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Sankha Sindurer Dibbye | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Chiranjeet, Rituparna

Very disturbing. Please Master. Only this. I told you. I don’t work on loans. Yes. Did you get the medicines? Take the rest of the medicines tomorrow.
– Okay. Trust me uncle. My mother won’t survive
if I don’t take these medicines. So, what will I do? I will pay the amount
by tomorrow, uncle. Like you everyone say that
they will give the money by tomorrow. Then no one comes back. Did you understand? Now go. First bring the
money and then take the medicines. Please give me the medicines uncle. Doctor has said that mother won’t survive
if she doesn’t get the medicines. Very disturbing. Look. Look Mr. Ganguly. These problems in the morning. Why are you crying? Mother. My dear. Where is my dear? He has gone to bring your medicines,
daughter-in-law. You are healthy. Go to the market. Carry some materials,
earn some money and take the medicines. How long will it take? Did you understand these are excuses?
As much money can be saved. Correct. Mother!
– Don’t cry. Why isn’t he coming? I will check. Our father is calling me. Suku. Your father is calling me. I’ll go to him. Mother.
– You are late, dear. Mother. Daughter-in-law, see.
Your Suku has come. Look dear.
He has brought medicines for you. Mother, you’ll be fine
after taking this medicine. Where’s Pakhi? Pakhi. I hand over Pakhi to you dear. You don’t worry about Pakhi, mother. Pakhi will not be harmed mother. Mother, I’ll never let her be sad.
Will never let her be in sorrow. You just become fine.
You just become fine. Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother.
– Daughter-in-law. Mother. Mother. Mother, talk with me. Aunt, why are you not answering us? She won’t answer to anyone, dear. She has left us.
– Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. “Dead body gets burn on the pyres.” “Does everything end?” “Dead body gets burn on the pyres.” “Does everything end?” “The body filled with mother’s care.” “The body filled with mother’s care.” “It burns in the fire.” “Dead body gets burn on the pyres.” “Does everything end?” “Mother’s blessings
don’t turn into ashes.” “It is found in the way of life.” “Mother’s blessings
don’t turn into ashes.” “It is found in the way of life.” “Ever losing it.” “Ever losing it.” “It seems that it’s beside us.” “Dead body gets burn on the pyres.” “Does everything end?” “Sister gets brother’s love.” “Can it be burnt?” “Sister gets brother’s love.” “Can it be burnt?” “Blessing brother and
tying Rakhi band on hands.” “Blessing brother and
tying Rakhi band on hands.” “There’s no harm in that.” “Home filled with mother’s care.” “Home filled with mother’s care.” “After burning, it stays alive.” “It stays alive.” “It stays alive.” “It stays alive.” Pakhi. Here! The queen is having her
kingdom with her friends. And here this old woman is
tired of taking care of the family. Does anyone care for that? What’s the need of so much hard work? Bring a bride by getting
your grandson married. I won’t get a bride
before getting you out. You said so!
I won’t go. Why will you go? Then who will be naughty?
– You are correct. Understand Foni? That Suku. Suku has pampered her. Enemy. Enemy. All of them are my enemy from birth.
– You are correct. Foni.
– Yes. So what were you saying? I was saying my flowers.
– Yes. Pakhi, have you collected
all the flowers from Foni’s plants? She has kept no flowers for my prayers. Not a single flower. What? Why are you not answering? Has Foni ever spoken the truth? That I’ll answer him! Listen, aunt. Listen. She calls me a liar!
– What else? What else? Such a small plant. No care.
It will dry up after some days. Who will take the
flowers from that plant? After plucking all the flowers,
saying who has the desire! What did you say?
I have plucked all the flowers! I have plucked all the flowers! Why are you silent? Say. Reply. Why are you silent? Not all the flowers? Not all the flowers? Did you see, grandmother? See. Not all the flowers. I have helped you
by plucking the flowers. Why? You offer prayers
to this and that house. Never spell the entire chants. Isn’t it a sin?
You say. What? I am a sinner! The people around this
village respect Foni. And I am…! You make a judgment, aunt. Hey Pakhi, what have you
done at Goba’s house in the morning? Did this news also reach you,
grandmother? Who told you, grandmother? Goba? Or Goba’s mother? Anyone. What will you do with that? Didn’t you release the
Goba’s calf in the morning? They don’t let the calf drink
his mother’s milk, grandmother. Their calf. Let them do anything. Who are you to release him? What? Grandmother. You say not to harm helpless animals. Is the calf!
– Enough. Come home. You all go.
Go. Come. Come home. She has joined the children! Come. Come home quickly. Come. Why did you stop? Come. Come home quickly. What happened?
– Grandmother. What? On your head.
– What? Crow’s shit! What do you say? Oh God! I should take bath
at this time of the day! I am going. Pakhi. Pakhi, I am asking you to stop. Pakhi, don’t go. I’ll see you. You come back;
I will break this stick on you. I won’t come back. Oh my god! Naughty girl. What shall I do with this girl? What shall I do for those flowers? Go anywhere. I am dealing with my problems. Now you are saying,
what shall I do with the flowers! Hey! When did you come? How did you know, that I have come? By smell. Listen, I have sent Ratan to home.
He’s not well. Very good. Hey! Mustard oil is finished. Will bring in the evening. Your tea. Yes. This was needed at this time. How many postcards did you shared, Dinu? About 7. Why are you feeling low?
What’s the matter? Nothing. That fat Foni!
– Pakhi! What shall I tell you, Dinu? That Foni complained
to grandmother against me. And grandmother also the same. Scolded me before everyone. Then Pakhi’s respect is gone. Pakhi, you have returned,
does grandmother knows? I don’t know. Won’t grandmother be worried? Grandmother doesn’t care.
Grandmother doesn’t love me. Who said that grandmother
doesn’t love you? I know. Does your brother love you?
– What do you say Dinu? Some day you’ll ask,
Pakhi, does Dinu loves you? Pakhi! There’s a burning smell. Dinu! My cook! The cup. Look. She is gone. Pakhi, I have brought
a good book for you. What book, Dinu? English author’s books. Great author’s books. Story collection. But in Bengali. Why? Can’t I read English? You can. Who says that
our Pakhi doesn’t know English? Understand, Dinu?
– Yes. Grandmother is thinking
where did the girl go? What did you say? I said that I’ll bring your granddaughter
from the place where she has gone. Dinu. Dinu.
– What? I have thought much and decided
that I won’t stay anywhere. I’ll stay with you. You play so good instrument.
I’ll learn that from you. Then Dinu, this Suku master
will have no more responsibilities. But I am feeling sad for one thing. What is your sorrow, Suku? Pakhi will stay with me. Will study and cook. Will help me with my job. Then tying band aid.
She can do that well. Understand, Suku?
Pakhi will stay with me. Yes. Say Dinu. I’ll stay better here. Yes. Yes. That’s right Dinu. But who will give me tea in the morning? When I’ll go to school,
who’ll arrange my books, my food? Correct. But that I can manage. But who will take care
of me when I will have fever? Who’ll serve me every day? It won’t be good. Pakhi, Suku is not wrong. When you won’t stay there,
what’s the need of thinking this? Say. You’re correct, Dinu. What’s this? I am saying, what’s this? Joking with me. Dinu, you’re joking with me! Okay. Hey Pakhi. Pakhi listen.
– No, I’m leaving. Still childish. Yes. Dinu,
will you play a round of chess? Playing makes the mind restless. And WBCS exam is not easy. Do you know,
Dinu, sometimes I am very scared? Scared! For what? If I can’t score good marks! Is that a thing? My heart’s saying,
you’ll hold a good rank. But Suku,
I’m thinking one thing repeatedly. What? We have made a mistake.
– What? We should send Pakhi to college. What happened? Why did you stop, Dinu? Play it. Do you know Suku?
– Yes. What I think daily morning? What do you think, Dinu? How the sunlight touched our life! How did the birds start
singing in the dark caves? Don’t know how I became
alive after so many days? Wonderful. Wonderful Dinu. “Wash me.” “Hiding myself.” “Wash me.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” What Pakhi? Why are you singing softly? Sing loudly. You also sing, Dinu. No. You start. “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” “Hiding myself within this dirt.” “Wash me.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” “Hiding myself within this dirt.” “Wash me.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” “Who is tied to me
with the net of sleep?” “Today morning slowly on his forehead.” “Touch him the sunlight wand.” “In this world with the
sunlight and the morning breeze.” “Wash my heart with that wind.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” “Wash with the clear happiness.” “Wash the poverty and
worries of the heart.” “Wash with the clear happiness.” “Wash the poverty and
worries of the heart.” “In my heart the
sweet song is sleeping.” “That has no words,
rhythm, and no melody.” “Touch it with your happiness.” “In this world with the
sunlight and the morning breeze.” “Wash my heart with that wind.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” “Hiding myself within this dirt.” “Wash me.” “Wash with the fountain of sunlight.” Showers, means rainfall. What?
– Showers, means rainfall. Pakhi, listen we have
important discussion with you. F R E S H fresh means fresh. We have discussions.
– Fresh means fresh. Fresh means fresh.
– Pakhi. Look Mona, now I have become good. I am not going anywhere?
– What do you mean? I have promised Dinu and
brother that I’ll be a good girl. I won’t do any naughtiness.
So, no one will complain against me. No one will complain. Now only studies. Wow Pakhi. Wow.
You became good. And we were caught
to pluck guava for you. And you’re saying I have become good. And Ganesh! What? Ganesh has been caught! Yes he has been caught. Where?
– At Mr. Chakraborty’s garden. And not only that. Mr. Chakraborty has ordered that
he won’t release Ganesh till you go. What did you say?
He won’t release Ganesh until I go! What? Let’s go.
– No. Won’t leave. Let’s see how Mr.
Chakraborty doesn’t leave Ganesh. Come.
– Come. Come. Come. Don’t go inside!
– Don’t go inside! No. Don’t go inside! Don’t go inside! You tell them. Who’s there? No need of shouting! You! Who are you? Whoever. What will I do by knowing that? Why have you caught Ganesh? Why have you caught Ganesh? Oh! So you are the leader of this gang. But why didn’t you
answer to my question! Why Ganesh… I won’t clarify that to you. Do you know, it’s not right to
enter anyone’s home without permission? I can lock you! You’ll lock me! Do you know I have my partners with me? Is that so? I am the commander! Oh my god! She has come with commander. Mr. Datta.
– Yes. Then we will have to release the boy. You tell him that he should
not enter into my garden again. Okay sir. You seem like selfish giant. Selfish giant! You have read it? What’s there not to read? You are calling me selfish! What else? There are so many fruits in your garden. Some are shedding.
Some are rolling on the ground. And if we take one,
will it be a great disaster? What Datta uncle? You say. Wow! Now seeing, making Datta the witness. You are very courageous! Release Ganesh.
– Yes. Release Ganesh. Will I release him? If needed like Ganesh everyone will be! Locked! Who will lock us? Your people are imprisoned by my army. Imprisoned. You’ll eat fruits from my garden,
will destroy the flowers. And will scold me! I’ll show you! What will you do? You will go. Then we will eat everything
from your garden happily. Will you come to see? Do you know what this is? As if I’m seeing this
for the first time. That’s gun. Will you have it happily!
I will show you. He’ll shoot you. Run. Mr. Datta, the girl is very interesting.
– Yes. But she’s running. Catch her. Madhab, Shambhu! You go. Nothing will happen by you. I’ll show her. Catch. Come by that side. Hurry up! Hurry up! Listen. Come. Listen to the story of Mr. Chakraborty. At last he slipped and fell. My leg. Look.
– That was good. Listen to the story of Mr. Chakraborty. At last he slipped and fell. Slowly. Don’t pull me. Slowly. Wait. I’m seeing. Let me see. You knee is injured! What’s the need of running?
– You are correct. Haven’t you grown old? Data uncle, what are you seeing?
Pull the man up. Hold me. What are you seeing? Help him. Slow. Oh my god. No worry, Mr. Chakraborty. No worry.
There’s a twist. But be careful. Full rest for some days. Injury in the old age.
– Yes. Doctor, the medicines. You’ll get everything at Ganja’s shop. Everything is written when
and what will have to be taken. I am writing 2 medicines. Give that every alternate hour. Take this. Get these medicines. Okay. Who put tamarind? Pakhi? Very good. You’ll get relief from the pain. I’m keeping the medicines.
– Okay. Bye Mr. Chakraborty.
– Yes. Bye. Give the bag. Inform me day after tomorrow how’s he. You be careful.
– Okay. I won’t have these medicines. Take the medicines.
– No. I won’t. What was the need of running after us? If you hadn’t chased us,
then this wouldn’t happen. Have this.
– No. I won’t. Mr. Datta. Madhab Singh. Harihar. Shout as much as you can. But don’t try to get up. Doctor has restricted you from moving. Will you remember?
– Okay. The medicine… My studies! Dinu! Will scold me very much.
Dinu, my studies… Take the medicines. Yes, I’ll have it.
– I’ll have to run. Oh my god! Dinu. Dinu. Dinu. You are very angry upon me! What shall I do? Bhola and Ganesh called me. I didn’t want to go. I.. What happened, I’m calling you,
why aren’t you responding? Pakhi, give the keys. I am late. No. I won’t give you. Will people return from the shop? I have seen. Ratan is at the shop. Dinu. It’s my mistake. I’m holding my ears. I’ll go after preparing your home work. Good you understand mistakes. Give the keys. My god! You are very angry. Your, brother, grandmother!
And all anger upon me! Do you know why do
we get angry upon you? For your well being.
– For well being. You were saying that you are late. Go. Yes. I am going. Go.
– Going. Go. Hail to Goddess Durga. Pakhi.
Pakhi is coming. Pakhi, won’t you play with us? Do I have time to play? I have grown up. I have grown up! Wait! What’s your name? Pakhi. You have started staying in the house. Coming and going in the
name of visiting the patient! So what did you take? What are you saying?
– You can’t understand. Is that so? I am leaving. Yes you’ll go. When I have come you’ll have to go. But before going, listen to one thing. I should never see
you in this house again. Yes. You have taken
care for so many days. So you can expect something for that. Take this. Take it. Oh! Isn’t it enough? Do you want more? Take this. Come on. Are you satisfied now? Listen. I don’t have
the time to bargain with you. Either take it or go away from here. Pakhi. What Pakhi? Why are you standing
over there like that? Are you angry? On whom are you angry? Grandmother, Suku or me? Say something. Pakhi. Tears in your eyes? You are crying! Say Pakhi. Say. Tell me. What has happened? Nothing. Tell me, what has happened? Where have you been? Who told you? Tell me. I went to Harideb Chakraborty’s place. So you went. So what? She insulted me, Dinu. She wanted to give me money. Whatever I have done is for money! You tell me, Dinu. What is the happiness
in insulting another person? Whatever I do,
is that for getting return Dinu. No Pakhi, no. Some people think that this
world is tied on selfishness. They don’t know that
money can’t buy love. At no cost. So they have problems. They still don’t know that love,
care, respect.. not removed from this world yet. And so the world is still going on. Man, believes in culture.
Man loves each other. Respect them. Is this Sukumar’s house? Isn’t it? Yes. But you! You’re Pakhi’s grandmother!
– Yes. But I couldn’t recognize you. I am Mohitosh. Mohitosh Chakraborty. Oh! Yes. I have heard a lot about you from Pakhi. Where’s Pakhi? Sukumar? Suku!
– Yes. Suku dear.
– Coming. Look who has come. You!
– Yes. Me. Sukumar, I can’t see Pakhi. Why? I want to tell you
my decision before leaving. Actually I want to make
Pakhi my daughter-in-law.. getting her married
to my second elder son Sajal. I want your acceptance in the matter. Daughter-in-law! This is our good luck. What shall I tell about this? What Suku will decide, that’ll happen. He’s not only Pakhi’s brother.
Also a father. But I was saying that there’s
a great difference between you and me. You say that by wealth
or social establishment! There this marriage is impossible. My belief! If Pakhi is under any challenge,
she won’t break down. Sukumar.
Sukumar, don’t deny to this dear. But there’s an opinion
of Pakhi in this marriage. Pakhi won’t deny to
this marriage. I know. Brother. I don’t want to marry. You deny! No. You know well how to
hurt people with the pride of money. Yes. I know. I know Surama’s behavior
with you cannot forgive. So I apologize in place of Surama, dear. No. Don’t increase my guilt. Where there’s no comparison in status,
there’s no value of friendship. I have come to make
you the winner, dear. I don’t want. I don’t want to win. Don’t drag me in your game. Let me stay like myself. Let me stay like myself.
– Pakhi. Sukumar! Wait. I am very greedy. Poor in case of love and care. So don’t like to wait. I want to bless my
daughter-in-law today. Wait. I’ll inform the marriage
date soon after going to Kolkata. You don’t know about the boy. You agreed to Mr.
Chakraborty’s proposal! No. I can’t accept this. You even didn’t tell me.
– What shall I do Dinu? It was such a situation. I’ll come to you or will call you!
I couldn’t do anything. And Mr. Chakraborty’s son, so!
– You accepted. Can son be like his father? And he’s modern boy.
His lifestyle is different. And can you guarantee that
Pakhi can adjust with his life? It was such a situation! At that time! No. When you have promised,
you can’t take it back. Suku, do you know why I became restless
after hearing about Pakhi’s marriage? I used to dream about her. I wanted to grow her up on my own. I wanted to find a boy whose
mentality will match with her.. ..and will get her married.
– Dinu. But god didn’t want that. Anyways, whatever has
happened must be for good. Now I only pray to god
for the happiness of Pakhi. Let my Pakhi become very happy! Happiness! Father all the happiness is not same. I have a social prestige. After knowing everything
you promised them. For whom? For me! Sajal, I am telling
you with my experience. You’ll be happy. Sorry father whom you
think to be very good.. ..she might not be that good to me. I am your father. No father wants to harm his son. I have liked this
girl as god’s blessings. My heart says that the girl
will make you, me and everyone happy. Rubbish! Father this age is not of emotions.
It’s of logic. And whom you have selected for me.. ..neither can I bring her in
the society not can she adjusts with us. One day our lives will turn bad. And what does the girl has? Can she? Can she compete
with our society’s girls? Don’t remain silent. Answer me, father. Answer me. I am not given you answer this question. But in your club, society the girls
with enamel I mean your girlfriends! She’s much better than these girls. Pakhi is a simple, good complete human. A pure diamond. Sorry father I can’t
accept your pure diamond. Hey listen. When Sajal deny to this marriage,
you inform them with a letter. That no one wants
this marriage to happen. And you’ll pay the cost
for her marriage somewhere else. You are correct.
You have said my mind’s words. Surama, don’t forget that
there’s blue blood running inside me. Mohitosh Chakraborty has never
broken his promise. And won’t do today. Listen Sajal.. ..if you don’t want to
marry to the girl of my choice.. ..then I’ll remove you
from your share of property. Sakti, it’s good that you’re here. Mita.. ..father has arranged
my marriage at village. No. This can’t happen. I can’t live without you. I’ll have to commit suicide
if I have to live without you. Relax Modhu, relax. Problem can’t be solved
by shedding tears. And will Mr. Sajal let you shed tears? No he won’t. Father has informed that.. ..he will remove me from his property.. ..if I don’t marry to his chosen girl. But Mita.. life is incomplete without you. Mita, you don’t worry. I have good earnings. We will have a different family. Let there be no luxury.
But there will be peace. Hough there’s no wealth,
there’ll be love. Mita, I will need nothing
if you are with me. Just you say that you’ll stay beside me. Say Mita. Say. But Mr. Sajal, being Madhumita’s
guardian I’ve only one thing to say. Where you’ll stay that will be her home,
her heaven. But I am practical. How long will love remove
the shortage and poverty? And how long will you live
in happy heaven removing the need? Forever. Don’t forget Lahiri.
I am a Bengali girl. No one is above my husband. But Madhu, on the one side Mr.
Sajal’s club, party, friends. And your standard of
living on the other side. And for time being you will accept
a simple life with the power of love. But can you accept it from heart? What Mr. Sajal, what do you think? Oh Madhu,
suddenly I found my purse empty. What? How much will you need? 500 will be enough. Sajal, give 500 rupees. No. No. Leave it. At this time. Keep this. 500 rupees! Mr. Supriyo,
you are much more practical than us. How’ll we tackle this situation?
How’ll we manage? Hat situation are you talking about? Village! Father’s decision! My marriage. These.
– Oh, please. Oh Lahiri, please think something.
Think something seriously. Problem is very hard. One minute. Wait. Let me think. I have got it.
– What? Mr. Sajal,
you’ll have to marry that girl. No never.
– Impossible. Please Mr. Sajal. Don’t be so excited. Listen to my plan properly. What plan?
– What? Say the plan. I have got such a plan that the snake
will die but the stick won’t break. Sajal, what are you saying? I am saying after much thinking, mother. Tell father that I am
ready to marry that girl. I quarreled with your father. Now you’ll marry that
stupid village girl. Yes mother. I’ll do. Oh dear. Are you joking with me?
– No, mother. I’ll marry that girl. Let me inform you one thing. Not only tonight, there’ll
be no relationship with you in future. Why? Didn’t you accept this marriage? My father. He’s the head of this family. When he has selected you,
my opinion is not important. What are you saying? I am telling truth. Though you can achieve the social
status, but you’ll never get my heart. Whatever pain,
father gave me by getting me married! I’ll hurt my father
100 times more than that. Please. Do anything with me. I’ll do whatever you’ll ask me. But don’t hurt your father, Mr. Sajal. Don’t hurt your father. I don’t want to do anything
for which father will be sad. But if you help me. What will I have to do? A small contract.
You’ll have to accept the contract. Contract!
– Yes contract. Contract for only a year. Why for a year? Because father can understand
his mistake within this. He can understand whom he
has brought as his daughter-in-law.. ..without my opinion! She’s not appropriate for this society. And I can never be happy with her. And so.. And so the marriage
is just a drama to me. Drama! Why? What was my fault, Mr. Sajal that
I’ll will get such a great punishment? I was happy, Mr. Sajal. Where did you bring me? Say. Don’t remain silent, Mr. Sajal. Say. Say Mr. Sajal. Answer me. Tell me Mr. Sajal. There’s no value to this, now. I know I am making a mistake for you. I’m sorry. But this is the only
way to challenge my father. Now what do you want? Father’s pain or a drama
of our happy married life? I accepted your contract. I accept your condition. Then let us begin our
drama of happy married life. From today I am your
partner for playing. Father.
– Come dear. Come. So you! Sister was bringing it. From her hand I! Okay. Hey. It’s okay. Hey wake up.
Daughter-in-law has brought tea. Let me sleep peacefully. Who are you dear? Did you see your elder daughter-in-law? When she saw another bride at home,
she started being lazy. Your anger began after waking up! I’ll say that. I can’t lie like your
beloved elder daughter-in-law. Anger! Okay. Fine. I don’t like much respect. I can’t tolerate that. While coming,
brother and grandmother told me.. greet elder people
in the morning daily. So! That’s good. Let’s see how long this respect stays. Good thing. Cover the tea on the table. I am coming after washing my face. Pakhi.. All the desire of people
doesn’t get fulfilled. Don’t be sad. See. I am telling you
that you’ll be happy one day. Yes dear. Subho. I’ll talk to you, there’s no way out. People are roaming around. What do you want to say, say it. I was saying you
have 2 daughters-in-law. Give them the responsibility
of the servants on them. Will give the responsibility!
– Yes. Will give the responsibility! What are you saying mother? I’ll give them the responsibility
of such a large family on them! Yes. I am your mother. Listen to me. It will save the expense of 2 people. It’ll be saved! Mother.
– Govinda. Mother. Mother. Mother. Wow! With the blessing of mother Lakshmi,
I can feed 10 more people. You have grown old.
You are at last stage. If you stop thinking about the
family and take the name of Govinda. Then at least you
could go to the heaven. Bye. Remember the thing. Where are you going?
Won’t you eat? Food! I am full after hearing your discussion. Saving a man’s food for a day,
is it less Surama? Let me arrange your food then. Then your stomach will remain cool. Then your head will remain cool. And then you can easily
give her bad advice. Lord Govinda. Lord Govinda. Lord Govinda. Lord Govinda. What? Why are you sitting quietly? Go. Stop him. I have told her many times, sister. I couldn’t convince him. You will convince him
with the power of your right. I have requested him many times. What? You have requested. But never showed your right. Listen sister, I am telling you. If there’s any anger in your mind,
remove that. Go there with the power of your
relationship, with the power of your right. But stop him. Come on. Listen. Good girl. Listen to me. Don’t let brother-in-law go like this. Go. I am telling you, go. Go. Go. What happened? Why are you stopping my way? You can’t leave without having meal. What do you mean?
I have said that I won’t eat. There can be no more discussions. It can. That is my words. I was just reminding you. What do you want to say? Mr. Sajal,
have you forgotten our contract? Contract!
– Yes contract. Do you want to get a scratch on
the picture of our happy married life? Or else?
– Okay. Brick upon brick,
among them people are small. There’s no love. No care. What new sister-in-law,
what were you staring at? These multi storey buildings or the
plants planted by your brother-in-law? Nothing. Then? Sky. Do you know brother-in-law.. ..I saw the sky for the first
time after coming to this home. Open sky. Green field. Red road. The river bank. Trust me. You seem like
a storm in this lifeless home. Don’t laugh. See, one day everything
will change by this storm. Yes. Take this. Hold. What’s this? Tea? I can’t make 5 cups repeatedly.
That’s why. I am leaving, brother-in-law. Listen. Are you searching for someone? Mr. Lahiri. They have left some days early. They have gone! Can you say where have they gone? I can’t say that. They didn’t meet people much. But we could know about their
original business after they left. Actually many people like
you are coming to find them. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.” “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.” “Rubbish.” “I will die in your love.
– Really!” “1 2 3 4 5 6 7.
I will die in your love.” “Telling you love you.” “Telling you love you.” “I will spend my entire day.” “Go. Don’t lie anymore.” “I don’t trust you anymore.” “Go. Don’t lie anymore.
I don’t trust you anymore.” “I die by thinking about
you for the entire day.” “I die by thinking about
you for the entire day.” “I die in your love.” “I don’t like to be alone at home.” “I am not satisfied by
only seeing your pictures.” “I don’t like to be alone at home.” “I am not satisfied by
only seeing your pictures.” “When will I go to your home?
When will I become yours?” “Tell me.” “1 and 1 is 2 and 2 and 1 is 3.” “Let’s move the body.” “There’s more. 2 and 2 is 4.” “Don’t worry anymore.” “Will forget you if you stay beside me’. “I get you in life.” “Will forget you if you stay beside me’. “I get you in life.” “Will stay together
in happy and sad days.” “Will make you mine with love.” “Listen.” “1 2 3 4 5 6 7. I will die in your love. “Telling you love you.
– Really?” “Telling you love you.” “I will spend my entire day.” Are you going to your maternal home? Mother! You! Sit. Yes I’ll sit. I came to tell you something important.
– Say it. Sajal can’t sleep anywhere. Don’t disturb him any time. Another thing. Let us discuss openly. What do you say? I mean you can’t keep any
relationship with your maternal home. Your brother is too much sister lover. He should not come anytime for you! There’s a proverb.
Characterless in poverty. So I was saying,
it’s better if he doesn’t come. Mother, insult me as much as you can. But don’t insult my brother. Please don’t insult my brother. When you have so much
love for your brother.. ..then you couldn’t have married,
grand daughter-in-law. Oh! Did your brother give this sari? Grandmother. Why are you angry? Sister-in-law’s brother
works in a village school. How much does he earn? Our driver gets more than that. Isn’t that mother. He has given this
according to his standard. What’s his fault? Wow! Wow! You have so good judgment, Tinku. Mother, what do you get by behaving
like this with a simple good girl? Are you human? Hey! Did I give him birth? Mother. Enemy. I don’t whether I am your enemy or not. But I have understood one thing.. ..that girls are the greatest
enemy of another girl. Mother, one day you had also
come as a new bride to this home. Yes. I had come. But I was not a greedy girl like her. What you were! Your words prove that. My grandmother, I mean your mother. Ask her to stop interfering
in other’s family. The mother who interferes in her
daughter’s family, give bad opinions! That family can never be happy, mother.
Never be happy. That family ruins. What? Today your mother,
grandmother all became outsiders to you? That village wild girl became your own! You insulted me for that stupid girl! Okay. Let your father come today. I will make a decision. Yes. I also want that mother.
I also want that. Another thing. Stupid,
village, and wild whatever she is. New sister-in-law
didn’t come by herself. Father has brought her with
the dignity of daughter-in-law. So you, grandmother, Tinku!
No one has the right to insult her. Brother. Unlucky girl! After entering, you ruined the family! Mother, forgive me. I am apologizing on
behalf of brother-in-law. Trust me.
– It’s okay. Leave my feet.
Don’t have to act anymore. You made a mother insult by a son.
What can be worse than this? Alakshmi. No. May I come in sir?
– Come in. Have you called me?
– Yes. Sit. Thank you, sir. You have made such a mistake
that has no forgiveness. Mistake!
I can’t understand. You have married without informing us.
Isn’t this a mistake? Actually I had to marry
in such a situation that! Hmmm. I understand. But you can’t bluff with us. Next Saturday, throw a party and let
us enjoy your marriage ceremony. Okay? What’s the matter?
You are not ready yet. Is this your order or request,
Mr. Sajal? Neither order. Nor a request. I am saying this with
the right of our relationship. Right? What right? Right on whom? Right of which relationship? Where the whole matter
is based on a contract! There’s no question of right, Mr. Sajal. There’s only deal. Damn your deal! Everyone is expecting you in the party.
Don’t be late. Why can’t we see anyone?
Where is everyone? There. Take it.
– No. No. No more. Sajal! Sir! You!
Come. Come in. No. Wait. Let me see. Wow! Great atmosphere. But where’s the person
for whom this party is? Pakhi! Pakhi is inside, Sir.
She will come soon. Then you talk. Let me go inside. Shall I take you?
– No. You’ll stay here. So many guests will come.
You’ll have to receive them. And she alone can go. What? Can’t you? Come. Sir, my wife. Wow! Very pretty face! Sir, she also sings well.
We have heard from Sajal. No. Nothing like that sir. You were saying to meet mother! It will be. That’ll happen. Before that Rajat’s
words should be tested. I won’t move without listening to the
sweet song from the pretty faced lady. Sir, in this case, our vote is for you. I am telling you, dear. You sing. Sing dear. Sing. “I know I am your desirable
partner for playing.” “I know I am the
wax lamp in your court.” “I am your desirable
partner for playing.” “I know I am the
wax lamp in your court.” “I am yours…” “Though I ask you to own me.” “I notice that you hurt me repeatedly.” “Between that I play with
you to fin the happiness.” “I know I am the
wax lamp in your court.” “I am yours…” “I go to you with hope.” “But there are only tears in my heart.” “I will stay in your
expectation for the entire day.” “I know I am the
wax lamp in your court.” “I am your desirable
partner for playing.” “I know I am the
wax lamp in your court.” “I am your desirable
partner for playing.” Whom will you give this? Mother! Mr. Sukumar has come. Mr. Sukumar!
Means daughter-in-law’s brother. Brother, how’s grandmother? Ganesh, Bhola and Dinu? Fine. Everyone is good. So how are you, Pakhi? I… I am fine. Do you know Pakhi? I had a doubt. I was worried that whether
you can adjust to this environment. But today I am happy after seeing you. Daughter-in-law. When did you come, dear? It’s okay. So suddenly, why dear? Actually I couldn’t
come since a long time. Your sister! Your sister is very stubborn.
Argue too much. Sometimes I think of
sending her to your place. Then think what will happen with that? Who’ll teach her? And besides,
there’s so bad condition for maids. So will you leave right now? Or else you’ll be late
to reach your village. Let me go. I have much work. Okay. Dear. Bye. Come again. I think it would be
better if I hadn’t come. I would know that
my Pakhi is very happy. I didn’t imagine that
your happiness is so cruel! Your life… I ruined your life, Pakhi. I ruined it. Pakhi! Brother, did I know that.. brother will have to
be insulted like this in my in-laws. Brother, you promise me that
you’ll never come to this home. Promise me that you’ll
never come to this home. If you ever come, come with pride. You touch my head and promise me,
brother. You’ll never come to this house. You’ll never come to this house. What will I say Dinu? What will I say? So much caring. Pakhi’s mother-in-law.
– Say. She fed me with care. Trust me Dinu,
I have never seen so much food. Yes. Though I said I can’t eat,
who listens to whom. Sometimes gives this. Again that. She said that you’re my relative. Won’t we be blamed
if can’t feed you properly? And above that you’re Pakhi’s brother. Our daughter-in-law’s brother. Trust me. I didn’t want to return. It will happen. Such a big house! Such broad minded! Oh Dinu.
– Yes. Sit. Let me bring tea
and snacks for you. Sit. Grandmother,
give tea and snacks to Suku also. Aren’t you hungry? Dinu, no actually. Look Suku you can fool grandmother. But you can’t fool Dinu’s eyes. Now say, how’s Pakhi? She’s fine. I said that she’s fine. Lie! You’re lying! If everything is true, then
why did you stammered while speaking? Why did your eyes filled with tears? Hey! What are you hiding from me? Tell me. Tell me how’s Pakhi? Our Pakhi is not fine Dinu.
Our Pakhi is not fine. Our Pakhi is not fine. Whatever I said till now, everything
is false. Everything is false. Our Pakhi is not fine! Our Pakhi is not fine? No. No. This can’t happen. This can’t go on. Dinu. I’ll go. I’ll go to Kolkata. Hey Sajal,
the man going inside your home! Do you know him? My wife’s village related brother. Brother! Isn’t he Dinu Mukherjee? Why? Do you know him? Is it possible without
knowing such a great man? What’s the matter, Bikash? Come. I will tell you while going. Get up. How’s you Dinu?
– Fine. Came suddenly. Didn’t see you for a long time. Good. So where’s Sajal? He left sometime before. Pakhi, what have you become? Leave me. Tell me how you are. No. Answer to my question.
Tell me. I said that I am fine. No. Pakhi, you’re not fine. Why are you hiding from me?
Why are you lying to me? What have they thought? The Lakshmi who should be taken care of!
Treating her like this! So much insult! I’ll talk to Sajal regarding this.
No. I’ll talk about this. No! Dinu no. You’ll never discuss about this. What are you saying? I am correct. The person who sleeps remaining awake.
Can he be woken up? Pakhi, what are you saying? I am correct Dinu. This will insult my womanhood. It will insult my womanhood. It will insult my womanhood. Look at me, Pakhi. Dinu. Dinu. Look at me. Face up. Say Dinu. Say. Why did this happen?
Why did this happen? I don’t know. I have tried to calculate
this many times. But didn’t get any respond. Do you know Pakhi,
if I have done some good works! I am always praying to god! For that well being, keep my Pakhi good. Keep my Pakhi happy. Dinu. I don’t need anything more. I don’t need anything more. I am leaving now. Dinu. Wipe your tears. I can’t go seeing your tears.
– Dinu! I am leaving. No Dinu, not going. Say will come back. Yes. Will come back. Dinu. Will be back. I have called you for
a special matter, Sajal. Say sir. There the demand for
our product in some places. You’ll have to go there. You’ll have to do market survey. Firstly the target places!
Their list is in this file. In every matter,
your decision is the final decision. When will I have to go sir? Coming Friday. See. There are 2 tickets. 2 tickets! Is someone else going with me, sir? Hmmm. Your wife. What do you mean? There’s no meaning in it, Sajal. You didn’t go for honeymoon. Go. Enjoy. Okay sir. I am leaving. All the best. “Throw the nets.” “Throw the nets.
Catch. If the fishes run away.” “Dance by drowning
in the young age water.” “Dance by drowning.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “The waves arise in
my heart all the time.” “The waves arise in
my heart all the time.” “My heart is dragged up from the water.
My heart is dragged up.” “My heart is dragged up from the water.
My heart is dragged up.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “Oh girl.” “Oh girl.” “The moonlight falls
on her and her body sparkles.” “The moonlight falls
on her and her body sparkles.” “There’s flood of beauty. Oh mermaid!” “How can I explain to you?
What my eyes see. What my eyes see.” “How can I explain to you?
What my eyes see. What my eyes see.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “Oh partner.” “Oh partner.” “I stay in the deep water.” “I keep information of your pranks.” “I stay in the deep water.” “I keep information of your pranks.” “I know your plan. You’ll lock me.” “If I come to the land leaving
the water, will die. I will die.” “If I come to the land leaving
the water, will die. I will die.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “It’s not in my fate
to be trapped in your net.” “The picture of happiness
is removed with the pain in heart.” “It’s not in my fate
to be trapped in your net.” “The picture of happiness
is removed with the pain in heart.” “I got drowned in the deep water.
Lost everything.” “I got drowned in the deep water.
Lost everything.” “The man drags up my heart
by throwing net. Drags up my heart.” “The man drags up my heart
by throwing net. Drags up my heart.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” “There are so many colors of water.” “Like my mind.” Oh dear Dinu! Head sir.
Sukumar’s grandmother has come. I heard her voice! But grandmother in the noon! Dinu.
– Grandmother. Come sit. I came to collect information.
– What information? Did any letter come from Pakhi? No grandmother.
No letter came from Pakhi. But you didn’t do well by
walking the road under this sunlight! You are old enough! If you fall sick! You are there for that. No. I am not there. I am not there. If someone falls ill intentionally,
I don’t do their treatment. No. Suku didn’t do it good. He sent you without coming himself. No. Suku doesn’t know that I have come here. No. The boy is silent for some days. He’s thinking something. Doesn’t answer to my question. Why will he answer? I have grown old.
No I am in the group of extra. But yes. Once he said that he’ll go to Kolkata. He has some works. There’s news that your
grandson will get a job. High salary. But will have to leave the village.
He’s not ready. I explained to him and convinced him. But he’ll also take
you after getting the job. Then you’ll get your grandson married. Suku will have children. You’ll have a great family. Grandmother. Grandmother, what are you thinking? He’ll go. Suku will leave this village! If he wants to go, let he go. I won’t stop him. But Dinu. I have relationship
with this village. I can’t go anywhere
leaving this village. Suku’s father, grandfather
has passed away in this village. I can’t go anywhere. Let Suku stay or not. I have a request to you. Put fire on my pyres. Put fire in my pyres. Letter! Labhpur! Brother’s letter! Dear sister Pakhi. The day I went to Kolkata, I went for
an interview in the government school. I couldn’t tell you. I got the job. Good salary. But Dinu is behind everything. I am going to North Bengal. Brother. Brother.
– What? Will you take me to
Kolkata after you get a job? I will take you. Now give me the book. No. I won’t give. First say what will you give
me after getting the first salary? What shall I give
you after getting salary? Say. Yes. I got it.
– What? I’ll get you a good husband. I don’t want that. Then what do you want? Yes. What do I want? What do I want? Yes. I want a sister-in-law.
– Sister-in-law! Yes. You’ll give me. Now give me the book. Brother! You have got a job! Be happy. Daughter-in-law. Coming, mother. Why did you stop? The gossip was good!
You’ll have to go home. Rubbish! Are you angry? No not angry.
– Then? But I don’t like your
middle class mentality. Bunty! Do you know what I feel? You always try to
be that what you’re not. Yes. You have been said. Will you go somewhere? Where?
– At my home. Parents are in a party.
Will return lately. No.
– Why? I am afraid. Again the same thing, Tinku.
I am afraid. Come on Tinku. Enjoy life. Enjoy. Learn to enjoy the night. Why are you saying like that? Why are you showing me greed?
Please Bunty. Please. I am really scared now. Why are you laughing? You’re completely a child. Completely child! I am child! No. You’re a child. Oh! I am a child! Bunty. Bunty. Suru! What has happened? What has happened dear?
– Nothing has happened. Tinku! Where’s Tinku? You could see her if she had come. Surama, where’s Tinku? Is Tinku a village girl
that she’ll stay in the house? Neelkantha. Neelkantha.
– Coming. Someone has called me. Hey! Why are you moving? Can’t you stand straight? Why are you speaking rudely? Can’t you talk sweetly? I become confused! Answer to my questions. Where’s Tinku? Tinku! Who Tinku? Oh! Baby! You should always stay with her. Oh brother-in-law,
I always want to stay with Baby! But she sends me forcefully. Why? Wow! With her Bunty. Bunty! Who’s Bunty? You don’t know Bunty! I am ashamed of telling that. Neelkantha. I am telling. Bunty is Baby’s boyfriend. They love me very much. They feed me Fuchka,
ice cream and many more. Go from here. Go. Shall I go? Okay. Good night brother-in-law. Go. Father, you sit. Don’t get up without eating. Your grandmother doesn’t
want that I should eat peacefully. What is that, dear? My daughter is becoming
skinny by thinking about you. If it was!
– What would happen? Would leave me! There’s only one place to go. Gurudeb’s temple.
So go. Listen to me. I won’t stop you.
– Father. Though I get food or not.
I will beg food. But won’t eat rice of this place. Never. You are correct. You’re correct mother. No more tolerating this insult. I don’t like. Pakhi. Your life is ruined for me, dear. What did you by get staying here? Insult. Avoidance. I have thought about it dear. This can’t happen. Now you’ll have to
change your impersonation. You will have to start your journey
again leaving behind the old days. Yes.
– How father? You’ll have to be one
of them in the high society. By seeing whom everyone will be shocked. No father. No. I can’t do that. You’ll have to be. Pakhi can’t lose. And if you lose that will be my defeat. I am scared. I am scared. Scared! For what? I am there. You have to win. And this is my challenge. Hello. Yes sir. I am Soumya. Yes say. Yes. Fantastic idea sir. Yes we will have to choose
a right person for this. And we need to put
advertisement in the newspaper. Listen. I have a request. No one should know this. Why request, sir?
Order me. Sir, what you have done for me! Leave it. I’ll go to club in the evening.
You stay there. I have some discussions. Okay sir. I’ll stay. May I come in sir? Yes. What do you want? Interview sir. Interview! But there was a time written on it. Sorry sir. How will I believe that
she will come in time for work.. ..when she comes lately for interview? No. No sir. Trust me sir,
aunt’s sickness while coming. That’s why I take her hospital. I was coming when Karim
uncle will send money. Had to sign for money order. Do you know what happened, then? In the bus stand, bus conductor said.
Do you know what he said? Don’t come by this bus.
Come by the next bus. It’s crowded. Then auto. From that to bus. Then to tram. Then in jam.
Then walking and then running. Then pushing.
– Enough. Okay. Oh really! You don’t have to say anymore. Why sir?
– You sit. Thank you, sir. Sir, not you. Please. You sir. But… No. My interview! What’s your name? Sukti. Sukti Mukherjee Sir. Sorry Sukti. I need an aged woman. I mean your age!
How can you do this at your age? I! I can do this sir. I need this job. Very urgent. I understood. The problem is!
– The age sir! Yes. Exactly. No problem sir. No problem. No problem!
– No problem. Sir, if you give me one minute sir. I’ll just go and come. Please sir.
– One minute. One minute.
– Okay. Thank you sir. Where’s my student? You! I mean you! Will it be okay sir? No. No. This much age is not needed.
I didn’t want this much age. Oh! You didn’t want!
– No. Oh! One minute sir. One minute! Look. Now will it be okay? Yes. It will be fine. Yes. It will be fine. Will it be okay, sir?
– Yes. Listen. I want to make my
daughter-in-law modern. I mean by talking, behavior. So it’s required
to learn some languages. You mean language, sir?
– Yes. Right sir. Our office is very good. You know Odiya? Your office is very good. Wow! You know Punjabi as well. What’s this?
– This is Chinese. Chinese! I can say this in Japanese!
– Enough! 2 languages will be enough. And do you know? Dance is
essential to survive in the society. Sir, you have said my mind’s words. One minute sir. Again one minute! No. Not this. Stop this. Not this, sir! No. I understood sir. One minute. Again! “My anklet makes sound.” “My anklet makes sound.” “I’ll come to you.
I’ll stay in your breath.” “I’ll come to you.
I’ll stay in your breath.” “Will take your sleep.” Wonderful. Wonderful. Yes. This one. Then my job, sir! First class! Sure?
– Yes. It will happen.
– When? But I have a condition with you. Condition! What condition, sir! No one should know that
you’re doing this work. Oh! This condition! No one will know, sir. No one will know. And Pakhi.
– Pakhi! I mean my daughter-in-law! Oh daughter-in-law, Pakhi. You’ll have to teach daughter-in-law.. ..Pakhi in such a manner that she
should be appropriate for the society. You don’t have to think about that. Everything will be fine. My son Sajal! He should be attracted. He should be attracted. Don’t worry sir. I’ll try my best.
– Yes. Then?
– I told you! Sure?
– Sure. Then shall I leave sir?
– Yes. Bye.
– The condition. You should remember that. I have got. Ladies and gentleman.. Miss Liza, the dream
girl of Hong Kong will come before you. “Recognizing human.” “‘Is not easy.” “Knowing life.” “Is not easy.” “Recognizing human.” “‘Is not easy.” “Knowing life.” “Is not easy.” “Asking for love.” “Getting love in return.” “Asking for love.” “Getting love in return.” “What is the easiest thing?” “This can’t be identified.” “This can’t be identified.” “Recognizing human.” “‘Is not easy.” “Knowing life.” “Is not easy.” “First seeing her sweetness.” “Who knows the face behind the mask?” “First seeing her sweetness.” “Who knows the face behind the mask?” “Getting this in life.” “It should be understood.” “This can’t be identified.” “This can’t be identified.” “Recognizing human.” “‘Is not easy.” “Knowing life.” “Is not easy.” “I have dressed like the queen.” “This is the beginning of the game.” “I have dressed like the queen.” “This is the beginning of the game.” “Will win the game.” “By matching the color this time.” “This can’t be identified.” “This can’t be identified.” Pakhi. Sajal will come closer to
you in the pain of not getting Liza. I know father. I know. But getting husband in a disguise.
This is very shameful. What’s the shame?
What’s the shame? Your only goal. Getting Sajal. Getting back husband. I know. But I am getting down before my heart. I am bluffing my husband and myself. And I am tired of acting daily. I am tired, father. I can’t do it anymore. Give me freedom. Can’t do this father. Give me freedom. I can’t.
– Okay. Then let that happen. Sajal will know that Liza has gone. Yes. Mr. Sajal. Mr. Sajal. Mr. Sajal. I need to tell you one thing. Say. I was saying, I… I am going to be mother. What? What are you saying? Yes. I am correct. No. This can’t happen.
– Why? Why can’t this happen? Don’t you remember anything
about that night, Mr. Sajal? About that night! What are you saying? Think properly. About that night. Do you remember anything? I have got it. But what happened that day,
that’s just an accident. Though it’s an accident. It’s an incident. And there’s no bigger truth than that. Can’t happen.
– I accept. I accept what happened that day,
is true. But Pakhi, I can’t accept this child. You! You destroy this child. What did you say? I’ll destroy it! Yes you’ll. No. I can’t accept this proposal, Mr. Sajal. Do you know,
the most proud day of a woman? The day when she becomes a mother. No Pakhi. No. Accepting this child
means losing before father. And Sajal Chakraborty has
never learn to get defeated. And after some days,
our contract will end. Then there will be the day of freedom. So I can’t accept this
child though he is mine. But I can’t reject my child, Mr. Sajal. Who is growing gradually within me! Shall I destroy him! No. No Mr. Sajal. Thinking that is a sin. Don’t be afraid, Mr. Sajal. I will give you freedom. I won’t be the barrier in your path. I am telling this with the
sake of my conch and vermillion. Though you don’t accept your child,
he will be alive. He will be alive, Mr. Sajal. He will be alive with my identity. He will grow up. He will grow up with
his mother’s identity. Good. It’s good that I reached
Kolkata at the right time. Otherwise the girl would
have stayed in this house. But mother, Pakhi is not wrong. Shut up. What a girl! What a girl! The boy came from village!
Dinu or Chinu! She fell upon her so much.
Oh my God! Listen, Sajal. This is the best
time to drive that girl. I am telling this for your well being.
Listen to me. Drive the girl away by
blemishing her with that man. No mother. No. That child… Is not yours! This is a man’s word, dear. Listen dear. When the child
is not yours, why will you accept him? Inform everyone and drive
the girl from this home. Then you won’t have
problem to get divorce. Mother, I don’t like this. I am leaving. Where are you going
during this time? Listen. All are my problem! Surama!
– Yes. Whatever I heard, is that true, Surama? Really. All are true. 100 times true. My Sajal had no
relationship with the girl. Sajal has never touched her. What are you saying? Yes. Whatever I am saying are true. I know you’ll be sad after hearing this. And you won’t believe me. But I’ll have to say the truth. This all are that man’s activity. The post master’s. Dinu? Yes. Your Dinu! No. Pakhi… I had trusted Pakhi. Trust! Did you get the result now? Ask elder daughter-in-law to send
second elder daughter-in-law to my room. Father. Did you call me? Yes. Pakhi, one day I brought
you as my home’s bride. I had made a mistake trusting you. Today I am telling you to go from here. Where shall I go, father? I don’t know. I know nothing. But I… I am! Pakhi, I don’t want
to listen to anything. You go from here. You go from here. Go away quickly. I… I will go! I… I will go! Father, I will go! I will go. I will go. What? You didn’t go yet! I’m leaving mother. Okay. You don’t have to greet me. Greet me as much as you can. Your blemish won’t erase from your body. Mother, I am your daughter. The bride of this house. I am telling with the sake
of my conch and vermillion, mother. I am not bad, mother. I am not impure. Stop. Let me see what you have in your bag. What are you taking? Show me. Where are the jewelries? Let me see the bag. Give. Trust me. There’s nothing in this. No. Then show us. Mother, what’s this? Enough. Now leave her. Shut up. She is so much courageous for you. Suru, check the bag. Let me see, what’s inside? Show.
– No. What are you stealing? There’s nothing in it. Nothing! Then show.
– Yes mother. Let me see the bag. No.
– Let me see. I am telling to give.
– No. I won’t give. Give.
– No. Give.
– No. Leave it.
– No. You’ll have to show it today.
You are stealing everything. No. No. Check it. What’s there in it? These are doll. Where’s the jewelries. Look properly. Move everything. Where is everything? There are no jewelries. Help me.
– Drive her away. Drive this problem immediately. Drive her. Drive her away Sajal. Drive that unlucky girl. Keep this. What’s this? Cheque! You will need this while going. I have not written the amount. Write it on your own. Keep this paper. Sign it when you’ll get time. You didn’t ask what this is. Where will you sign? I know. This divorce paper. Another thing. Go from here any day you want. No one will tell you anything. Listen. What? Tell me. Return home quickly. Father is not well. Take him to hospital. And I have kept your office
papers in that cupboard. Wait. Pakhi. Why are you sitting like that? We are there. Who has a brother like Sukumar?
Who has grandmother? Who has me? Your Dinu is here! What’s your worry? You’ll see everything will be fine. Pakhi let me do one thing. Let me ask Suku to come here. If he comes.
– No. No Dinu.
Don’t inform anything to brother. Brother will be sad after knowing this. May be he will leave this good job. I don’t want to ruin
brother’s life, Dinu. So I was thinking of going to a temple. You are also thinking like a mad! I am correct. Won’t I think? Grandmother can’t sleep in the night. You are worries for me. What can I do, Dinu? Pakhi. Pakhi, think that whatever
has happened is just an accident. Nothing else. Pakhi, you’ll have to live. You’ll have to live in a new way. Not for you. But for him who is coming. And I’ll go. I will meet Sajal. I will know why did he killed
the truth and made you poisonous? No Dinu. You won’t go. They will again insult you. Let them insult me.
Let them insult me. But tolerating that I’ll
have to know what your guilt is? No. Dinu no.
– No Pakhi, no. I have listened to you before. But now I won’t listen to you. I’ll go Pakhi. I’ll go. Don’t go Dinu. Listen though you are
a good person to everyone. Actually you are a cheater,
betrayer, and bad person. What are you saying Sajal? I am talking fact. We! Who know your past!
You can’t cheat them Mr. Dinu. You know my past! Do you know my past? No Sajal. No. Whatever you know is false.
Made up stories. I don’t trust you. If you are innocent, then why
did you run from Ranigunge that day? What have you thought? That no one will know the
bad person behind this good face! Sajal! I will.. What happened? Why did you stop? Won’t you slap me? Slap me. I could slap you. But I won’t. Do you know, why? Because you’re Pakhi’s husband. Till day avoiding the
logic and ran from Ranigunge! No. I can’t make that mistake again. Forget it about me, Sajal. I am only thinking about Pakhi. Know one thing. The truth will come out one day. The mistake you are making today! One day Sajal you’ll have to regret. The pain you gave to Pakhi. One day you’ll have to be its part. Yes Sajal.
You’ll have to be a part of it. What has happened to you? Pakhi, it would be better
if I hadn’t gone to Kolkata. Why Dinu? Seeing me,
Sajal gave me such a bad comment. And you! Came without protesting. Protest! I couldn’t protest. Because Sajal is your.. And Sajal dragged my past memory. Talked about Ranigunge.
– Ranigunge! Yes Ranigunge! My past. Father, mother, me and brother! Our little family. Father had 2 coal
factories in Ranigunge. We were happy there. Then suddenly mother died. What happened then Dinu? Then brother got married. Sister-in-law was Kolkata’s girl,
modern girl. After his marriage, I noticed
that brother is changing gradually. He’s becoming selfish. There came Bikash. Brother’s brother-in-law. Brother changed after his arrival. And I became intolerable
for sister-in-law. And after this,
the dangerous day came in my life. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law.
– Help me. Leave. Sister-in-law, look. What’s she’s doing! Brother-in-law. What has happened Chapa? What happened? Look calling me for cleaning the room! What happened, tell me. Taking me! Shame on you. No sister-in-law. No. Today the girl joined the work!
And you.. Everything is false. Trust me sister-in-law, she’s lying.
– Shut up. Stop this drama. And listen;
don’t call me sister-in-law from today. I am ashamed of hearing
sister-in-law from you. I can tell you 100 times.
Even can tell you by touching your feet. Everything is false.
– Shut up. Though no one knows,
I know brother-in-law. I have seen you before
and have heard rumors. Trust me sister-in-law,
everything is false. Whatever he’s saying is false. Everything is false! Whatever she’s saying is false!
– Brother! Whatever happened today is false! Listen tell him that he
can’t stay in this house anymore. Yes. I will also say the same. You can’t stay in this house anymore. In the meantime,
he made me sign all the papers. I left home. Listen. I need to tell you something. That day what happened!
– That’s my past. I don’t want to listen to that. You’ll have to listen. That may be your past. But my present. And when I met you,
you’ll have to listen to everything. Okay. Tell me. Not here. Come inside. I am an actress of the office club! You saw my father! Medicine is too expensive. Operation is needed. Much money is needed. I met your sister-in-law’s
brother Bikash during a drama. He gave me a proposal to act with you. I accepted for the requirement of money. Actually the entire thing was
a trap to get you out of the property. When I understood the situation,
my acting was over. Trust me; I didn’t take
the money for which I acted. I couldn’t take. I don’t know whether
you’ll believe it or not. Father’s operation will never happen. But forgive me brother for
the mistake I did unknowingly. Did you hear my past? My story! But Dinu, you had no fault in this. Who’ll judge that? Whatever people hear, know that
makes a story. That becomes the truth. But how did they know that? What’s the use of knowing how they knew? It’s very late. Come let me drop you to your home. I knew. I knew something
like this will happen. Neelkantha. Neelkantha. Hey! You! Do you know your sister is missing? That means knowing everything, you! Were you calling me brother-in-law? Do you know anything about Tinku? I have asked in club,
parties, in her friends’ house. Baby is nowhere. Then why are you standing here? I told you to stay with my daughter. Go. Get out from my house. I fell at your feet. Bring my daughter,
from wherever you can. Get my Tinku. Did you get any news? No father. Her college friends
couldn’t say anything. I was saying to take
information from the hospital. Yes. Sajal is correct. We should go to the hospital. I and elder brother didn’t
leave a single hospital. But.. Then what? Marg is left out.
Go and check there. Father.
– No! Don’t shed tears. Don’t shed tears. If you shed tear my daughter.. My daughter will be cursed. Yes. Whatever has happened to this family!
Whatever has happened! You are responsible.
Yes. You are responsible. – No. Have ruined the family. Dear! Mother, don’t cry. Now stop. Brother, I think we should try again.
– Yes. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Is there anyone at home? Here! Is this Mr. Sukumar’s house? Keep it down. Please.
– Yes. I was saying.
Is this Mr. Sukumar’s house? Yes. Yes. So who are you, dear? Neelu uncle! When did you come? You! How are you?
– Fine. I was missing you, so I came. Good. So how’s everyone in that house? Not good. Why? Something to father? No. Nothing bad about brother-in-law. Actually do you know, Baby. I mean Tinku has left home. Where she has gone, no one knows. What? Tinku has left home! What is brother-in-law!
such an expensive thing! Let me see. Pakhi! I didn’t see
you for so many days! Come. Come sister-in-law. Come uncle. Come. Slowly. Slowly. Met you after so many days. Come. Listen. Look who has come. Hey. Look who has come! Slowly. Slowly. Come Neelu uncle. Wait, I am calling them. Wait! I am calling him! Hey! I was calling you since so long!
And you’re sleeping here! What has happened?
– Come quickly. Come.
– Who? First come. Then I’ll say. Wait! Wait! Who is she? Look. This is my sister-in-law
and Neelu uncle. Greetings. This is something else! Where did I see you? Again started! The same old habit! Whenever seeing someone!
Will start thinking. Where have I seen you! Always bad thing. Sister-in-law never
goes to club or parties. Oh!
– How will you see sister-in-law? Right. Baby! I met you after so many days! Come. Let’s talk to you. There are so many discussions. Come.
Sister-in-law, you gossip. Let me show him the house.
Let’s go. You… I didn’t think that we
will meet like this, Mr. Soumya. You have done a lot for me. But you’ll have to help me, Mr. Soumya. Will you do it? What will I have to do? You know me! Don’t say it to Tinku. Won’t say! Why? Why? I’ll tell you that later. Marrying me!
Soumya is not human. He is god! For whom I did so much! Quarreled with father! Left home. I couldn’t hold him. Slipped down and everything is over. He has saved me with much difficulty. Doctor has said that
I can never be a mother. Tinku! Neelu uncle! Tinku! Sister-in-law! Come. Tinku.
– Sister-in-law. Call doctor. I am calling the ambulance immediately. What? Neelu uncle! What? You heard everything. Say. We need to do something. Yes. We need to do something. Let me think. I knew. I knew sister was not wrong. He can’t lie. You no one believed me. No one. Even father!
– Yes. Father. We will have to make father
listen to this cassette, No. I don’t like to hear anything. It seems like I have made
mistakes for my entire life. Can you tell me why this happened? I didn’t want this life. Didn’t get any news
about Tinku till day. And Sajal’s life! Pakhi! Did you get any news
about Pakhi, father? Leave. Leave that topic, sister-in-law. I feel sick by thinking that. The pain in my mind increases. I trusted the girl very much. Like this! “Nandi tell everyone in the city!” “Nandi tell everyone in the city!” “Everyone.” “Nandi tell.” I accept. I accept what happened that day,
is true. But Pakhi, I can’t accept this child. You! You destroy this child. What did you say? Sajal. Sajal. Why are you calling me? What has happened?
– What has happened? My question is what has not happened! What are you saying? I can’t understand anything! I also can’t understand that.. ..when Mohitosh Chakraborty is
alive how did this happen in his house? Will you tell me the
incident clearly, father? You drove away an innocent girl
from the home with a false blemish. What’s more clear than that? Who said false blemish? She has been treated how
a bad girl should be treated like. Why Sajal, other’s sin!
– Sin! Who are you to judge that? You are responsible for this. Not mother. Tell me whatever you have to say. Yes. I’ll tell you definitely. No. I’ll make you listen.
Elder daughter-in-law. Ring the tape recorder and cassette. Coming father. Oh! I have understood. All these are created by your
elder son and elder daughter-in-law! Let’s go mother.
– Wait. You won’t move without listening to me. That’s an incident. And there’s no greater truth than that. Can’t happen.
– I accept. Whatever happened that day is true. But Pakhi, I can’t accept this child. You! You ruin the child. Stop it. Stop this. This is false. This is a created drama by that girl. Shut up. I don’t want to listen anything
about that girl from you. You’re responsible for
this result in the family. You’re responsible for Tinku. You have destroyed Sajal’s life! Now you see,
how your false drama becomes true! Father! No. You won’t beat brother-in-law. Move aside daughter-in-law. Move. Father, please don’t beat him. Move. For that bad girl!
You are beating your own son! I’ll beat him. I’ll beat him. I’ll kill him. No. Don’t beat him anymore. It’s better not to have such a son. He has ruined the prestige
of Chakraborty family. What are you doing? My son will die. I have made the mistake. Beat me. Don’t beat him. I fall in your feet. Beat me.
– Shame on you Surama! Being my wife, could you do this? Aren’t you a girl! Aren’t you a mother! Could you drive an innocent
girl with a false blemish? Get out. Get away from my vision. Go. Please. Let me stay alone. Whatever I have done is good. I won’t stay here anymore. I will leave today. He ruined my life. Father’s stubbornness. Like father, I also have stubbornness. Wig! Where did this come from? These are Liza’s dress. I had given this to Liza. How did this come here? Liza’s things. Liza’s things. Letter! Dear Pakhi,
I am feeling low after listening to you. But remember one thing. Nothing in life is permanent.
Neither happiness nor sorrow. Life is with happiness and sorrow. You had at least learnt that from me. Remember nothing is
greater than patience. One day you’ll get the result. Sajal will definitely recognize you. You’re not only my sister
but also like a child. One day you’ll win
with your love and care. You’ll win. Your, Dinu. Brother-in-law. What are you seeing brother-in-law? I know, what you are thinking! These things! How did this come here? You didn’t recognize your wife! Do you know? Actually Liza is Pakhi. What are you saying, sister-in-law? Pakhi! Pakhi is Liza! Yes brother-in-law. Yes. Actually we women,
tolerate many things for the family. Accept many mistakes. Avoidance! Ignorance! Tolerate silently. Do you know why? Because we don’t know
the spells of breaking. We only know the spells of establishing. Pakhi also wanted that. For you. Trust me. Only to get you. She became Liza. Sister-in-law!
What had I done sister-in-law? Whom I couldn’t recognize! My mistake, my mother’s advice!
What have I done sister-in-law? It has happened.
No benefit in thinking that. But brother-in-law. There’s still time. You go and bring Pakhi. But sister-in-law, Pakhi’s address. Listen. Father has it. Father knows. You go and apologize to father. Ask for the address from him. Go brother-in-law. Don’t be late. Father! What are you doing? Leave my feet. Father, first say that
you have forgiven me. Get up. Get up Sajal. I’ll forgive! Who am I to forgive you? God will forgive you! And go. Confess your mistakes to Pakhi. No. Why will you go alone? I will go with you.
I also made mistake. But where’s Pakhi, now? I know brother-in-law. I know. You have come again! What do you know? Why are you becoming angry,
brother-in-law? Let me tell you the matter. Do you know? Sajal has got a daughter. Very sweet girl. It seems like kissing her. She.. I mean how’s Pakhi, Neelu uncle? Fine. Where’s she? Why at her maternal home. Do you know brother-in-law? Tinku! Tinku forced me to come. Tinku! How did Tinku go there? Don’t you know that? Tinku has got married. Tinku has got married! Whom had she married? That Bunty or Munty!
Has she married him? Why will he marry Bunty?
She has married Soumya. Soumya! Who’s Soumya? You listen, sister.
They matched so well. What shall I say? Look at the picture. Let me see. Whose picture, father? Tinku! Soumya! Sajal, don’t be late.
Let’s go. Yes come. Listen. You go. I am coming. Brother, come. Won’t you take me along? No! But granddaughter’s face
should not be seen empty handed. Tae this. Carry this with you. Sura! What happened! So much drama happened! It’s good that you didn’t go! But!
– I’m not among this. You’ll have to go mother. What are you saying? Shall I go with them? No. You’ll have to leave this house. Yes mother. For you! My family is ruined for you. It has ruined! What are you saying Sura? I’m correct. You’ll have to leave this home. Today. Another thing. I want to pray to god! That he should not
make a mother like you. Sura!
– Yes. Go. Go from here. I’ll send you money every month. Go. You go from here. Hail to Govinda! Hail to Govinda! No. You won’t touch her. Won’t touch her! You have no right to touch her,
Mr. Sajal. I don’t have the right!
– No. One day you rejected her. I accepted your condition and came,
Mr. Sajal. I have kept your promise. But why did you come today? To take her! Too take her! No. I won’t let you take her. How will I live then? How will I live then? But I’ll take her, Pakhi. No Mr. Sajal. No. I beg to you. Don’t do this. I can’t survive without her. I can’t survive Mr. Sajal. But I can’t live without
her and you, Pakhi. No. This can’t happen now.
It can’t happen now Mr. Sajal. Why can’t it happen, Pakhi? Man makes mistakes.
Then if he can understand his mistake. Then won’t he be forgiven, Pakhi? Pakhi, look at me once. Look at me once and say,
won’t you forgive me. Won’t you come with
me by forgiving me, Pakhi? You’re mine. You’re only mine. Just tell it once, Pakhi. Wow! I have come on a good day. Everyone’s here. But can’t see Pakhi. Where’s Pakhi? My Pakhi. Pakhi. Pakhi. Dinu, I have made a great mistake. I can’t apologize! But if you… Leave that Sajal. Today is happy day. Today is your matching day. How’s she? Let me see. Let me take her in lap. Come. Pakhi. Today I’ll give you great news. What news, Dinu? Sukumar has passed WBCS. Really! Brother has passed WBCS! What are saying, Dinu?
My grandson has passed it? Yes grandmother.
My responsibility is over. Dinu, now you’ll have to
take all the responsibilities. Master! It’s the time of train! What do you mean? Are you going to brother? Dinu! No Pakhi. I have got transfer order. I’ll have to leave today. What do you mean? You’ll go! Yes! You’ll go Dinu? Will you go? I mean will you have to go today?
– Yes. Today. Are you leaving with anger upon us? Where will you go Mr. Dinu? Far away. Somewhere in a village. On a happy day! You’ll leave us! I got you all together. This is my best achievement. I have heard a lot about
you from sister-in-law. I wanted to meet you. And after meeting, you.. What shall I do? I will have to go! No. You can’t go Dinu.
I won’t let you go. No Dinu.
– Pakhi. I know. I know Dinu. You are going with grudge upon us. No Sajal, no. Actually I do governmental job. I stopped this transfer
order for a long time. But now I’ll have to go. Dinu? Can you stay without me, Dinu? Say. Won’t you feel bad? Say it Dinu. Won’t you feel bad? Can you live without me?
– Pakhi. Can you live without me? Won’t I be sad? I will be sad. I will be very sad. I’ll find you over there. Then maybe I will
get some other Sukumar. Will find Pakhi. Will find Sajal. But I can never forget you. You stay here. Here! In my heart. Don’t make my path unclear
with tears while going. Grandmother, I am leaving. Do you remember my words, Dinu? Which words, grandmother? You’ll put fire on my pyres. I can’t get peace if you don’t put fire. Grandmother! Master. It’s the time for the train. Yes I am coming. I am leaving. Dinu. Promise me.
Stay happy wherever you’ll stay. You’ll come,
Dinu in whichever situation you are. Promise us brother. That you’ll come. I will come. I am promising you that I’ll come. Now let me go. Don’t cry before going. Pakhi, don’t cry.
Wipe your eyes. I am leaving. Grandmother. Dear! I’ll put fire. I’ll definitely come. See.
At the right time. Dinu.
– “Sister gets brother’s love.” Let’s go. “Can it be burnt?” “Sister gets brother’s love.” “Can it be burnt?”


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