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Saand Ki Aankh | Official Trailer| Bhumi Pednekar, Taapsee Pannu | Tushar Hiranandani | This Diwali

[FF] Guns are no joke. It suits men best.. ..and they look better with it. It’s not so difficult. – Hold it like this and aim.
– Aunty, you will get hurt. Bullseye again, aunty. What’s the big deal? Where is it? What are you doing, aunty?
This is not a joke, you can get hurt. I have a question.
What diet are you two on? You both have a perfect aim. Insult! Will she get a job? Yes..
If she learns to aim straight? Listen, doctor, Shefali and I
will come every day starting tomorrow.. hit the bull’s eye. But don’t let anyone else find out. “All hail the mighty Lord.” Aunty, every player
wears pants for this game. No… The real fun is when
we hit the bullseye wearing a skirt. I am not going to the temple, grandma. I’ll be at the bus stop on time. Swear on Akshay Kumar. This Akshay Kumar will
get us killed someday. Everyone’s laughing at us. People have always laughed, aunty. They mock the very women who
that gave birth to them. You must hit the bullseye for yourself. You must hit it for your girls. “I’ll hit the bullseye…” Bullseye! “I’ll hit the bullseye…” “I’ll hit it right in the middle.” Let’s see you laugh now. Show your pearly whites. “I’ll hit the bullseye…” Are you crazy?
I am going to tell him right now! Uncle… To make the lives of 4-5 kids if I have to kill one
then I won’t hesitate! Now you tell me you want
to be Birju or Ramu of Mother India. “I’ll hit the bullseye…” “I’ll hit it right in the middle.” “I’ll hit the bullseye…” I mean such good aim at this age. How old are you two? We don’t know exactly.
But close to 60.. But I must admit.. Women may scale any heights of success.. ..but they always hesitates
to disclose their right age. That’s not true. There’s nothing wrong
in disclosing our right age. The truth is..a woman can never
keep track of the number of years.. ..she’s lived for herself.


  1. Iam iron man Author

    Abe tapsee ko kyada female card khlna aa rha hai
    Logo ko make up se problem hai na ki casting se
    Befaltu ka female card khl rhi hai
    Or try to Kangana (in marikarnika) ne bhi kiya usko support kiya kisi ne??

  2. राधे कृष्ण स्टेट्स Author


  3. Achutam Jha Author

    Everyone is complaining, "give these roles to senior women." Gulabi Gang was made with senior women and noone watched that movie…noone even knows about it. The filmmakers want this story to reach as many people as possible and for that hiring young actresses is necessary. It is unfair, but necessary.

  4. Sirisha parsi Author

    Where is the depth in the voice like a 60 yr old and where is that body language and the posture. They both have a posture of 30 yr olds and tone of a young women rather than a 60 yr old. Doesn't let me connect to the story they're telling.

  5. tarachars Author

    The make up and hair look so fake. The way they walk and their voices are that of young women. It would have been great if the makers had casted older actors.

  6. Isha Srivastava Author

    Surekha sikri should have been one of the leads !!!! It suits her completly (Balika vadhu) . Also, neena gupta, shabana azmi and some other talented seniors could have been used. Why not utilise awesome Senior actors. Why do u wanna convert younger girls to do roles like these??

  7. Raviraja Naik Author

    Trailer is superb…but Make up done for tapsi and bhoomi looks so artificial ….only white hair doesn't make a man old….like if u agree….

  8. Mukkul Shrivastava Author

    When a 50 year old Bollywood actors act a 20 year old character, no one asks that why isn't an actual 20 year old given this role.
    Kudos to Tapsee and Bhumi!

  9. Lishalinee Pinkygirl Author

    Such a fantastic ladies.. Bravoo. You actress really choose awesome script. Tapse, you such rock❤️😊 Jai Hindh🇮🇳 greetings from Malaysian Girl🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾


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