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Security Video Shows Actor Danny Trejo Running To Help After Rollover Accident Traps Woman, Child In


  1. Am rose Author

    Good dude he was there and just tossed it aside to save those people. All caught on video that the smaller car ran the red light literally geez do people not see red lights mean stop your car cause the other side has green to go through scary stuff. It took the hit on the ladys suv to stop that car in its tracks.Hope they cite that driver with some big charges like reckless driving operation of a car to endanger. He probably texting too on this one.

  2. Jesse Gutierrez III Author

    Danny Trejo for President!!!!! 2020
    He’s an amazing actor and amazing person in real life. Danny and Monica are real life GUARDIAN ANGELS

  3. Manuel Tovar Author

    Danny is really a great humble doen to earth guy that would give his shirt off his back to help dome one in need of help so im not surprised he did what he did if he was near or oround the accident Well thats what he was going to do

  4. Jaime Rios Author

    I have much love for this OG! Met him at a Htown comicpalooza and was very kind. Said, hi to my niece and nephew who seen him on spy kids. This video just showed how much more awesome he is!

  5. C-Dub Author

    Thankfully the child and the grandma were safe and alright. He really is a true hero. I am such a big fan of his and i give all of my thanks to everyone who helped that lady and her grandson.

  6. Hagz Fisher Author

    Everything Happens 4 A Reason….. Big Homie Trejo Was Meant 2 Cross Paths With That Lady Grandson….. God Bless 1 & All….. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. JLo™ Author

    Danny Trejo is one of these most under-rated actors in Hollywood! Danny is a true hero! and give a lot props to the young lady! hahahaha the News Reporter! hahaha

  8. Child's Play Author

    He is HUMAN people, he has emotions and morals as well. Wow so shocking that a citizen help a fellow citizen in need. Its sad because it goes to show how people hold others to higher standards and that acts of kindness are rare in this country so when it happens everyone acts as if some miracle happened. No people it's called being a good person.

  9. missumom42 Author

    Danny needs to be more recognized. Its true people that really dont do much for other people are being watched and noticed while people like him are being ignored. Its people like him that deserve the attention and the many thank you's. I mean saving someone's life is a big deal. It really is.

  10. Eternal Darkness Author

    Machete saves!!🙄 aside from jokes this guy is my hero having the kind of life he had before,and then he became a force for good and an inspiration for kids with problems and people with addictions a true hero and above all a living miracle!good for you sir well done!and all the people who helped of course!🤗

  11. Chris Gonzalez Author

    The pieces of shits that gave this a thumbs down must be Donald trump supporters… As a matter of fact they are worth less than shit a billion times more


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