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Roles that ENDED Famous Actors Careers!

– I’m thinking about
trying out for the role of Lex Luthor in a future Superman movie, just with a beard, and a lot less money, and a little squishier
around the mid-section, yeah. You know, if you’re gonna try out for a movie role these days,
you gotta be a lot more choosy. People are unforgiving, thank you. It’s always surprising to me when actors with illustrious careers
make odd role choices. And I get it, some of them
want to try new things. But, Hollywood is fickle and
if you make the wrong movie, it haunts you. In fact, it can end your career. Here are 10 roles that ended
famous actors’ careers. Number 10 is Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Money Penny, why don’t
you take off that blouse so I can get to know you better. Still, to this day, one
of the most famous actors of all time, Sean Connery is a true icon of the film industry. Now, 87 years old, you’d expect
the man to simply retire. But, it took a real bomb of a film to make that retirement stick. The movie in question is the
2003 sci-fi action flick, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in which Connery starred
in the leading role as Allan Quatermain. Now, while the CGI and special
effects don’t age well, the film wasn’t actually a total failure and actually made money,
though a very small margin. Critics blasted it for it’s
poor acting and directing and viewers seem to think
that it was okay at best, even citing Connery’s
performance was boring. Almost immediately
after, the actor retired, dissatisfied with the film and rarely even makes public appearances anymore. Look, I love James Bond
just as much as anyone and he is a great actor. But, you guys should be away
that there is an interview with Barbara Walters online
where he literally says it’s okay to slap a woman. It’s on YouTube right now,
feel free to look it up. Number nine is Chris
O’Donnell in Batman and Robin. Holy career bomb, Batman. After getting a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in
Scent of a Woman in 1992, Chris O’Donnell seemed
like a star on the rise. That was until he donned a leather costume and became Boy Wonder for the second time in director Joel Schumacher’s
Batman and Robin. Everything about the film seemed to counter the attitude
that Batman was known for and even featured the dynamic
duo appearing in public and arguing over who was going to bring Poison Ivy on a date. “Hmm, I’ve got the deeper
voice, I get to take her.” The film was a commercial failure, receiving scathing
reviews from both critics and fans of the DC franchise
and essentially stripping Chris O’Donnell of any
potential that he’d accumulated. As of today, he’s found decent work on TV but the actor’s once promising
Hollywood career is deaded. Number eight is Kevin
Costner in Waterworld. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kevin Costner starred in huge
hits like The Untouchables, Robin Hood, and The Bodyguard, and, of course, Dances with Wolves. But, as he found himself
at such a high point, Costner decided to stretch
his production muscles and took on a role as a director in addition to a star for
the colossal disappointment that was the 1995 sci-fi film Waterworld. In the movie, Costner plays a mutant man who can breath underwater
but lives on a raft. Very few people actually
went to see the movie which lost tens of millions of dollars and often is pointed to as the reason that he lost his leading man status. All because he wanted to be a mermaid man, merman, mermaid, merman, who cares. More recently, Costner
co-starred as Batman’s dad in Man of Steel and back in 2007, he played the lead in Mr. Brooks. I’ve always really liked Kevin Costner, so I hope that he does
return to the A-list. I think he just needs to
really avoid being a merman. Mer, merman, mer, who gives a crap? Number seven is Alicia
Silverstone in Excess Baggage. I’ve literally never
even heard of this movie, so I’m not surprised. In the mid-90s, Alicia
Silverstone finally found leading lady success in a teen comedy. The actress who was known
for being the center of attention in Aerosmith music videos, was suddenly the star of
Clueless, the surprise hit from the summer of 1995. However, her A-list fame was short-lived as what followed the breakout
hit was dud after dud up to and including the
infamously bad Batman and Robin. But, when Silverstone’s
brand new production company released Excess Baggage in 1997, it brought more than some bad reviews. The actress was nominated
for a Razzie Award which is totally unwelcome
for what people consider truly horrible acting as she just failed to build chemistry with her co-stars. Though she has tried to rebuild, it was too little, too late. Soon, Silverstone was keeping
her head down in Hollywood. I keep my head down in Hollywood, too. Not for the same reason. Moreso, I just don’t wanna step on, like, an AIDS needle or glass or just, there’s a lot of nasty
stuff on the ground. Number six is Demi Moore in Striptease. Back in the early to mid-90s, Demi Moore was an in-demand actress. So in-demand, in fact, that in 1996, she became the highest paid actress in the history of Hollywood at the time when she received 12.5 million dollars to star in Striptease. A movie about a stripper
trying to raise funds and get custody of her daughter. Though, it obviously appealed
to a mostly male audience looking to see Demi Moore’s stuff, the film failed to draw
on other demographics and bombed in the box office. Critics slammed the acting in the movie with Eric Brace of the
Washington Post saying, “Who told Demi Moore she could act? “She can’t, end of discussion.” Hoo, shade, flames,
it’s getting hot in her. That movie was the start of a decline that ultimately saw Moore taking
a long hiatus from acting. On top of it, future projects
failed to make impacts and she never managed to
reclaim her A-list status. Yeah, you can laugh at her all you want, but she walked away with
almost 13 million dollars. I would shake my jiggly bits
for that much money, what? Number five is Mike
Myers in The Love Guru. This one hurts me personally, ’cause Mike Myers is my Canadian brother. Canada’s own Mike Myers was an icon in the 1990s and early 2000s with memorable roles such
as Wayne from Wayne’s World and the Austin Powers trilogy of films, in which he comedically
played multiple characters. But, on June 20, 2008,
possibly the biggest flop of his career was released
and it all but erased him from the spotlight. That flop was The Love Guru
and instead of the laughs that viewers were used
to in Mike Myers movies, they were treated to some
lame and overly vulgar jokes and borderline racist
character portrayals. And the backlash must’ve
affected the actor because other than voice
work in popular movies such as Shrek, and the odd cameo, Myers has pretty much
left the acting world. I guess you could say that that movie was evil (laughs). Yeah, it was bad. Number four is Halle Berry in Catwoman. After making history as the
first African-American woman to win the Academy Award
for best actress in 2001 for Monsters Ball, Halle
Berry should’ve moved on to epic projects and new heights. After a couple lackluster
performances in Gothica and Die Another Day, Berry headed back to the superhero films that
she was better known for and took the lead role in 2004s Catwoman. Though, many turned out initially, mostly to see the gorgeous woman in tight leather outfits (purrs). The film left viewers upset
due to the bad acting, bad directing, and a plot
that made very little sense. Bombed at the domestic box office, dragging what was left of
Berry’s dignity with it. She has since taken on
work in smaller film roles and on television. But, her acting career
which was once on the verge of exploding, now finds
itself in mediocrity. Listen, Halle, you fine as heck. You should call me up. We’ll star in a movie together. You know, the black
African-American strong woman meets the balding 30-something. I’m sure there’s an audience for it. Number three is Hayden Christensen
in Revenge of the Sith. Believe it or not, playing Darth Vader can actually break an actor
as it’s been well documented. Hayden Christensen’s turn as the dark lord of the Sith was no different. Christensen was only 19
years old when George Lucas made him a young Anakin Skywalker in 2002s Attack of the Clones. Then, he reprised his role again in 2005 in Revenge of the Sith. Fans that were already
disappointed in the first film in the prequel trilogy,
The Phantom Menace, seemed to enjoy these two movies more. Though, the writing for Anakin
and Christensen’s acting were both deemed truly awful. People especially pointed
to the romantic scenes shared with Natalie Portman. And after his run in the Star Wars series, Christensen gave up the craft. He claimed it was his own decision without any influence from his critics. Still, if you ruin
Vader, people do not want to see your work. The bad acting is strong with this one (mechanical breathing). Number two is Elizabeth
Berkley in Showgirls. See what happens when you just make an overly sexual movie
about shaking your tatas? Though it has been deemed by many as one of the worst films ever made, Showgirls was supposedly a big hit and even had Hollywood
starlet Charlize Theron asking for the lead role. I bet she’s happy now she didn’t take it. However, the role went
to Elizabeth Berkley, a young and upcoming
talent who’d found success in television as the high
school student Jessie Spano on the hit show Saved by the Bell. One of my favorite shows growing up and then this movie just
scarred me for life. Jessie, why you showing your boobies? As much as beating Charlize for a role that should’ve gotten Berkley some points, they were swiftly eliminated by the fact that the film was a total flop full of pointless graphic nudity, plot points that made no sense, and some
absolutely awful acting. Though, she would appear in numerous films and television programs as guest stars or cameos, her leading lady
status quickly evaporated. Please leave it at that. I will be mentally scarred
if I see Zach Morris on film shaking his twig and berries. And number one is Jake
Lloyd in The Phantom Menace. Jake Lloyd was a child
actor with a few roles. His most prominent being
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in Jingle All The Way. “Jaime, get your mother!” That was, of course,
until he took his turn as Darth Vader the dark
lord of the Sith himself. Star Wars is one of the most
successful film franchises the world has ever seen, with the original three movies standing as possibly the greatest
trilogy of all time. So, when the first installment
of the prequel trilogy, The Phantom Menace,
dropped on May 19, 1999, the anticipation to see where
Vader came from was intense. But, sadly, for most fans, that intensity turned to utter disappointment with many blaming the
nine-year-old’s performance instead of how the writers
mishandled the character. Lloyd was even bullied in school
for his portrayal of Vader. So, much so, that he quit acting. Really, y’all gonna dog
on some nine-year-old kid? I mean, if I was a nine-year-old, I would take the role of Vader. I would take the role of Vader right now. You already know it. Already bald, just add
some fake scars to my face and we’re off to the races. Well, these people made
some awful choices. But, you know, a lot of
these weren’t so bad. I actually liked a lot of these movies. Not so much the nudity ones. Those were very, very
poorly done (laughs). But, I’m not gonna criticize, whatever. These people, these
people had a nice career, not so much anymore. Anyway, wish ’em the best.


  1. Angie2343 Author

    Sure wish we can add Emily Blunt to this list. She peed on Julie Andrews' version of Mary Poppins with a very forgettable and dreadful sequel.

    Some viewers and movie critics complained that the movie's plot was too depressing, the acting was dreadful, the songs were forgettable and the pacing was super slow. (Not making this up; I checked the audience reviews myself.) As a result, because of Disney's rules on sequels it will more likely NOT be mentioned in the Disney Parks, due to the higher love and popularity of the first film.

  2. Vegan Vampire Author

    Zack actually was in a made for tv movie about him selling his body in the street as a male prostitute. It was actually really good and heartbreaking. I loved that movie. It was so sad

  3. Caty Bee Author

    Don't look up the Oprah interview with Connery, there's no fun in that. Go look up the S&L sketches of Connery on Jeopardy. They're golden.

  4. David Tal Author

    christensen couldnt even act! so… no loss. his "acting" was disgustingly sub par at best and shouldnt have been allowed make it to the silver screen.

  5. Jayne MacLean Author

    I liked TLOEG. In my opinion, it didn't end Sean Connery's career. He quit/retired because his ego couldn't handle the criticism. Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider catch so much shade but they don't stop doing what they love.

  6. Jack Morrow Author

    "Waterworld" reportedly eventually turned a profit, doing well internationally at the box office and in video rentals. He directed and starred in "The Postman" two years later, which was a much greater bomb.

    You should mention "Revolution" (1985), which almost sank Goldcrest Films, finished Hugh Hudson as a feature film director, dashed any ambitions Annie Lennox may have had for a movie career, and was Al Pacino's last movie in a declining career until his comeback in "Sea of Love" four years later. I'm one of the few people who saw it in its original release.

  7. emily mees Author

    I guess I am in the minority who like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Batman and Robin is fun…for three year olds.

    Waterman or world whatever…never even heard of it. Kevin did have many great movies though

    Excess baggage is her baggage.

    No one wants to really see a clearly porno movie in a theatre…even those who watch hard core.

    Love Guru did have some good jokes, but lets face it…we only smiled a little followed by sheer anger.

    As for catwoman (and certain x-men films) low budget porn films have better acting.

    There were SOME good characters in The Phantom Menace…Anakin/Vader was not one of them (not the Kid's fault at all honestly) Darth Maul on the other hand was COOL.

  8. George Ortiz Author

    Wow on the part of Halle Berry it took that long for an African American to win an Academy Award well I won't worry about it Halle Berry's career seems just fine maybe someone should look into Hollywood on how long it takes for a non-white to win an Academy Award it's f**** ridiculous and deplorable.

  9. constipated in sin city Author

    Demi Moore was taught to work the pole by my girlfriend at the time she was fun kick it with. Because of her time here is the reason her daughter was named Rumor!🤭

  10. Yungboigotenks Author

    What about Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace in spiderman 3. I didn't think Tobeys performance was bad, even with emo Peter cause emo Peter was funny. But it seems because of that, the movies that they acted in after that never blew up

  11. Hammer_of_creation Author

    Halle Berry is half white, making her mullatto, not black and is a raging C-u-next-tuesday on set. She ruined herself, especially as Storm, when she demanded more screen time & more lines.

  12. S. Miner Author

    Am I wrong for liking most of the mentioned movies? Forgot to mention The Postman as a top Kevin Costner film. I really like Waterworld to this day.

  13. Ron Just Ron Author

    Now I disagree with the bad reviews on some of these movies, I literally just watched for the first time The Love Guru last night! The problem I saw with it was that it was not original. Meyers simply wore different costumes but it was pretty much Austin Powers/Dr. Evil and even Wayne all rolled into one with some of the jokes even recycled but tweaked a little. But it was not a "horrible" movie and certainly not one worthy of ending his career. I think what happened with Meyers is that maybe he realized that was all he had to offer? Those were all of the characters he could comfortably play and well the love guru proved that people were not interested in seeing him reinvent previous characters? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was not a bad film! I actually liked it but I think for an action sci-fi type of film it was kind of too slow paced and Connery was not some young handsome stud but an old man who wore baggy pants and fans wanted more than that. It did not "end" his career, he was already considering retiring and in fact had already told his agents he was about to announce his retirement, but he was offered the role in League and because it was a series he had always loved, he decided to give it a shot. Had it been a huge hit he would have reprised his role but since it was not a hit, he continued with his previous plan of retiring. Connery has given us so many great movies and characters that I refuse to let the opinions of some who think League was a bad movie, change my view of him.

    Playing a loved evil character is very difficult and that young boy did not deserve the hate he got for his portrayal of Vader. That blame should go to George Lucas and the writers. To be honest I have not liked ANY of the new Star Wars films, especially "the Clone wars", how boring was that film!! Lucas did what fans wanted for decades and he brought to life the characters in the other SW's series but without having the real reason people loved the original 3 movies, Han, Luke, Leah,Chewy and the 2 droids, the movies were basically completely NEW movies with NEW story lines and in today's world they were not so welcomed. Lucas missed his window of opportunity with those other movies, he should have released those in the years immediately following the success of the first 3. Myself personally I found that they just kept trying to reinvent the same stories, I mean how many times do we have to watch the rebels blow up the Death Star? But THE biggest reason I think the new Star Wars movies are not doing so well? Too much PC!! In the original series you had the "hero" mantle being shared between Luke and Han and a little bit of Leah thrown in for good measure, but the new ones seem to want to push a female hero all too much. When they announced that Han, Luke and Leah would make their return fans were excited, but to find our heroes so old and frankly very "unhero" like was a disappointment and then to have Luke only appear right at the very last scene of the movie was a huge mistake!! It was that meeting and scene that the mantle went from the male hero to the female hero and despite what people want to say about "equality", people still want a male hero! Luke should have had a son and that son become the new hero. You cannot take a beloved movies series like Star Wars and suddenly try to turn it into some modern day PC correct retelling of the story and think you will have a hit. It is obvious that women certainly can be the hero in a movie, but you don't change an already existing "theme" so drastically and expect fans to accept it.

  14. OhSuzeyQ Author

    I don't care what most people think… I loved Halle Berry as catwoman and i enjoyed the 2004 Catwoman. I also enjoyed The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  15. Psychic Medium Ella Dawn Author

    Demi Moor? for a second there I thought I experienced Mandela effect and freaked out until I googled and realized she is still called Demi Moore

  16. Kristarae Barton Author

    I thought the movie of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a fantastic movie fantastically done that's so sad that his career ended I didn't know the guy from NCIS Los Angeles was Robin I think he did a very good job he does really good in NCIS Los Angeles fantastic and I love the movie Waterworld everything about it

  17. Kristarae Barton Author

    See I don't understand why people get so mad or so saying these people aren't doing their acting right when it's the producer of the films are the ones that aren't doing their job right

  18. Kristarae Barton Author

    See I don't blame nothing on that little nine year old boy I think he did a really good job like I said I blame it on the producers who are making these movies for the people who are a supposedly acting really bad he's a little nine year old boy it just makes me mad I don't blame it on any of these actors about their movies that ruined their career I blame it on the producers because the producers are the ones telling the actors or actresses how to act and do the movie

  19. Amber Downing Author

    I call BS!!!! Sean Connory did great in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman! It's one of my favorites. I don't care for him as a person, but I still loved that movie. Don't smack my movie!

  20. Walking Korpse Entertainment Author

    Hmmm…I just caught you saying batman in man is steel. I know I'm not the first to probably say it just wanted to out it out there if no one else did. Still love ya man

  21. Buckets Author

    There's no way Sean Connery ended his career, I'd say this choice for the list was based strictly on numbers, the movie sucked, ok, and he hasn't been in anything we know of lately….. he's old, and surely he's wealthy, why the hell wouldn't he just enjoy his life? Can't take it with you…. (filler topic, I get it)

  22. danspydergeise Author

    Meeting Jessie and not bringing up striptease was the hardest thing I have ever done.. plus she seemed like she was on something so I didn't want to test the reaction 😂


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