“Colorful Happiness has come to our courtyard, everyone has shaken the earth by dancing.” “Colorful Happiness has come to our courtyard, everyone has shaken the earth by dancing.” It’s my wedding but you guys are enjoying the most. Give it to me. I got it at first look… that this girl is the best for Ranveer. I obey all your demands. But we want everything or nothing. Please forgive me, my friend, I can’t be your friend forever. This relationship is like a farm to us. Will harvest after every 6 months and enjoy it. Life is a very beautiful thing but… Don’t spoil it. Listen to your heart. do what you want, rule your own life. Life is a very beautiful thing. Don’t spoil it, listen to your heart. Do what you want to, rule your own life. Mannu, what happened child. Mannu what happened? What’s wrong? Daddy, what happened to sister? I don’t know. Nothing, she got faint for no reason. Hira, bring some water. I think… There must be something going on. “Whole family dances together.” Listen, Mannu isn’t there. You mean Mannu has run away? Something’s definitely wrong. [ Music ] “Let everyone drink on this occasion.” Manpreet has run away. Sukhya, bring my gun. Brother, we’ve already finished the bullets at the wedding. give me yours. Father just watch out. I’ve never even stolen someone’s pencil in my childhood. Stealing someone’s daughter is just far beyond than my thought. I’m not the type of guy who steals someone’s daughter in front of peoples eyes… Even though I never look at someone’s daughter. This girl might know the truth about me or that God above. If you don’t like the girl. You may change my name. But Bro. If you dislike the girl, I won’t tie the headdress for you. He can’t dislike her. Why ? because I’ve found a pretty girl for him. I can’t remember her name… Who’s? what’s her name What were you calling her? Who is she? What do you call her? Grandmother, whose name? That girl. Granddaughter of Raj Kapoor. Kareena. Yes. Kareena. Do you like her? Yes. So if you like her, we’ll be back only after deciding on the wedding date. Yes. He’s smiling. Crazy boy, once I’m dead, you will always miss me. That grandmother has found such a beautiful girl to me. Grandmother. I think you want to get me stuck in big trouble before you die. Who will pamper my kids? Crazy boy. You haven’t even get married. And you’re talking about kids. The mirror got cracks in it. When I was doing hair and… Looked into it. You’re almost old as dead. But singing such songs. Can’t sleep at night. Tell me who made you go sleepless? Silly woman. It’s only you, never appreciate my beauty. Just wait and watch. Gurdiyal will come and admire me. I need to break Gurdiyal’s legs. He can’t take care of his own wife. But admires Kanda Singh’s wife. I’m someone special to him that’s why admires me right. You’ve got no eyes. Everyone loves his own son and someone’s wife. People aren’t satisfied with what they have. But later they regret what they had. People run here and there but at last, they get nothing. Daddy, I’ve brought samosas, where should I place it? On my head. Son is just like his mother. place it in the kitchen. And have a clean and simple hairstyle. Don’t do this. I’ll slap you. Even your mother never used such language to me. Who are you to call me like that? shy to call me Daddy is it? Why hitting my son? Hire, you go out my son. Boy side is almost arriving. just go and receive them. Hire. If mothers like you give birth to sons like diamonds, Then India would have been developing too fast. Go away. Perhaps the girl is ready or not. Dimple, I love you. Just I love you? No. have one dairy milk too. All kinds of foods I will feed you just say yes once. What’s going on? Papa, I didn’t do anything, Hira gave me this letter. Hey, stupid boy. All girls are equal to our sisters. Did I ever look at your mother with bad intentions? My father is enough for my mother. She is still single. “Brought heaven and stars along.” “Crazy carefree boy is here.” “Ho” “Oh Lord, my beloved is here.” Boy side is already arriving. And you girls aren’t ready yet. Do it fast. Come on. “Oh lord, my beloved is here.” Hey, do you want me to help you in love matters? Uncle leaves my hand, boy side is here. Welcome… Hello. Hello. Hello… Welcome. Welcome son. Hello… let me take out boxes from the car. Welcome brother-in-law. Hello. How is your arm? Yes. help him to take out things. Alright. Grandmother, if this girl will not look like Raj Kapoor’s granddaughter… I won’t marry her. Just have a look first. Welcome, have seat. Yes. Was it difficult to find the house? Why ? is it a magic ? not at all. I have the only a grandson. He will marry the girl he’d choose. Auntie, just have a look at my sister-in-law, how pretty she is. There is no doubt but the girl. He knows more than me. Mom, I think they are nice people. They are well mixed with the neighbors too. I found her that’s why. I got it when saw her first time. That there is none other than this. Who wakes up at 4 am and go to the temple for service. “One Universal Creator God, The Name Is Truth,
Creative Being Personified.” “No Fear Nor Hatred, Image Of The Undying,” “Beyond Birth, Self-Existent, By God’s Grace.” “Chant And Meditate.” Come here. Such a beautiful girl. Your earnings are beautiful as well. Here you go. She has prepared on her own.
I’ll definitely have it then. Mom, the doctor has strictly advised you to avoid sweet dishes. Why must tell the doctor about it? Don’t have it, nothing is more important than health. Hmm… I’ll be back in 5 minutes. Alright. Give it to me. Auntie, have this sugar free dish. Fix the wedding date, what? Before someone else. We like her and have chosen the girl. Hmm… Auntie, we will give our girl, not a vegetable. Have to arrange so many things, give us some time at least. He’s right.
Don’t worry about the arrangements. We’ll do it on our own. What say Ranveer? Of course Grandmother. I mean, if you like her I agree with that. It’s okay brother-in-law. just come. Why are you shy? Talk openly to each other. Otherwise will regret later, just like me. Speak to each other about the preferences. Brother is just kidding. Say something. Everyone likes you so much. My grandmother is so excited from the day one. Stubbornness, let’s go and see the girl. By the way, I was also very stubborn in my childhood. I got what I wish for. My father was scared that I might get love married. But I used to sit too far from the girl’s bench. On the third bench. But why? There was so much of time,
you could have found any girl of your wish. Yes. you’re right. I could have found any girl but… Was very afraid of my father. And yes, I could never find a girl that my grandmother has found for me. You’re very funny. I too don’t like a serious type of guy. Everyone’s very happy and have fixed everything. But… Do you… I mean… Are you happy with this relationship? Who asks girl’s preferences? Are you seriously a gentleman? Or just impressing me? You may try and test me. If you’re really not happy with this relationship then I will go somewhere. But won’t say yes for our marriage. No, I just like the way you are. Do have to go anywhere else. Hello. Will you hold this kite? As if you want to know about my preferences… Change your hairstyle. And join the gym and become a muscular boy. Rest everything is perfect. Sit with me. Yes… Tell me one thing very frankly. Hmm… Do lie to me. Hmm. Do you really like the girl? Mm… Grandmother, you were talking too much about the girl but she is just fine. What a liar. Ugh. You must be very excited inside. Grandmother, I swear upon you, if I tell you my heart’s feeling… You lied to me that she is just like Kareena Kapoor. She isn’t beautiful like her… Seriously? She is far better than her. Monkey you.
I like her. Grandmother, Yes. Give me a kiss. go away. No no no… thank you. Sister-in-law, hmm… Your ginger tea is so good. Thank you. I make a move now, okay No, you should sleep here. Oh no. I want to disturb you. I will go back home and sleep. Is he really mad or just pretending. Took me too seriously. I should go now. Thank you so much. Today you’ve helped us a lot.
Don’t thank me. I will handle everything over here. I will take care. Why’d he take care of everything,
I’m still alive. Why behaving like that?
Why will he take care of everything on my daughter’s wedding? His mother gave birth to him for social services right. You are getting angry for no reason. He’s just concerned. Every man loves his own child and someone’s wife. Oh God, people say that the wife called widow if the husband dies. But I say no matter who dies between both of them In both matters, the husband becomes a widow. They easily find the second husband,
even though when the husband’s cemetery is still burning. You’re too young to get into love matters, let me complain to your mother. Why can’t complain to the father? Again got an excuse to come here. He’s trying my daughter. Why holding a kid from the neck. What wrong has he done? is he a kid? He’s into my daughter. Oh, so he’s now into all this. In the morning, and now also when I went out. Dimple was upstairs, And this prince was whistling from downstairs. Oh, he whistles. You may leave. Now I will deal with him,
Daddy, you swear mother, if you raise your hand on me. If there was someone else I might not hit you,
but now you swear me upon mother right? I’ll definitely hit you now. Daddy please, come here. sit. Daddy, I won’t do that again, sorry. Oh, crazy boy, why afraid, this is the very first time ever you’ve done something good. Show me your face. By the way, you don’t look like you could have done this. And only brave son like you will take father’s revenge. Here you go. What is it for?
how much that hair gel costs? Buy it for your hair. Hello… Good evening. Yes. Alright. Okay, I’ll inform. Alright, Okay, Goodnight. Sister’s In-laws called up.
Tomorrow invited for a shopping. “Grandmother says that the girl is very fair,
she liked her as my match.” “Grandmother says that the girl is very fair,
she liked her as my match.” “O may fall in love,
O God you’re just enjoying.” “Just dance, my wedding has come.” “Hey DJ Bro, just play a rocking song,
This auspicious day of happiness has come today.” “Wedding has come…” “I will sit with the headdress tied,
Whole relatives will dance at the procession time.” “Aunts says will look beautiful,
Uncle will also throw money in the air.” “My Brother-in-law also rocks, sisters also singing.” “Brother-in-law rocks, sisters celebrating too,
Uncles are so excited.” “O it’s my brother’s wedding,
I’m so excited.” “Hey DJ Bro, just play a rocking song,
This auspicious day of happiness has come today.” “Wedding has come…” “Today We have come to wake everyone up.” “Dance in fun today, we have come to wake everyone up.” “Make the whole world dance today,
we have come to wake everyone up.” “Today we have come to wake everyone up.” “Ripper !” “For a glass of milk, the boy broke the fellowship.” “He is not bad at heart, but the way he walks is heavy.” “O Lover, may you live long, Your authority may continue.” “O may fall in love.” “O God you’re just enjoying.” “O may fall in love, O God you’re just enjoying.” “Just dance, my wedding has come.” “Hey, make us dance too.” “Hey DJ Bro, just play a rocking song,
This auspicious day of happiness has come today.” Don’t know why people send groom to the room like
it’s a very serious mission. My heartbeat gets fast as I’m going upstairs. Getting nervous as swinging in my childhood. So weird right. The whole family tiredly sleeping. But the bride Stays up and wait for the groom. Should I wake her up? Leave it. She won’t go anywhere in the future. Just wake her up. Who is going to decorate this room again? The first night won’t come back. You’re such a beautiful girl. By the way, Ranveer Singh. You didn’t deserve this actually. Grandmother has found such a beautiful girl for you. O God There is a small request for you. If she wakes up, please wake me up too. Hmm… Ranveer. What’s wrong? Mummy, I don’t know where Mannu is.
I’ve searched the whole house but she isn’t anywhere. She must be here only, where else she can go. Call her. I did, but her phone is switched off. Listen. Where else can she go in the early morning? Must have gone to temple. You are worried for no reason. Just go and look for her. Go. I think she must have run away. She might have a boyfriend. Ranveer, where is Manpreet? Where this girl must have gone. Mom, let’s call Bachan Singh. Ranveer, did you find and letter or message in the house? I found nothing like that. Did you call her family? I keep calling but it’s switched off. Have you checked for jewelry, money,
is everything in its place. What are you talking about Bachan,
she is our daughter-in-law. I seek your blessings. Hello sister-in-law, Hello. Look, Auntie, it’s my job to be doubtful. Sister-in-law, you do one thing,
check your stuff. Okay. I will. Brother, I’ve checked all the stuff,
I don’t feel anything like that. Is it? Then what else it could be? Don’t know where she must be,
Grandmother doesn’t cry, you don’t worry. Ah… Ranveer. You try to call if you speak to her just let me know. I will inquire from Amritsar. Look, Bachan. This matter should not go to the police. You’re like a family member to us.
it’s okay, I will go on my own. Okay sister-in-law, Bye. Bye. Grandmother, stop crying. Grandmother, hope for the best. Mummy, ask her to stop crying. everything will be alright. Sanjay, ring the bell. Sir, I think no one is inside. Sister Yes, do you know where this family is?
no, I don’t know. Hello Inspector, Hello. Why had to come over? Where your neighbors are? They’ve gone to Hajoor Sahib. Their daughter got married,
That’s why. Yesterday she got married and today they’re already out. Amazing. Do you know any of their relatives? His elder brother lives in Canada. He’s the owner of this house. They are very nice people. They live here for the last 3 months. Do you have his Brother’s number who is in Canada? Hello. Can I talk to Mr. Gurmeet Singh? Yes. Yes. Yes, I’m… Inspector Gurbachan Singh, speaking from Punjab. Yes. A… I want to talk about your younger brother Mr. Gurjit Singh. Okay. Hmm. What? Really. Hello, I’m Inspector Gurbachan Singh speaking. Is this police station of Ganganagar? Hello, are you speaking from Malout police station? I’m Inspector Gurbachan Singh speaking from Amritsar. What are we waiting for? Hello… Hello. Meet them. Hello, myself Goldy. From Kangankheda Malout. Hmm… Hello. Chunu Singh Dhillon. From Kamirpura, Shri Ganganagar. Bro, how can you be a Dhillon? Chunu Singh Dhillon. Should always spread the legs according to the bed. It seems like someone attached a huge trolley behind loona bike. Punjabi boy, your name is Goldy, right? Yes. The last name is Singh. I just added Dhillon. what’s the problem with it? By the way, my real name is Chunu Marji. Ranveer Singh. From Jalandhar. Inspector, Wedding’s videos, and photos aren’t yet ready. My family took some videos of the wedding. Have a look. Oh… carefully. Inspector, She is actually my wife Munni.
Give it to me. Hey, I will slap you. This is Monika, it’s my wife. I got married to her first. Shush.. kissing someone else’s wife. I will slap you. It’s my wife.
is there any competition going on. competition… Bros, you’re misunderstood. She’s actually my wife Mannu. Mannu? why arguing,
listen to me. She isn’t anyone’s wife. Look, the girl is not kidnapped. She has run away,
neither her family have gone to any religious place. Got it? they have done everything with complete planning. I called Gurjit’s elder brother in Canada from Amritsar. But then I came to know that he lives there only. This Gurjit Singh was someone else,
who was using his name and staying here. I’ve called to other police stations as well. Wherever someone might have registered such type cases. This boy’s case was from Malout. And Mishra ji’s from Ganganagar. Gentlemen. A person even thinks 100 times before buying a vegetable… How, is it good or bad. And you guys… Didn’t do any inquiry before get married. Goldy, you tell me. Hey, no… Look, no matter which caste the girl belongs to… Even she’s a divorcee, widow or anything. I don’t care at all,
I just want to go abroad, just find a girl. Okay. really… Oh very nice. Just send them tomorrow. Done bro done, Love you. Uncle, how are you? Look at this. Sukhi sent me this from Australia. Eyes won’t get affected by sunlight with these glasses. Oh.. I will send this kind of glasses to my Buffalo. I will go to Australia. Tomorrow girl side is coming to see me from Australia. Why drinking too much alcohol? If I drink it then only I will be able to speak English. Uncle, just have it, they will offer you coffee only. What’d you like to have? Coffee? We have always been drinking coffee in Australia. Visiting India after so long, at least offer us some alcohol, what say? You’re right. My father drinks every day, a small amount of pegs. Ya Ya. Don’t know. Drinks with Chicken? Yes, we have cooked chicken too. So proud of the way you speak English. What are you waiting for, just bring it here? Alright. Ya Ya. no worries. Have it, just have it. Oh, to be frank, we loved to be here. We have earned lots of money. But our India and its culture is priceless. You’re absolutely right. where do you live in Australia? Once we enter in Australia, after two lanes, in the third lane left-hand side, a small house is mine. Okay, what do you do? We peel off chicken’s skin. He meant that we have poultry farms over there. We supply chicken to KFC. MacDonald’s also wanted from us… But we have some issues with them. What do you think that we’re here to peel you off? Dad, Punjabi boys are cute. Can I talk to him alone for a minute? Ya Ya. What did she say?
She meant, you and her only. I didn’t get it.
Go go. Dad. Bye.
Have fun. Wooden stairs.
Sorry, I’m not fluent in Punjabi. Why are you lying?
You are speaking Punjabi so fluently. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you Punjabi very well.
That’s so sweet. You know, I had a dream of having a tall prince of my life. He must be from India and smells like the soil of Punjab. I smell like the soil of Punjab. I grew up playing with soil, I used to rub it on my body and jump into the river. And you know, like I love Punjabi culture. Like our elders, used to wear the heavy type of ornaments. I love it so much. I want them too,
so badly. That’s amazing then,
My mother’s locker is filled up with gold’s ornaments. Everything is yours.
Mine? Yes. Thank you. We will go on a honeymoon after marriage. Oh… you like outing is it. Yes.
I went to Hari-Dawar two months ago. Adventure spot right?
No, my mother was died, for the ritual only. Oh…
I’ve been to Agra as well. To visit the Taj Mahal right?
No, Head’s father got mad, just went there to admit him. You laugh so beautifully. Uncle, have a look. Ugh. Brother, we like your son. Just lock it,
we have to go back soon. Boy’s ticket and visa… A job over there, and a house.
These all are our responsibilities. You just tell us, where the wedding function should be arranged? Anywhere you like, but I will be spending for everything. Ya Ya. carry on. Fix the date and let us know. Alright. Okay.
Bye. Bye. Let’s go. Goodbye.
Goodbye Uncle. It’s an Auspicious day for happiness. What are you doing? Do you drink plain milk? Yes. That’s why you’re tiny. You should drink Born Vita. So that you can increase your height. Okay. Actually, do you like me? Totally. Just start wearing blue glasses. And increase height faster. Here is a small gift from my side, My family’s jewelry. because Today is our first night of marriage. No. What? I mean, it’s daytime in Australia. So, this would be our first day of marriage? No, people will laugh at us. So, we’ll follow Australia’s time only.
Alright? You’re very intelligent.
Now be a good boy and drink your milk. You’d have the first sip of it. Don’t be a naughty boy,
drink it all. Drink it, come on. Come on, good. Yummy? Have it. Good. Yes.
little more. Good boy. Yummy Yummy? Mummy Mummy. Ugly boy. “The girl is on fire, every boy’s desire…” “Baby only going hire, day by day.” “Bring her for shopping, and do mopping, she will rock.” Shame on you. I was better childless rather than having you as a son. You’re not even 1% like me. Your mother has gone to Australia. Mother, she is stupid.
once I go to Australia will make two of you meet each other. Stupid you, Your so-called wife robbed the whole house and went back to Australia. Have a look, it’s imported. Sukhi has sent from Australia. Now you too go to Australia.
Uncle… Mannu. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Sir, here is an inquiry for a passport. sign it. Bro, only samosas? no sweets? Have some shame.
Your wife run away and you want to have sweets. Look, there are lots of boys like you. Listen, you have been rich enough. Why wanted to go to Australia? Brother, my uncle used to tease me. And look at these people, all came to Punjab only. What’d we do? If one of them come to Punjabi family’s house,
the whole family starts talking in Hindi. Nobody speaks Punjabi after that,
they will talk like, Bro… Why laying on the bed, who will look after for buffalo? And they don’t even say a word in Punjabi. No, all of you go to Australia. We’ll take care of Punjab. I will hit you, I’m telling you that. Huh…will take care of Punjab. Brother, I spent money but couldn’t go to Australia. And couldn’t even make love to her. Tell me, bro, you must have made love to her right? Hello bro, Hello, will you show me a dress of my daughter’s size? Every size is available. where is your daughter? From little distance. Don’t touch my daughter, will get dirty. tell me from little distance. Is your daughter married?
not yet. Looking for a same caste boy. Okay… Who should be having a good business? Okay. Otherwise, Punjabi people are asking for my daughter’s hand. Why. Why do you have to give your daughter to a Punjabi family, are your caste’s boys already dead? That’s true. It’s an emergency, we’re closing our shop. Just leave, today is a holiday for you. You’ve made a very good decision. had to. After all, We will be dealing with each other in Punjab right? Yes but,
I will take Rs. 7 lac. Rs. 7 lac?
Ah… I meant. We need Rs. 7 lac.
give me Rs. 7 lac… And you can marry our daughter. After all, we’ll be dealing with each other in Punjab. No, that’s fine. but… Rs. 7 lac is too much. I only can give you Rs. 70, 000/- Then you’ll only get this type of wife in Rs. 70,000/-
Eh… no. Ugh… no.
I want that girl only. I want this girl only,
then you have to arrange Rs. 7 lac. Alright.
Bye the way, you will not turn and twist your words right. Well, this isn’t the first time. I meant, how can I do this to you. After all, we’ll be dealing with each other in Punjabi. By the way,
where do you live in UP? Once we enter UP, after two lanes, in the third lane’s left side fourth house is mine. And what’d you do in Punjab? We peel off sugarcane’s skin.
What? I meant I work in a sugar mill. And what do you think that I’m here to peel you off is it? My mother is just…
what’d I do now? Mother invited the whole village today. Like tomorrow she will run away. Have a look,
my daughter-in-law is the prettiest. She is just like a Sikh Punjabi girl. My Chunu has got a precious gift after 15 years of patience. The night will be over here only, what about the first night of marriage. Mother, stop this meeting stuff. It’s almost going to be morning over here only. Uncle, I think he is such a dirty boy…
keep calling my name only. I will be out soon, will see you near sugar mill. Ugh… what a trouble.
okay bye. Oh… forgot to close the door. Don’t make such a mistake. Oh, God. Father. Hello Hello Hello. Mother, wake up.
come out, the roof will fall down. Chunu has gone mad. Ugh… let’s go. No… I will go mad. 1, 2… What happened? I had a nightmare.
what is it about? It’s like a mad dog going to bite me. Not bite, it’s love. Haven’t you had milk yet? Milk! Have it. Drink it. Give it to me,
well done. That you offered milk,
will get some energy. I can see four Munni. Four Munni Munni. A tiny boy took too long to faint. “She doesn’t take any kind of tension.” “She speaks up directly on the face.” “She doesn’t take any kind of tension,
And speaks up directly on the face.” “Who can dare to find trouble with me.” Sorry to hear that happened to brother-in-law. What a sad thing happened with brother-in-law. Ah… now showing me such sympathies. I have a younger sister, would have married me. Will your sister be able to find a young, handsome, romantic boy? Just talking only. Chunu bro, please pay for the decoration. Shush. I didn’t celebrate the first night of marriage,
then why asking for money? What’s my fault in this? just leave. He has gone mad, I will come back later.
look at Chunu. She took away Rs. 7 lac and jewelry. but he’s not worried about that. But he’s just thinking of first night of marriage. We have worked hard for 12 years for Punjabis to reach this level… Again have to work for Punjabi people. What are you doing, hitting your brother ah?
You wait. Are you mad?
You people have made fun of my marriage. Father dies after giving birth to 4 daughters. After Badki’s marriage, then you. After Chuttki’s marriage, then you. After Manjili’s marriage, then you. I’ve been waiting for 15 years just because of all of you. What are you talking about? And you got married as well. Whole night you make noises in the room Don’t make me say things I don’t want to… I’m telling you that. Should I spend my first night of marriage with this stuff? Have you gone mad? My life has gone. Even Same caste didn’t deal with brother. Brother, can I have a cold drink? I want some buttermilk. The girl is cleverer then I thought. She robs everything but doesn’t get any kind of harm. Look, it’s very clear that everything was already planned. But I didn’t get one thing, Ranveer Singh, Why is nothing missing from your house? These all ornaments are duplicate. This jewelry is not that you’ve bought from us. Ugh… how is it possible? We have the bill receipt. Sister, this jewelry just looks the same… But it’s duplicate.
duplicate? Someone has copied from the original one. The girl is so clever. Made copies of original jewelry. So that we don’t suspect her a thief. And it happened like that,
I knew from the day one. He has done on his own. Now enjoy it,
everyone was saying that it’s Grandmother’s choice. She robbed everything.
Brother-in-law, shush. What if grandmother happens to hear about all this. Grandmother, Mom, what happened to you. Grandmother. Now don’t worry, BP was little high.
give her medicines on time. Let her have some rest.
she will be fine. Okay. Thank you. Mom. Grandmother. Shush. Son, please forgive me. Grandmother, what are you doing,
don’t make me a sinner. Whatever happened is for good. Wasn’t I interested in getting married right? I’m happy being alone. Grandmother. Shush…
How someone could’ve such heart to cheat us like that. Nowadays people don’t even respect relationships at all. We treated her as our own daughter. Don’t know where she must be. “Cut off…” “Hot peanut grains.” “Will peel off its skin and eat.” “Hot peanut grains, will peel off its skin and eat.” “Will eat.” “Everyone come on the rooftop, dance on one leg.” “Play the music, fly the kites and just shout… cut off.” “Cut off… your kite has been cut off.” “Everybody is happily excited.” “Everybody is invited from our side.” “Everyone is in the happy and excited mood.” “Everybody is invited from our side.” “Buttercrunch candies, crisp sweetmeat will not be less.” “Celebrate the festival by showing off and just shout…
cut off.” “Cut off…
your kite has been cut off.” [ Music ] “Hey Aunt, give us Lohri,
may you two stay blessed.” “Will dance like fire today.” “Will jump hard.” “Hey, do not touch us today,
will beat you up just be careful of us.” “Do not shy, just come, play the music,
fly the kites and just shout… cut off.” “Cut off… your kite has been cut off.” [ Music ] “Cut off… your kite has been cut off.” Grandmother, I’m drunk. Grandmother What kind of thing an alcohol is. It’s bitter at first but it tastes sweet. But Grandmother… Manpreet was sweet at first… Why she’s bitter now Huh? Do you know. My heart says that she cannot be a thief. Whatever you liked about her, I too did. Simple, sincere. Do you know what she. told me. She said, you just join the gym. Grandmother, I even have already paid 1-year advance for the gym. Luckily, I didn’t get a haircut because of her. Otherwise, I’d have been a disaster. People… Would have laughed at me. But people are still laughing at me. But. My heart says that you can never be the wrong Grandmother. My grandmother can never be wrong. My grandmother found such a beautiful girl to me. Hmm. Only luckiest guys get married to a girl that’s their grandmother’s choice. Look, grandmother, it’s you said, never fall in love. I didn’t fall in love. I just remain father’s respect. Married to your choice of girl. But I fell in love. I fell in love. It’s been two months since she has gone. Grandmother. It’s been two months now. But you don’t worry, I will bring back your Grand daughter-in-law. No matter what, I will bring her back. My grandmother can never be wrong. You can never be wrong. You can never be wrong. I will find her. Hello… Ranveer, how are you? Fine. How’s Aunt now, she is better than before. We couldn’t search four of them till now. I’ve their call details as well. They’ve only spoken to each other. They didn’t call an unknown person from their numbers. I was thinking that… we should give an add in the newspaper. No no.. you don’t do anything like that. I’m going to Amritsar, let’s see. Bye. okay. Bye. The boy got very serious. One more got destroyed by love. “O, Love.” “Hey, Love.” “O, Love.” “Hey, Love.” “I don’t want the distances, I will die without you.” “That you know the secrets of my heart.” “O, Love.” “Hey, Love.” “No… Brother Please.” “Manpreet, just stop.” “Brother-in-law.” “Hi, Dear brother-in-law.” “Manpreet wants to talk to you.” “Okay. You two talk, I will just come.” “Bye.” “O Love, just listen now don’t torture with me like this.” “Tell me, why are you punishing me?” “The truth is since you have left…” “The happiness has sulked in times.” “Eyes.” “Eyes are looking for you.” “Now the eyes are out of my hands.” “Only you know the secrets of these eyes.” “O, Love.” “Hey, Love.” Hello… Hello. Is Gurdiyal Uncle at home?
No, He’s at golden temple. Oh… at what time he’ll be back? He just left the house.
it might take some time for him to come back. You please come in.
No, Thank you. I make a move. Where is my sister?
You brought her along. That lady who’s sitting with Mom, hmm…
She’s an Aunt of the groom. And her brother, he’s very big shot. hmm. And seeking for a well-educated girl for their youngest son. Enough, I got it.
Now I have to teach them a very big lesson. He’s a retired professor. That’s my children are also very well educated. My son gets 90% marks. And the daughter is also MBA. And girl’s mother got a Professor. He’s very funny by nature. By the way, brother… Where do you live in Delhi? Once we enter in Delhi, turn right after two lanes, in the fourth lane’s fourth house is mine. Again he’s joking. We are actually from Janakpuri. alright. Auntie, you haven’t had anything yet. Have it. Thank you, don’t you mind… If I call you Auntie. It’s okay daughter, call me as you wish to. Child, it’s your call. Oh… Hello… Now, this lady should not say no. I thought, I specifically told you, I won’t be attending any work today. Yes, very busy with my family. Please, no phone calls. That’s fine, thank you very much. Sorry mummy, it’s alright child. Daughters actually belong to the in-laws only. We just wish to marry her off in a nice family. Next day onwards we’ll go to the religious place. We usually go to the religious places every three months. Alright, I should go now. You should visit our side as well, definitely Auntie. Okay, child. Okay. Bye. Bye. Why do you lie? He never even get 40% of marks till date, his face looks like 90% to you is it? By the way, I’m sorry to say this… Even your face doesn’t look like a professor. Fine, find someone with a good face. Have some shame. Don’t get into love matters. If you get into it, will be destroyed for no reason. Let’s go. Yes. How to explain brother. Such a great family. Girl has done MBA. Speaks English so fluently. Even I couldn’t understand what she was speaking. Yes. They’re from our community. “Whatever I ask of my Master, He grants me.” Here you go. Hello Uncle. Ranveer, when did you come over. Uncle, I just arrived today. And yes, did you find out about the family?
No. I couldn’t find out anything about them. But soon, will find a way. Did police have found any clue? Police have the call details but… They didn’t even call on an unknown number. Okay. Hmm… Ranveer. I don’t understand one thing. Many times, Hira went to PCO to call someone. I don’t get it. When all of them have their mobile phones… Why he had to go to PCO for a phone call. Ranveer, if we will be able to get the call details… Will understand the whole thing. Just here. Vinod, sister-in-law’s son was used to call from here right? yes. We want it’s two months of details. Here is the number. This number is also the same. Again same number. Boy, whom do you want to meet? At least listen to me, what are you doing ? Why aren’t you listening to me, why come to my house. Why going in without permission, listen. What’s the matter? Tell me, what is it? Tell me what’s wrong with you? I will make a police complain. Police will arrest you, this isn’t the way to get into someone’s house. I’m a heart patient. This is too much. At least have some sympathy for me. Think of me at least. Uncle, It’s my heart is injured, but you’re pretending to be a patient. Hey, stop… the scall is for me. Let me talk. Hello Grandpa… I’m Mannu, we are in Patiala. Everything is just going according to our plan. My engaged have been fixed with Barar’s son. Are you okay? Let me speak, Grandpa… Grandpa, can you hear what I’m saying. Hello. Hello… Hello… Hello. Professor, we could only arrange this in short of time. What? it’s more than sufficient. Thank you. Rajjo, I think Barar is such an innocent person. It’s a true say that God gives only one thing to a person, face or intelligence. God has given him so much of richness. But he seems dumb to me. Was behaving like he’s from girl’s side and we’re from boy’s side. I thought it will take at least 2-3 months for our plan to work. But too quick to a big deal. Cheers I should congratulate Barar. Alright. Barar, many many congratulations to you. Same to you. Congratulations. Mummy, the boy is so nonsense. Child, neither you’re going to stay with him forever right. Congrats to you too Gill. Hire, I thought Barar is just a soft man. But is is energetic like 7 bulls. Daddy, I don’t get you… You call buffalo to mom and bull to someone else. I will slap you. Talking nonsense. Barar, Yes. just see, the engagement is already done. But we still haven’t get the time to know each other yet. We’re now relatives. Let them get married. Have a whole life to know each other. Brother, we should make a move now. What say…
sister, why rushing? The party isn’t over yet.
What do you care about? Have many things to do.
Oh… let’s go. Yes, Gill, you have work to do.
you may go. Goodbye.
Goodbye sister. It’s the first time that Uncle did not create any scene. Uncle has never attended any function peacefully. Thankfully bro,
he left peacefully. let’s have drinks. A new scene now, can’t you just see. What a rascal, are you blind? What the issue uncle?
can’t you just drive carefully? No. Should I teach you, teach me then.
hey, wait… I will teach you a lesson,
if you’re the son of your father then just wait here. I’ll deal with you,
call anybody you wish to. Sheru, Kalya, can’t you see. They have created a scene for us. brother. Brother, there is a big problem,
here we go now. Won’t forgive them, hold the weapons. follow me. come. Barar, what’s going on over there? Professor, children are playing over there. Make it fast.
I agreed that they’re going to play with hockey. What kind of game are they going to play with weapons? [ Mix of noises ] Let’s go, we have nothing to do with that.
let’s leave. Give aside. [ Mix of noises ] Brother, uncle couldn’t remain at peace. He just left after creating a scene. Sukhya, stop them. They’re the Barr’s Number one goons…
I was also wondering that I’ve seen them somewhere. Ugh… we have chosen the wrong ones.
let’s escape now. [ Mix of noises ] Why panicking in-law? We haven’t even shown you anything yet. It’s a usual thing for us. Balraj, yes father,
Arrange rooms on the top floor for them to stay in our Bungalow. Alright father, as you say. Barar, we don’t even consume water from daughter’s in-law’s house. Will order bottled water for you. Neither we have any food from the daughter’s in-law’s house,
will order food from the restaurant. We don’t like the restaurant’s food,
okay then cook on your own. what? yes. Whatever you have seen,
it’s just a trailer. The movie hasn’t launched yet. One more thing. The engagement is already done. Do not try to break the relationship. Professor. Okay now hug me for this thing,
we have already hugged over there. Did you visit here to inquire about them right? What have you done? Bro, it’s full of bitterness. They have tons and tons of money,
this and that, too much. don’t know what else. 4 petrol pumps, too many lands. They’ve too many other things. In front of me, they keep money below mattresses. And I usually steal money from there. I too enjoy with their money. [ Singing ] But they are very cruel people. Barar is number one Don. Very famous Don in our area. Until breaking someone’s legs, Brother gives away.
they can’t sleep. They can’t sleep before that, after breaking legs they hold the neck. pass me the handkerchief. But they forget that they’ve already chopped off the neck. Tell me. What else? What else should I tell you?
the whole story is already in front of you. Else should I sing Chamkila’s song for you? The conclusion is that they are great people right. Amazing people. I think this time we’re stuck in our own plan. I’m so scared, don’t think of money now,
just try to escape tonight. Ouch, my hand is slipping, don’t make me fall down with yourself. For God sake, hold the sheet tightly. Uncle, should I leave the rope, you will reach down in a short while. Wow, do you want to drop me down? Let me get down first, leave it for your Auntie if you want to. Daddy, make it quick. Ugh… Come down, the ghosts are finally here. Rajjo, take a reverse now. They are upstairs too, everywhere in a danger. Hira’s mother, now where are we suppose to go. I’ve hired 4 people for one work only, But they were almost halfway gone. If they were completely gone then? Forgive us, Sir,
we caught them halfway. You’ve caught them halfway that’s why still alive. If they’d have succeeded to run away,
Your families would have been crying. Give us a solution to it,
if anybody makes a mistake. You’ll be in history. That a Punjabi guy has killed your family so cruelly. Who will talk about history. If you leave anyone alive in the family then only it’s possible. I want this wedding to be done asap. Call people for the arrangements. Okay, father, but father,
You’ve punished our boys, But these people were supposed to get punished. Why are you laughing?
They’re our In-laws actually. And In-laws are made to tease each other. Every father loves his son and someone else’s wife. And Manpreet, she is just as a daughter to me. And what can I say about Hira, he’s just a kid? But the professor… You’ve done a stupid thing by running away like a thief. Now you must do something to prove yourself a man. What?
Yes. Ride him on my white horse. There are lots of other options to test my manhood. Why only this test.
great. In-laws that’s like a real man. For God sake, let me get down. Great Uncle. Great Uncle.
hold him. Come on, puck up Uncle. Come on, puck up Uncle. Horse Uncle, come on, puck up. Barar, for God sake, please give me some relief.
I won’t run away next time. What says dear, now he looks like Jiuna Mod right? Please get me down. Now tell me what would you like to drink?
Ah… Nothing. She likes buttermilk so much. Is it? Yes.
Baarya. Bring some buttermilk for your Auntie. First time I ride a horse to marry her, I think this time I will lose her. Offering her buttermilk.
No shame at all. Like she’s a cousin sister to him.
Ah… save me. We don’t want buttermilk, at least help me to find a way to get out of here. You’ll definitely get me fired. I’m having dizziness.
[ Mix of noises ] Hey donkey, just gets up. Get up, you spilled wheat of an ant. That’s like a real Jiuna Mod. It’s my son’s wedding. I want all the arrangements to be done asap. You have 5 minutes. Think 50th of times,
there should be no fault. Who is going to take the responsibility for the wedding plans? If his son fails in exams he hits the Master. If gets sick then hits the doctor. Such a mantel family. No matter what will get punished for no reason. Sir, no one can do it better than me. Because we’re the best marriage organizers. This is my company’ profile. Pictures. And Showreels. You don’t seem local. Neither we’ve invited you,
then why did you come over? It seems he fought with his family and came over. It’s business,
wherever I see any client, just reach there. Once I came to know that there is a wedding in a richest family of this area. I came over. Father, he looks genuine. Fine then. Wedding responsibility is yours. You may start your work. Thank you, Sir. I’m almost dead. That horse riding. Got me injured. It’s better they’d have hanged me upside down,
at least I would’ve got some swings. Slowly, the water is too hot.
do you want to burn me? Go away, I won’t do it for you.
why would you do that… Now you like to drink buttermilk of Barar right. I wasn’t excited either. We’re stuck,
been so cruel to you. I’m worried about children. By the way, I have a way to save our lives. If we seriously marry off Mannu to Jasraj then? Auntie, how is it even possible?
I won’t get married to him. And he’s worse than others. We have no other option also. If we try to run from here… And get caught this time,
the will definitely kill all of us. Did we ever get caught before?
Uncle, you deal with her. Child, we’re dealing with such family for the first time though. Your Auntie is right,
now only you can save us. Daddy will sister live here,
do you have any idea how defamed this family is? And the boy is number one rascal and a goon.
I’ll slap you now. Today you know that he’s a rascal. When I sent for inquiry, you were admiring him. Like they were too nice people. It’s all because of you. Child, don’t get me wrong. We’ve no other way. Nobody is perfect. And one we also have to marry you off right? Mannu. Bro, just decorates the whole Bungalow. alright. Everyone used to say that he won’t get a beautiful wife. But bro, I will definitely introduce you to her. She is such a kind of thing. You know English right, tell me. What do we call this thing in English? Spare part. There you see your brother’s spare part, how is it? Mannu.
Ugh… Now, where did he come from?
Don’t know. we are stuck. Enough bro, don’t put evil eyes,
let’s go now. Bro tells me, how’s my spare part?
Hmm… Have some shame, she is your wife to be. Why would I feel shame?
I knew that you’re also jealous. That how come I have got such a beautiful wife. That’s how I have good fortune blessed by God. And don’t forget to decorate the room with red flowers, will look good. Oh Son, Son… We have made a huge mistake, But we promise that will return all of your money. Why standing like that, all of you enjoy but I’m the only have to apologise. Stop it, you too.
just get up. That’s fine, I knew that son, We’ve on cheated you badly. But we aren’t going to cheat this family in any way. Manpreet and Jasraj are really going to get married. Our daughter life will be finished if you… I want to have a little private conversation with Manpreet. Are you seriously getting married to him? I went to your Ambala’s house. You’ll get back your money. I’m here to get my money,
then what? I’ve signed a contract for your wedding plans. By the way, this time you’re dealing with a big shot. Look, I’m seriously going to marry him.
Now it’s up to. Let it happen or just tell them everything. By the way, the boy doesn’t suit you.
really? I like him though. He’s raw. You didn’t tell me,
why did you come here? What will you do by knowing my truth, since you’ve decided to get married? Your wedding plans will be better than mines. Sister, Yes.
Are you seriously getting married? Are you mad?
Just wait and watch. Seek your blessings Uncle, Alright.
Say hi to Gill, Okay. Hey, is he Barr’s son? Yes, brother, his the youngest son of Barar.
Who tortured you last time. Let’s catch him then,
get in the car. Leave me.
where do you want to bring me? [ Mix of noises ] Material and workers will be mine,
But you have to pay for all the damage stuff. I will take 60% and you take only 40% of it. But if anything goes wrong, I’m not responsible for that. Okay fine.
It’s not fine bro. Do you have any idea how abusive they are? Bro, you don’t worry, you just keep 70% Just load all the material. Sony, Yes.
Pack all the material for bro. [ Mix of noises ]
They’re hitting your son-in-law,
at least do something. Hmm. [ mix of noises ]
Why are you hitting him?
Ouch… Auntie, why hitting me, I just wanted to sort out this issue. Are you happy now? Mannu, don’t go.
Little bro, now stops it. Hit him, Dog, how dared you to hit my uncle.
I’m fine. Don’t worry sister, tell me, how’s our grandmother? Your sister-in-law is standing right in front of me.
I’ll deal with you. Now I’ll bring a man out of you,
don’t dare to hit. What’s new. [ Mix of Noises ] Why did you hit my Uncle,
don’t you worry, I’ll bring her back very soon. Take care of mom as well,
alright, Bye then. [ Fight ] Who’s fighting over there? Doctor Doctor I’m coming,
Doctor. Doctor Listen, Doctor. Yes, why are you here?
Open the gate, I want to meet Doctor. What do you want? I want to meet Doctor. he’s my Father-in-law.
Don’t you get it, we won’t open it. What do you want?
I want to meet Doctor but they’re not opening the gate. Are you crazy?
there’s no doctor, It’s Barar’s bungalow. Just open the gate. The person who went inside on the car,
He’s a doctor and my father-in-law. Quickly open the door. You go and unload the truck first,
I’ve already told you that this’s Barar’s bungalow, not doctor’s. He’s Mr. Barar, not a doctor,
You just go away. Well, You don’t know anything.
He doesn’t know anything but searching for a doctor. Brother, what happened?
I don’t understand That man in the car, he’s my father-in-law. My wife also sitting beside.
They’re not even listening to me. Nor letting me in. Don’t know who they think they’re.
You just come with me this side for a minute. Where? Just come, I need to speak to you.
It’s about two 2 months back. These people were behind me. Is it?
Yes. Then what happened? People put evil eyes on us. It’s all our fate. If they don’t like then what can we do?
right? You are such a handsome boy.
you can find a better girl than her. Thank you, brother.
You’re a very honest person. But brother,
this girl likes me so much. She asked me to join a gym and always wear a yellow turban. Will look so handsome. She used to say,
Ranjhe, I like you so much. Brother, this girl is marrying under her parent’s pressure. If she is getting married now, then just forget her.
How can I forget her just like that? Oh, brother,
You might don’t know what is love. If you’d have loved someone then you’d know only. Brother, it’s my request… Help me to meet this girl.
Brother, please once and last time. Let me talk to her once otherwise, I will die. Please brother. Okay fine.
Thank you, brother. We’ve shopped Rs.15 of jewelry. What’s the matter? aren’t you happy?
You are just thinking of it. Got 6 hits with the hockey,
whole body pain too much. So what?
Just think… Each hockey cost us Rs.2.50 lac.
What? I wish you would’ve hit 3-4 times more. This relationship is like farming for us.
Huh… Will harvest after every six months and enjoy our life. Hi. Do you know any guy named Ranjha?
We don’t know anyone with this name. He’s downstairs, Hmm… With the yellow turban. Now where this beggar came from?
Son, for God sake, Please save us. Now it’s you can save us,
will return all of your money. Hey, what all of your looking for?
just come and join me for an apology. Son, will you please take care of everything?
Hmm… One minute, you get up. Tell me, why did you leave him in the midst ?
That bastard cheated us. He said that all the farms are mine. We thought he has much property,
but later we came to know that he’s a lair. Frankly telling you, I know why did you come over. Because you love me so much. I too love you so much. Not in this life, I’m yours for next upcoming 7 lives. But I’ve to marry this boy for my Parents sake. You loved me with heart,
Please forget me my Ranjha. Forget me. That feeling of a few moments… Is enough for me to live a life. After meeting you, I understood that…
Stop it now, he’s gone. At least give a high five. Look, you just leave this place,
how will you manage all this? I don’t know how to run away, unlike you Manpreet. Well, you should leave now,
if anyone happens to see us together, this’s a mad family. Forcefully will get us married, Oh… what will you do after getting married again? Or you will sit on the pillow side and say… Ranveer Singh, you’re so lucky that grandmother has found such a beautiful girl. By the way, Ranveer Singh. You weren’t supposed to get such a beautiful girl that grandmother has chosen for you. I’m sorry. And you don’t worry, I will return all of your money. And thanks for helping me. Girl, you’ll give back money but… How’re you going to give back my heart that you’ve taken away? It’s always Diwali and Basant for me. Drums are always being played for us,
What do you mean? I meant drums might being played for people every day, but ours will be the first time. Uncle, Yes.
Drums are being played outside as well. It’s an auspicious time of happiness.
At least dance for us. Am I a dancer to you? We meant, dance a little bit only. If it fits. Will do something that you people might have never imagine. Good morning,
Hey, how did you reach here? Brother, my heart says that I should not give up. I should keep trying till the end. Perhaps, she might agree to run away with me. Wow, Ranveer Singh. People never do things that harm them, but I’m doing it. Brother, Yes. It’s actually Saintly,
Help two hearts to meet with each other. Brother, you can do it,
Help me. Okay, at least let me have some tea,
I’ll get you some tea, right away. Oh, God… Now, should I think of myself or this innocent bird? If it’s a sin then let it be,
Now Punjabi boy will only think of himself. Listen, Hmm…
how am I looking? Don’t know. But last night Mr. Barar was saying that I’m looking so good. Every man likes his own child and someone else’s wife. We should do what we’re supposed to.
Okay. Here child. How are you Spare part?
Alright? Auntie, Hmm… “Where you going with such beautiful looks” “You’re just fired girl.” “But I want to touch you.” “That nose with the nose pin.” “Be a careful girl.” “Where are you going with such beautiful looks.” Very well done, I’m proud of you. “Where are you going with such beautiful looks.” Undoubtedly the mother has given birth to a diamond. Takes a minute to take revenge for his father. Go away,
why so angry my boss. I agree that I’m uneducated but have modern thinking, But you’re educated right. I don’t like such nonsense.
Nonsense! Will be nonsense after marriage though.
shut up. What’s wrong if we do it before marriage. Yes, what are you doing here?
The program is going on downstairs, So thought of finishing up decoration for this room in the meantime. Decoration… It’s my wedding but you’re being more serious than me. Don’t be too serious. Listen, have some patience, she is your wife to be. Hmm… Isn’t she run anywhere right?
It’s my thing… I will do whatever I want,
why advising for no reason? Huh…
this is a problem with us, we think that girls are a thing. That means, our mother is also a thing right. In my family, if sisters-in-law stare at brothers-in-law… Then they get a direct slap on the face. And yes,
keep your mastery within yourself, will help you. You totally spoiled my mood. By the way, the groom is so handsome, right?
I was actually better than him. Marry him? never.
I’m just looking for a way. Once I get away, will just run away.
and will slap him 2-4 times at least before I leave. Bastard, A Thief. You’re an actual thief but blaming him for no reason. There is a huge difference between us,
we don’t hurt anyone. Really? Then, I should not decorate this room,
at least they can save some money. Brother… You…
Do you think that she will agree? Hello brother-in-law, Hello… he’s my brother-in-law. Mr. Barar is looking for you. Let’s go then, okay.
she will agree. Thank you, brother. Brother-in-law? aren’t you ashamed of calling me like that? I’m also fed up with such business. I put too many efforts to set a girl nearby,
But have to change house every now and then. Naughty boy. Rainbow, didn’t you buy clothes for wedding function? Mr. Barar, did you call for me?
Yes boy. Your work is admirable. Pay him the money. You’re a nice guy. Well educated. If I total 3 of my son’s education, they’re not even 12th standard pass. If could buy in a market, then I would have sell three of them to buy you. Hmm… Rainbow, what say?
I’m right. Mr. Barar is actually a nice person,
You threatened everyone for no reason. Yes, they have already paid me, come and collect. Okay bye, everything is going smoothly.
Bye. He’s just. Since childhood, Uncle Auntie looked after for me. You only know about your family and grandmother’s pain. I’ve never seen them. How do I know about their pains? Since I was very young, got into such situations. I’ve done very wrong to you. I’m sorry. It’s okay, not an issue. You know that you’re a very nice person. You can find someone better. You’re absolutely right. Then find one for me, to get married. Can we be friends? I’m agreed to all other demands of you. But if I want then I want 100% otherwise nothing. Friend, please forgive me. I won’t be able to become your friend. Then, what did you decide of running away? Don’t know. Neither getting a way to it. And Uncle Auntie also wants me to marry him. Perhaps God has decided this for me. Leave it, you’re not that fortunate. You aren’t fortuned for this bungalow’s wealth. This bungalow’s kitchen’s door opens from behind… Nobody comes there at night, just get out from there. Are really very nice or… Or just impressing me? Now, what’d I get by impressing you? Ask to your heart. Don’t ever do it to anyone. It’s not about money at all Manpreet. Whatever your name is. It’s not about money. But after showing dreams to someone… and break his heart. It’s very wrong. It hurts a lot. Hurts a lot. Are you listening? God bless. “Got mixed up in you.” “You don’t listen, he also doesn’t listen.” “Words of heart.” “You don’t choose, he also doesn’t choose.” “Paths of destination.” “Can’t understand anything,
no one making it understand.” “Which path I should go.” “Love wishes, to whom I should tell?
love wishes, tell me, where should I bring?” “You don’t listen, he also doesn’t listen,
words of the heart.” “Breathing in your care.” “Spending my days within you only.” [ Music ] “Breathing in your care, spending my days within you only.” “Nights are talking about you.” “Want you every moment.” “Love wishes, to whom I should tell?
love wishes, tell me, where should I bring?” “All the lines in my hands.” “Just waiting for you.” “All the lines in my hands, are just waiting for you.” “Every dream of mine worships you.” “How can I show you?” “Love wishes, to whom I should tell?
love wishes, tell me, where should I bring?” We aren’t a family to you. He’s your actual family. Who has come all the way down for you only? We just misused you always. Why do you think this way Hire? You’re deary than a real brother to me. Uncle Auntie looked after for me. Otherwise, don’t know what’d have happened. Look. All of you are very nice people. Okay. Okay, now let’s go. Here is your share. No bro, Keep it too. You’re such an amazing person. What kind of person are you? I didn’t come over for money. The purpose that brought you here isn’t fulfilled yet. Don’t try to be like God, Be a human. Bro, listen to your heart. I do listen to the heart. No matter what my heart desire for, that isn’t important. The important thing is if she desires for Ranveer Singh by heart. The rest God knows.
What’d God knows? I’ve already given you the idea to run away. Till morning, you should… I understood with one look only that… There’s no better girl for our Ranveer. Life is a very beautiful thing,
don’t spoil it. Listen to your heart, do what you feel like, live as you want. Life is a very beautiful thing,
don’t spoil it. Mannu, what happened? What happened? Daddy, what happened to sister?
I don’t know. Hmm… Nothing wrong.
She fainted for no reason. Hira, bring some water. Dizziness?
I think there must be something going on. You! You were in the room,
How did you come here? Why getting so shocked?
I’m very expert at it. And you know me better than anyone else. Come on, get me out of here now. Oh… I…
Why thinking too much. First get me out of here, then think whatever you want. Whatever I’m gonna do today, it’s right and I know that. Let’s go. Listen, Mannu isn’t there,
You mean she runs away. [ Music ] Something is surely wrong. [ Music ] Manpreet has run away.
Oh… have she run away. If she’s gone, what’s your problem?
Just have your meal. You always think of eating.
go away. [ Music ] Hey girl, listen to me,
Wait, stop. Who’s that? Guys, catch her she is running away. Catch her,
girl stop, where are you going? She has created trouble for us right,
if she wanted to run away must have told us right. Now how are we going to face them?
No, if we do they will hit us. We should escape now,
Daddy, why spoiled my hairstyle. I will slap you, you just thinking of your hair. Your sister has run away,
how can you think of your hairs? What are you doing?
Keep it down. They will hit us like so badly,
Let’s leave. [ Mix of noises ] Mom, Superman is there. Let’s go, quickly get inside. [ Mix of noises ] You’re very dangerous.
Let’s go. One minute,
[ Music ] Bro, Your wife has run away. My wife? Whose wife are you talking about?
Your wife. where she’s gone? let’s go. Brother, I didn’t get the story of Ranjha. Mirza has taken away my Heer. Where did you get this idea from? If you wanted to must have run away earlier. Got serious for no reason,
then I thought, no matter what but won’t marry that guy. Wow, it’s you don’t want to marry him but troubling me for no reason. Look, I’ve already told you that I’m not interested in becoming your friend. Who wants to be your friend. Then? Catch them in the trolley. Where they’ve gone? Sukhya… give me the gun. Father, we’ve already finished all the bullets at a wedding function. Watchful. What’s this? Our youngest brother is a huge trouble for us,
he divided the property and defamed us now. Ugh… He’s playing with us,
He has gone away. Spread all over. What are you doing here in front of me,
Just go. let’s go. Hey, give aside,
Sukhya, keep it one side. such stupid boys. At least tell me now, why did you come over? I’ve already told you that I came over for some work. What a liar,
If you’re in love with me so badly, why didn’t tell me? I didn’t lose any chance to tell you… And each brick of my house know that how much I love you, Oh… bricks know.
but what if the girl doesn’t know. You’re seriously Punjabi boy. By the way, you look so beautiful in bridal’s dress. Ranveer Singh, you’re stuck now,
This is the only thing left to deal with. Catch them. Jessica what happened?
Daddy… He’s the same guy who was beating me up.
Uncle… One minute. He was the first one to raise a hand on my wife. That’s why I had to deal with him. Children, you may go. Sardar, how can they go just like that? This boy has taken away my family’s reputation. Absolutely not. I’ve brought my wife,
Stop your nonsense. You’re just a wedding planner of my son’s marriage. When did you get married to her?
3 months ago Mr. Barar. I actually came here to take her. Preparations were just an excuse to get into your Bungalow. Rest of the story you may ask from Uncle and Auntie. Oops…
Here we go. All are thieves over here. Uncle, tell me what’s your story? What story are you talking about Mr. Barar? Everyone needs money. But Money has become our weakness. But in this dirty game, my daughter isn’t involved. We are the real culprits. Please, let them go. Auntie wants to go and Uncle is about to take her. Such a huge betrayal with us. Daddy, they are the ones to beat me up.
You get beaten up by many people. Mr. Barar, They are our guests now. Sardar, you just stay out of it. It’s our personal matter. No matter what… I will not let you touch them. My father got a lesson by treating them as guests,
now you will too. Come on boys, or you’ll come only when they hit us.
come on bro, let’s hit all of them. No matter what, I just want my wife. Isn’t she in my pocket right?
she’s there just grab her. Hey, leave her. What are you looking for?
hit them. [ Mix of noises ] Uncle, why such a huge betrayal with us. If we betrayed, you too not innocents.
Such goons, we innocent people got stuck. I’ll deal with you,
come inside. [ Mix of noises ] Run… [ Mix of noises ] Thank you, Dear. You don’t lose any chance of flirting. [ Mix of noises ] You’re too modern right
girls are just a thing, spare part? Will you call girls like that next time?
why staring at me, keep your eyes down. Ugh…
What a donkey. [ Mix of noises ] huh… Quickly get in. [ Mix of noises ] Sardar, give a way,
why calling for death? Everyone dies one day, why should we scare of death. No matter how powerful a person is,
But things will happen according to God’s permission. God has already blessed them as a couple,
then who are we to get them apart. Don’t be stubborn,
Let them go. You’ve given me sake of the God. Otherwise, I don’t even let go a piece of land. And if someone plays with our reputation… That is impossible. Grandmother, You’re finally back my child. Stay blessed may you live long. Brother,
Yes. How are you?
Are you alright? Yes. Where were you?
I’m finally here. Grandmother, you were used to saying that people aren’t bad but their situations are. I’ve taken out Manpreet from bad situations. Now you deal with Manpreet.
Huh… What do you want me to know?
I already know that… The girl who wakes up at 4 am and goes to the Golden temple for service… She can never do anything wrong. Grandmother, forgive me. I didn’t realize that I’m doing too wrong. Daughter, you’ve admitted your mistake… I want nothing else. Uncle, hmm… Where are you going? Son, we don’t even deserve to stand in front of you. If girls get Uncle like me,
then sisters will stop praying for brothers in Punjab. Uncle, please don’t say that. Daughter, please forgive us,
Forgive me. Uncle, do you think I’m so free? Before I was deadly searching for my wife, now do I have to search for maternal-in-laws? Get down. And you my brother-in-law sitting in the jeep, get down. Come on, let’s take you to see Dimple today. I’ve told you right that I can never make any mistake in recognizing people. That’s why I’ve found such a beautiful wife for my grandson. Now tell me, when will you show me Great grandson’s face? Grandmother, enough now, marriage have given me so much trouble… Don’t know what your great grandson will do.

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