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Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit

SCENES THAT ALMOST CAUSED THE ACTORS TO QUIT THEIR JOBS It can seem like Hollywood is all glitz and
glamour, but a lot of real, hard work behind the scenes goes into making movies. And that
work can test a person’s limits not just as an actor but as a human being. MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ IN THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS During production on the first Fast and Furious
movie, Michelle Rodriguez actually considered walking away over concerns with the way her
character, Letty Ortiz, was written. Rodriguez took issue with the way the script had Letty
betray her true love Dom, and fall for undercover cop Brian. The actress said the betrayal made
no sense for a woman who’d prefer an alpha male to a pretty boy. Refusing to betray her
vision of the character, Rodriguez put her foot down, telling producers she’d quit the
movie if she had to. Fortunately for fans, the storyline was tweaked to Rodriguez’s liking,
and the rest is blockbuster history. LAUREN COHAN IN THE WALKING DEAD The Walking Dead nearly suffered a devastating
loss in season three. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, contemplated quitting over a particularly
stressful scene. The script had her character perform an emergency c-section and she was
worried it would be too intense. But after further consideration, that’s exactly why
she decided to stay. Recognizing that The Walking Dead is a show about people pushed
to grueling extremes, she drew on her discomfort to deliver an affectingly honest performance. JIM CARREY IN HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS Jim Carrey nabbed the role of the Grinch after
making it through an audition process that included earning the approval of Dr. Seuss’
widow. But that obstacle was minor compared with what he faced on the set. He had a hard
time in the makeup chair, where he spent hours each day during the lengthy shoot. Worse,
he had to wear uncomfortable contact lenses that proved so painful that the studio brought
in a military torture adviser to help Carrey cope. Those techniques got him through filming
without quitting, but just barely. In fact, some shots of the Grinch’s eyes had to be
digitally fixed in post-production because Carrey couldn’t bear to wear the contacts. IAN MCKELLEN IN THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED
JOURNEY It’s impossible to imagine Gandalf being played
by anyone other than Sir Ian McKellen, who put his stamp on the character in all six
Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. But at one point during The Hobbit: An Unexpected
Journey, director Peter Jackson might have needed a different actor for the part. The
problem? McKellen was acting almost exclusively to a green screen, owing to the fact that
his character towered over the hobbits, and their interactions had to be stitched together
digitally in post-production. The frustration of acting alone eventually got to McKellen,
who broke down on the set at one point. Luckily, Jackson did a little emergency outreach to
convince him to stick around. JESSICA ALBA IN FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE
SILVER SURFER You think you hated Fox’s first couple of
Fantastic Four movies? Try being Jessica Alba, whose experiences playing Sue “Invisible Woman”
Storm nearly made her walk away from acting altogether. Alba’s frustrations stemmed from
working with director Tim Story. She later claimed he had absurd demands, like telling
her to keep her facial expression flat during a crying scene so she’d stay “pretty.” After
2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer, she realized she didn’t care about the movie business anymore.
But things have still worked out pretty well for her: she went on to co-found the Honest
Company, currently valued around $2 billion. BRAD PITT IN INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Interview with the Vampire united Tom Cruise
and Brad Pitt in an adaptation of the bestselling Anne Rice novel of the same name. But being
part of 1994’s most eagerly anticipated beefcake summit wasn’t all it was cracked up to be
for Pitt. Years after the movie came and went, Pitt admitted he was so miserable during filming
that he actually approached producer David Geffen about buying out his contract—only
to reconsider after Geffen informed him it’d cost $40 million. RUSSELL CROWE IN ROBIN HOOD Usually, an actor who’s cast to play a major
role in a movie can be on counted on to identify with the basic idea of the story. For the
exception to that rule, we turn to Russell Crowe, who agreed to star in Nottingham. However,
he thought the concept—a role-reversal on the Robin Hood story, with the Sheriff of
Nottingham turning out to be the real good guy—was fundamentally flawed. Demanding
a complete overhaul of the script, Crowe ended up costing the studio millions in extra development,
and the result was the retitled Robin Hood, one of 2010’s most critically lambasted major
OF THE PHOENIX For a lot of actors, scoring a regular role
in a successful franchise can mean the difference between financial security and decades of
struggle. While Emma Watson definitely enjoyed the career opportunities from her part in
the Harry Potter films, she gave some serious thought to quitting. Watson reached her crossroads
during contract renegotiations for the fifth chapter, 2006’s Order of the Phoenix, after
years of enduring strict studio oversight over schedule and appearance. Although she
eventually re-signed, she admitted feeling a major sense of relief after the series ended. AL PACINO IN THE GODFATHER Al Pacino earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar
nomination for his work as Michael Corleone in The Godfather and a Best Actor nomination
for the sequel, so it’s laughable to think studio execs initially wanted him removed
from the role. Yet according to Pacino, that’s exactly what happened. He felt their resistance
so acutely, in fact, that he later claimed he would have walked off the set if director
Francis Ford Coppola hadn’t been so supportive during those early days on the Godfather shoot. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. Francesca huawei Author

    although it seems laughable now, there was talk about replacing the Harry potter trio all throughout the series of the film. the main concern was that the actors were outgrowing their role, and that they would not /could not commit to a 7 film instalment, which then turned in to an 8 film instalment, so like more than 10 years of production

  2. Brum Kid Author

    Sorry but Emma Watson is so up her own arse its sad. Now we have to listen to her go on about womens rights when she is now only just classed as a woman. The other thing is she keep poking her nose in is Brexit and the thing is she was born in Paris as her father was French, she should keep her mouth shut as all she is is a actor and cannot say anything unless its written down for her.

  3. Paul Dianno Author

    The first 2 Fantastic Four movies were pretty good. I don't get why the woman in the video said that? I think that last one that just came out a couple years ago was total shit. They never should have made it.

  4. The Truthful Channel Author

    Emma Watson talks about "white" and "male" privilege. Can you imagine? That poor oppressed little woman wasn't satisfied with making millions of dollars and wanted the studios in charge of a multi-billion dollar franchise that thousands of people worked on to adhere to her special schedule? What a nutcase. If anyone is privileged and delusional, it's her.

  5. L D Author

    Jessica alba was never an actress. She is a pretty girl, nice person etc but a high school actress at best . Her career was questionable at nest but kudos to her for getting the honest company going!

  6. mark collard Author

    so…. maggie has no problem braining people, but to do an emergency c-section was apparently crossing the line. well, at least she has some type of standard, even if it makes no sense at all.

  7. Robert Zraick Author

    It is very hard to have sympathy for Jim Carey on the Grinch.  He only had to work 4 days a week, unlike almost everyone else who also wore heavy make-up everyday.  I was on that film.  Jim Carrey was the only actor who was allowed to smoke on the set, and he was paid 12 million dollars for his performance.

  8. Anthony Cano Author

    I watched the hobbit appendices for an unexpected journey and it was a particular scene that ian almost quit in which was the dinner in bag end at the beginning where he was in a green room with lights that had photos of 14 characters around him that lit up and he had to act alone with an ear piece in to hear dialogue just watching him try and figure it out was painful I cant imagine having to do that luckily a lot of the other scenes were with other actors they fixed they height issue by having ian stand on a crate . But hes literally doing the dinner scene in an empty bag end and he has to match his physical movements to nothing so that when they edit it together he isn't phasing through dwarves he had to name 14 characters in succession as they walked around him again no ones there hes in a green room looking around and pointing at nothing its was crazy

  9. James Ballnik Author

    The pussy actors aren’t going to quit jobs that are paying them millions. All of these so called “complaints” are trivial at best.

  10. communistjesus Author


  11. Jeff Ree Author

    I quit the debut scene to my acting career. It was for a movie or show called "Casting Couch". I went into the room, sat down and just got weirddd vibes from the producer

  12. Terry B Author

    Ironically, with Jim Carrey and the contact lens issue playing the grinch, colored contacts can cause severe eye injury in some cases. That's a hell of a price to pay for some director's "vision" of how the character is supposed to look.

  13. Jean Lubin Author

    And I didn't nearly quit my job. I did walked off the job when the store manager failed to realize that "you cannot treat people like shit. FUCKING WALMART had me walking 10 to 12 hours a day and 15 hours around Black Friday and Christmas season.

  14. Melanie Viselli Author

    To tell the truth, Jessica Alba quitting the business would be an improvement. She can't be in anything without being half naked or scantily clad. She's not that great of an actress.

  15. Chris Pierce Author

    Why is it none you fucking morons dont know the "a" isn't pronounced like an "o".
    Its GandALF, not GandOlf, like the actor James Gandolfini.

  16. pauly pisspants Author

    having read all of the vampire chronicles, i've always maintained that the actors roles should've been reversed – tom cruise should've played louis and brad pitt should've been lestat… cruise does "quiet rage" better and pitt does "bonkers" better…
    yes its true the character of lestat does evolve and experience personal growth as the book series progresses, but interview is the first book of that series and lestat was off the rails in it…
    a "12 monkeys/fight club" style lestat would've been great fun! and a "vanilla sky/born on the fourth of july" louis would've been more plausible to the bookfags…
    also anne rice has gone on record stating that when she was writing interview she imagined lestat would look something like young rutger hauer..

  17. buck nasty Author

    Would have been interesting to see the sheriff of nottongham, as the Good Guy.
    Lost opportunity, russel.
    Shouldve done it…!


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