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Selma Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding Jr. Movie HD

He’s got supporters. Detroit. New York. Los Angeles. Inciting large scale arrests and… Sympathy marches. I’m very aware of that, Mr. Hoover. What I do know is he’s non-violent. What I need to know right now… What’s Martin Luther King about to do next? Mr. President? Dr. King is here. Mr. President… In the South, there have been thousands of racially motivated murders. We need your help! Dr. King, this thing is just going to have to wait. It cannot wait. You got one big issue. I got a hundred and one. Selma it is. Here is the next great battle. Selma’s the place. And they ready. Dr. King! I’ll tell you that white boy can hit. We will not tolerate agitators’ attempting to orchestrate a disturbance in this state. It is unacceptable that they use their power to keep us voiceless. Those that have gone before us say, “No more!” No more! People actually say they’re gonna kill our children. There are trying to get inside of your head. What happens when a man stands up and says enough is enough? We build the path as we can. Rock by rock. This cell is probably bugged. It probably is. We must march. We must stand up. You march those people into rural Alabama, it’s gonna be open season. May I have a word? There’s no word to be had. There are seventy million people watching. These pictures are going around the world. We must make a massive demonstration White, black and otherwise come to Selma. I heard about the attack of innocent people. I couldn’t just stand by. Looks like an army out there. Mine eyes have seen the glory. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! What happens when a man stands up and says enough is enough?


  1. Harry Bennett, M.D Author

    Every time I watch this movie, it strikes me as sad because as a society, we would like to think these events were a long time ago, but when you look at it, it was not long ago at all

  2. Cameron Bleecker Author

    such a powerful movie. sad that this is a part of our history, but thankful that God made brave people like Martin Luther King Jr. to stand up for justice

  3. Faith Southers Author

    Martin Luther King Jr was one of the greatest people to ever live, not only for the fight that he fought, but the fact that he fought it in the name of Jesus! He was a man of God, and that is why he was so strong. God gave him strength to endure persecution. Can I get an amen?

  4. Rudy Author

    Oh MLK, we need you now. This nation is spiraling towards chaos. Black Lives Matter isn't what you wanted and they're promoting shame towards their race.

  5. James Miles Tv Author

    This is the best movie I have ever watched in my life and im sure if it wasnt for God and great people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and people who shared his beliefs I would not be here. Thank God 🙏

  6. Ambassador Octavia Wells Author

    This movie didnt go far because it didnt tell the truth! King, about Rodney King, these actors dont know these people!

  7. Laura Jackson Author

    I don’t get racism because we all have our own different coloured skin their no one in the world with the same skin colour as u no one so their should be no separation we’re all one we’re all different and unique nobody the same

  8. A SH Author

    Load of crap. Oppression exists no matter whrer you are… Enough, black man, you have had a hand up for 50 years… get on with it… WTF

  9. MAL Cc Author

    Tank u MLK cuz my fmhole heritage has a voice!!, and tanks to all that march that day u make history not just for your own right but for your descendents to 💞💞💞

  10. hemanishable Author

    I wish this movie was less focus on MLK. He is a great man and he did a lot for the movement but so did countless of other brave African Americans and even whites. Like give me a movie about Diane Nash (who literally went to prison while pregnant) or James Bevel or John Lewis. Like MLK is only one part of the freedom movement. I'd like to see a deeper narrative because the freedom struggle is so much more complex.

  11. HalfLifeMassacre Author

    This isn't about racism, this is about cruelty towards another human beings for no reason. The people didn't care if they were black they just needed someone to hate it's almost human nature to hate. The day racism ends is the day we forget it exists.

  12. me still me Author

    Oh Dr. King, if only you were here to watch how you have revolutionized our country. You had a dream. We will keep that dream going. You are a true hero✊🏼✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  13. GTFO Author

    I found this movie to be incredibly inspiring, even as a white man I can appreciate and congratulate the courage, persistence and self-restraint shown by MLK and the rest of the black people. There were many times throughout this movie where I found myself angry and upset over the harsh treatment, so I cannot imagine how it would have felt actually being apart of such a discriminated group back then.

    MLK is a hero.

  14. Appen Zeller Author

    I have a dream that someday the people who are making mega millions on films will share the really good ones with everyone for free and not try and ring out every last teeny penny. Want to share your message ? Stop being so greedy.

  15. Kelly-Ann Jobity Author

    I’m currently eating this movie and Jimmy Lee Now died 💔💔💔 it’s soooooo amazing to see what we as a people had to endure 🖤💯✨

  16. tweezee Author

    Here it is 2019, and we don't have an up to date movie that covers Dr. King's life. Selma was a great movie, but Selma covers an event, not his whole life. We need a real MLK movie.


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