just keeping on making this wonderful Poetry. Remember the question of the stupid business man in Have a Cigar : "which one is Pink ?"
    The irony is that part of the Pink Floyd Band imagined they could rely on a brand… but doing this they lost the soul : Roger Waters.


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