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Sam Breaks Down Trump’s Access Hollywood Tape | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Hello. I’m Samantha Bee, welcome to Full Frontal. Alright, let’s do this. On Friday, Donald Trump insisted that five urban teens wrongly imprisoned for rape and exonerated by DNA evidence and the confession of the real rapist 14 years ago are still guilty. Oh, and he also did something that upset Republicans. Warning: you’re going to hear the p-word, and trust me, that word isn’t “presidential”. oh yeah, I’m going in on this like a bitch. That 2005 Access Hollywood tape wasn’t just lewd remarks, Trump was literally explaining a time-tested strategy for sexual assault. In fact, “take a tic-tac and grab them by the pussy” is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this entire election. But the vilest on the tape isn’t Trump boasting about snatch-snatching or aggressively pursuing an adulterous hookup or thinking “take her furniture shopping” is some sort of super sexy foreplay, it’s the way these two drooling hyenas treated actress Arienne Zooker, whose only mistake was doing her job and greeting Let’s stop that hostile work environment training module here and discuss what we’ve seen in less than a minute. These two leering dildos turned their rape culture banter into a rape culture power move that demeans and violated Zooker in ways she is only now finding out about. And we know this is shocking for most normal men, but everyone I know has had some entitled testosterone monster grabbed her like a human bowling ball ” come here honey, check please”. That video got little Bushy suspended from his job. I’m comfortable with that, even though he was just following the lead of a bullying cold-hearted alpha male who was completely in charge. Which is kind of a Bush family trait. Anyhoo, while the rest of us were hammering plywood over our p-words, Trump’s advisors typed an apology into a teleprompter, shoved their boy in a chair and said “read it” I’ve never said I’m a perfect person stop. I’m gonna roll the dice and say the guy who modeled his home after the Vatican rumpus room has claimed infallibility before. Have you ever asked God for forgiveness? that’s a tough question. why do I have to go repent, why do I have to ask for forgiveness if you’re not making mistakes Yeah, Trump doesn’t ask for anything and that includes permission before putting his unwelcome tic-tac rusted mouth hole on a female he barely knows. But I’m sorry, you were sounding out words like a first grader with a head injury? This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we are facing today. I’ve said some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people Bill Clinton has actually abused women Stop! Jesus Christ, Donald, who is advising you on how to deal with your misogyny crisis? Let’s also remember that one of the men who is advising Donald crop is Roger Ailes. Of course. Roger Ailes, of the esteemed PR firm, Ailes, Cosby, Polanski, and Gibson. I hear they’ve got a friend on the court. Trump delegated the whole Bible-y forgiveness angle to the only surrogate not hiding behind a hay bale (GIULIANI) gosh almighty, you know he who hasn’t sinned throw the first stone, here. (TAPPER) I will gladly tell you, Mr. Mayor, I have never said that, I have never done, that I’m happy to throw a stone I don’t know any man — I have not been in locker rooms, have been a member of the fraternity — I have never heard any man ever brag about being able to maul women because they get away with it. Never. poor Jake Tapper, you’d be testy too if you just had to spend the day as a human pussy thesaurus. Grab them by the vagina grab them by the crotch. Grab them by the — I’m not allowed to say this on MSNBC. Grab them by the… and he uses a word that begins with P, which is a slang term for a woman’s genitalia Grabbing women by their private parts Grabbing women by their kitty cat The p-word, forgive me Grab a woman’s genitals. Grab them by the… I can’t say it on television Ugh, it must be so hard to make 24 hours of television without saying the wordscunt, snatch cooter, silk purse, spicy taco, lady pocket, waikanaloa, hoo-hoo, trim, vajayjay, bearded clam, front bottom nether regions, sin grotto, chocha, red lobster, beaver, fur-burger, yoni, downstairs retreat, honeypot, inner sanctum, ugar walls, peach blossom, lady treasure, roast-beef curtains, grey Gardens, oh, and I almost forgot the most important one: box. Well, that was literally a vagina monologue we’ll be back with more after this word from the sponsors I hope we still have


  1. Troy Sanders Author

    Samantha Bee is a sheepdog. Pretends to have your ideals to hook you. Ultimately she supports something that goes against every malfeasance behavior she has railed against so far. She supports Hillary Clinton who is guilty in one way or another of all these things. Yet she wants you to vote for her? Ask her how much money she gets paid to mislead you. How can someone like this who has any "so called morals" speak out against or judge anyone else when her show is based on lying to you. Think about it. You know I'm right.

    A vote for Hillary or Trump is a vote for World-War-III and the TPP aka Slavery. Don't be distracted: vote Green and watch for The Election Fraud, Get ready to reject Hillary's Installment. This election A Propaganda Show, Lie, Absolute Farce!!

  2. Jim Borst Author

    First dirty joke I heard had to do with someone going to the 'Y for a box lunch'. Took me awhile to get it but fortunately there weren't a whole lot more that followed.

  3. Susquehanna80 Author

    If Samantha Bee wasn't a G-D liberal, the powers that be at TBS would have never given her a show.. Same humor.. same jokes but not pro-liberal and she'd be waiting tables like the millions of other struggling actor wannabes

  4. Sunday Gunday Channel Author

    Jokes on you! Jokes on this channel! #makeamericagreatagain #draintheswamp. WE THE PEOPLE were not offended by what Trump SAID. We were more offended by what CLINTON HAS DONE!

  5. blah rar Author

    I see somebody saw the last few minutes of that one episode of L word. I mean come on, yoni? That is an awesome word but you just don't hear it in everyday conversation

  6. Mark Jansen Author

    #ElectoralCollege, Donald Trump; Adultery; American Rape Culture; Sexual Assault; Misogyny
    “I moved on her like a bitch (because I’m an animal from a rich man’s forest who truly believes in Immaculate Conception), but I couldn’t get there, and she was married (which doesn’t matter because I plot adultery as an ordinary mode of ‘celebrity’ behavior for Evangelicals to copy, because Sky Daddie did it to Mary.  And she didn’t tell either or they would have stoned her.  Besides that, his windsock Bible full of ancient tyrant’s breath from the conquering Roman Empire says, I’m ‘made in his image and likeness.’)

    Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything (I like to grab during a stiff-woody testosterone-motivated sexual assault).

    You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful – I just start kissing them (without permission to initiate the sexual assault, because behavioral limits don’t exist for a man who sees himself as a self-made billionaire, god’s gift to beautiful women and god's continuous wrath to ordinary wenches).

    It’s like a magnet.  Just kiss, I don’t even wait (to converse with them, treat them with respect, or develop a relationship with them as a female person because I live by no rules that govern ordinary non-psychopathic and non-predatory people).

    And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything (because women are just prey and I’m an alpha male).  Grab ‘em by the pussy. anything (a horny norm-free offensive person-objectifying narcissistic law-breaking NRA Barney-Fife-stroking, dollar-store patriot-patting, tablecloth hat-loving, Evangelical-petting psychopathic American role model wants to do on the spur of the moment).”
    ~ Donald Trump (with creative narration)
    ”Pussy Riot | Fully Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS”
    ~ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, {Subscribe}, 10-10-16, YT,
    6:01 _

  7. Mark Minnema Author

    The gag at around 5:15 is about the laziest comedy writing I've ever heard. I guarantee her writers just googled "funniest words for vaginas" and had her read it off the teleprompter. Very clever humor Sam, top notch stuff here.

  8. Richard August Autistic Christian MGTOW Author

    hopefully, after that rant, Samantha will be jobless, like most of her audience – until THE DONALD brings back our jobs and puts so many people to work that they won't have time to watch this slime bucket.

  9. Alyssia Van belzen Author

    Even now, 7 months later, this story is very painfull. The fact that a creature like Donald Trump got elected president shows how little people care about hatred towards women.

  10. RAOBANION Author

    YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MUSIC! Pusy Riot is great and I hope they keep making videos. Maybe it will take a Russian Punk Band to help us out of this mess? Your in the US now PS, push it and push it right as you know you can.
    If you can survive in Russian Prison, LA should be a breeze. Hope you stay for a wile. xoxo

  11. Matt Cussen Author

    It's a shame that Trump's "Christian" supporters basically just choose to ignore his many many many many shortcomings simply because it's inconvenient for them. It's despicable.


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