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Scariest Gaming Creepypastas – The Theater

The Theatre is one of the more classic gaming
creepy pastas out there. It’s about an old game that was released
around the same time as Doom, but is almost impossible to hunt down these days. And there’s a damn good reason why. Hey everyone! Welcome back to top 10 gaming, and our series
on gaming creepy pastas. Today, rather than retelling a themed creepy
pasta associated with a particular existing title or franchise, we’re diving into one
about an alleged game called The Theatre that, to anyone whose claimed to see it in real
life, had a pretty horrific experience with it. Let’s jump in. The Theatre was a game that, when released,
was sold in a plain white case, with nothing but a sprite of what has since been named
‘the ticket-taker’; a poorly drawn bald white man with large red lips wearing a red
vest over top of a white shirt, and black pants, completely expressionless. According to legend, if someone smashes the
disc inside of the case, the expression of the ticket taker will actually change, with
his face looking back at your angrily. Other than the ticket taker, nothing else
is said to be on the case; no title, no dev logos, nothing. Just the ticket taker. Some people who got their hands on this game
would give up before even playing it. It was notorious for it’s inability to install
correctly. Upon reaching the licensing agreement, your
computer would freeze. The agreement itself would also feature a
blank line for where the developer studio’s name was supposed to be. Apparently, if you tried rebooting your computer
when it froze on the agreement without ejecting the disc, and hit I agree as soon as the computer
started back up, the installation would continue. After it’s installed, things only get weirder. When the game starts up, it goes straight
to a menu with a sprite of a movie theatre’s exterior on a completely empty street. The options you’re given are NEW GAME, LOAD,
and of course, OPTIONS. If you select options, the game immediately
crashes and shuts down. Clicking on Load does absolutely nothing,
even if you have a saved game. So really, the only choice is New Game. When the game begins, you are in first person
view, standing in an empty movie theatre lobby with only the ticket taker standing in front
of a dark hallway, which must lead to the cinemas. There’s a bunch of poorly drawn movie posters
on the walls, all illegible. All you can really do is approach the ticket
taker. When you do, a low quality sound clip plays
of a man saying THANK YOU PLEASE ENJOY THE MOVIE, along with a text box spelling out
the same dialogue. You walk down the hallway, the screen fades
to black. And when it returns, you’re back in the
empty movie theatre lobby. From there, you keep doing the same action
over and over again. And while that may sound absolutely awful,
as you continue to repeat the action, small little things, differences, will occur. Now, it’s never been recorded how many times
you have to approach the ticket taker in order for these peculiarities to occur. Some believe it’s completely random. The first strange event that most players
experience is when they return to the empty theatre lobby, the ticket taker is gone. When you walk down the hallway, the sound
clip and text box still appear, despite the ticket takers absence. And, when you walk down the dark hallway,
the screen doesn’t fade you back into the lobby. The sounds of your footsteps can still be
heard whenever you continue to push the up button on your keyboard to move forward. It feels like an endless black hallway. The tension gets intense. Players reported feeling immense anxiety as
this occurred. Eventually, it gets to a point where the player
is no longer able to move forward. Then, after a few quiet moments, a sprite
appears. It’s said to be the same sprite as the ticket
taker, but with one major difference. His head is now a swirl. Players reported feeling physically ill when
seeing this spirte, calling it the Swirly Head Man. Nothing happens in the game for several moments,
until, all of a sudden, an abrupt piercing screech will pour out of player’s speakers,
and the game will begin to glitch severely. This is said to go on for several minutes. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the player
is returned to the empty theatre lobby, with the game no longer glitching out. If players were bold enough to keep at it,
and continued to walk down the hallway, they’d experience the initial normal cycle of the
game a few times. Some claimed to have seen the swirly head
man appear in the corner of the theatre, and a ‘yelp’ sound effect would play. Then, eventually, upon returning to the theatre
lobby, they will eventually see the ticket taker sprite, pacing back and forth, his legs
not moving, but the sprite hopping instead. His eyes and mouth have become wide, making
him appear as if he was worried. Some players have claimed the images on the
movie posters would eventually be replaced by an image of the swirly head man, too. Upon approaching the ticket taker, a different
sound clip would play, which, because of it’s low quality, has been highly debated as to
what exactly the ticket taker is saying. The text box below him contains a series of
corrupted characters, making the words illegible. Some swear that the sound clip is saying “never
reach the other levels”. Once you speak to him, the screen fades out,
and returns the player back to the starting point in the theatre lobby. The theatre hallway is now blocked by a brick
wall sprite. If you approach it and touch it, the game
will immediately crash. After that, no one has figured out what to
do next to progress, or how to access these ‘other levels’ the ticket taker had mentioned. No one knows why seeing the swirly head man
causes such acute panic in players playing the game. And, all of the original copies of the game
seem to have completely disappeared, with those who manage to find boot leg versions
of the game popping it into their computers to discover that the discs are empty. And that’s that. So what do you think? Could The Theatre be real? Do games like it actually exist? Give us a shout in those comments below and
let us know your thoughts. If you dug this video, slam that thumbs up,
and be sure to check out our channel for more gaming themed creepy pasta videos. We have a whole lot that might tickle your
interest. In the meantime, thanks for tuning in pals! I’ll catch you all in the next video.


  1. fox ROCK Lankford Author

    😟✊ you no not me. 😈🤕

  2. Katie Sherman Author

    I’ll be honest that is my favorite creepypasta! I dont know why people don’t really like this one as much. It’s psychological elements, in my opinion, are far and away better then that of Slenderman and Jeff the Killer and the like by far!

  3. Minako Hiashi Author

    It's weird to have top 10 gaming only talk about 1 thing. Game itself isn't even particularly scary it's at Sonic schoolhouse level

  4. Steg 2 Author

    Hey i know the theater i heard it before and played it. also i hope you make make more creepypasta i loved them some of them give me a great scare

  5. Seth Howe Author

    I played a digital copy of of this game the was ported to Mac but it ran in Linux and I wasn't even scared it was rather dull actually


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