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Secret Superstar – Official Trailer | Zaira Wasim | Aamir Khan | Superhit Hindi Movie

Moving on to the next award… we would like to call on stage… Music Director, Shakti Kumaarr! Friends! I’m tired of accepting awards. I’m tired. So, this time Shakti won’t
take an award, he’ll give it. So, here I am to give the award
for the Best Singer… Female. And the award goes to…♪ Will someone tell me,
who am I? ♪
♪ Do I have a purpose, a reason,
a meaning? ♪
It’s midnight!
What’s this fuss about? Mom, I want the world
to hear my voice. The whole world should know that
I’m the best singer. That’s my dream, too. Trust me, it’ll come true. Get me your guitar. What sort of life are we living? We aren’t even allowed to breathe. Insu, however he is,
he’s my husband… and your father! But, my dream of becoming a singer
won’t ever come true. My dear, talented kids like you
are like bubbles in a drink. They rise up… on their own. Nothing can stop them. To all those watching,
this is my first YouTube video. My name is… I can’t tell you all my name.♪ Am I the moon
or the shadows in it? ♪
♪ Am I the ashes
or the raging fire? ♪
Friends, who is this girl
who has taken the internet by storm? Your father shouldn’t know
about this at all. I read on twitter – “Don’t cry it’s over,
smile it’s happen.” Child, you’re an embarrassment to talent! Now, get out!♪ Who am I? ♪Babes, have you heard
my new song? Which one? That one… ‘Soft and Tender’? No, that’s an old one. The new one is… ‘Rough and Ready’.


  1. Seema Kumari Author

    This movi is very interesting and this movi is touch my heart💜❤💜❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖I love this movie

  2. Ajit sai krishna Author

    This film is really emotional n awesome n seriously why this film didn't do well!!! What happened to our audience
    Y v r encouraging them in prime n Netflix but not in theatre 😬🙄🤔🤪🤪

  3. Harry Kesh Author

    I over love this movie… I had to subscribe when our home power went off while watching secret superstar… I must say you guys did a great job… I love you guys so much

  4. Trilok Jit Dey Author

    Her mother isn't really existing in real life. Only the Muslim God . He doesn't love guitars mind you 😙. Or you go hell fire

  5. ABDULLAH Author

    Zaira Waseem ne bohot acha Faisla kia Hai

    Q k Ossy pata chala hai Har Film Mai Any se pehle
    Oroon k sth Ek bar Bistar mai Sona parta Hai phir film mai Mauqa milega

    İ am Right

  6. Salman Khan Author

    This movie is cause to leave zaira Wasim from Bollywood.
    Cuz she has crossed limits in this movie.
    Now she feels I was wrong which is the best decision of her life.
    She is so lucky that she feels I was wrong.
    I'm agree with her decision. Mature girl.

  7. JaMali Boy Author

    BC ye koi film h aisi film bnane se tw kisi Randii py film bna lyte wo acha tha😡😡😡🖐️🖐️🖐️ lanat aisi acting py🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖕🖕🖕🖕

  8. Abul Kalam Author

    My favourite cinema
    Please sir this cinema is first award this very very very very very very very very beautiful outstanding yeh hota hai asli muve I love this and insya Aamir Khan

  9. shariq salik Author

    Among the Most profitable movie ever wordwide but we indians don't support the good movies, they just need laughter and something lustflul all the time. We need to think that where we are and what type of mentality we are presenting infront of the other countries, is that something that we always waste our time on those things that is not good for our youngsters too and we know that those are the future of our country.

  10. Tips of worldwide Author

    بے غیرت لوگ لوگوں میں نفرت پھیلانے والے ہتھیاروں کو استعمال کرتے ہوئے کہانی مکمل کرتے ہیں. بےحس

  11. Divya Verma Author

    I love this movie alot hum jaiso ki life se relate karti hai ye movie. That's why i love this mlvie very much. 😊😳👍👌💙
    " DREAMS"😃👌💙

  12. Shakalla Minou Author

    Great movie!! Love it very much. Everyone needs to fight for freedom fight for your dream dont give up until you achieve it🎶🕪🎼🎙


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