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Safe Stardom Insights: Actors Earnings in TV, Film and Commercials

Hi. I’m Robert Pafundi, Hollywood Entertainment
Lawyer and the author of Safe Stardom-How to Protect Your Children on Their Road to
Fame. Through my experience, having been immersed in the business, the entertainment business,
from all sides of the table and having personally represented over 1,000 entertainment families,
I get the importance of having an awareness of money issues, how much people earn, and
what’s your rights and what to fight for in the entertainment business. Here’s a cute
anecdote. It’s a quote attributed to Mary Kate and Ashley, the Olsen twins from Full
House. Here’s what Ashley says, “I hope we’re making $2.00 a week. Mary Kate, “What? Are
you crazy? $2.00? I swear, if we’re not making $10.00, I’m going home.” Now, that’s pretty
cute, right? Obviously, that happened when the girls were very young. But, you know and
I know that you want to be smart and get financially compensated for what your child deserves.
By the way, as a side note here, my agency actually found the Olsen twins and booked
them on Full House. Anyway, in Chapter 23 of Safe Stardom, I teach you how much money
a child actor can earn for various roles for TV, film, and commercials, on projects covered
by SAG-AFTRA union contracts. I also discuss why some actors make so much more money than
others do. That’s why you need someone on your side to negotiate more lucrative deals,
negotiate parts of the contracts like merchandising royalties and other basis for compensation,
and also so you understand residual income and how that’s paid out. Throughout my book,
I deal with money issues and illustrate what you can expect and what you need in negotiating
for your child in TV, film, and commercials. If you want to be fully informed and prepared,
you can get your copy on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or at my site. I also offer a complimentary
strategy consultation if that’s a fit for you. I want to help you keep your child and
your family smart, safe, and protected.

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