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RYYZN – Mr. Hollywood [Copyright Free]

Hollywood you ain’t been acting like you
probably should it’s time you listen mr. Hollywood you’re not the same
neighborhood you don’t have the Regis I know you
don’t do it for free I’m calling you all you singing your
shit killing that came up we secretly hope that you crazy just give me seven for not performing
that’s all you never run you may been acting like your eyes stop
you listen we heard what you do it’s filling for
weeks you were evil kamma you really should worry about me
I’m calling you up we stick in your shit why won’t you admit that you’ll never be
making the list got it show they going crazy this all just can’t perform you mayn’t been acting like a prize it’s
time you listen nicer you fell to see my from you better miss a man you think you


  1. kamon Uchiha Author

    Woooow, great job! I love it! Maybe today I translate it into Spanish for the channel of course I will give you the credit you deserve! They did a great job they are the best!


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