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Sarah’s Home Theater Solutions pt. 3

So Sarah now that the installation is completely done, what’s been your favorite part of all all the stuff that we did for you? Now the subwoofer is neat It does shake the room a little bit, but our rear speakers are their coolest thing about the whole system to me They’re behind you but it feels like you’re in the room with the sound You don’t and you don’t think of them as being behind you you think of being inside the movie Because you is it sounds like it’s coming from anywhere. It is really really neat all of us have commented about how crazy it is tilted to be facing one way, but you hear sound coming from your left from your right. Yes, you can’t pinpoint it and it’s just fun. It’s funny and it’s fun We have a good time. I Just really appreciate that every single problem that I told you I needed fixed was fixed I did not like how high the TV was You lowered it Did not know what was happening in that media closet at all you fixed it The TV before we put the speakers on the sides the it we couldn’t hear it Every problem that we had was fixed, but then it was also fun I never thought about putting speakers in the walls. I Never even thought about a subwoofer. I mean, I know they come with a system, but that things a lot of fun too but as far as Just a living in a house watching TV Knowing what my wires are and what they do and having my at a comfortable level viewing level You just pick some problems, and I know they weren’t easy problems to fix and I appreciate it. Thank you very much That’s very kind. And we also had several remotes you had to use a different remote for every function of the TV. I I have a husband and two young sons Nobody ever knew where the remote was So now we have one remote that we all can use including Simon You

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