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Ryan Reynolds Describes His Pikachu Method Acting Process

-I know you just got back.
You were just in Asia. -I was, yeah.
-How does that jet lag feel? -It’s amazing! The Beijing to Tokyo
from New York jet lag, I always say it’s sort of like
whitewater rafting backwards. But you’re not
whitewater rafting backwards. You’re in the middle
of an interview. -[ Laughs ]
You’re living in hell right now. -Yeah. Yeah.
-Thank you for coming here. -No, it’s fine.
-We love you. -This could get
a little psychedelic. -Good. Good. I love it. Watch him melt down.
It’s going to be great. Stay tuned for that.
-Yeah. You posted this recently
on Instagram, and — -Oh, yeah.
-That’s you. -That is me.
-As a child. -I think I’m about
three years old there. -Three years old. It says,
“This is Ryan Reynolds, 3. He’s enjoying the water at the Kits Community Centre
wading pool. Ryan lives
at 2382 Oliver Crest.” [ Laughter ] -It’s amazing, because, like,
you know, the newspaper — The local newspaper was like,
“Okay, guys. We have a semi-nude, vulnerable
3-year-old boy. The only thing that’s
going to make this better — Let’s let them
know where he lives.” -Oh, my God. -“Let’s let them know
where to find him!” -Can you get creepier than that?
Gosh. -Right? That’s just like — “Brought to you
by upcoming tragedy.” Yeah. Thankfully I was okay. I had three older brothers
protecting me. Yeah. -I just — While we’re
going down memory lane, must be excited that
one of your first shows, if not your first show,
“Fifteen,” is streaming online. -Yeah, that’s kind of weird,
though. I was 13 when I —
That was the first job — first job in show business
I ever did. I also had a paper route
at the same time, which is, like, nowadays,
you know, it would be just like cocaine
on the side. -But this — We have the clip
of the opening credits. -Oh, no. Oh, no. -Yeah, here’s Ryan Reynolds
in “Fifteen.” Look at this. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Oh! Oh! -You were Billy?
-Wow. Yes. I was Billy. I’m still Billy.
-Who played the drums. -Who played the drums —
I was actually — I was actually just
a life-support system hooked up to teeth at that age. I was like — It’s like, “Wow.”
That’s amazing. -You really had a good set
of choppers back then. -Yeah. I guess you kind of
grow into your teeth. -That’s what happened. I want to talk about
“Pokémon Detective Pikachu.” -You’re excited. Yes.
-Yeah. I am excited. I love Pokémon. I saw this trailer
in front of — I forget what movie I took
my kids to, and it crushed. And I was like,
“Oh, my God. That’s Ryan.” -It’s amazing.
-It’s really great. And, you know —
The way you market your movies, I’m a big fan
of the way you do this, because you always
make it interesting and do something
a little different. You put this, like,
“making of” — like, a fake “Inside the Actors
Studio” thing online, on YouTube. -Like a method actor trying
to portray Detective Pikachu. -Yes.
-Yeah. -And this is —
I want to show everyone, because I’m very excited
about this. Here’s a quick clip from it. -This is a funny anecdote. I was on my way to pick up
my daughters from school when I heard
that I got the role. Well, I didn’t show up at school
because Detective Pikachu, he doesn’t know who those
two little girls are. Who are they? -They’re our daughters.
He just left them. -He doesn’t have a wife. No. He’s a little yellow guy, lives in Ryme City in
a briar patch or something. [ Cheers and applause ] -The whole thing — Got to
watch it. It’s really funny. -With the assist
from Blake, yeah. -With the assist from the best,
Blake Lively. We love her. But what’s funny about this — Because it kind of got lost
in translation… -Very much so.
-…when you went to Asia. -When I did press for
“Detective Pikachu” in Asia, a lot of people thought
that was real, that I was, like,
being quite serious. And, I mean, even the casual
most glance at my résumé, you’ll see I’m not
Daniel Day-Lewis
or Christian Bale. -You’re not method-actory. -Christian Bale, like, you know,
lost 412 pounds for a role once. And then gained, like, 1,200
pounds to play Dick Cheney. -Yeah, exactly, yeah.
-Look, I graduated from, like, the Aerosmith
Online Acting Academy. -Oh, my God. That’s
a very prestigious school. -It’s a big-time school.
-That’s a big-time school. -Can you tell us what
“Detective Pikachu” is about? -“Detective Pikachu” is —
It basically takes place in Ryme City,
and he’s unraveling a mystery. And there’s another young guy named Justice Smith
in the movie, who’s a phenomenal actor,
and these two find each other. Well, both of them
are looking for something. They’re trying
to unravel a mystery. The whole movie’s
kind of like that. I just love it, because,
to me, it’s like — You know, the news these days
is just, like, pouring piping-hot lemon juice
into your eyeballs. So, like, it just feels like
it’s a nice, like, amazing, fun adventure that just sweeps
you away for a couple hours. -Pikachu talks,
and no one can understand him. -No one can understand him except Tim,
the guy that he finds. So everyone else
just hears “Pika, Pika,” and Tim actually hears — -No, I mean, it’s unbelievable.
-Tim hears “Deadpool,” so, yeah. -He does hear “Deadpool.”
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Did you think of
changing your voice for this or doing a character?
-Well, yeah. No, I totally did. When we first started, I was
like, “I think I should do…” Because it’s sort of like
a film noir. Somebody likened it —
It’s almost like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
had a baby with “Blade Runner.” So I was like, “That’s cool.” So I was like, “Okay, let me do
an old-school gumshoe, kind of, ‘Columbo,’ Peter Falk, sort of, you know,
Brooklyn kind of thing.” And they were like, “Yeah, okay. Or you c–
Maybe just do Ryan Reynolds.” -“We didn’t pay money to see you
do a ‘Columbo’ impersonation.” -They’re like, “Maybe shut up
a bit and do the other thing.” -I’m glad it was you.
-And I totally recognized it was you when I saw it,
so they were right; it worked. Because I was like,
“Dude, that’s Ryan. I know it.” We have a clip from
“Pokémon Detective Pikachu.” Take a look at this. -Pikachu?
-Ah, geez. -Hey, little guy.
How did you get in here? -I know you can’t understand me. But put down the stapler,
or I will electrocute you. -Did you just talk?
-Whoa. Did you just understand me? Wait, wait, wait, wait. That is heavy eye contact
right there. You heard me. -No, no.
-Yes, you did. -Oh, my God! This is amazing!
You can understand me! -Stop!
-I have been so lonely! -Yeah! Ryan Reynolds, everybody!


  1. Velcro Crab Author

    Putting aside all the deadpool jokes coming to mind, I can't help but notice how skilled Reynolds is not only as an actor but as a VA as well.
    It's really amazing how he can pull of a yellow animal speaking in a grown man's voice and make it work, Nice job Ryan

  2. Midori Author

    it was a boring movie fell asleep so many times, if pokemon is not popular and loved franchise, this movie would be a big failure
    the only great thing about this movie was pikachu and the pokemons
    story and design and acting sucks(especially the main character)
    the actor of the main character does not fit his role

  3. Kat Wright Author

    Loved the film the cast did a fantastic job and Ryan Reynolds is right, it really is just a pleasant throw back to the old Pokémon movie feel and just a great way to chill and spend a couple of hours 😊

  4. Bestguarder Night vision Binoculars For hunting Author

    Purchase this detective hat on amazon.

  5. bob roger Author

    Ryan: breaths


  6. ZeBgr8 Author

    i'll be honest. It's probably just me but i really dislike Jimmy Fallon, his laughs are all fake and he just lacks any energy which makes it feel like he just does not care about anything.

  7. Vidit Deshpande Author

    1:12 the bottom line shows wading pool! Wading is in wade…..wade wilson!! And pool is in his surname dead pool!!! Haha wut?! Nah i am just kidding

  8. Rosy Cheeks Author

    Idk why but this video really proved to me how fake and forced Jimmy Fallon’s laughing is. I had a straight face the entire time during the 50 second mark to 1:06. I mean he’s an actor and has to show off to the camera I get it but damn is that corny as fuck

  9. jeolban hälfte Author

    I don't know how much of the Pokemon story Ryan actually knows but the producers fed in long time lore from the games. It was honestly satisfying as a long time Pokemon fan. No it wasn't perfect, but as far a a video game to movie creation, it's by far the best. If Ryan wasn't in it, I don't think it would have gone ass smoothly or in the correct direction. The movie is a great watch even if you don't know anything about Pokemon, I went with some family.

  10. The Second Best Hufflepuff Author

    now everyone can run to ryan reynolds childhood home or he could still be living there if we are lucky OR VISITING THE HOUSE hheheheheh😏😏😏


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