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Sam’s Movies Special: The Legend of John Candy (PART 1) – Uncle Buck Review

John Candy was probably the most likeable
actor in film history. If you’ve never heard of him, this is a
little biography. John Candy became reasonably well known in
the late 80s and early 90s appearing in hit films as an actor. He is one of the few actors you could see
play a role with all he had. Of course, he was in some bad films, but he
was somehow able to make those films okay just because he was in it. He put as much effort as he could into his
films and in the process was such a likeable guy which of course, marks his legend. Candy’s most well-known films are National
Lampoon’s Vacation, Plains Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck and Cool Runnings. Most people do of course know him from Cool
Runnings. Just by looking at Candy you could easily
tell that he had a weight issue. This unfortunately only got worse as his health
really deteriated in the 90s. Candy’s father died of a heart attack at
only 35 with a genetic heart condition, and Candy of course had the same genetic condition. In 1994 Candy acted in what would be his last
film Wagons East! An unfortunate critical and commercial bomb. After the very last day of shooting, him and
some of the exhausted cast had a late night spaghetti supper. After john went to bed in his room at the
Camino el percue in Durango Mexico. Unfortunately, after going to bed he would
never wake up. He died of a heart attack in his sleep. Candy’s legacy not only in films but in
life has since lived on and will forever live on. Okay, a really depressing way to start the
video I know but let’s celebrate his legacy on this Sam’s Movies Special by looking
at what I think are his very best films and my personal favourite films of his, Plains
Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck. Bear with me huge fans of these films, because
believe it or not, I saw both these films for the first time recently and because they
were so good I had to show you them all as it just bothers me that at least no one I
know, knows John Candy in these films and they only know Cool Runnings. Don’t get me wrong Cool Runnings is a good
film and I personally love it, but these are the two that stand out. Let’s begin with the second released of
these two in 1989, Uncle Buck. Before I go over the plot and what’s so
great about this film I have to say that this really is sort of a prequel to home alone. If you want proof, just watch this; (clip). And yes, John and Macaulay are both in Home
Alone, yeah it is a prequel. Okay so basically the parents of this family
have to go to visit the mum’s father as he’s had a heart attack, yeah Ironically
sad with John Candy in this I know. They have no options for people to take care
of their kids except one, the Father’s brother Buck, a fat lazy slob who avoids a challenge
in life and instead goes for the easy route. He is sent to look after the kids and of course
for most of the movie, hijinks ensues. I gotta be honest, with anyone other than
John Candy in this film as this character, this movie would have probably really sucked. But JC is so great with this character that
he just makes the film. Just when you think this is ganna be one of
those cliché’ films this happens; (john dissing the girl)
And that’s what’s so great about john’s character in this film. He’s brilliant, he’s obviously so nice
and so like-able but yet has such a big personality with great comebacks. (MLG sequence) The moments in this film where
John is just hilarious to watch are almost too good to be true. His car as well is just a great running joke
as well, even if it’s a big overdone. There is one joke that makes you cringe while
making you laugh at the same time and yeah I’ll let you. The ongoing sarcasm he uses to tackle the
big personality his Neace has is just brilliant. He comes up with one liner after one liner
to her. I can’t explain to you more about what happens
in this movie, I can only say why it’s so well done and underrated because it’s the
you just have to watch it for yourself and enjoy it yourself. What I can explain is why the puzzle of John
Hughes writing is so great. Okay, so the character buck is written in
a way where he’s crazy and over the top in his methods of being caring yet is such
a caring character at the same time. You can understand it and see it in every
word he speaks and every look he gives that he cares for these kids especially the older
girl. They have a truly powerful bond in this film
that can be at times frustrating to watch (I won’t spoil it) yet so much fun. And that’s the seed for what’s to come
that Hughes planted. At the beginning the husband when thinking
of babysitters mentions buck and how he’s nice and caring and can take care of people
well. The mother distracts this and overshadows
it by saying how he doesn’t have a job and how his girlfriend sells tires. YEAH LIKE THAT DECIDES HOW WELL HE TAKES CARE
OF YOUR KIDS YOU STUPID BITCH. This is why the film is so UNDERATED. It plants an Easter egg for you to try and
figure out here but distracts you while he says this. AND ALSO THAT’S HIS BROTHER. HE WOULD KNOW IF HE’S CARING YOU STUPID
BUCK. Overall the film is great, candy’s character
is brilliant and everyone does their part in this to make it what it is a great film
for EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE to watch and enjoy. And that’s all there is to say in trying
to convince you to watch it, I hope you watch this film and enjoy it as much as I did. So my score is One buck out of 10. I bought this film for 1 buck. SHUT THE BUCK UP
And yeah that’s why I love uncle buck, it’s just such a great film. I only watched it for the first time a few
weeks ago but I just had such a great time watching it. I was obviously scared at the start as I thought
it was going to be a really dodgy cliche’ movie. But it was just so well written, John Hughes
of course wrote it and it’s just so great to watch. You have to watch it, it is a genuinely great
film. Just all the memorable moments of Uncle Buck
make it so good and they all make it just such a great film. It is just very great to watch. I do think there would be a few people that
wouldn’t like it but I personally love the film and I definatly recommend it. Go out and see it, Uncle Buck, great film. And that still image at the end of John Candy
waving just made me want to cry. That was part 1 of my 2 part series of John
Candy’s best films, part 2 will be coming out soon so, yeah sit tight. It will come out soon, yep.


  1. Joe Thomas Author

    John Candy and John Belushi left us far too early. Candy starred in National Lampoons Vacation and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles which are two of my favorite movies. Belushi was in Blues Brothers and National Lampoons Animal House which are also great. Both actors will be missed. Great Job Sam! Couldn't have said it better myself


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