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Sam Humphrey: Actor (The Greatest Showman)

(Bang, bang, bang) My name’s Humphrey Sam Humphrey. Arrghh!! Don’t call me small! Want to know my secret identity? I am Batman. Sam, dinner’s ready! Hey, this is my house. I’m living here with my dad. This is my spare room where I keep all my guns. I use them for props in videos. But to be honest I just like guns. (Bang, bang, bang) I’ve got a green screen, where I do monologues, editing and experimenting with videos. I love Star Wars and I watch a lot of TV. So give me some privacy. My condition has two names, Acrodysplasia is the sub category. It’s also called Skeletal Dysplasia. My bones don’t grow at the normal rate. It effects facial features; nostril development and teeth positioning. This is my growth chart. Six years ago I was this tall. Now I’m this height, which is 127 cms. My goal is to reach 150 cms. Across Australia and NZ there are three
people with Acrodysplasia. I’ve never met
anyone with my condition. I had a friend who was a dwarf. In some way that relates to me. I’m the Captain and
you’ll get everything I say. (Dad) Yep Captain. Acrodysplasia limits my job options. I wanted to go into
the hospitality industry. Mum said is that a
sensible place for you to go? But me being me… I said, I’ll do it… It doesn’t matter that
I’m short or if I can’t do it. I’ll give it a shot and if I can’t do it then I will stop doing it. Which is what I did. He went to work in a pet shop. He didn’t like it when a snake tried to attack him, and a blue tongue lizard bit him. (Laughs) It just about dragged him away. Now I don’t want to work… in your ordinary 9am to 5pm job. Acting is where I want to go for work and a career because it’s always something different. (Dave) He could go a long way, because he’s an adult in a kid’s body. He’s got a wide range in the way that he can act. He’s a bit of a “Hollywood.” Do not put it on backwards… do not put it on backwards or they will see me killing you. And action. (Footsteps) Call cut. Today we’re here to film my show reel. It’s a gun fight that’s gone wrong. Well, horribly wrong for the bad guys because my intention is to take their weapons and kill them so that’s what I’m here for. (Director) He places his hand gun on his chest and holds out the machine gun to Yarwyn. You check out the gun, boom takes another one, you freak, levelling your gun right at David and… “don’t call me kid,” alright? So aim your gun at him. Here we go, down range, and when you’re ready. Not firing? Okay. I can’t pull back the trigger. Maybe I have a weak finger trigger. (Laughs) Pull the trigger when you’re ready. (Bang) Wow! That was cool. (Laughs) The reason I’m doing this scene because it shows me as a kid, but then it has a darker sense of violence. I’m want to break out of the stereotype of people seeing me as a kid. If I show this work around they have to see me as something else. That’s exactly right. Which is not what they’re expecting to see from you. And action. Is this some kind of joke? I don’t sell to kids. You’ve got limits that’s good to know. Just so we’re clear, I ain’t no kid. This is the gun. I’ll take it. You don’t want to check it out? See if you can even handle it? I can handle anything. I’ll take everything you have. (Laughs) You better be rich! Oh I’m loaded. Cool cut. That’s good. It’s the biggest thing I’ve done in terms of acting. I’ve haven’t done any on camera work with crew. If I spend $2,000 dollars and nothing happens… then it’s a mistake, and sure…an expensive one. And action. (Bang, bang) That’s a wrap. (Claps) Today went well. My plan is to create my profile and send it to casting directors, so I might get picked for roles. Thanks. I went through a dark time in my teen years. I was very depressed at times. It was in those years where a normal guy should start developing. I was completely different from every other guy that’s ever existed. Hearing doctors say that I possibly wouldn’t make it past my 18th birthday. I didn’t see any point of going on. It was very hard and I would cover that up with a smile in front of my friends. At high school they never knew about it. But I’ve come out the other side now. (Tears) Going shopping on my own and people thinking I’m ten years old that gets frustrating. People come up to me and ask me where my mum is, or am I lost, or am I on my own. I know they’re concerned seeing a little kid shopping by themselves. I used to give the spiel about how old I am and my condition. Now I get frustrated and blow them off. I’m 22 years old, leave me alone and let me shop in peace. One day, dad went to Cash Converters and I was with him in the car. I’ll pop in here for ten minutes, Sam, you’ll be alright. He said he’d only be ten minutes, which he never is, he doubles his time. I went into the shop to have a look. Meanwhile, a group of people walking by stopped and were looking at me, wondering is that kid okay, is he dying from heat exhaustion? I came out of the store and saw a fire engine, a police car, and a group of people around my car. I thought what’s going on here? He walks up and the police officer says excuse me sir, you’re not allowed to leave a child in a car on a warm day like this. I knocked on the car window and said, Sam wind the window down. He could have really had me, and pretended to cry. I said tell the man how old you are, and Sam goes, 15 years old. To try and drop the childish image I try and portray this big, adult image. That’s why I wear suits and as less kiddy stuff as I can. Giddy Sam. Hi how’s it going? Well thanks how are you? Not bad. I’ve got that suit for you and unfortunately it’s a black one again. What size is it? Size 14 Do you have a size 7? I do out the back young man. What size shoe do you take? A size 12. Unfortunately I might not have any shoes small enough at the moment. That looks good. Almost perfect. The importance of working out as an actor is for the roles you get. You may need to bulk up or have to do endurance running. When I was a teenager I felt insecure about my body development. Now it doesn’t really matter. I’ve gotten to a place where I have accepted that. Oh I can’t lift that. (Birds tweet) Getting older I’m wanting more freedom. To be able to get to auditions, I need to get my licence. The modifications I have on my car are an acceleration, and brake peddle. They slip onto welds the mechanic has put on the normal peddles. I’ve got the metal box, which is a foot rest. Also, my seat insert, which raises me higher so that I can see properly. (Dave) Let’s roll son. (Engine noise) (Dave) You’re all over the road mate. Yeah, well. You’re in control of the car not the car controlling you. Difting is the biggest problem that you have to work on. (Sam) And my roundabouts. You’re good at doing donuts at the roundabouts. A few times people have looked at me in a funny way and tried to take pictures, which is definitely weird. Before you were like this… with the steering wheel. But now you’re naturally adjusting because your mind is telling you you were drifting slightly. They heard us… they can hear what we’re saying… We’ve been bugged. (Laughs) (Spanish guitar music) I’m nervous. I haven’t done any auditions with casting directors. And it’s Neighbours… I’m trying to keep my cool, I suppose. And remember my lines. Do you want to fill out that form there. That’s good thanks. Hi how are you? So good to see you. This is Sam. Hi Sam what a pleasure to meet you. Sam’s casting with us this morning. His first professional casting. I work on Neighbours and I thought I’d say hi and see how you are feeling about it? Nervous and exciting. You can use those nerves in the audition because there’s tension in the scene that you’re doing. You and I are doing the scene like this. And out here there are two cameras, the sound, the booms, everything. There are a million things to distract you and take you out of your head. When you’re doing the audition try and think you’re just nailing the person that you’re talking to… it’s right here…know what I mean? It’s just between those two people. It’s a cool skill to develop because it’s useful in life. You’re about to audition, I think you should go in. Good luck. Nice to meet you. Okay come through. (Casting director) When they walk into the room you’re looking at bringing the character to life, as well as someone who looks like the character and will read the scripts well. It’s a hard industry and even trained actors who’ve been to drama school for three years still can’t get agents. There’s a lot of competition throughout the whole world. The key is getting out there and meeting different people, doing training and working on the craft. You’re actually scared of him because if he finds out… Let’s put one down. Giddy mate where are you headed? What’s it to you? Just interested that’s all. You’re interesting to me. Yeah? Interested to know how dumb you think I am? Excuse me? That’s right isn’t it? You think I’m an idiot. What are you talking about? You think I came down in in the last shower mate don’t you? I know you have my money. Just leave okay. Why would I want to leave this nice place, I’ve got my brother here. The ex cop is your brother? Are you threatening me? No. Sounds to me you are, that you’re threatening to tell what I’ve been up to aren’t you? I swear I won’t say anything. Nice try but I’m not going anywhere without my money, so you better pay up. Excellent that’s fantastic. I loved it. Well done mate. How are you feeling? Yeah good. I think it went pretty well. I was nervous at the start, but I think, I nailed the audition. You can tell yourself you can act but when a casting director says that you did a good job and you can act, then you start believing it yourself. Tonight I’m going to see friends for a drink or two at a bar. Parents are always over protective of their kids and me being short mum worried a lot, like if someone was going to grab me or something. Then one day I was like, okay come on mum. Now they know I’m always going to be safe because I mainly hang out with my friends when I’m out. What’s up!! Hey man good to see you! You look nice. Thanks you look nice too. (Laughs) Giddy mate how’s it going? Good thanks. Do you do wine here? Certainly. Could I get a dry white? Can I see your ID first? Yeah sure. We need to talk about serious stuff, the fact is my good man here he’s a single man. What? There’s one girl at the table who is also single! (Laughs) My friends and I have always said, we want to have things set. A good job, and financial security, before we get into a relationship. I don’t know if you can plan that, it just sort of happens. At the end of the day you haven’t had a good run with girls. So options are open. Hey! What are you trying to say? That’s why I don’t fall in love. (Laughs) It has to be someone who loves the trilogy of the original Star Wars. (Laughs) When my career takes off… She’ll be like, oh Sam you’re an actor. (Guitar music) I actually came here to see you Terase, I need to look at your books. I’m your main investor in purchasing this hotel. I got a part on Neighbours. They gave me a call and asked if I want to play a character who’s a financial whiz. He’s an investor for Terase who is the hotel manager. Terase mistakes him for a kid at the beginning of the scene. That relates to me because I get mistaken as a kid quite a bit. I’m feeling nervous about my lines. I don’t know how they want me to play it. (Skype call sound) Hey what’s up? Hey how are you doing? Good, what have you guys been up to? Good, just working trying to get deals. Growing up, I definitely got more attention from my parents. My siblings had to try and take care of themselves. The family joke is that my brother got all the height and my sister got the brains and I got what was left. Is Neighbours coming up soon? Have you got the script yet? Yes I’m practicing it. Tell me the line midway in the script? 3, 2, 1, go! Say what? You just failed (laughs). My brother is smart and successful. He runs his own company. He’s always been successful and I’m just cruising along. I want him to be proud of me. Yeah. (Guitar music) Hi Sam, I’m Jason. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Neighbours. Let’s go and have a chat. Yeah sure. So, how are you feeling about your character? Alright I’m a bit nervous. I’m still learning the lines. And practicing inflections on the words. You’ll have Rebecca in your first scene. She’s great and been here a long time. A great actress, and lots of fun. You get to be really mean to her. (Laughs) I’ve got my lines down but when I get nervous I forget them. How are you doing Sam? Good. Okay Sam, deep breathe. Learning to accept who you are, it doesn’t matter what others think, it’s about who I am on the inside. Let’s run some lines out here. Do you want the Kids Activity Center? It’s on level four. Thanks Terase. Okay don’t put the pause in. Hey you must be looking for the Kids Activity Center it’s level four. Thanks Terase. I felt the pressure to get it 100% correct. But once I realized it was okay if I did stuff up, then that took the pressure off and my nerves calmed down a bit. Don’t change anything. I’m just giving you things to think about. There’s more to acting than just saying the lines. And action. I need to look at your books. Excuse me? I’m James and I’m here as a representative of my family’s company. Most people think I’m older, let that be our little secret okay? And cut. Good job Sam. (Applause) Pack it up thanks folks. You whipped it man. It was good. You did really well. Thank you.>From here, honestly I’m not sure. I’ll take it one step at a time. One roll at a time.


  1. Ms D. Author

    i like him, makes me smile even laugh, his teeth don’t lie about his age, i can easily see him succeed in hollywood. Same sense of humor as his Dad . the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree loll

  2. Jaii Rela Author

    I just wanted to give him a big hug when he started to tear up. Man, it is SO hard not to compare yourself to anyone who you feel have "good" qualities that you may lack, let alone your sibling. But you just have to realize that you are you. And no matter how corny that may sound, it is the truth. I believe that he is going to go far in life.

  3. Massive247 Author

    Thanks Everyone so much for all of those comments, they made me smile. I am currently working on a major production and will be releasing at the end of this year; stay tune and thanks for watching. Please like my facebook pages(Massive247, Sam Humphrey – James Udagawa), and follow me on twitter(SAM HUMPHREY) as well as instagram(SAM.HUMPHREY). 🙂

  4. Dustin Long Author

    Congratulations, Sam plays a huge part in the Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. Incredible.

    Amazing what you can accomplish with drive, heart, and most important believing in yourself.

  5. Beeby8 Reviews Author

    As an old friend of Sam's, I am so happy for his success. To anyone who sees this, make sure you go see his new film called The Greatast Showman with Hugh Jackman and Zack Efron, out in theaters this Christmas.

    Fun Fact: The house that they filmed the documentary in, I used to live in.

  6. mary ann Author

    So proud of you Sam. You made it! Stay true to who you are. Your attitude and values really inspired us. Congratulatios ! Many thanks for shairing this and more power "Attitude" :)<3

  7. The Potterpeople Author

    My name is Humphrey, Sam Humphrey – And I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy 💓😂 He has such a great personality ❤️ I can’t wait to see where he goes next ✨

  8. maury nares v Author

    a small and big giant congratulations god bless you always with affection from mexico maury nares thank you. sam humphrey

  9. Kerry Vujnovich Author

    You are different Sam, but in a good way. You are unique and never feel down about being short. That is you and no one can get in your way. Don’t feel sad because you can do anything if you believe. You are awesome Sam. No one can get in your way!

  10. Juice Parts Author

    Sam!! You are on big screens in Britain- and everywhere else! You are one of my favourite characters in the greatest showman!

  11. miranda stone Author

    Good afternoon to Sam Humphrey I love you you’re a great person in your life I understand I won’t judge you because you’re perfect


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