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SANJU: Ranbir Kapoor to Munna Bhai – The Transformation | Rajkumar Hirani | In Cinemas Now

Munnabhai is one of my
favorite looks. It’s one of my favorite films. To play Sanjay Dutt, the star… plus a character like Munnabhai,
was a huge task! I don’t think I could ever create
such an iconic character. But it feels great that there
is a little part that I can emulate. Munnabhai has been
an important part of Sanju’s life. And in this film,
we had to talk about it. It was a very nostalgic journey for me. We were recreating the same scenes
we had shot 10 years ago. And to make Ranbir look like
Munnabhai was one of the tasks. This will become thinner. He’s looking puffed up now
but this is just the first trial. Because his eyes are a little sunk in,
we had to pull the prosthetics down. He had a bit of a droopy look
which was hard to do. If you see Munnabhai,
his face is not like this. It was more sunk in
and was fresher. Munnabhai as a character is a big man
with hard looks from the outside… but a softie from inside. Ranbir managed to get the physicality… but now he had to find the love-ability. There were so many look tests
that we’ve lost count. It must’ve been the 13th or… I’m not sure when
we actually got the final look right. What’s important is that
when you see it on screen… you won’t know what it took
to achieve this. You’ll only see the final result. Yes. This is it! We’d finally achieved the look. Now there was another
uphill task before us… How do I perform like Sanjay Dutt? Because I was playing Munnabhai
in the film, I can’t screw that up. That was such big baggage. I kept asking Raju sir,
how did Sanju sir approach it? Come up, smile and then wink. Playing Sanju was one thing and
playing Munnabhai was another. So he had to figure out
how Munnabhai walked. How he spoke to Circuit. How he was scared
of his father in the film. He also had to figure
how Sanju played Munnabhai. The amount of times I must have seen
Munnabhai and Lage Raho Munnabhai, I’ve lost count. I mean there are certain things
which help you… like the way Sanjay Dutt walks… I asked them to add a little height
to my shoes in the Munnabhai section… so that the swagger would come. I think those few minutes
of screen time that we have of the making of Munnabhai…
was a lot of fun. We used all the shots
that Sanju sir was in, and then replaced it
with my shots. So now when I see it,
I feel as though I was in the film. It’s quite crazy, quite surreal. Should a critical patient
have to fill out forms first? When Ranbir became
Munnabhai for this film, in my excitement,
I showed it to Sanju. Sanju’s immediate response was… “I hope I’m doing Munnabhai 3.” Did you know? There are 206 bones
in a human body. Really? We don’t even bother
when we break ’em. Do we? Superb!


  1. Justice For ALL Author

    sanjay dutt ka mu to bhot bhaari n dashing hai ranbeer kapoor ka mu itna ptla hai isliye ranbir ko y role suit nhi krta maybe someone like ranbir singh could have done it better

  2. Moon Light Author

    But why u want this Rabir the cheater heart breaker of deepika want to make him look like sanjay dutt?? Totpennnaa Rabirr

  3. karan Tanya Author

    munnna bhai mbbs 1
    munnna bhai mbbs 2
    munnna bhai mbbs 3

    munnna bhai mbbs 4

    Sanjay Dutt is a good actor 3GB chahiye chahiye chahiye. Ranbir Kapoor Mein Jaise Munna Bhai MBBS ka kirdar nibhaya bahut accha tha Mujhe Dekh Kar bahut accha laga iski part C part 4 part 5 Paani chahi mujhe bahut maza aayega aise hi chalate Raho Sanju bhaiya circuit Jo Arshad Warsi mujhe bahut accha laga mujhe bahut pasand Laga aise hi Krishna kahan se leke aate ho Rajkumar Hirani pahle 3 Idiots pk aur kya kya aap ne Banaye ab Sanju Mujhe 2 director Jyada Pasand Lagte Hain Anurag Kashyap Rajkumar Hirani actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui Sanjay Dutt Manoj Bajpai

  4. karan Tanya Author

    Meme Vele aato sahi hai mehnat to Dikhati Hai Itni mehnat picture Banane Mein Lagti Hai Hum Log Baithe Baithe Kaise sakte hain ki picture banana Aasan hai lekin Mushkil Sab Hai Har Kaam Aasan Nahi Hota Thodi Mushkil to hoti hai lekin Karte Karte Aisa Ho jata hai Sanju ko best of luck Aisi film Amanat chahiye bahut acchi hai watch now Gandhi image gane main 4 bar Sony

  5. मयूर नाईक Author

    Only Rajkumar Hirani can make a biopic of Yuvraj Singh and Ranbir will be the best person to play his role
    1) His childhood intense training
    2) his fathers dream to make him cricketer which lead to intense training harsh on him sometimes
    3) His emotional attachment with mother
    4) His u-19 wc win
    5)His entry to Indian Team
    6) winning Natwest ,ICC CT 2002 , 2003 wc, 2007 wc Debacle ,2007 world T 20
    7)Love hate relationship with MS
    8)winning World Cup and defeating cancer
    9) 2014 world T20 low
    10) Reentry into Indian Team
    11) Lovelife
    12) Alleged affairs and many more


    2 minute notice my comment
    Ye baat kis kis ne note ki k jo sanju m rubi ka baap hota hai wohi munna bhai me sanju yani sanjay dutt ka principal hota hai film industry waalo n nkte kiye bina movie bna di k rubi ka baap bhi wohi aur sanju ki movie m principal ka role krne wala bhi wohi 😂 😂

  7. uhjsd Author

    क्या होता अगर रणबीर कपूर का कोई फिल्मी बैकग्राउंड नहीं होता???

  8. Prafull Sinwal Author

    Bhai vo mere bhai ne builder ka murder kia hai so please rajkumar ji please help us clear his image and prove him to be a social worker by making a film on him………..nikal lavde chal madarchod

  9. Bittu bittu Author

    Sanju baba my favorite one online one Hero is the best Sanju baba I love Sanju 👍👍👍👌👌💕💞💕💞💕🌼💖❤🌸💕💞👌🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  10. Abhishek Sen Author

    Bollywood logo ko chutia banate rahenge. Glorifying karna tha to APJ abdul kalam ko karte, magar inko Sanju baba hi mila.
    I guess ab Rakhi Sawant ya Malikan sherawat baki hai. Sunny Leone ka bhi biopic bana dia. Kya bharat mei Mahan insan ka matlab kewal yeh log hai.


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