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Scariest Movie Moments of All Time


  1. Shirokröte Author

    I know it's not a horror movie and not even that scary to most people but for 4 I would've chosen Akira's final battle. Or rather, Tetsuo's transformation. I have yet to see a movie that captures a better and more frightening eldritch abomination

  2. Chance Edwards Author

    I've seen Jaws many times and is one of my personal favorite films. So I happen to be watching this movie as part of the horror unit in my cinema class. I was writing some notes on a paper down and when the head pops out and the music screeches, my hand and heart literally jumped while writing.

  3. Gigja Jorgens Author

    Usually I agree with everything that they say except now because that elevator scene in shining is not scary at all it's just weird and strange and it's just blood.

  4. Patrick Tilsley Author

    I don’t get this video. I thought Halloween was number 6 then you started talking about zodiac. Get your videos right

  5. nightcore fox Author

    For number 2 I would have put final destination like Todd's death, cuz you see the whole build-up and when he slips it leaves you in such a tense spot and it is so impactful. There are probs other deaths you could put in like any of the premonition scenes but that is still a good moment

  6. Michigan made product Author

    I am legend when he goes after Sam in the building and Signs when the news shows the alien at the kids birthday. Still jacks me up😵

  7. Kathy Main Author

    Neither my husband nor I like horror movies. We watched The Exorcist and neither one of us thought it was that scary. I think we have become so used to computer graphic that it seemed fake in certain parts. Great acting tho, and for the time the effects were pretty good.

  8. macmedic892 Author

    9:30 That scared me for just a moment, until I realized it is totally unrealistic. Deeply cutting one side of the neck, down to the carotid artery, will not result in an instantaneous death. What was portrayed is more like a gunshot to the brain.

  9. Igor Author

    Hey guys, I need a little bit of help here. There's this movie I watched when I was way too young. A horror. Anyways, I tried several dozen times to find it, but without much luck. So, I'm wondering maybe some of you, or someone subscribed on the channel, know it.

    What I can remember is that a woman (or man) finds herself checking into a rundown apartment building and there's a lot of stuff going on (which I can't quite remember), and the landlord or neighbor turns out to be the bad guy (killer), and there's an entire showdown in the hallways and stairs of the building with some white stuff (think cotton balls or something similar) that fills up the space when in the final scene the landlord falls to his death, the girl survives and roll credits. It's definitely in English so I suppose it's Hollywood or thereabout.

    If someone knows it please help. I'd be grateful, like 20 years grateful.

  10. Ish Ajac Author

    The Shining is creepy and disturbing but for me that isn't particularly scary.

    Hands down. Without doubt.
    The Exorcist (original) is STILL the scariest movie I've ever seen. I still can't get through a lot of the movie unless I'm peaking through the smallest gap with my hands over my face.

  11. Martin Larrivee Author

    Yes yes yes! Mulholland Drive's diner scene is my favorite one. The way he describes his dream just before makes it so good.

  12. Jim Russell Author

    The scariest scene for me is in Rear Window. When Jeff is watching Lisa in Thorwald's apartment after the police show up. When Thorwald's looks up and stares directly into the camera. Jeff (and us) know that we have been caught.

  13. Terry Passanisi Author

    I totally agree with the first position; at thirteen years old, I was literally driven to tears in a couple of seconds by the elevator scene. And fallen in an everlasting love for Kubrick.

  14. Brian Martin Author

    When I was in junior high I went to see Tales From The Crypt. Peter Cushing climbing out of the grave and walking down the street with clumps of earth falling from him, rotting, on his way to kill the person who drove him to hang himself…that kept me up for two nights, afraid to look out my bedroom window for fear he was coming to kill me. The movie is dated now but at the time, I had never been as frightened…

  15. Mathias Jönsson Author

    One of the things that terrifies me the most, is the ending of Sinister, as it almost promises that this isn't over… Contrary to similar horrors, this ending has or resolution to the monster. Normally you would see the family escape or the monster be slaughtered… but no. This is the perfect setup to a sequel, as the horror is not stopped, and actually thrives instead of being defeated.

  16. Noelle O'Brien Author

    I don’t know how to catergorize it, but requiem for a Dream has got to be one of the most scary for how realistic and depressing it is

  17. Melina Gaitanopoulou Author

    I gotta say, I like jumpscares only because they turn your stomach but they don't stay with you. Films that leave you disturbed and thinking about it afterwards are the ones that I don't like watching because they truly scare me, like hereditary.

  18. Steve Williams Author

    CineFix : This scene still scares me more than any scene in any movie I've ever seen.
    It's in Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds". It's the playground scene when Tippy Hedrum (I'm not sure of the spelling) sits down on the bench, and one or two birds lands behind her. Then the camera leaves her, and moves into town, or somewhere else. When the camera comes back, there are a few more birds. And each time the camera leaves her and comes back, there are a few more birds; until there is a whole passel of birds Just the way it's done, I just can't explain it. It just gives me the creeps. The birds wait until there is a bunch of them before they attack. It's like they have some kind of conscious, collective mind governing them.

    I've watched the "head: scene from "Jaws" and that's scary. "Fatal Attraction" scares me. "The Thing" scares me; "The Exorcist" and a whole bunch other. "Cujo" scares me; but that playground scene in "The Birds" does it for me.

  19. mournblade1066 Author

    I don't know. . . I think the decomposing corpse in the bedroom in Mulholland Drive was far scarier than dirty vagrant. Also, Katie in the closet from The Ring is the single most effective jump scare that came out of nowhere in movie history (although it's trumped by a certain scene in one of the later episodes of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House–if you watched that, you know EXACTLY what I mean).

  20. Arkansas Amber Author

    That scene in Zodiac scares the crap out of me every single time I watch it. The whole movie does actually. Fun Fact: Jake Gyllenhall (?) actually grew up with the actor that plays this “could be Zodiac.” He knew him very well and, according to Jake, the actor is completely opposite of the character he plays.

  21. Peach Boy Author

    I feel like I learn something every time I watch one of Cinefix's videos. I also get like 15 amazing movies I haven't seen each video haha, up to this point I had never heard of anyone except my old film professor talk about Cache, which is a shame

  22. Robert Byrd Author

    Fun fact about Jaws… when it was released in the theater, smoking was still allowed in them. After that head came out of the boat, you could have read a book by the light of all the cigarettes being lit, me among them. Talk about an original jump-scare!

  23. Meghan Schuler Author

    Wait a minute you're picking the shining over the haunting? They get away in The Shining I mean Jack Nicholson's character dozen but he's kind of the bad guy of the story we don't want him to get away really not mid movie then we're just and tied Jack Nicholson. Before that maybe but once he started going batshit and wanting to kills family let him die move on but the haunting is gleeking a different way it's Bleak in a way that she can't escape this is her home now and what's even worse has she wants it so it's like a bleakness in a hopelessness I don't know how else to explain it it's her of a combo the too but I think she's Bleak because there's no hope. No hope to have another home of her own no hope that she has any place to go no hope that she'll feel love anywhere else but in this psycho home. The fantastic movie she kills herself just to be there talk about I mean this movie covered literally every base in my opinion because you don't know what it is you don't know if it's real or if it's in her head if she's crazy or if she's actually having these experiences and yes her friend is also having them but maybe she's psychic the house to rain rocks. So she very well could be causing it herself that was the whole point. So it could be that the banging was completely Eleanor in her psychotic brain it the movie is brilliant and I'm not a movie snob I'm really not I probably come off as one right now but I'm not the hunting though is one of my all-time favorite movies because it's so different from any other movie that's out there I think the only movie that even comes close to the same field and it's not closed sort of different is Thirteen Ghosts and I'm talking the original of both not the new versions.

  24. Dean Williams Author

    Either I'm watching a coincidental succession of CineFix videos, the video makers are great fans of Jake Gyllenhaal movies , or there was a time where he appeared in every movie made and I just didn't notice…

  25. jjlwis Author

    the Spider walk scene in the theatrical cut of Exorcist was removed due to it being too scary…. and for good reason.. then decades later when the directors cut was released for the 1st time in theaters in the late 90s… I watched it … and boy was that a mistake… haha

  26. Kieran Dempsey Author

    The biggest jump scares for me as a kid which I’ll never forget has to be the demonic face in the exorcist (silent & unexpected), Signs – birthday party scene and the tv scene at the end, What Lies Beneath – bathtub scene when Harrison Ford reaches for his wife’s necklace

  27. rcmac67 Author

    You're videos are so we'll done. I enjoy them a lot except for one thing; why do you have to ruin each one with blasphemy (God's name in vain)? Seriously, it's like you have a check list and one of them is to squeeze in a GD once or twice. Honest question. Why do you feel the need to do that? Just curious.

  28. Patchwork Undead Author

    So…sometimes I laugh at very inappropriate times, usually if I'm uncomfortable. I busted out laughing when home dude slit his throat in Caché and I was watching this with my mom.

  29. X k Author

    Out of all the movie scenes you could pick from, I don’t think that particular scene should be #1. I’m also disappointed you didn’t mention the Babadook. That movie is so tense and suspenseful, by the end your palms are sweating.

  30. Simon Jesuit Author

    I've never seen some of the movies on this scary moments, but one I did see and TOTALLY disagree with is The Shining. I read and re-read the novel and found the movie a HUGE letdown. I thought the location was great, and the actors (except for Scatman Crothers) very good. But the movie smelled horribly. Jack Nicholson was allowed to do his One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest thing instead of at least doing what King wrote.. Stephen King is the master of fear and knew exactly what he wanted his characters to do. Nothing could scare except what he wanted and wrote and nothing did.

  31. Agnes Author

    The dream scene in Mulholland Drive is a masterpiece but scariest David Lynch scene hands down goes to the face distortion at the end of Inland Empire. That truly fucked me up.

  32. Vinny Contini Author

    It (2017) “time to float” scene or the dancing scene. I know that movie wasn’t out yet when this video was posted, I’m just saying as of now. It sometimes gets a bad wrap just for being one of the most popular horror movies, but honestly, most horror movies don’t get me except this one. Something about it, the way pennywise moves, the suspense in every scene, feeling like you’re trapped. It makes me want to cry honestly. I feel like I’m there. And Jesus Christ when it gets stabbed in the eye in the time to float scene. The new form it takes is so horrifying. And then how in goes down the hall, leaving the door open, with the kids having nothing to do but to wait for him to come back. It’s brilliant.


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