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Sacrifices That Game Of Thrones Actors Had To Make

Since it premiered on HBO in the spring of
2011, Game of Thrones has become a worldwide smash. Many stars of the show have skyrocketed to
fame, but over the course of making the series, they’ve also encountered some unexpected hardships. Here’s a look at some scary, tricky, and grueling
sacrifices actors had to make for Game of Thrones. In her years of playing Sansa Stark, Sophie
Turner has endured arranged marriages, sexual violence, and the loss of loved ones. Though Sansa began the show as a spoiled child
who wanted nothing more than to be a princess, she has grown into a shrewd warrior. Turner hasn’t personally been through the
horrors that Sansa has, but she’s endured her fair share of difficulties, including
an unhygienic request. After Sansa escaped from King’s Landing, Turner
was asked to stop washing her hair so she would look as disheveled as possible during
Sansa’s darkest times. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience for Turner. She said: “It was really disgusting. Now I wear a wig so I can wash my hair whenever
I want, which is nice. But yes, for a couple of years I was living
with pretty greasy hair.” One of the show’s all-time hardest scenes
to watch has to be the Red Wedding near the end of the third season. Robb Stark betrays his promise to marry the
daughter of one of his allies, Walder Frey. So the Freys slaughter Robb, his pregnant
bride Talisa, and his mother Catelyn. None of the actors involved in the Red Wedding
were particularly excited about filming the sequence, but Oona Chaplin, who played Talisa,
had it really bad. After her pregnant character is repeatedly
stabbed in the stomach, she’s left on the floor to torment Robb. Chaplin spent hours laying on a floor in a
cold Belfast studio. She was “freezing” and covered in fake blood,
while she waited for the rest of the cast to finish their scenes. Chaplin’s commitment can’t be understated. In the seventh season of Game of Thrones,
several characters who hadn’t yet met came together, with varying results. When Daenerys Targaryen met Jaime Lannister
for the first time, it didn’t go very well. During their battle, Bronn, Jaime’s
right hand man, must operate an enormous spear launcher to fight against Daenerys’ dragon,
Drogon. Though Bronn does get one good hit in against
Drogon, the machine is quickly burned to ashes. Bronn survives, but gets caught in the flames. Drogon spends most of the scene setting fire
to the battlefield. All the actors had to contend with smoke inhalation,
but Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn, got the worst of it. Director of photography Robert MacLachlan
burned diesel oil for dramatic black smoke. Most of the crew wore masks. Flynn had to go unmasked, and it’s hard to
miss the discomfort visible on his face. The Battle of the Bastards, which took place
during the show’s sixth season, was the culmination of a long chain of events. That included Jon Snow’s reunion with his
sister Sansa, her escape from her sociopathic husband Ramsay Bolton, and the long-awaited
showdown among them all. As with many battles on Game of Thrones, each
moment is more brutal than the last, and throughout the fight, it seems unlikely that Jon Snow
will emerge victorious. At one point, he ends up submerged in a pile
of dead bodies and living soldiers, gasping for breath as he struggles to rise to the
surface, which reportedly terrified actor Kit Harington, who plays Snow. He didn’t enjoy this part of filming, as being
crushed is one of his biggest fears. He gave up his own comfort to create a singular
moment for viewers. Speaking of Ramsay Bolton, when viewers met
the character, played by Iwan Rheon in season three, he was a bastard, much like Jon Snow. When he helped his father, Roose Bolton, secure
the North, he was made an official Bolton in his own right. After watching Ramsay generally be the worst
person of all time, fans were thrilled when Ramsay met a bitter and bloody end in the
aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards. It was especially satisfying to hear him being
torn apart by his own pack of angry attack dogs. “They’re loyal beasts.” “They were. Now they’re starving.” But before that goes down, once the larger
battle ends, Jon and Ramsay find themselves back at Winterfell ready to keep fighting. Jon snaps and brutally beats Ramsay into submission. However, some of this ended up becoming a
reality for Rheon, who was actually punched in the face twice by Harington. Harington said Rheon was extremely nice about
the situation, but it’s unlikely that Rheon was thrilled about taking two for the team. Since debuting on the show during season two,
Brienne of Tarth, played by actress Gwendoline Christie, has won audiences’ hearts with her
fierce battle skills, unerring loyalty, and quick quips. After serving a few fallen characters including
Catelyn Stark, Brienne strikes up a real friendship with Jaime Lannister. Between her bond with the Kingslayer and her
continued devotion to Catelyn, Brienne has become a fan favorite. As such, fans are always frightened when Brienne
ends up in a life-threatening situation. When Brienne and Jaime are captured and held
hostage by Locke, a hunter for House Bolton, Locke forces Brienne to face down a real bear
in a fighting pit, causing Jaime to jump in and rescue her. Although Christie said the bear was a “diva,”
requiring its own trailer, she also said that it was terrifying to face down the giant animal
with nothing more than an electric fence between them. “And you believed them?” “Why do you think I look so scared?” Few of Thrones’ villains have elicited a public
reaction quite as visceral as Joffrey Baratheon, the sadistic eldest son of Cersei Lannister. A bitter, violence-hungry child born of incest,
King Joffrey’s vengeful and ill-advised decision to execute Ned Stark in the show’s first season
set off most of the entire story’s conflict. “So long as I am your king, treason shall
never go unpunished. Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!” Viewers have watched him murder prostitutes
sex workers, threaten to beat women, and verbally abuse pretty much everyone. It’s no wonder viewers loved watching Joffrey
get slapped. He meets an extremely ugly end early in the
fourth season. During his wedding to Margaery Tyrell, Joffrey
takes a final sip of wine, gruesomely choking to death in front of the entire court. Actor Jack Gleeson quit acting after his last
moments as Joffrey. He said that aside from the choking itself,
keeping his eyes open was the hardest part. They actually had to be held open so he didn’t
blink, making filming the scene that much more uncomfortable. Cersei Lannister, yet another Thrones character
that viewers love to hate, has committed her fair share of atrocities. Y’know, stuff like enabling her evil son Joffrey,
carrying on a decades-long affair with her twin brother, and slaughtering most of King’s
Landing by burning them with wildfire. She got her just desserts for some of her
crimes at the end of the show’s fifth season, when she was forced to take a walk of atonement
through King’s Landing completely naked while the townspeople verbally and physically abused
her. The walk was shot in Dubrovnik,
Croatia near an ancient church. The production was nearly banned, however,
due to the nudity. In the end, actress Lena Headey asked for
a body double. Thanks to the magic of visual effects, Rebecca
Van Cleave’s body stood in for Cersei’s. Van Cleave spent three days walking the streets
of Dubrovnik completely naked while crew members and extras shouted and pelted her with food. Van Cleave’s face was never shown. After a number of shocking deaths throughout
Thrones’ run, viewers have accepted the idea that nobody is safe, which made Jon Snow’s
false start of a death all the more horrifying. During the season five finale, Jon, now the
Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, is betrayed by his men and repeatedly stabbed over accusations
of treason. The show cuts to black, leaving anxious fans
without answers regarding Jon’s fate until the next season premiere. Actor Kit Harington told various media outlets
he would not be returning to the show, which turned out to be a pretty enormous lie. Jon was alive and well by the second episode
of the next season. Harington reportedly hated lying. With huge fans like President Barack Obama
concerned about Jon Snow’s fate, Harington had to play it extremely safe for over a year. He did get himself out of a speeding ticket
by revealing one of the show’s biggest spoilers to an anxious police officer, so at least
there was one silver lining to this sacrifice. “I looked at him and went, ‘I’m alive next
season,’ and he goes, he says, ‘Mmm-hmm. On your way, Lord Commander.'” Throughout Game of Thrones’ run, Arya Stark
has transformed from a young, impetuous would-be warrior to a truly dangerous faceless assassin. After watching her father’s public execution
and making the journey from Westeros to the House of the Undying in Braavos,
she agrees to learn from the mysterious face-changer Jaqen H’ghar. She waits outside the House for days to earn
her place inside. As soon as Arya learns how to change faces,
she uses her power to kill Meryn Trant. Because it wasn’t yet Meryn’s turn to die,
Arya is punished by Jaqen, who blinds her and forces her to live as a beggar. While blind, Arya’s eyes are clouded. Unfortunately for actress Maisie Williams,
her contacts were quite thick and hand-painted, actually obscuring her vision. Williams admitted that while she didn’t want
to complain, her blind scenes left her in a significant amount of pain. She stuck with it, ensuring that each shot
during Arya’s blind phase was exactly right. Theon Greyjoy, the once cocky heir to the
Iron Islands, has been through his fair share of ordeals. Once a young, stubborn ward of the North,
Theon was initially loyal to Robb Stark in the wake of Ned’s death. Eventually, he betrayed Robb and was captured
by the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, who physically and psychologically destroyed Theon until
he referred to himself as “Reek.” Perhaps the hardest scenes for actor Alfie
Allen to endure throughout Thrones were his torture scenes with Ramsay. He spent most of a full season strung up,
savagely mutilated and beaten. It can’t have been easy for Allen to even
pretend to be tortured, and he has since spoken out about how hard it was to play. He watched movies that prominently featured
torture, including Quentin Tarantino’s bloody classic Reservoir Dogs. Spending so much time working within this
unflinchingly terrible part of Theon’s story must have been incredibly difficult for Allen. Some viewers might have forgotten about Lancel
Lannister, played by Eugene Simon. When audiences meet a younger Lancel, he is
a seemingly innocent squire to King Robert until the monarch’s death. After an ill-advised affair with his cousin
Cersei, which is somehow not the grossest relationship she has in the show, Lancel is
severely wounded in season two’s Battle of Blackwater Bay and shunted to the sidelines. When Lancel returns, he’s joined an oppressive
and severe religious sect called the Sparrows. When Lancel spills the beans about his relationship
with Cersei, she gets angrier than ever. Rather than attend her own trial, the vengeful
Queen Mother unleashes a magical wildfire throughout King’s Landing, killing numerous
people. Lancel, sent to find the missing Cersei during
her trial, discovers her plan. He can’t stop the explosion in time, despite
his best efforts. Simon spent hours crawling through a dark
dungeon, enduring the journey a whopping 27 times until they got the shot right. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Game of
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  2. Rose Meadows Author

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