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Sesame Street: Dr.No (Monsterpiece Theater Presents)

evening, me Alistair Cookie. Tonight on Monsterpiece
Theater, exciting tale of international
intrigue and suspense, Dr. No, starring famous spy and
extremely cool guy, James Bond. Here now, Dr. No. [MUSIC PLAYING] NURSE: Excuse me, Dr. No, but
your next patient is here. It’s a Mr. Bond, James Bond. DR. NO: Show him in please. NURSE: Yeah. Hm. Right this way. DR. NO: Good morning, Mr. Bond. What can I do for you? JAMES BOND: Ah, Dr. No. I need your help. DR. NO: Over here. JAMES BOND: Hm? Oh. Ah, Dr. No. I need your help. Do you see this word? I can’t read it. My regular doctor
couldn’t help me. He said I should
consult a specialist. DR. NO: Well, you’ve come
to the right man, Mr. Bond. With your permission, I’d
like to conduct some tests. JAMES BOND: Of course,
Doctor, anything you say. DR. NO: Right. Now then, read this. JAMES BOND: Um. Toenail. DR. NO: Hm. JAMES BOND: Yes. DR. NO: Cover your
left eye and read this. JAMES BOND: Um. Pepperoni. JAMES BOND: Grr. Cover your right
eye and read this. JAMES BOND: Um. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy– DR. NO: I’m afraid
your condition is more serious than I thought. JAMES BOND: Ahh. I feared as much, Dr. No. Can you possibly help me? DR. NO: Yes. Take off those
ridiculous dark glasses. I’m surprised you
can see anything with those ruddy things on. Now then, read this. JAMES BOND: No. DR. NO: And this. JAMES BOND: No. DR. NO: This. JAMES BOND: No. No. No. I’m cured. Oh, you cured me. How can I ever
thank you, Dr. No? DR. NO: Give me a $1,000. JAMES BOND: Hm. No. No. No. No. No. No. COOKIE MONSTER: And
so end tonight’s thrilling and suspenseful
story, Dr. No. Tune in the next time for
another exciting James Bond adventure, The Spy Who Loved Me
and Left Me Plate of Cookies. Ah. Until next time, this is
Alistair Cookie saying, good night. Me love culture. NARRATOR: A young boy, adrift
in the middle of the ocean, all alone, except
for a ravenous beast. BOY: What? Wait. NARRATOR: In a boat made
entirely of cookies. BOY: Ravenous beast?


  1. Darius Whitehead's 2nd Channel Author

    Muppet Performers:
    Frank Oz – Alistair Cookie
    Louise Gold – Nurse
    Joey Mazzarino – Mr. Bond. James Bond
    Martin P. Robinson – Dr. No

    Favorite Part where Mr. Bond Muppet says, "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't-"


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