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Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs RED Movie Cinema Camera


  1. bmizzle010 Author

    Sometimes over doing it with all of the humor that nobody even finds funny.. the person watching loses the important things! If we want humor, we search for humor and watch humor.. when we search for galaxy vs RED, why not just give us that?

  2. John Channing Author

    Let's be honest, we live in an incredible era where the phone in your pocket can produce professional grade photos and videos and specialist equipment has a huge challenge to be better

  3. Ashutosh Das Author

    If you have a big camera, people will think you are more legit than you actually are – PotatoJet
    Damn I should've thought of this before buying a6400 ;-;

  4. Andrew Darrington Author

    Speaking of depth of field in phones, the galaxy s10+ 5G does it in video, just like photo mode, both front and rear facing cameras thanks to the addition of ToF sensor

  5. Josue Flores Author

    If i buy a wide angle lense for my s9 could i achieve the effect you show at the beginning where the s10 view is zoomed out for vlogging? Thanks

  6. Bradford Jones Author

    This is like comparing a moped to a Corvette. They are not even the same thing. I'm sick of these RED vs. (Smartphone) videos. And this comparison isn't even an accurate depiction of what a RED can do. Half of the shots were blurry, either due to poor lens performance or missing focus, and just throwing a contrast boost on the RED footage is like throwing a little lemon into water and calling it lemonade. With a RED there is so much you can do to optimize your image. If anyone was considering making a film and they could afford a RED, there would be no reason whatsoever to even consider any cameraphone.

  7. Cергей Вернега Author

    Hey. Tell me, weddings with an iPhone, can I shoot or should I buy a Canon camera? Of course, I have a quadrocopter Inspire 2, I can put it on a tripod. Or, still, you can buy Canon separately, I don’t want to overpay again. I look forward to the answer 🙏🙏🙏

  8. WokeMegu Author

    1:17 if you turn off stabilization (which actually doesn't look that bad) you can increase the fov of the normal, telephoto (I think I only have an S10e) and wide-angle cameras for video

  9. Martin Kulik Author

    no point comparing s10+ when iphone has superior video…i have s9+ and that was the last samsung i bought, no more. looking forward to iphone 11 jumping from iphone 6 plus


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