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Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Telugu Full Movie with English Subtitles | Aditya Movies

Silence please! Hey Red shirt!
You came 10 minutes late! Can’t you go without stamping legs? Usherer, show him his seat please! Aren’t you satisfied with gossip?
Show is about to begin. Begin the show! You would’ve come to watch this film
with your family or friends, could you smile at an unknown
person sitting next to you? Not only in this 180 minutes of film, if perfect strangers meeting on road
can smile at each other like humans, society would be wonderful! Families are the foundations
for such healthy society. The corner stone! Everyone can’t do everything fine. Seetha would do this excellently. Looks like she hasn’t yet got up. Shall l wake her up? You wait for an opportunity
to while away time in gossip. l’ll do it myself. Get up dear! Get up Get up! You woke up every day
well before me. What happened to you today? Then, l’ll put the design
in courtyard. Later don’t lament aunt’s design
is much better than mine. l’m calling you, get up!
Why are you so lazy? Get up! Get up l say! When did you get ready? When means…long back! Home must have a girl like you,
heart will be peaceful. Then, l’m late! Did Babu bring milk? l forgot! Mother earth! Every step l put on you,
take it as kiss instead of step. Grandma! Be careful!
– Okay. Be careful! lt mustn’t be there! lt’s there!
– Why? lf we it mustn’t be there,
it’ll be there or vice versa. You know that? Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! This jasmine plant was planted by
my mother-in-law when l was very young. Don’t know at what auspicious
time she planted it, it keeps on blooming! One must do something good
in life before going away! Ask her what did she do? l’ve given my son as her husband.
What else she wants? Give it to me, l’ll take it to home. Okay sir. Bye sir.
– Okay. Greetings sir.
– Where are you coming from early morning? Had work near temple,
going home after finishing it. We’re going to farm.
– Okay. Are you doing fine? Why are you ignoring me? Are you doing fine?
Okay, go. She’s his sister’s daughter! She knows what people want
and what they think! Sari is good!
– Very good! Where’s your aunt? God! The difficulties which
we can overcome, protect us from getting arrogant! What? Look there, Lord Rama and Seetha!
Here we both! Difficulties? Did you see or not, Rama is not
putting his hand on Seetha. Keep laughing, we spent 30 years
together with this laugh, not much long time? What happened?
– What should happen? lf children settle in time and marry, if this home is happy
with grandchildren
how nice it would be! The elder one can’t stand a remark! The younger one talks his
way out from everything. Don’t know how…
– Leave it. lf there’s anything,
they’ll take care of it themselves. They must, if not they who else would? Like a sky is falling upon…
like an unexpected disaster is befalling… Few bother, what next? Some say be smart to find opportunities
to overcome hurdles to stay ahead… Think of something and
something else happening… Accepting it as fate
is philosophy… Keep searching for something,
ask for everything… Creating scene saying
no one would do it… What shall we do? What can we do even if we think? What shall we foresee? There’s unknown void before us… What shall we say? Who asked us?
What’s there to say anyway? Follow…the world… Say…what the world says… Trouble inside… Dare take on me… Don’t ask which way to go, bro… How to tell this is the right way? People know this… No use in making vain tries… lt’s difficult to face the heat… We do many things…
We madly run after unknown… We bother ourselves a lot… We say this is life… This journey of confusion
is going for eons… Life is movement forward
without looking back… Life is a mystery,
don’t ask about that… Not knowing it is unknown difficulty… No use in asking or getting angry… What’s good about?
Life’s just going wrong way! To hell with your good morning. First time l’m seeing some
hitting a computer so strongly. Not even smiles! Why are you with long faces?
Making your own plans inside. What happened?
– Didn’t you see it down? Englishmen have said it in English,
everyone’s getting fired! Why are you telling him? l don’t know about others
but he’s sure to escape! Boss is his uncle! Sir, uncle is calling you. l’ll check if it’s true or not. Why should we get tensed and
waste our time on this, sir? What we chiefly need is this! Are you telling me indirectly to
shut the TV and mind my work? Come in.
– He’s inside already. Your boy appears dull
but he’s very tough. Sit down. How long can you depend
on contract jobs? You should’ve found anotherjob by now. Are you keeping or firing me? That’s the problem with you. You may think though l know you
well but didn’t help you. Mustn’t let others tell you.
You must be fast! Tell me if there’s anything new,
l’m already irritated! That’s your…
– Look at my face and say that! l’m telling it on your face! Boys of 23 or 24 years are
earning a lakh every month. Did you ever compare with them
and thought about your position? You don’t do that but get angry! l’ve been seeing you for 6 years, did you ever say good morning
to anyone here? You don’t know to be smart!
Don’t know how to live! Just like you your father too was
straightforward and lost his property. Moreover glosses it as goodness. When times are hard, we’ve to bow! Look, we don’t have anything
left even to sell! What’s wrong if l’m like this?
l’ll be like myself. Worries about not saying good morning. Worry if l didn’t greet you,
don’t worry about others. Would people take money with them? Many people have left this place,
there’s no one here to count. To hell with yourjob! 3 years have passed since
we arrived here. Would’ve faced 30 interviews.
Why software jobs have become so tough? Give it to me, junior! Can’t even smoke a cigarette peacefully. Smoke and kill yourself, go! Where did she get her waist done?
lt’s so thin! You look handsome and innocent.
But nasty comments! One can judge a man by his dirty friends! What’s this buddy? You pass the
comment and we get chided! Had it been in our Vijayawada?
Do you know the reaction? l’m also from Vijayawada,
my home is in Benz circle! Buddy, you deal with her. When you’re sixty, you must have memories that
people used to pass comments, if possible encourage people to be active don’t make them lazy compulsorily. Go to college, you’re getting late. She was fine but turned into
a devil after seeing you. lf one in home settles
others can manage it. There’s nothing like small or big
in jobs, do whatever you get! My dad has minted money but
insists on making your own money. l don’t get him. What? What’s up, bro? l can hear you, go ahead. l…
– You…? l left the job. Good! He’s up to it again. Did you find another one? l’ll think about that later,
for now l quit the job. You take decisions quickly. l can never do like that. My foot! There’s a limit for everything. Would l remain like this forever? You’re right, if we hit
we must hit the jackpot! Don’t struggle for few thousands.
Go back home! l’m here. Did you tell dad about this? l’m not telling anyone,
l’ve told you, that’s it. l’m packing off from here. What else?
– What else, bro? Tell me.
– Okay bye. Okay. There’s a limit for everything,
is it there? Would it remain like that forever? Common man, don’t live a
nondescript life among 700 crores… What’s there on the other side that
you run towards a mythical future? He’s Kondal Rao’s son! Doesn’t he have a name? People call him as Goodu Raju! By the way who is Kondal Rao? What’s cooking in your home today? He wants the world to know
it’s fish today in his home. By the way, are they good
or bad people? Even God isn’t bothered about it. Why should we bother? Let’s see, what’s their trouble? Are you playing cards?
Who got the joker? Nobody got it? How can anyone get?
The joker is with me. Useless Jilebis,
why don’t you eat Kajjikayalu? Mind your business, man! You said you’re going to Dubai,
didn’t you go or didn’t they allow you? There’s no better country
than lndia to live. We can sneeze, spit or sleep
wherever we feel like. Anyone who rubs against you would perish, if not he will perish
because he rubbed against you. He’s a tricky man!
– Am l? He’s my brother-in-law, right?
Making fun of me. Are you doing fine?
– Fine sir. Look at him! How beautifully he’s
coming with a smile! That smile can change the mind
of a man committing suicide. Don’t praise him always,
do some work to make this country rich. Can you or your son ever smile
and be friendly like him? lf my son had been good,
why would l comment about others? l would’ve got Seetha married to him. Shut up! Are you eying Seetha too? Let anyone may have any idea,
Seetha is for his elder son! Though she lost her parents as child, they brought her up with love and care. lt will happen, that’s it. You’re thinking from her mother’s side, what about her father’s side? Those Vijayawada people,
they’re not in talking terms with them. moreover they consider
these people as poor. lsn’t that enough?
lt will not happen. Brother! You’ve stopped talking to me! How swiftly he changed the colour? Did l change? l’m so close to him! Madam, looks like the elder one has
come back with his entire luggage. He leaves money in pockets,
check before washing. Recently l found a lakh and
gave it as dowry for my daughter. You will give a lakh or two! She never wears the same sari again,
she’s doing much better. Get them marries,
their wives will take care of them. Did we say no to them? Their sister is studying in Anakapalle. After studies she’ll get married first. Then, elder one will marry immediately. Younger one will marry on
the same evening. No need to search a girl for elder one,
Seetha will make perfect match for him. No, l’ll not marry him.
Never, he always calls me hey! Did he ever call me by my name? Let him to call me Seetha,
l’ll marry him next moment. What? Hey you! What? Flowers in tresses, sari…
you look like Goddess Poleramma. Go away! Do you know this, uncle?
He has left the job again. How do you know that? Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! Seetha, you too come and listen this. Last night Goddess Lakshmi
appeared in my dream, she presented a gold and
silver vessel to our sons, and said all our problems are over! True!
– Okay… Nothing short in this laugh! Looks like elder one is leaving early. Hey son! l’ve made coffee for you. Where’s he? Where did he go? He has gone to office.
– So early? Park it here, good place. lt seems you passed comments on brother. Leave my shirt.
– We too are unemployed. We too are unemployed. What’s going on there? You got saved because brother is here,
l’ll take you to task later. Nothing brother,
Goodu Raju and his sidekicks. Can’t bear to see their overacting! Don’t get so excited! What’s this? ls it nice? Do you’ve any sense? What are you doing in a school? Though you’ve no work,
didn’t you find any other game to play? Go…clear out. l’ll call police,
you’ll get the stick. Will you call police? Crows are crowing over there,
have you complained against it? Goods train is rattling out there,
did you lodge complaint against it? Are we the only gang here?
Clear out everyone, we’ll also go. Clear them…clear them…
– Should’ve been born as drama artiste. Raju, elder one is here. Neither he plays nor
allows us to play. He always spoils the fun. When did he come?
– What bothers you man? Watch out, l’ll give him a shock.
– What bothers you man? Stay away from him!
– Watch out boys! You’ll get kicked! Brother, that idiot is coming here. Are you back from Vizag? Did you come back or
did they send you out? Jobs are suitable for you,
marry and start playing cards here. We too would get another hand. Hey… lf l get ajob with 1 lakh salary,
can you or your father digest it? Won’t you be jealous? lf l beat, you’ll start crying, fool!
Go away! First set your body right,
tell him the address. l know it.
– Go. Something around should happen,
if not people would observe us. Hey boy! This is what you call
going up in life! Stop that, we’ve reached, get up. l’ve been watching you for a week. You’ve a face which anyone would
like to see again and again. There’s a woman behind
every successful man, l don’t mind if you’re
not successful, l’ll be there behind you! Alexander, Bill Gates…
though they were great men, they would’ve begged for
a kiss from their wives! So silly, right? That’s why l’m proposing.
What do you say? lndian women! Stopped making plaits, right? Where will you keep flowers? How would you know about
a kiss without a flower? Oh God! All my feelings are dead! Hello Einstein, find a new version
and send down! Go…buy…out with bags! This is the Vijayawada family
Kondal Rao mentioned about! The new version of the younger one. Why are you still in bed? Still sleeping? lt’s already 11 pm! Why are you still sleeping
bunking school? Get up!… Why are you so lazy?
Girls mustn’t sleep for so long, get up. l like only two things, one is good sleep and
another is good husband. Good, anyway your sister’s
marriage is fixed, Let’s find a good boy in the
marriage and fix your marriage too. l know the man l want. Get up! Will he be six feet tall?
Would he tie the knot with me? Would he give whatever l ask? Would he bait me?
Would he tease me? Would he impress everyone? Why don’t you stand properly? Don’t feel embarrassed… Don’t just walk away without
answering us… He must carry me whenever l wish
without any delay… Praising my beauty must
become his habit… What would l ask for more
if he shares all my work? Sensing my anger he must
at once be modest with me… He must be determined
to fulfill my wish… My youth is eagerly waiting
to see him… When would he join me? You must believe l’m here. lf you don’t, since you’re
seeing me, you’ve to believe. Oh Vizag family too is here! You talk very well but didn’t
make it to the engagement ceremony. That is…
– No work! He goes around busy
creating trouble like Narada. lt’s true, if not
since you said, it will be true. You’ll say this very well.
– Take sweets. How is Seetha?
– Seetha is fine, since she’s Seetha,
she will be fine, that’s all! Seetha too is very active like this,
she’s your cousin, right? Would you like to taste the sweet? She should’ve grown differently. We must give her share of property
and find a suitable boy for her. l wish to spend my last days with her. But the old man wants to marry off
Seetha to his elder son. He’s roaming without ajob. l’m worried he may get Seetha married
to him, l’m unable to do anything. They’ll never change.
Don’t know how to live! When we don’t have time
to count money, how can we spend time
thinking about good and bad? Scams worth lakhs of crores
are common today, should we bother about that
or their anger and pride? The days are not the same,
it has changed. One must have a vision, that’s why
they’re there and we’re here. l told my brother not to marry her,
he didn’t listen, Seetha was born and
killed her parents. Can l tell a thing? Never spend too much time
with unlucky people. The less you talk
about them the better. Won’t you invite brother
to the marriage? What’s that? lnvitation. Take one!
– Okay. Slowly…slowly… Whose marriage invitation is this?
lt looks very expensive! How much it would be… You know whose invitation is this,
you want aunt to hear this, right? What’s going on there?
Don’t l know that? Wealthy people will spend like that!
Rich will go to any extent! Neo rich! Would we go if they send
the invitation with someone? You’re sad because they’re getting
married but not your son, right aunt? Did l tell you that? Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! What do you know?… Your parents died when you
were just 3 months, though you were his brother’s daughter,
they left you here with us. when we went to them for
Chinni’s college seat, it seems they made my elder son
wait outside for 4 hours. How bad he felt! They always behaved like this. They never respected us like humans. lf we do go there, they’re worried
about saris and jewels. Who wants all that? Elder one! He’s home, play your drama with him. Are you here only? Must go to Vijayawada marriage. Whose marriage?
– Our relatives. We’ll not go.
– No, my son…listen to me. l’ve to go to Vizag,
must bring back your sister. Anyway, they’re not strangers, right? Our relatives,
many others would come there. Son! You know l won’t go,
why do you insist me to go? l’ll not go, they act too much! They’re not in our relatives’ list. Well, striking off from list! Tiffs are nothing, only human’s count. Uncle! lf we attend any marriage, tell us if there’s any marriage where
they won’t ask what are you doing? we both would go! l’ll not go! Did you see? He’s my eldest son,
that’s why he refused to go. We both are same!
– Come here. Younger is there, right?
Let’s send him. Send him, he’s the right person
for that gang! Please! Once more please! What? l wanted to see you again! Good omen! They’re no ordinary people!
They’re a big gang! Would also go for such a marriage only? Everyone is busy, let’s have dinner,
that will complete ourjob here. Would you like to join? When did you come? Come.
– No problem. Don’t hesitate, come. Didn’t your parents come? They won’t!
They’re very sensitive people. Thank God, you made it. Didn’t l tell about number son-in-law
if he marries anyone of your girls? That’s him! l saw him just now. Please sit down? Where are you? Hyderabad? What’s your brother doing? Did you recognise me? Your grandma and l used to play
a lot as little girls. Whatever it is you didn’t
get your mother’s beauty. Will you just talk to him?
Someone please take him to dinner. l’ll take him. Sit down! Won’t we do it
if we get the chance? Seniors get the chance.
You take him.- Okay. Please. l’m doing B.Tech in Narasapuram. l’m little caste conscious.
l’m maintaining a group too. Can l tell you a thing?
Girls have fallen flat for you. You too know that! But you’re behaving as
if you don’t know… lf you’re here for a minute more,
l don’t know where would l kiss you. l’m tempted! Stop it! Can have but not so much proud! Stop it! Boys should have it. You can’t handle him,
Queen Victoria must enter the arena. Give me way and
wish me all the best. Give me a cigarette. Who will give match box? l’m Geetha. Who asked you? Smoking cigarette to show
manliness before girls. Coward people and coward world,
cigarette is for courage. You speak very well. Hey Padal Sathi!
– Who is he? A man like me!
He would be there somewhere. When a girl is talking to him,
though nervous he tries to look calm. Why should we talk about him? Tell me as a boy
what did you feel on seeing me? Tell me. You can go. Do you want to hug or kiss? Were you expecting it?
– l didn’t! No way! You could’ve lied that you felt like that,
l would’ve fallen for you. Sister! Aunt is calling you. Calling you!
– Go, she may bite you! To control oneself on seeing
the right kind of girl, not just one, you’ve to read
hundred Bhagavad Gitas! You forgot your cell phone. l forgot it wantonly. You could’ve told me that. Last night l couldn’t sleep
at all, you know that!- Why? Spent night watching you. Don’t know why time’s so good on me! Any girl is falling for me
in just 2 minutes. l’ve seen only her left profile,
let me see her right profile too. Right is better! He has started it again! We met just now, you don’t have
any fear of people watching us. Do you’ve cell phone?
– Daddy’s number, l don’t have. Tell hi to use as soap,
what would he do with it? He must give it to you. Go left and then right. What happened?
– Can’t tell, my brother is here. l saw her somewhere
but l don’t remember. Shut up, you saw here
and tried to impress her. You’re too smart, you catch it easily. Okay come.
– Nothing short in talking. ls our entire group still doing nothing? When we were busy?
– Where are they now? Waiting outside! Tell them to stay outside only. Mother!
– Wait there, don’t come in. l told you to wait there. l’ve told you not to go out together. People would cast evil eyes on you. There’s nothing like evil eyes. lt must be warded off outside
but you walked in. Let me do it, may all the evil eyes
cast on you be warded off! Enough! Let’s spit!
– You do it. Wash your legs, sons! Hey fat woman! He’s here.
– Where would l go? Leave me. You’ve grown thin, aren’t you eating? Worrying about you. You’re not a fat woman
but dangerous woman. l’ll bite you! Look at him! Forget about him,
tell me about yourself. He won’t leave her. Offering of Annavaram is so good that
you feel like licking the leaf too. This is our coach, come. Give it to me, dear.
– Uncle! How come you’re here? He’s uncle from Relangi
l told you about. l’m very happy to meet you all
though l didn’t attend your marriage. l’m happy for her getting such
good parents-in-law, for you getting such
a good daughter-in-law, and for meeting so many
good people in one place! Uncle says everybody is good
because he’s the best among good! Did you see the girl?
She’s very good. Look at the old woman,
how well she’s singing! You too are there,
eating and putting on weight. You too must sing like her from now. Only that talent l lack.
l’m sitting silently. Both of teach me to sing.
Both are unemployed, right? Does she really mean it?
– You both sing together! Your coffee, younger one! Will it come if you clap?
Get up and take it. Watch out, it will come. He won’t have till l give it to him,
take my life like this every day. Both are specimens!
You’re having your say! l was wearing twelve bangles
in each hand Your grandpa sold off everything. l thought you’d buy it for me, but one watches TV and
another keeps swinging. l’ll kill you and throw a feast
of your favourite dish to the town. l love Pulasa fish! You’ve to sell your property
to throw a feast with it. You’re getting smart, l’ll bite you! Wait..wait… Any problem?
Can’t you speak in Telugu? How many people live in the house?
– Why? Census! How many people have you counted till now? Joined duty 3 days ago,
just now started the work. Don’t worry! Can you see that fat woman?
– Fat woman! Shut up! l can call her, if she hears you saying that she’ll
crush your fingers between the door. She-devil! Tell me quickly, l’ll go away. Father, mother, my sister,
me and my brother! Total six!
Six members! Six is my lucky number. Give me your hand, sir.
– Who would get benefitted? Go! How many people are in this family? How could l forget her?
– How many are there in the house? Where’s he? Did he go away? Tell me, how many people are
there in the house? He’ll be here only,
l’ll call him back. Forget about him,
how could you forget about me? l did forget you wantonly. See, you’ve forgotten me wantonly. You always do it.
– Would l do it wantonly? Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! Nobody considers me as
a member of the family. What’s this trouble?
– You too don’t consider me as family. What’s this?
– What’s this trouble? Done!
– What done? You never keep quiet,
you always bring trouble. Why are you crying dear? Nobody considers me as
a member of the family, they didn’t even add
my name in census. Who?
– Who else? Elder one or younger one?
– l don’t have anyone. Why are you crying? Come with me. Look at yourself while crying! l’ll not see! Did you ever behave like you
don’t belong to this family? Did you hear her? To tell the truth,
infact everyone comes after you! Okay? l’ll not see!
– Look how you appear! Don’t be so dejected… Don’t worry…don’t get tensed… When you cry,
gloom and sadness take you… Don’t make a long face… Do you’ve to cry so much
to wet the world around you? Do you’ve to be sullen to make
even mirror afraid of seeing you? Can cries relieve you
of your worries? Why cry then? Can tears bring back the joy?
Why make useless endeavour? Can we punish the hot summer?
Can we curse the rains? Can we chase away chill winters? Do we react angrily or shed tears?
Don’t we take it in our stride as it comes… Why are you stubborn not
to walk with others? What would you gain by fighting
others day in and day out? Do you’ve to sweat it out?
To bring a smile on your lips… Do you’ve to move mountains or stop
seas to bring cheer in life? We’ve to prove we’re humans…
a season of sharing love… Doors to the hearts…
a never withering flower is smile… Daddy, please sit for a moment.
– What’s it, dear? l want to tell an important matter, daddy. My ln-laws have a good proposal
for Relangi uncle’s daughter. We met her while coming back
from Annavaram. Very good proposal,
l’ll get busy to leave to US. That’s why l’m telling you
to handle it. Please take them personally.
Okay? One more thing.
Don’t tell them suddenly. Tell grandma, she’ll manage. Your people are great!
Why do they rush for with proposals? Moreover for that Relangi people! People would laugh at us! Sleeping at night with a hope
that tomorrow would be good, but fear takes over morning
about how life would go? They get kicked between hope and fear, they keep kicked all the 365 days, we’re not one who get kicked
but people who kick! That’s the difference between us. Don’t worry about them, be happy. Daddy, you cover up yourjealousy very well. Why is he behaving like this, mother? What are we doing? Just a help. She’s just like me.
Do what so ever you can, okay? ls he one to get kicked or kick? Do you know this? lf you get 3 aces,
you get loans in Bangkok. l’m not playing.
– What happened to you? l want to go to loo.
– Don’t you want to use rest room? Look there, you’d feel like using it. Hey you, come here! Why are you sitting without running away? Why? We’re not with them, sir. Though you’re not with them,
if l book you instead of them, what would you call it? We’ll call it as you
don’t know anything. Why are you beating him, sir? What’s your father’s name? What’s your father’s name?
– Suryanarayana. Suryanarayana? Won’t you get up? lf you’re so free,
then what would they be doing? What’s your father’s name?
What does he do? What’s your father’s name? What’s his name? lf l’ve done wrong, send me to jail
for 14 years, l’ll accept it. You too have a father, right? You expect others’ to respect him, right? Don’t you know that? Brother! lt seems your elder son beat Sl!
– Why did he beat him? He said something about father
and he slapped him.- What? lt seems he slapped for saying
something on father. You go. Slapped for father! Why are you seeing my cards?
– Unable to see your face. Play!
– He’s here! When did he come?
– Did my brother come here? l saw him at centre. She’s trying a lot! Yes, Surekha!
– Surekha? Who is she? Some girl! l’m sure she
would be there somewhere. Feeling jealousy like you. Jealousy? Me? No way! You could’ve lied saying yes,
l would’ve given my life to you. He’s talking to someone. Do you know this? There are six boys
chasing me in my street. Tasteless idiots! Tell them that they would
end up as Yogi Vemanna. May l tell you shocking news?
This too is jealousy! She’s smart too! Which one?
– This one. Shout near his ear.
– He’ll break my teeth. Do it yourself. Fools! l’ll laugh out loud,
you too join me.- Okay. Children may die.
– Laugh! My grandmother too would’ve
done the same with my grandpa. My great grandmother too would’ve done
the same with my great grandfather. Basically you like boys,
to tell openly, you desire them madly. The good days are here for you
to ask directly and take it directly. These are the words that flattered me. No doubt, you were designed
to do this. Will you please cut the call?
– lt’s sin to cut it. Boys take it as heroism
to cut the call. Did he cut the call? You invited trouble unnecessarily
and he’s coming here. Let him come, you all are
with me, l’m not scared. He’s going for his bike
not coming to us. He’s leaving home,
don’t invite trouble from him. Was it your girl friend? Good! Your brother has one at home
and you’ve one in phone! Why should we be afraid?
– Silly idiot! Your shoulders have grown
but not your brain. ldiot! You’re grown like a bull,
tell him boys! He has become a big nuisance
to the place. Don’t teach us,
first teach your brother! Teach him first to run fast! l’ve never seen him running
away till now! Will you giggling jeeringly? Can you rip coconuts with teeth? Why are you beating him? Beat him! l don’t’ mind if he beats him,
ensure he doesn’t beat me. Run fast, he’s catching up. Did he join you or you joined him? Useless fellow, he doesn’t have that much. Why are you with him then?
– Just for fun… Just for fun? Raju, let’s play a game!
– To hell with your game! Run! Why did you stop running? Run! You were after him, why should l run? He’s an idiot! Bloody fool! Eat fruits! l’m going to Bhimavaram. Which side is east?
– East? Why? That side! ls it east whichever side you go? Who is he? A man just like me, l’m sure
he would be there somewhere. He beats up fools like you! Stand erect! Eat…eat…no…no… Eat!… What’s that? Am l wrong if ant doesn’t eat?
– Go away! Serve him few more pieces,
perfect combination for soup. Elder one, your sister has
got a good proposal. Dasireddy family,
they used to live here long back. They made big money. lt seems they too have two sons
just like you both. Both stand by one word. Who brought the proposal? Mother… Mother… Serve food. Why don’t you freshen up?
You roam outside. l’ll kill and eat you! Fat woman!
Come fast! First listen to me, your sister
has got a good proposal. What does he do?
– lt is…l’m unable to tell. But they’re a good family. What did father say?
– What will he say? He too is a good man. You’ve grown tall, you both must
suggest good and bad. Who brought this proposal? That is… Vijayawada family! Gone!
– Say no to them! Tell them we’re not interested. Though we don’t have property,
we’ll find some man. lt seems they brought the proposal
and you’re telling us. Can’t we find another groom
in this world? You must listen to her, right? l heard her, right? Look, l don’t like it.
lf you like it, you can go ahead. How can there be two opinions?
We stand together, right? Then, stand by me! Building relationships isn’t
as easy as beating a police man. Shouldn’t he sit and talk, mother?
Don’t we get angry? lf this is the result for broaching it, l would ay good bye to the proposal
and Vijayawada family. You old woman! You started this. Unable to tell people, sir. lf he’s unable to tell,
something must be troubling him. How can he say there? Father! l’m going to Hyderabad.
– Anything urgent? No. l’ve to go, right?
– Stay here for few days. Okay, go.
– Bye father. ls elder one coming to drop you?
– He’s coming. ls he coming or shall l come?
– No need. l’ll come if you want. He’s coming, father. l think it’s better to go up!
– Let’s go. Look at the crowd! Can’t they stay
in home, all are out to travel! Everyone is busy! lsn’t S2 our bogie?
– No, it’s S3, come. Go…why are you staring at them? lt’s always great to come and leave. Hit…we must hit big time. Do you’ve money?
– l have. Look at my face and say that.
– l do have. Do you? You won’t have.
Keep this! l do have money! Get in! Train is leaving, walk faster!
– You’re making me run here and there. Call me after reaching there. l’ve been seeing their act! Train must hit them! Saying bye so much! He said that for fun, it won’t happen!… What’s this?
– l don’t feel like going! Okay come….come. Father! Who is it?
– Who is it? There’s no one here who won’t tell
about him if you ask. l’ll take you to him personally. No need, come let’s take them.
– Come. On that bike? No way! Sit properly.
You follow me. Strange place! Asked about one man
and so many are ready to guide us. Brother! Brother, marriage party is here. Did you recognise me? Kinsman of
your Vijayawada brother-in-law. Oh you? How do you do? Please don’t mistake us for coming
to see the bride without intimation. They didn’t even tell about coming,
they’ve dropped in suddenly. Luck is always like that! Don’t exert yourself in excitement. She does it and is advising me. Are they good people, elder one? Are they good people, younger one? Super! When everyone has said yes,
who cares about my opinion? Ask anything if you want. Did you see black and white
film ‘Thodikodallu’? Because there would be two
in home along with you. You’ve seen film ‘Gundamma Katha’, right? They are like those two brothers! She’s their sister, you needn’t
have to worry about anything. Fix it! Offering…offering… You can gossip later,
accept the offering. Will you make me stand
an hour for offering? Who do you think l am?
l’m MLA of this constituency. ls this the way you respect an MLA?
Call your EO. How dare you make an MLA
stand here for an hour! Please don’t take it serious,
heavy influx of devotees. Please come with me, sir. Go…go…take offering. Why are you smiling at me?
Do you know me? Do l know you?
Did you ever see me? Just now l saw you arguing with them. lnstead of ignoring it, l thought it’s better to smile, that’s all. Would we get angry without any reason?- No… You would’ve crossed many bridges and
difficulties to reach this position. ls it possible for everyone to reach
a position of ruling over people? l hate this system! Why should we bother about system, sir? Newspaper write about so many
things happening around, we are common people who pray God
we mustn’t get caught in that. lf we’ve time, we’ll visit temple
if not we’ll pray from home. Accept the offering. Please, sir. Which place are you from?
– Quite a far place, sir. My daughter’s marriage invitation. l’m here to keep it
at the feet of lord. Don’t know why whenever l come here,
l feel Rama and Seetha follow me to home. Who else is there for us
other than them? Come with me, l’ll get the
invitation kept at lord’s feet. Jasmine twig in the
courtyard of Seethamma… lt is blooming with flowers… Pluck the flowers without
disturbing the branch… Deck Seethamma’s tresses
with jasmine… Flowers in the tresses are
spreading fragrance… Kodanda Ramayya is coming… Marriage band is ranting the sky… Hear the rhythm and beat of music… Lord Sri Hari is marrying
Goddess Siri… Come to wish and bless them… To give right meaning of
Telugu marriage rituals… To show it in action and spirit… We’ll celebrate amidst thundering
ovation from the guests… You’re a beautiful doll…
Your man is here to tie the knot… To become a partner of life…
Accept his hand, O lady… No use to say we’ve seen
many such things… You don’t know the weight
till you carry it… Though putting up a brave face…
there’s a bit of nervousness inside… lt’s natural for you to be
burdened with beauty and shyness… Atlast time has burdened us
with work… Though we’re men,
we carry on with smile… We’ll feel proud leisurely
after the victory flag is hoisted… lf it was Vijayawada, l wouldn’t
do it, workers would do it. Where’s the elder one?
Are you here? Come here! Guests wouldn’t bother about feast, they would bother about how we
welcomed and inquired about them. You must stand at entrance and
welcome everyone personally. Me?
– Has Vijayawada family arrived? On the way, boys are bringing
them personally. Guests would come there also,
you too must say hello to them. You both must look after the guests. Brother! Look who’s here? How are you doing?
– Fine. He was here but shifted to
Hyderabad and made good money. Very good man. My elder son and younger son. What do you do? He was in Vizag, he quit the job. Come to Hyderabad,
l’ve lot of friends. l can get you ajob in minutes. Your father knows very well about me. Send him sir, he must remain jobless. Send him, we’re there for you.
– l’ll send him, come in. Please take him.
– Come. You come, you be on the job. You’re younger son, where are you? Where in Hyderabad? Where ever l feel like, please come. Smart boy! Are you the elder son?
What are you doing? Please! What are you doing now?
l saw you as a little boy. Are you fine, boy?
What are you doing? What bothers you, uncle?
You’re asking for formality. You came to attend marriage, right?
Have dinner and go. Serve him well, he looks very weak. Everyone asks the same question. Everyone asks, what do you do? Go..go…have dinner. Why is he doing the duty which he hates? His father taught him to smile
not how to live! Can’t see him here?
– You came and added sheen! lf you don’t come, since you came
it will add sheen. Why have you grown thin?
Didn’t you eat the sweets l brought? Please come. Are you fine, younger one? You’ve proved Relangi people’s
reputation. Arranged it well. Everyone has his own thing!
Please come. We can’t do it, brother!
Your brother is managing it very well. Where are the keys?
– How do l know? Are you doing well, Seetha? lt’s been years since l’ve seen you. l’ll be back in a minute. Hey younger one, call aunt! Why are you going away without
talking to us? That is… Will you marry my niece? Should he marry your niece?
Can’t he marry my daughter? Anyone would be ready to give their
daughter to him in marriage. Stay put here,
l’ll come back in a minute. They’re like pumpkins,
how would their daughters be? Marry off every girl here to him! Younger one! Younger one! You’re acting too proud! Arrogance of being handsome! Who is he? Someone, l’m sure he will
be there somewhere. He too like me when a girl is
madly in love with him, he’s always tensed about
someone watching them. Shall we also marry in
a coconut farm like this? lf it rains we can marry getting wet. Did you hear everything?
Please go! Wait for few minutes, l’ll come back. She’s too smart,
can’t get rid of her easily. Are you eating or serving?
– Both!- Go! What’s your idea about Seetha? Looks like they’re planning
to marry her off to elder one. Planning? lt’s fixed that Seetha
would become wife of elder one. What do you say? They call it something…what’s that? Can’t get it right?
– Sweet kajjikaya? You keep quiet.
– Silly! Can’t get the right word
at right time! Qualification!
One must have it. Are you saying he has or not? Water please!
– Get water quickly. Elder one, get water immediately!
Water please! Give him! Can’t you bring it full? Always does everything half! Never do anything with half knowledge. No use in arranging marriage
in coconut farm, you’ve to take care of
guests well, right? Are you serving only half
in dinner too? When will you change? lf possible eat what we serve
and bless the couple. Don’t say anything with
an ulterior motive. Half knowledge?
You be firm on one thing! Why did you tell him like that? His bad luck is that l’m trying
to tell you don’t know, and he can’t accept the fact
that he doesn’t know anything, and you’re asking about
Seetha’s marriage with him, and l’m hearing that patiently. Did l tell l would marry Seetha?… Tell me, did l?
– Elder one calm down! lt’s normal in marriages. lf you marry Seetha, whether you agree
or not, he must wash your feet! Why are you refusing to marry Seetha? We all think you’d marry Seetha. Come…come…
– What’s it then, uncle? Every time he chides saying
we don’t know anything. What does he know about us?
Did he help us? lf he talks bad about us,
l’ll break his teeth! Without my daughter’s help,
couldn’t’ get a decent proposal till now. lnfact you must wash my feet… …and sprinkle that water
on your head all your life. What is he talking about?
What’s it all about? Brother, told me to remind you
at the auspicious time. What’s that? Everyone belittles me! Hey younger one, come here. Where’s the elder one? l think he’s on some job. Tell him to do it later,
ask him to come and bless her. What are you doing here? People are waiting there for you.
Come. What happened to him? Why are you off the mood now? Come. How should l be?
– How should you be? How?
– l meant how should l be? Are you angry because they have
fixed the marriage against your wish? Who you are angry on? Mother? Father?
Or me? Who would keep quiet if
l show my anger anyone? What’s it then? Never again in life we must talk or
enter the house of Vijayawada family. Relationship between us
is snapped permanently. Did they say anything? l’ll ask them. Bloody! Everyone has their own pride!
What did they say? Everyone will ask it. Attended…their marriages…
housewarming ceremony, and fixed marriage too! Whose marriage is this?
lsn’t it our sister’s marriage? Not some stranger’s, right? Don’t l know that?
Can’t l think about that? l can’t bow my head to
every Tom, Dick and Harry. l’ll be like this,
l’ll be like what l’m. That’s what l’m telling you, you can’t be like that!
This is life! Can’t be adamant like that! lf it not possible, l’ll go away. Go away, everyone talks about life,
l’ll go away. Can’t watch you go away, can l?
We’ll not let you go! Says he’ll go away! lf God lets us live for long,
we’ll be together all our lives! What are you both doing here?
Aunt is calling you! Aunt is calling you! Okay, come quickly! Okay, don’t take to your heart, come. You go.
– Please come. You go! That’s the problem with you. How can you be like this always? We can have many fights?
Can we look cheap to others? Please come. l can’t act like you, go!
Play your drama there! Please arrange it.
You count the chairs. That too! l’ve paid to musicians.
Promised to settle Pandu by evening. Where were you, Khader bhai? Your missing was promiscuous
in marriage. There’s no better friend to me
than you, brother. l went on a visit to Mecca
without informing you. l didn’t even go to home, because the home l go after
Mecca visit would be happy! Very happy to hear that. Where’s sister-in-law?
– She’s inside. Are you fine?
– Have breakfast. Marriage went off well, right?
– Super, father. No shortcomings, right? People are saying you did very well. lt seems your sister’s in-laws
have a custom, they’ve a vow to fulfill
in Chinna Tirupathi. Your mother and l’ve to
attend a function, you both go with them. lf you both go, it would look good! You’ll go, right? Where is he? He’s inside.
– Should l tell him? No need, l’ll tell him.
– Okay, go. We’re very lucky! We couldn’t get this proposal
even if we had tried. l’m saying thanks on behalf
of everyone here. l think this is also a character
bestowed to you by your father. How is it possible for your father
to say only good things? Forget it, you both brothers were
the main attraction in the marriage. Both managed it well. Stay together like this always!
Like Rama and Lakshmana! Hubby!
– Coming! Hello… l can hear you, tell me. You…
– l…? You… Why did you kick the flower pot? Why did you kick the flower pot? Where are you? Where are you? Cut it, l’m coming! Did you eat?
– No, l’m famished! Go eat! Enough…
– Eat well, don’t know what you eat there. l’m always worried. Have little.
– Enough! Eat well son, don’t know
when would you come again? Why are you eating ike that? lf you’re free, pack my bag. Don’t pack everything.
– Enough, mother! He returned that day,
it’s useless to carry luggage. Find ajob at least this time, how long can you carry on like this? Please take elder one along with you. What would he do here? Other than picking up trouble! lt seems a man in marriage
promised to find ajob for him. You tell him and take him with you. Seetha, elder one is here,
serve him food. Have some more, son.
– Finished. Have buttermilk! You keep listening to empty talk,
getting late to the train. l’m not going, you carry on.
Don’t l know what to do? Look after him! Four weeks doesn’t mean four weeks. One mustn’t remember about weeks
and months in honeymoon. Well said sister. l feel strange when l hear
such dialogues. lf he didn’t have ajob, how long he
would have taken to flatter her? Come there, bro!
We can settle in one go! Think about what mother said! Okay, do you’ve money?
– l have. Do you? Keep it.
– l have. Go! lt’s crowded! No place to sit also. Call me after reaching there.
– Okay, l’ll call. Think over it again.
– What? What mother said!
– l’ll think. Don’t think, come! Do you want me to come now?
– Now? Want me to come? You’re great! Come! This is the worst find of the century! Your brother is great,
always simple and no fuss. Personality too is quite strong! What does he lack? Lost a shade
working hard for marriage. Hyderabad would bring back… Always worried about
growing thin, complexion! Forget about all this,
half of country’s problems will be solved. Move! He always calls me dark,
watch, l’ll fix him now. Younger one, give me a cigarette. Give me, l’m asking you.
l’m nervous! ln Vijayawada we break cigarette
into two, throw it and say catch it! Why so many dramas to make a living? Nobody is happy or nobody is free! Younger one! Younger one! No signal! Younger one! What happened dear?
Why are you tensed? Necklace road is very nice. lt inquired about you, it asked me to come again today also.
Will you please come? Are you in Hyderabad?
– Found that now? l’m angry with sullen face!
l’m hurt! When l said l’m coming to Hyderabad,
you cut my call. Cut it, l’ll call you later. Who is it? Relatives…l’ve relatives
all over the place! Eat everything yourself,
don’t give him anything. He’s doing too much! What brings you to Hyderabad suddenly? Sister is coming from America,
came to receive her. Entire family is here. Didn’t tell about my brother-in-law, did l? You saw him in marriage, right? He’s cute, right?
– Can he do somersaults? lf l praise any other man,
you become very tall! Look, how red your nose has turned! Basically boys are very good! Air…magic of air! One must use the given freedom. One must know what to give
and what to take! Just a minute! Devadas, Majnu and Romeo
their love stories created history. The left after creating a trend. Different from all of them! ls it so lucky to be born as a girl? Would it be so good to
be born as a girl? l’ll definitely make you feel that! Hugs and kisses are bonuses. Come, hug me!
Hug me! Don’t worry about people watching us. You carry on! What next? Tell me.
– You tell me. Then? Tell me. Don’t ask now, l’m sure to tell only lies. O boy! A girl is waiting for you,
find her… l’ve come searching you
among so many… You were searching and l was waiting to
be found and become your partner… l’ve much to tell…so much to tell…
you tell me now…tell me… Why do they say l was born for you? Should l’ve to wait for
20 long years to meet you? What do we give to make
you love us so much? Years have to pass to
become like this… Don’t get so tensed,
we would like you anyway… l can realise it… How happy you’re when we
ask you to go away… When you walk away,
we follow you like your shadow… You go blank when we
come before you…that’s true… There’s no reason to get angry… Boys are a mix of good
and stubbornness… You’ve come down for us…
– Don’t say like that… Don’t worry, l’m coming.
– Move please. That’s it, check, brother-in-law. lt went down, brother-in-law. lt will raise again by 3 pm,
l’m in this field for 30 years. Do it.
– Doing it sir. What? Someone from your place is here for you. lt seems you promised to
find ajob for him. ls he here? l know him very well,
tell him to wait for 2 minutes, l’ll come. Go for that. Sir told you to wait for 10 minutes.
– Okay. Open Ranbaxy. Sir, he’s waiting for an hour now. Can l call him in? l know him very well,
please tell him to wait. Open both! What’s the time now?
– 2 pm! When l was eating my favourite dish,
l remembered elder one. Don’t know what is he doing? He’ll eat on time wherever he may be. lf not he’ll get angry instantly. Stopped eating rice to
stop the growing girth. Why eat this?
That will end all your trouble. Have you done it?
Be on job. Open Ranbaxy. You’re great, brother-in-law. Sir, he’s waiting since morning.
lt’s 5 pm now. Great! l know him very well,
tell him to wait, go. Who is the man who promised
to find ajob for me? Who is he?
lsn’t it you? Why do make empty promises
back in your native lace? Can’t you be happy with yourself? Did l ask your help? Friends, bloody friends!
First learn to see humans as humans. Life is very strange! We’ll go as far as it throws us! Didn’t get the job!
Don’t have hope of getting one. Looking at the crowd and noise… lt isn’t like our place. l feel like going home.
– lf not this try another. Try another? Looking at those
men makes me furious. l don’t get it. Not seen outside
but inside is eating me away. As kids you went to school,
l followed you. You didn’t go to school till
l came with you. l went with you. After few years, Alivelu, Srivadh,
Dhanalakshmi,- Krishnakumari! That’s it, l was afraid you
would tell our parents. l used to make my own plans. Narendra theatre…Padmasri theatre! Cinema, mother, father,
how many feelings! Why did you remember all that now? You said you didn’t get it. lsn’t this enough?
We’ve to see a lot in future. We both would get married,
they would fight for little things, few children would come up, mummy, daddy, homework
and so many things, we must be just like as we are now!
Remember that! You’re ready to cook up tales! Are you fine, son? Where’s the elder one? What happened to his job? Ask him yourself. Who?
– Mother, talk to her. You talk to her.
– Just a sec, he’ll talk to you. Trapped me! Did you eat, son? Eat on time, son. You love the sweets l make,
shall l send it? He’ll never change.
– What did you say now? lt seems they’ve a swimming pool too, if we get ajob here,
we can work sleeping. Work sleeping? You fool! Who is she with pillars under the feet? Buddy! You don’t eat cool food, right? Your face is a face to
watch again and again. Mine! Couldn’t even wait for a year? ls he doing job or selling goggles? You asked where would l keep
if you give a flower? He’s allergic to flowers.
l found such a man. Go and eat before it cools down. Girls l chased or girls who chased me, when they get caught with such guys, it’s ajig inside! Folk dance! Come in, call for us. Did you hear this? Raghava Rao’s daughter-in-law has brought
even brush from her parents’ home. She’s not letting husband
also to touch it. There are such people too. Shut up! Always carrying messages. You bring all messages,
don’t you’ve any work? Be careful with her. Keep quiet madam,
just messages of good and bad. Add some more ghee, it’ll be tasty. You wait, show all your hurry
in elder one’s marriage. Aunt, tell me a thing.
lf l marry your elder son, would you be mother,
as you raised me like a mother, or would you become
a mother-in-law to me suddenly? Will you ask anything you feel? Won’t you keep anything inside? lf l hide things l’ll put on weight. Great service! Not much eating
but long waiting. He’ll build another hotel
with our bill. So, eat without any compromise. Hasn’t the water cooled yet? Why are you talking like villagers?
Change the slang. Aren’t we? Come her girls!
What are you doing there? Coming! Why didn’t you tell me till now? l thought of telling after
l’m clear about it. Now l’m clear and
l find it very nice. He’s Relangi uncle’s son,
so he’s handsome. But how are you going to manage it? Do one thing,
call me, l’ll do the talking. l’ve already called him.
– ls it? When? Right now! Didn’t tell him all are here. To become number one son-in-law
he must get the shock, right? lf my brother asks,
don’t tell him anything. What will he ask?
What he doesn’t want to tell? Hyderabad is confusing! Once please! Once more please!
– Once more later, come here. Where’s your sister? Show me. Entire gang is here!
Fixed me perfectly. Look who is here! Where did you see him?
– Hey younger one! Are you parents doing fine?
Come! Entire family is here, come. Sister! Come. He’s my nephew,
Relangi brother’s son. ls it? l saw you as a kid. You’ve dropped in suddenly. Not suddenly, sister invited him. She invited him, right? You get up, you sit there. Please sit here.
– Sit Eat! Stop smiling please! What are you doing? Are you doing something or unemployed? Look, a planning, great care and a vision! Look at them! Going to office at 9 am and
coming back home at 5 pm, applying powder all over the neck, unable to decide which
channel to watch on TV, if wife is cooking in kitchen, going astray looking here
and there, l hate that life. Do you all in your home talk like this? l think nobody talks straight. l found all the rules of
making money in this world, l still can’t understand you
or your principles. lf there’s any peeve in my life,
this is it. Behaviour! His brother! You would’ve seen in marriage,
he created a big scene. Just for a glass of water.
A big fuss! Please take him to a doctor. Please don’t leave him.
Advice him! Why did you leave him? lf l knew you were responsible
for his mood off that day, l don’t know what would’ve
had happened. Would l keep quiet till it happens? All l ask is to change your attitude,
if you say we’ll not, who is the loser? My father too didn’t advice us
to live like this or like that. Why would l hear advice
from a foolish stranger? Though smart l’ll never listen
to over smart guys like you. Look, l’ll come down
till you come down. Remember that! Never again overstep into
my family matters. l’ll bash you black and blue! l expected so much,
why did you ruin it? l planned so much to highlight
you before my dad. To hell with your father, do you want to highlight me
before him? You don’t appear but very angry man! But you’re handsome even while angry. Had you worn more colourful shirt,
you’d be rocking. You too see only outside things
like your dad not anything inside. What did he teach you? Do fathers teach everything?
We’ve our own sources. Why are you shouting? Do fathers teach everything?
– Shut up… What? One slap and all your teeth
would roll out. l’m hurt. l’m feeling bad with sullen face. Look at me! Look at her play act! No doubt, your dad has spoilt you. Why a dad before and after every word? Talk as usually you do, funnily! You don’t worry about people’s condition,
you must be given what you ask. l’ll jump!
– Jump, good riddance! l’ll jump from here. l’m jumping down! This isn’t love at all,
nobody can say this is love. Love means lot of sweet talk,
pet names, talk over phone, she’s another big trouble
along with him. Why did you call me now?
– What’s the time now? 11 pm!
– So what? Night…dark…l’m afraid
of darkness, cut it. One second, l didn’t call,
my phone insisted on calling. The situation l’m in and
she’s talking funny! Where is he? Where is Geetha? Where are you?
l’m waiting here for you. Come, l’m on terrace. l’m leaving.
– Where? Going back to home.
– Why? Please listen… Everyone is happy as they want
to be except me! Can’t he ask?
Won’t l answer him? With a long face… just one such man
is enough to understand life. l’ll lose Rs.7000! Elder on has come back, don’t know what has happened there?
Did you ask him? Why? Didn’t the younger one call? When l ask about elder one you say
ask younger one or vice versa. They’ll take care of each
other themselves. l too wish it, by God’s grace Chinni’s
marriage went off peacefully. Bezawada brings to my memory… l’m thinking of going to their home. lt seems elder daughter has
come from America. Can we ever forget the favour
she did to us? l’ll go and tell we wish to hear
good news in near future. Prepare sweets.
l’ll take them with me. Looks like it may rain,
get the clothes, Seetha. l’ll get it. What’s this? Somebody is taking photos
from up there! l’m getting ready to give pose. Bloody photos. Wait, let’s take a snap together. Look there!
– What? Look there!
– What? Just see once! Look there! How can l stop myself if
rain drops wet me like this? How can my youth resist
the lashes of rain? Hold on dear, why are you rushing?
Am l so cheap to you? l’m here to take to
the world of bliss… l got wet because of you…
l danced in rain because of you… You know why? You would
allow me to come closer… l’ve made my sari end
as your umbrella… l’m warming you with my breath… l would give certainly
whatever l’ve to you… l shone with shyness…
l called you with my heart beat… Rained like kisses on you…
Become a rainbow on your horizon… Your first call of youth is
making my heart to sprout love… When you pour down on me,
there’s no end to the happiness… Very good proposal. Groom is very handsome. They know everything so wouldn’t
mind such trivial things. lt’s not an ordinary proposal, to whom l’m telling this,
who should get this message directly, the message must reach them, and stop breaking into mad jigs, the faster they get out from
those thoughts the better for all of us. Wait! Where are you going? lf you see a boy,
you must judge his capacity. lf not why to study so much
and have health drinks. Say anything or get any great proposal, l’ll not agree for the marriage till
you fix Seetha’s marriage first. Just one girl!
Never took care of her! You must arrange her marriage,
if not consider me as dead. Calm down, brother will talk,
don’t get tensed, mother. What will he talk?
You keep talking all the life. Did you ever let me talk? l love him more than you two! He’s dead anyway!
Did you ever bother about him? All are here,
did they bother about her? Tell me, did they bother about her? Hello brother-in-law! Brother!
– Are you all doing fine? Your aunt made these sweets for you. She wished you to have
children like her sweets. Are you fine, dear?
– Fine. ls everyone fine?
– l forgot about you. Are you fine? ls your health fine? How are you dear?
– Please sit down, brother. Are you fine, dear?
– Fine, brother. l’m very happy to see you
all at one place! When did you come, Kondal Rao? You’re very lucky,
you said and he’s here. Nothing brother, they were talking
about Seetha’s marriage. Younger daughter’s got a good proposal, old woman wants Seetha to be married
first and you walked in, brother. We’ve the responsibility of
Seetha as much as you have. Moreover it’s marriage.
We must think over it deeply. You may have ideas of fixing her
marriage with your elder son. What do you say that… Unqualified! You too don’t wish to marry her off
to an unemployed man, right? You too would bother about
what people will say! Look at Kondal Rao! lf we fix Seetha’s marriage
with his son. Would he jump in joy? He would say immediately,
for idiotic son? l’ll fix Seetha’s marriage
finding a good proposal. Anyone would think of
only good for Seetha. You don’t get any other thought.
Because she’s Seetha! Good! How’s the sari, aunt? Why are you asking me?
– Why? Are you going to stay with us? We clamour as our relatives… Look how she has turned up
for bride seeing ceremony. Uncle asked me and
l’m doing it, that’s all. Your uncle will say! He went to see them and
brought a marriage proposal. Uncle! No use in discussing now
if my elder son had been normal? Don’t know in which situation uncle
had to promise them. Shouldn’t we honour uncle’s word? We’re open family. We openly discuss everything openly. But my son is little old type for girls, he doesn’t like them to run
or talk loudly! What are you saying daddy?
l’m more open than you. lnfact you put so many
restrictions to mom. lsn’t mom? Tell him.
– No, l’m totally open. Vijayawada man has sent a great proposal. We praise ourselves too much,
they’re worse than us. What are you waiting for?
Call Seetha. Seetha, come. Who is he? His elder son, Seetha’s loves him. lf you refuse he’ll marry her. You’re open type
so l told you everything openly. Mother, fix it quickly. lt’s okay from our side. No need of formalities
like engagement. Get two upper cloths,
cover me and my son with it. We can fix the marriage in a week. He mustn’t call me!… He mustn’t call me! He mustn’t call me! What’s that? Give it. What? lt seems he’s very handsome! lt seems he’ll take good care of me. Look, if he has one quality
better than me, marry him. Not just the fool your father shows,
let it be anyone. Marry him! Cut it! l too would find a girl. With a cheek which would turn pink
for 30 days forjust one kiss. Cut it. My foot! l thought the world is so beautiful
because of boys and girls. My foot! lt’s difficult for a girl to
be as she wants in every situation. They ,make big build up of reforming us
and our mistakes all through our life! Must be brave,
must have sense of humour! l’ll like only if you’ve
those qualities. lt’s humbug! Do you know when they need bravery? To take them on bike without
meeting an accident. What’s that nasty look, you fool? Hey boy! How is he, mother? Keep checking his BP regularly. You did a good thing by
bringing him here on time. Nothing will happen to him. l told you nothing will
happen to him. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine! lf he’s not fine, since you all
wish him good, he’ll be fine! Greetings! Hey younger one!
Which ward your father is in? Come! Greetings!
– Greetings. Are you fine? You got well quickly, very tough man. Greetings. Are you also here, Kondal Rao? My respect for you has increase
for seeing you with him. Vijayawada man used to say you
don’t know how to make a living! l too used to join him. Life is greater than making a living. Risking one’s life to save another
life is much more greater! You’ve proved it by example. The boy you saved is none other
than my brother’s son. They wanted to come,
l insisted l’ll meet them first. l can’t cry artificially. l can’t do another thing also. Other than bowing in honour for you! What are you doing, younger one? You look smarter than your brother. Why are you delaying?
You must catch up with life quickly. How good it would be if you settle down
in life for your father’s position! l didn’t say anything to
your elder son too. Just a chide and he left angrily. Let bygones b bygones.
Send him to me. l’ll take care of him. Mother!
– l’m here son! Mother, l’m leaving to
Hyderabad tomorrow evening. Why don’t you stay for few more days? l’ll stay but what will l do here? l must find something there, right? Tell the same thing to elder one too!
Pack him off, son! He has invited him to Vizag.
lt won’t be nice. How long this anger would last? Don’t just look after yourself,
tell him strictly and pack him off. Why don’t you tell him that? You won’t! l’ve been seeing since childhood,
you tell me everything. Nobody will dare ask him! lf you or father had asked him
why is he loitering aimlessly? He would’ve settled by now! But you won’t ask him! You hesitate, fear and
feel embarrassed! You put the burden on me. l’m unable to answer
the world outside. You want me to send him! Why are you talking like this? My elder son is like that,
he’s not that smart! He can’t get along with
people like you. He can’t and l too!
That’s why l asked you! You make big statements
of doing big things, right? Fight the world…
would you get food without fighting? Unable to show my face outside. Everyone asks what are they doing? Are you kids?
lf l ask anything you get angry! What do you want me to do? l don’t feel like going. How can l go there?
l left them once! They may have changed
but what about me? The same fuss, the same people! Don’t we know what to do? You always say we must hit the jack pot. You’re right. l still believe that. There’s a limit for everything, there is! We’ll never remain like this forever. Never! Do you feel that l must go back there? Tell me if you feel like that. Tell me, what should l do now? You were born before me, don’t you know what to do
and what ought not to do. There’s a limit…
there’s a limit for everything. For living, for relationship
and for patience too! There must be limit! When asked say don’t l know! lf they know can’t they ask! Give advice about good
and bad all the day! Moreover sentiments too! Either you or l’ll feel bad
if they ask anything. lf this situation continues, we’ll not have the
courage to die also! Aren’t the clouds and
lightning the beacons of rain? Little tiffs and anger are
other side of affection… Has silence refused to hear
the laughter of happiness? Has relationships refused to join
in the bond of affection? Though it is bitter, we have it
happily calling it as Ugadi… lf difficulties are relatives
on short visit… We’ll always be happy… What sir? Your smile is little… No, l’m smiling normally. l’m smiling from heart. Look, 200 employees would
be working under you. You’ve to lead them with your smile. l told you he doesn’t have
it in him. Smile if you feel like or
cry if you feel like. l can’t smile as you want
for your money! To hell with yourjob! My foot! lt’s hard if you think so or
easy if you think so… Decide how your life should be… You won’t get whatever you want…
there’s a shortfall always… So dream the better life… Summer is for mangoes…
rainy season is for rainbows… Fire to warm winters…
Smile for difficulties… Shall we go to Bhadrachalam, uncle? Anything special? l made a vow for family visit
if you get well soon. l made a vow! Keep quiet, we can visit later
when everything is fine. Everything will be fine
if we visit now. As if you know everything. Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! Uncle, let’s go! What do you say? lf you want to go, okay to me also. Then, l’ll tell grandma. Come here! Sit here! Shall we go? Will it be fine?
– Very fine! Okay! Come here! Sit here! Elder one! Come with younger one! While going we must take pearls
of Rama, tell him also. Look, what a glimpse! Hello brother-in-law! Are you fine? Uncle! Vijayawada family! Greetings sir.
– Greetings. Seetha too is here. Hail Lord Rama!… Come here! No problem, come here. lnspector, come here. Bring the elderly man sitting there. Greetings sir.
– Are you fine? Come and carry this!
Come l say! People don’t get this opportunity easily. Okay? Hail Lord Rama!… This opportunity is given
by Lord Rama not me. Hail Lord Rama!… Take your vehicle away!
– Okay sir. Take it away! Mother! lf anyone breaks down the transformer,
electrocution would stop. lf you touch, you’ll get electrocuted! We would die anyway
if we stay here! Elder one! Send it immediately! Hail Lord Rama! No more to fear! Don’t run, please sit down! Move little, son. How people got scared in a minute! ln 15 minutes, everything went haywire! But you went bravely and saved people. Be like that! That’s enough!
Everything else comes after that! Look there! There are cowards,
brave men, rich, doctors, peon, everyone makes only one prayer,
l’m a good man, please save me. You may think it is drama,
it is not! Generally people are good! Humans mean good! What did l give you?
Did l give you property? l gave you wings to fend
for yourself! As a common man, what can we
give back to this society? Except a love filled family! ls there anything better than that? He’s your elder brother for
this life only! He’s your younger brother for
this life only. l’m your father for this life only! Forget about life, we can’t be
sure of crossing this road also. That’s why smile at every person
you meet and carry on. There’s nothing to pray to God
for ourselves. lf you still wish to ask,
pray for your neighbor. God! Any man who leads his
life honestly, never take him away from smile! That’s all! Come, let’s go. That is… Whatever it is
say it on my face! l’m intoxicated by men. That’s why l blabbered as l wished! Likewise l would’ve done
with you also. Don’t take it seriously. No, l used to tell me something new! But when you said you were
born before me, don’t you know that? l felt it was something really new! Who else is there for me
other than you! You were younger to me, l thought l could tell
everything to you. But l didn’t know my words
would test you so much! You could’ve told me that day itself. Just one thing! Once born, we must live great! Must have a good life and
be good to everyone. That’s all! When l didn’t see it in you,
l used to get angry. Unable to tell you directly,
l said something indirectly. Not because you’re elder to me.
You’re a good man! Much better man than me. Not just me, you’re better
than all here. You were right, l play drama. l played many a drama. With you…with a girl…
with everyone! Shut up! You know at least something,
l don’t know that too. l didn’t know how to behave… …and was adamant
on behaving like this only. With that one line,
l played more drama than you. Father was right, you’re my brother
for this life only. l’m your younger brother
for this life. ls it for this life only? That’s the problem with you! River Godavari turned red at dawn… The hue is competing with henna… The hand with hue is blushing red… The blushing belle is draped in sari… Who is the moon in sari? She’s none other than beautiful Seethamma… You wanted to leave everyone
and go away, right? l know everything from the beginning. l know what had happened
between you both. Not only me, uncle too knows it. l told him everything. How do you know it? Don’t know, l know everything
just like that! What did l deny you? Like other husbands when
their wives get headache, you can’t apply balm or
say sweet words! You don’t have to look after me
even if l get fever. No need to take me to
a film too in life! Jasmine twig in the
courtyard of Seethamma… lt is blooming with flowers… Pluck the flowers without
disturbing the branch… Deck Seethamma’s tresses
with jasmine… Flowers in the tresses are
spreading fragrance… Kodanda Ramayya is coming… Here comes Ramayya… Spread his magical charm
on his arrival… This is the place Seetha
becomes consort of Rama… lt’s the time earth and
sky become kinsmen… Three knots will make the
three worlds to celebrate… Seven steps together would
make them a couple forever… Jasmine twig in the
courtyard of Seethamma… A parrot made home in it… The parrot said a charming word… Hearing the word would make
you say Oh God… Seetha’s heart chanted
the name of Rama… What else?
– You tell me. You tell me.
– What else? Did you find a man
more handsome than me? Got him? You too said a girl who cheeks would turn pink
for 30 days forjust one kiss. Did you find her? You’re smarter than you appear. You too, people say like that! Who is that?
– That’s l this time. Won’t you’ve lunch? l thought it easily but
it’s not an ordinary matter. You’re a great man.
– You’re too much. You gave two daughters for
our progeny to continue. Who could be greater than you? Brother, this isn’t ours but theirs! Stop…stop…
Tell your names and enter. First the girl!
– Not girl but first boy! What do you want me to tell?
– Tell! l’m here with her. Her? Tell her name. l’m here with Seetha, that’s it. Okay fine, get in. He said it, let’s go in.
– Wait, she must tell now. My uncle’s name is… My uncle’s name is… My aunt’s name is… Their son’s name is… l’m Seetha, his wife l’m here with my husband. Next is your turn! What else?
– What else? There’s a lot!
– Okay. Tell me everything on phone after
reaching there, do you’ve money? l have.
– Do you? l do have.
– Keep it, With a distinct single drop of
character of humanity, united like the vastness of sea, meet and depart,
depart to meet again, overcoming all the hurdles
with a smile is man’s character, families with such men,
towns with such families, countries with such towns,
are filled with love, this is our lndia, that showed to the world that
world is one big family! A PuLi – DDR Presentation


  1. krishna kandula Author

    everybody can relate closely to at least one relation in the movie with their family, which makes this movie special.

  2. Rama Krishna p Author

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    Mahesh Babu sir your a great and your Maharshi movie in learn to love and friendship and education bagge ede a movie enda students tumba artha madkolodu ede your super acter in Telugu movie

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