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Sam | The Short Animated Movie

Hello ! Hi… Be Careful ! “Scientific Exposition” “New Robot” Ladies and Gentlemen, here is… the R1C18. Active System Booster Rocket MISSION FAILED Launch phase two.


  1. GAMING WITH. pankaj Author

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  2. Arturo Amba Author

    Hey Sam is the only thing that you can also be able to get the latest in a couple of days it looks every thing stop or slow motion.

  3. Joe K Author

    It does not matter when where or how you watch this video. if you're going to comment in this section at all or about this video make it about this video. Have people look through the comments section and not have to runs through all Spam comments about what year it's been or was that when you've watched this. what did you think of the video? What do you think it was about? What was your perspective on it? Let there be something to talk about. Obviously there's something very deep here.

  4. Roman Miroshnychenko Author

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