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Scenes from the theater with Ana

Part 1: Theatre School This is me: She’s just right! A decent buttocks, a lush breasts a good figure thin waist You b….! Young, passionate, happy … There was a time, when I was not so beautiful. I can really good cry! I can play anything, but … …but not free! …and then he signed any wrong contracts We have lover hwo giving the last… …we have friends, girlfriends with prudence …whose friendship goes up to the bondage! 44 three, two, one away is the spittoon! This is how it’s done! Hey! Petya Leonid, Leonid You have the audacity to say such a thing! … but I do not play anything! Nonsense! This… … I do not play! — or maybe yes? I enjoy applause, but … … but love, love, love is bigger and stronger than anything else in the world! In casting you have to be self-conscious … Here is the casting for Snow-White? … and occur professionally! Ohhh, how I hate him! No, you can’t see anything I gives him a tantalizing glimpse …. and you do it for the factory, but … … not for free! … even if my clientele is ugly and stupid and vulgar. Only MARTHA can annoy me! Stop Martha! I, I looked at myself in the mirror and I look terrible! Oh Martha! Martha! Martha! Martha Martha When I think back, I do feel sorry! Thank you for so much applause! Madness! Thank you, thank you! Excerpts from the theater: THE CHERRY ORCHARD by Anton Chekhov The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas WINDOW TO THE WORLD by Magdalena Marszalkowska A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL by Anton Chekhov THE FABULOUS WORLD OF SIGMUND FREUD by Geirun Tino THE MISUNDERSTANDING by Albert Camus THE JEWISH WOMAN by Bertolt Brecht THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA by Frederico Garcia Lorca ELISABETH by Dario Fo BECAUSE I AM SO BORED … by Helmut Qualtinger Yes my friends, that’s the end! … not for free!


  1. Rob Caruso Author

    Hallo Ana! Toller Film, tolle Zusammenstellung. ich habe es mir bereits 5 mal angesehen! Ich hoffe es folgen bald noch einige Videos. Danke. Lieben Gruß Rob

  2. Интерес Но Author

    Super Sestrionka. Sa fii pina la urma asa inteligenta si activa. Eu iti doresc doar succese. Video este foarte comic si interesant. Bravo!
    Talent adevarat.

  3. Damian TK Author

    Ana you'll be a superstar one day, such effort and soul will definitely bring you to glory. You should play in movie – beautiful and shiny.


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