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Shadow full movie

Bombay – 1993 How are you, brother-in-law? It’s been many days
since I saw you. How is my sister and children? They’re fine but your sister
is worried about me. She doesn’t want me
to work for mafia. Time has come to end her worry. This is my years of hard work, Surya. This is my investigation file. Nana Bhai who started his life
of crime from a Hyderabad slum, now has grown to become a mafia don
to make India shiver, along with his brothers,
Jeeva and Lala, with trusted lieutenants
Shakeel, Robert and Guru, Bombay, Hyderabad,
Bangalore, Calcutta, with business interests in
land, drugs and illegal weapons, he has established
a well oiled network, anybody going against Nana is dead, he has planned a number of blasts
joining terrorist groups, Bombay could be the first target, details of police and politicians
who support them are in this file, he trusted me more than
his brothers in the gang, that’s why I could collect
so many details, our newspaper ‘Jagruti’ must
publish the truth boldly. I’m really proud of your
undercover crime journalism. Come, let’s go to Hyderabad
with family. No, brother-in-law! Entering underworld is dangerous and
getting out is more dangerous. They’re planning some big blasts, I must find the truth and
catch them red handed. Okay, I’ll go now. Today is Rakhi, will you go
without meeting your sister? Okay, come. Come. Mother tied it to her brother,
you tie this to me. Okay. First blast must go off
on 12th at noon! Place is VT station. Serial blasts must go off at 5 minutes
interval in different areas. RDX is ready. Before the blasts go off, Shakeel and Robert will go to Nepal, Jeeva and Lala will be in Dubai, I and Raghu would reach
Malaysia in ship. Bhai, I need to go to my place. My mother is sick. I’m here to inform you.
– Is it? Okay, you go. It’s mother, you must go. Be careful!
I can’t trust anyone. Nobody must know about our plan. Okay, bhai. You trusted him more
than your own brothers. Betrayer! Will you spare him? He’s a journalist, I’m sure he would’ve
hidden proofs in house. He, his family and those proofs,
nothing must remain. What’s it? What happened? Your brother has sold off our lives. The file I prepared years working
as undercover journalist, he sold the file to Nana Bhai. We must leave the
place immediately. Get ready quickly. Raja, listen to me carefully, I was supporting good cause
by staying with bad guys. I lived for this country, Nana bhai’s complete
life of crime is in this, you’re the protector of
mother and sister. I don’t get what you say, father. What’s this, hubby? Kill or die for public cause! Go with children.
– No… Go!- Come.
– Quickly. What happened, Raja? The cassette father gave me…
I’ll be back in a minute, mother. Brother! Father! Why did you come back?
Go away son! Father!
– Go! Bhai, his wife and children escaped. Father…father… No…no…father… Trying to betray me
gaining my trust. Father! No…no… No! Publish these proofs! It seems your father
gave you something. Where is it? Look, he’s there! catch him! Brother! Mother, catch it! Did you see an old man
with four kids? Tell me I say! My sister! Hey old man! Come out! What have you done, child? Throw that thing! Son, I’m an ordinary mechanic. They’re orphans who lost parents
in the recent bomb blasts. Allah has sent you to me. Where are your parents, son? They killed! They killed my mother,
father and sister. Nana bhai and his gang. Devil! Not just your parents,
he killed 300 people in Bombay. He set off bombs and
escaped from India. Allah will punish him. No, I’ll punish them. I’ll not leave them. I’ll not leave anyone. I swear on Allah the great, I’ll raise you to kill them
with your hands! Present day – 2013
Hyderabad Emergency meeting has been called to
discuss about a dangerous situation. You know about a blast in
a housing complex in Hyderabad. RDX was used in it. The blast wasn’t planned,
it happened accidentally. but to our luck we got
100 kgs of RDX in the next flat. We’ve come to know about plan
of serial blasts in Hyderabad. Records of call from mobiles
we found on site, we know Robert and Shakeel, Nana bhai’s lieutenants were
coordinating from Malaysia, in today’s blast all died
except Guru bhai. Let’s interrogate and
get details from him, sir. Bad luck, Guru bhai died
an hour ago in hospital. We lost the lone witness. Actually, I took big risk, sir. That’s why we’re paying you, right? You can bring back the dead
with money in India. Nobody can stop the blasts now. Robert, Shakeel, Nana Bhai
and his brothers, I’ll come back to Hyderabad
with anyone of them. I’ll talk to Malaysian police. Keep this operation secret
till blasts stop. We’ve information about
Shakeel coming to Kualalampur. We’re in Malaysia for 5 years now. First time we’ve information
about Nana bhai. To bring out the snake from pit,
you need to smoke it. Bhai, he’s inquiring about you
and Robert near our hideouts. Who are you guys?
Why are you inquiring about us? Are you informers? You swine! Think before you hit anyone,
who would come in support of him! If I beat you, who will come? Who will come?
Who will come? The less you know about him
the better for you. Shut up, you bloody! Pray God that he mustn’t
know your address. If not you’re dead. You… I’m beating you in Subhan hanger.
So what? Would he come? Tell him to come.
Who are you? It’s a mystery who am I! What I create is history! All of you would see my victory! I told you if he knows
your address, you’re dead! Who are you? Is he Sun’s shadow on earth? Will he end the crime
with his third eye? Nobody can take on him,
he’ll never back off… Is he heir of death?
Who is he? You can never find him,
if he finds you, it’s death… Is he thunder?
Is he snake hood? Is he trouble?
Is he a battlefield? Is he fate? Is he the end? Is he the ultimate danger? You are…? Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Give me details of Nana’s gang. I want full reports about
their dealings. Someone is targeting the mafia, sir. He has already killed Shakeel. Next is Robert… I want special report on Nana’s gang,
it’s activities and hideouts I must get complete information
about the gang come directly to me. Issue them toll free numbers. Robert is finished, sir. Abdul, take passports. Enter Hyderabad like students, since Guru failed in his plan, so, I’m sending you
to Hyderabad. Bombs must go off
as planned in October. We don’t know who killed Shakeel. We must be very careful. What shall we do with the police
officer who arrested Robert? It’s not important to
kill police officer. It’s more important
to get Robert out. I don’t know whether you blast
the station or buy police officers, Robert must be out before
Nana bhai comes to know this. A bad news. Special police team from has
arrested your next target Robert. He has been lodged in
high security jail, tomorrow they’re shifting
him to Hyderabad. He must go out of Malaysia. Sir, we’ve arrested Robert. He’s very helpful in
red October case. We’re bringing him tomorrow
morning in a special flight, sir. Someone has killed Shakeel
and targeting Nana’s gang. Looks like our team would
lose this match. Who is this drunkard? He was creating nuisance
after getting drunk, sir. Not here, put him in cell. Get your hangover in cellar. Why is he kissing me? Our guy has caught a catch. One more catch! This is right. It’s our batting now,
we’ll thrash them! It isn’t as easy to kill Robert in cell
as you killed Shakeel. Security is tight, we’re taking him back to India
by morning, right? What if they plan his kill tonight? Who are you? I’m Shadow,
the shadow that killed Shakeel! Who sent you? I’m not here anyone’s order,
I’m here to kill you. You lost an eye because of me! I had decided as a young boy,
I’ll not spare Nana and his gang. You? Raghuram’s son? Yes! Where is Nana bhai? Nana bhai is in Malaysian seawaters. You can’t bring him to land. Would he come if you die? Not just come,
he’ll devastate Malaysia. He hit them! Did anyone come here after I left? A drunkard was here, sir. Where is he?
– In the cell, sir. He’s our officer, sir. Who is this officer? Long hair, that get up,
by any chance, is he the Shadow? Why is he calculating? Oh my God! Smoke!
May be he’s escaping, catch him! I got him! I got him, I got Shadow! Open your eyes. Continue cooperating like this. Guessed it right. Our targets are same! Nana bhai and his gang. I’ll take care of them,
go back to India and take rest. Every criminal is over confident
till he’s caught. I’ll catch you.
– You can’t touch wind. You can’t hold fire. You can’t catch Shadow. My friend called from Lankavi island, he’s sending full details of
Nana bhai through an air hostess. How to recognise her?
– She’ll recognise you. Who is coming sir? You’d have seen Dubai Seenu
and Don Seenu, but one coming is Psycho Seenu! Psycho Seenu?
– Yes. I saw his photo,
he looked like a lizard on land. You both would become great
psychologists by carrying my luggage. Stop! Where’s Madhubala? I told you to follow me closely,
where did you go away, Bala? My brother told me to call
on reaching here. I went to make a call. Won’t I offer my cell if you ask?
What did your brother say? It seems a prospective groom
is coming here to meet me. It seems he likes me very much
and has a great surprize for me. We’re here for medical conference
not for match making. My brother arranged this
without my knowledge… Look, you all are house surgeons
only if I give you pass marks. If not you’d stay in
your own house only. Life will become hell if you
marry family’s choices. Look at me! I’m in this position
because I didn’t think about marriage. It’s waste to think
about it now, sir. I don’t like girls so easily. Nobody would like you too
so easily, sir. You can meet him but tell
your brother he’s very ugly. Oh my red jacket! The man in suit which doesn’t
suit him is Psycho Seenu. Greetings sir. Give the bouquet! He’s Psycho! I mean Seenu! Your name?
– Kamma Reddy. I don’t want your caste name. Kamma Reddy Kapu Raju,
that’s my full name. Don’t get shocked,
my father was a modern man. My mother too was
modern thinking woman. I’m very orthodox. I’m a terrorist.
Be careful with me. Not even a retired terrorist
would be like this, come. Be careful, pen drive is
very important to us. Place is full of police. Come. We were happy in stations, with Shadow’s entry
we’re on roads! We must catch Shadow
at any cost, sir. How can we catch him?
Is he going near us to catch? sir, look at him!
He looks exactly like him, sir. He’s walking too fast. Do you think that’s him? Come, let’s chase him. Where’s my red jacket? What’s his name? You never met him,
how will you recognise him? His name is Sanyasi Naidu and
he’ll come in a red jacket. It seems he has a surprize for me. Sanyasi? Very bad name. I’m sure he won’t be good to look. You’re wrong,
Sanyasi is rocking! He’s great! Give me what you have for me. You said you’ve something for me. It was decided you would give. You wanted to give something. You’re confused,
give me what you’ve for me. That is surprize… Either give or take,
finish it quickly. His height and hair are
just the same. He perfectly matches him. What’s this? They’re kissing each other. They’re lovers, mad man! Come. That killer and this kisser
are not same. It’s common in Malaysia. Raja, she has given the pen drive! Are you okay?
– How could he kiss her? Move. Who is he?
– He’s going away… I’m hurt. You said someone would come
and has a surprize for you, is this the surprize? As I watch! How is it, dear? First time, right? She can put
on lip stick again, come. Are you coming to Hyderabad
or settle down in Malaysia? I’ll come but
did you go to hospital? When is it due? It’s still 6 months away,
I’ve fantastic good news for you. What’s it? I gave your address to our neighbour
Psycho Seenu on visit to Kualalampur. Why did you give my
address to Psycho Seenu? I didn’t give,
he tortured me and got it. Madhubala and others
too are coming. They’re okay to me.
Can’t bear him as neighbour, if he comes here,
he’ll do my post mortem alive. Looks like you’re talking about me. Bindu gave the good news
about your arrival. Welcome, he’s here. Here’s Bindu. Seenu finished the snacks
you sent for Pratap. He’s eating snacks too
along with brains. I ate only snacks but
someone ate her lips. You can’t do anything
with lips, right? Flat is very good,
it can accommodate all of us. If it’s free he’ll adjust
without AC also. Why are you sad as
if the fault is yours? I’ve lost my commission. It’s your wish where to take us
out for lunches, dinners and tours. He has planned a free trip
to Malaysia. You freshen up first.
– Madhu, you too. Where’s your room?
– There! You would’ve heard that
I play with dead bodies. But now you will watch it. Find that doctor girl,
I must say sorry to her. Okay, come. My brother. Yes, brother! I’m in a demo. It seems Sanyasi was there
and something had happened. Sanyasi?
I met him in airport. Did he meet you?
He said he didn’t. In a red jacket. Okay, he likes you so much. He’ll come, meet him once. Can’t meet him today, brother. Will he kiss me again? That is… He looks like an undertaker. I go crazy on seeing dead bodies. He’s here again. Tell me. Why is he here? Red jacket
that day, white coat now. May be he’s a doctor. He’s an actor not a doctor. You’re in a coat,
you too are a doctor. Why are you inviting trouble? I’ll make him fall at my feet
with all my experience. It’s not as easy as to kiss
to deal with dead bodies. He would die in fear. No problem! Dead body is better than him. Why is he so fearsome? I’m scared even after seeing
thousands of bodies. Endure it. Can you tell it’s a murder case? Do it fast and
hand over the body to us. He’s a dangerous gangster. He’s the lone dead man
this week, what can we do? It’s a murder case.
Killer murdered him with vengeance. Seeing the wounds, examining it, can you tell exactly
what’s in my report? Can you tell where did the
first bullet hit him? My foot he can tell.
– No way. He wasn’t hit by bullet first.
He got punched first. Three bullets pierced into him,
where did the first bullet hit him? Not three, it was four bullets. First bullet hit his leg, but it isn’t in his body,
it pierced through and hit the wall. Second bullet hit his left rib. Killer used silencer. Looks like it’s his post mortem. What about this wound? Don’t worry about the
wound near eye. Why? In the fight,
he would’ve got hurt. No, he hurt his eye 20 years ago. How could you tell so correctly, sir? Claps please! Post mortem is over,
you can take the body. Do it fast. Sir, look at him! I’ve seen a similar man elsewhere. He’s stealing a coat. I’ll not spare you. I’m not a thief, sir.
– Mafia? Are you here for the dead body? My father is Home in Andhra.
– Homo? The girl I wish to marry…
– Some are better informed than us. He knows! Please come here. Who is he? I’m Sanyasi Naidu. I’m Madhubala’s fiancé. I said I’ll come wearing a red jacket,
someone stole my jacket. She would’ve got angry
waiting for me. Officer, I don’t know him. Catch him. Sir, I’m not a thief,
I’m Sanyasi Naidu. If you’ve doubt,
ask Madhubala. If he’s Sanyasi Naidu,
who is he then? He wanted to marry Madhubala,
why did you tell police to arrest him? I hate competition.
I’ll crush them. Let’s catch that fraud, come. Psycho Seenu got shocked. How could you tell perfectly
as if you saw it happen? What do you do, Sanyasi Naidu?
– Who? Sanyasi Naidu? He’s not Sanyasi Naidu but a fraud. If you call me a fraud,
I’ll break your head. You look like a cycle mechanic,
are you a doctor? You’re right again.
– She waved her hand first, right? He made a mistake,
he raised my BP. I’m a doctor, how dare he
calls me a cycle mechanic. You repair dead bodies, right? Don’t mix retorts in emotion. Did you see film ‘Bharateeyudu’? I’ve seen it, an old man
like you is the hero. My foot! If I use my technique,
he would see hell. If I block his mind,
he would go blank. Action will start in brain. It’s reaction would be more
dangerous than my imagination. I think he would do it really. We speak so many thing while
having drinks, moreover it’s him! Why do you take him seriously?
– You must! You need weapons to kill someone, but all I need is thought
to kill someone. I think he’ll die with BP.
– Did you believe him? If my thoughts are so violent, what would be the situation
of Bala who got kissed by him? My heart is rocking… My dream is shattered… She’s a beauty of pleasure… My heart skipped a beat seeing you… An alarm hit and I went crazy… She’s like a cracker
and is jet speed… Sweet dreams are taking
over me slowly… Laid a trap with heart…
saw her falling into it willingly… I won over you with patience… I chased with inspiration… I accepted with love because
you’re a king of pleasure… I love to melt in the
warmth of your arms… Lankavi Island Bhai, Shakeel too was
killed by Shadow. We thought of bringing out Robert
from jail before you know it. But by then… He was with us for 20 years. He died like an orphan
in police station. Let’s attend his funeral.
– Very risky, bhai. Hyderabad ACP Pratap
is targeting us. Arrange it. I must this underworld
in his brief to India. I want all three brothers alive. Stop! Is it him? Why did he fall under my car? All of you come out quickly. Sir has done what he said! You’re really a ‘Bharateeyudu’ sir! I’ve seen only drunkards
challenging, first time I’ve seen a drunkard
do what he said while drinking. How did you plan this, sir? Plan? It happened accidentally… Did you kill him in an accident? Get first aid. It’s all Seenu’s work. Last night we thought
he was telling for joke, he killed him seriously. I don’t know anything,
he came and fell under my car. Take him to hospital
and call the police. If police come,
they’ll take him to hospital, and Seenu will go to jail. You’re the first Indian to die
on electric chair in Malaysia. Do you’ve any last wish, sir?
– Nothing, I beg you. Raise the emotion, little high! Though I harassed you,
we were all like one big family. He fell under my car on his own,
I didn’t plan it. If you want get it confirmed
after he regains consciousness. Till then keep it secret
from Pratap. He’s police officer, he’ll… How can police know
if we don’t tell them? We failed to save brother. We came running like cowards
fearing police. Only three people have the
courage to attack us. John, Kasim and Paul!
I’ve called them here, I’m sure Shadow would be
one of their men. In this business
each has his own capacity. Each one has his own territory. That’s our agreement, right? One among you is planning to finish
me, my brothers and my gang. Have you called suspecting us? Shadow belongs to which of
you three men! Lala is in hospital,
they’ve removed the bullet. But hasn’t yet regained
consciousness. Let’s wait till he regains. I must know the man who attacked us,
who this Shadow is! He’s unconscious for 48 hours now. He hasn’t yet opened the eyes. I think he has slipped into coma.
– Is it? Your seat is confirmed. Is it Rajya Sabha seat
to feel happy about? Electric chair,
he may be in deep sleep. Your story of revenge has
record dislikes in Facebook. Your story is most popular
after Kolaveri song. Will you please stop it? I’m tensed here for him,
are you doing comedy here? Madam is attached to him. How are you, sir? Lakhs of people are waiting
for your reply in Facebook. He didn’t hit you
intentionally, did he? Tell me, no need to fear. Law will not only take its
own course but side one too. Be a guide, don’t guide him. Tell us.
– They say I did it for revenge. Tell truth and
shut their mouths. Tell them you hurt yourself
and fell under my car. Tell me…tell me I say! Why are you shouting, grandpa? Grandpa? Good name! Who are you uncle? Uncle? Don’t you know them? I don’t know aunty.
– Aunty? Are you mad? Say sorry.
Say sorry. I’m hungry, aunty. He’s going! Not good! Psycho Seenu’s punch isn’t ordinary. I thought he would block mind
like Pandu of film ‘Pokkiri’. he had made him go mindless. Get lost! I want milk! Milk!
– Go. Add Horlicks too.
– Come. There’s a small block in
brain due to accident. Indeed! His memory has stopped near a point. His language, behaviour,
habits would be like a small boy. I mean wild child. Isn’t there any solution
to this, doctor? When he meets the people
he knows and visits places, or if he remembers incidents
from his life, there’s chance he may
regain his memory. Isn’t there any other way, doctor?
– Slim chances. Sunny, let’s go out. Who is he?
Didn’t see his face? But I saw the cross he was wearing. There’s no clear picture of
him in security cameras too. We’ve alerted city borders
and airports. Where is this Shadow? Who are you? Our boy only. Though he’s like this, he lost
his memory in an accident, now he’s like a small boy. I must study and treat him, give medicines and
give a solution. What’s your name? You made a hero into a small boy,
give him a name too. Chanti! You’re a pain in neck,
you’ve patients too here. Okay, trace out
where this cross was bought! I know this!
I know where this is! I know! He behaves like this,
memory loss, right? Actually he did the accident…
– Only I can cure him. You be focused on case
instead of him. I’ll cure him. But this…
– No problem. You’ve your own case and
we’ve our own case. Inquire about this cross in
souvenir shops and churches. This is that one! Shall we play a game? This is here, right?
Tell me in which hand it is now? Chanti, please go inside and play. It’s in my hands.
– This one. No! If it’s not in right hand,
it’ll be in the left hand. It will be there! Cheater! You lost! Mustn’t play like that. Stop behaving like kid
and go inside. Go.
– Chanti, go. Cool down. Come. Sir, you look stylish like
Prabhas in film ‘Billa’. Correct.
– What correct? He’s like a stick not Billa. Don’t always say truth, leave it. I’m little mad. You do!
– There’s a count for it. Yes, indeed very count. I’m not here to live silently. You’ve come to make them
wet their pants. We don’t know who he is!
What do we know to make him remember? Cutting has started! Even if God himself comes,
he can’t stop it. Why has he gone mad? All three girls are seeing here. I think they’re getting
attracted by you. Rarely I use my body. He was like a hero,
he has become a Chanti. I’ll make him remember his past. She walking towards Chanti,
other two girls are watching him. We can’t girls unless
we get rid of Chanti. She crossed and
moved away from you, sir. She’ll come from behind
and do massage. She’s doing for Chanti. Please don’t turn to see, sir.
You can’t bear it. We met once…no twice!
Do you remember?… First time we met in airport. We met there! You came close to me.
– Did I? Please don’t see it,
you can’t bear it. I’ll kill him. You came very close.
– Did I? You came and held me like this. She’s kissing him, sir. Please don’t see, turn that side. Shame…shame…aunty! Spit, I’ll complain to grandpa. Grandpa, aunty did something to me. Kiss. Beat aunty. Don’t you’ve shame, aunty? I’ll beat you. Women are after him,
we must get rid of him. Mustn’t swim again,
severe back ache. Sit here, don’t go anywhere.
I’ll get you ice cream. Grandpa! I want a big ice cream.
– I’ll get you a big one! Don’t go anywhere.
– I’ll not. Stay put here.
– Stay here…sit here only. Where’s Chanti?
Madhubala was worried about him. If anything happens to him,
women would feel too bad. I left him in traffic because
of excess feelings. He’s not fit to be
a veterinarian too. Will you leave Chanti like that? You’re first humans
and then doctors. Will you leave a memory loss
patient and lie to us. If anything happens to him… Come on girls. Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa promised to get me
ice cream and hasn’t come yet. I’m hungry. He brought it to home, come. You told me to listen
grandpa’s words. Grandpa told me to wait here. Grandpa lied to you. He left you. Come. Madhubala won’t find Chanti.
– Yes. Finding lost person in Malaysia
is very difficult. Moreover he’s too…
– He’s back! I’ll not talk to you. What does that mean? It means I hate you, you’re my enemy, I despise you, I’m allergic to you, you’re the most worst fellow. Such a small word has
so much meaning. Will you bear their torture?
Won’t you hit back? What should I do? You’ve seen so many films. How do heroes teach
lessons to villains? You must do like that. Become a hero! Teach him a lesson. Are you Gabbar Singh? Should we get scared of you? You must get scared
at least for this gun, grandpa. For that toy gun? Chanti, please return the gun. Why are they acting as
if it’s real gun? Don’t worry sir,
it’s a toy gun. Toy! It’s not a toy gun,
it’s real gun. It belongs to Pratap sir,
he forgot it, we came for it. Army of Gabbar Singh! You left me alone last night. Who got that lousy idea?
Whose plan it was? I must know it. To know the truth, you must play
medley of songs with Gabbar. Medley of songs? Who will sing the first song? Grandpa! Which letter, Chanti? Not letter, sing with number. I, 2, 3…I’m a crook! I’m king and minister… I’ll play day and night… I’m a man of pride… Indeed he’s a crook! May be for the gun! Say everything with a song
not with words. Sing a song if not he’ll shoot.
Sing! Come here…
my heart yearns for you… Come here…
it’s chaos… I’ll crush you…
touch the waist… You showed dissent on me, right?
You sing now. With flowers in hair and
finger on my cheek, I was going… My street goes mad over me… When I walk wearing jewel
and carrying mango basket… Entire place goes mad.. I’m in pain for pleasure… I’m special in giving pleasure… My youth and my beauty
is exotic food… Come have a feast of it,
you’ll go mad… I must take away the gun! Should I give you
special invitation? Should I thrash you?
Sing! Hey girl, what did she say… Hey girl, her words are charming… She said she has
enchanting cheeks… She said the shine on
her cheeks is all mine… Do whatever wherever as you wish… Dashing youth is perfect age… What a great try to take the gun! You’re a good actor, darling. I can do much better, aunty. Here comes the thief! Sing brother Charan’s song. Golden goose is here, O girl… With band… Chanti, we’re tired,
give us a drink break please. Why did you join our party? We got tired watching your dance. Let’s add medicine to his drink. If he takes the medicine,
his madness would go worse. Let it happen! Please listen to me. What’s this, sir?
– It tastes different. He’ll go crazy with this. It’s empty! Grandpa, I’ve added that
medicine in your drink. Will that medicine affect you? I too had it little. Few drink down the throat and
breaking into a jig in confusion… Expected something but
something else happened… Crazy party has brought out
the devils from deep inside… Feel like dynamite has
blown in heart… Feel like I’m in sky
flying in a rocket… Feel like the world
is a photocopy… My double is dancing… Myth…it’s all myth… Got information from hospital. ACP Pratap is taking Lala to
India by tomorrow morning flight. Lala mustn’t go out of Malaysia. Why are we in hospital?
Who is the patient? He’s the patient. There are plenty of toys,
let’s go inside and play. Come, Chanti. That’s why he’s roaming
with doctors. Lala is finished. I’ve connected it. He’s finished today. What’s this, grandpa? Your fever will come down.
– Am I first? You’re the first. Make it 5 points, with this shock,
his madness must forever. It’s good, grandpa.
– Good? It’ll be good, make it 40! It’s much better!
– It will be! Are you doing it properly?
– I’m doing it properly. 70?! Even 70 is ineffective,
it’s not ordinary wound. I’m the first to get 100! Nothing is happening to you? What should happen, grandpa? Get down. Are you the next?
– Yes. Will you wear it now? You’re the first. Ready? Can I connect it? If you act smart, I’ll cut
marks, do it properly. I have sir. Make it 5!
– 5, uncle! I have. No effect.
– Make it 10.- 10? Go to 40! Do it.
– I’ve kept 40. Have you forgotten
to switch it on? That’s it! Grandpa is getting electrocuted,
I didn’t do anything. You’re like a porcupine! Hi hubby! Today evening I’m leaving
to India. Thank God! No duty for a week
after reaching Hyderabad. You must stay in home with me. Call doctor to home
by the time I’m there. I must inquire about your health. What happened?
– Grandpa got electrocuted, uncle. Something has happened to him. I expected this,
you’re not ordinary. Who is he?
– Seenu’s patient. Little mad! His name is Chanti.
He calls Seenu as grandpa. Chanti, my wife Bindu. Will you come to Hyderabad?
– I’ll come along with grandpa. What happened?
– It’s a shootout inside, Baba! Mother! Tell me, what’s happening? Mother! Mother! What has happened to my son-in-law? Tell me, what happened to
my son-in-law? Son! Brother! No…no…I’ll not survive. My mother and sister are alive. Mother and sister? Pratap is my brother-in-law. Allah is taking me away but
has given you back your family. Be happy, son! Stay here! Get up! It took me 20 years to stab your
heart after stabbing on hand. Brother! Killed Jeeva! Only you’re left now! Who are you?
– Fear! I’m fear to give you
the taste of fear. I grew up with sole
intention of revenge, I roamed and searched
for you in every country, I’m the shadow of death
coming towards you, I’m Shadow! When will you present him in court? Move… If he’s here,
who was with our officers then? One of our officer, sir. I didn’t want to take the risk. Nana would be mad for
arresting Lala and killing Jeeva. I didn’t kill Jeeva and
14 other gangsters, sir. Who is this Shadow? Who is Shadow? How is he?
How would he come? Why is he targeting Nana’s gang?
We don’t know, sir. I think it’s personal. If my guess is right,
Lala is his next target. Nana bhai, your brother has
arrived just now. I told you to finish Pratap
but your brother Jeeva died. Shadow killed my brother.
– I know it. Get details of Shadow,
I’ll take care of Lala. Because… Is Bindu doing fine? Can she travel in car? Why do you get so worried? 3rd month only, no problem.
– No, mother-in-law… What’s this like a little boy? You can involve in shoot outs
and I can’t even go to a temple. You’re pregnant not me.
Come. Are you doing fine, madam? Today my son’s birthday.
Offer special prayers.- Okay. Rajaram, Paidipala race! I know, I’ve been offering prayers
for the past 20 years. Walk carefully! You love pudding as much
as you love sister. You know your mother and sister
are alive after years, why are you crying
instead of meeting them? Nobody must know about
my family till Nana is dead. It’s dangerous to them. Instead of staying with them,
it’s better to remain a shadow. Only then I can protect them. Brother-in-law has become
enemy by arresting Lala. Why is Pratap after Nana’s gang?
– I must know it. Psycho Seenu lives in the opposite
house of your brother-in-law’s home. Illusion! Psycho grandpa, I’m here! Why are you shutting the door, grandpa? Stop! Grandpa… Stop it I say! I made a mistake, so I tolerated
when you called me as grandpa. I saw your real self that day! Grandpa, that is…
– No more drama! What man? Why are you still
shouting after seeing it? You short man! I’ll rap your head! I haven’t yet recovered from
the shock you gave that day. Why did you enter my life
again, Stranger? I lost 15 days of my life
because of you. Keep shut till my pending
work is completed. I’ll leave silently
after it’s done. If I don’t accept. I’ll turn violent. If you remain calm,
I’ll eat chocolate like Chanti. If not you’ll get hit by bullets. Which is better?
– Chocolates are better. It’s sweet. You’ll use me
only for 15 days, right? No extensions, right?
– It depends on your behaviour. My foot behaviour,
we can use it as we wish. Aren’t you changing at will?
– Come. Where are you taking me? When did you come? You saw Chanti, right? My wife Bindu, you talked to
her on computer, right? Remember her?
– Mother is also there. Why did you bring Chanti here? I started the treatment, right?
He’s here to complete the course. Looks like you’ll get finished. Chanti, come to my home.
– You’ll come, won’t you? I’ll come after playing
with grandpa. When did you come? How are you?
– I’m fine. Do you know how worried
I was about you? She has fallen for him. Are you fine? You want? Enjoy girl and lollipop. Home Minister’s House Why have you grown thin, son?
– I didn’t find the girl, mummy. He didn’t find the girl. PA, it seems he didn’t find the girl. My sister has returned 4 days ago, she missed him getting
confused about him. She will, unless she becomes his wife,
she won’t come to our way. Arrange to see her. No more seeing her,
it’s engagement directly. Engagement! Directly engagement! This Friday!
– This Friday! Sir, I’ll tell my sister and… Did you inform me and came on
pillion of your sister’s scooter? You make the arrangements.
– Okay. Today is Rakhi A celebration of affection between
brothers and sisters. If brother ties a Rakhi
from his sister, this signifies that he would stand
by her through thick and thin. This festival is sister’s
prayer for brother’s safety. How long will you be sad for him? Chanti, come in. Mother-in-law, he’s Chanti. I know, I saw him that day! Bindu’s mother. Then, she’s my mother too! Why is Bindu dull?
– She remembered her brother. She’s feeling sad. I’ve something for Bindu, if she closes her eyes,
I’ll give it. Don’t play with me, please.
– Come, if not he’ll feel bad. Come on, do as he says. Come, Bindu! Come. Close your eyes. Close your eyes, Bindu. Open your eyes now. Tie this Rakhi. Bindu’s brother went missing
as a boy. Since then she stopped
celebrating Rakhi. I’ll not keep quiet,
she must tie it. If you tie, I’ll give chocolate,
if not I’ll beat grandpa. Okay, I’ll tie.
– Tie. From today I’m your elder brother
and you’re my sister. Brother! Here’s your chocolate. Though Seenu was a pain in neck,
you got a brother because of him. Come, we’re getting late
for doctor’s appointment. Bye mother-in-law! Bye Chanti!
– Bye brother. I’ll make pudding for you. I know why brother-in-law
is after Nana. They’re planning bomb blasts
in October in Hyderabad. Lala is lodged in secret jail. Okay! What are you seeing in it? Watching photos. Don’t lie to me.
Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you talking like that? Stop it! Tell me the truth,
I saw you browsing laptop. Who sent you here? Just now my daughter tied rakhi
and called you as brother. You called me mother. You’re acting innocent with
some ulterior motive. Are you cheating us?
– No, mother. Tell me, why did you enter this home?
Are you patient or criminal? Tell me! Mother, please stop! Why did you come here? How long will you be silent? You yearned for mother
for 20 years, will you be a criminal for her? What are you saying? You’re my Raja… Why didn’t you tell me? Mother! I thought you and sister
were dead, mother. I grew up with revenge
not with love, mother. I grew up with the sole aim
of wiping Nana’s gang. I and your sister jumped
from the boat. We didn’t find you. We came to Hyderabad to kill
my brother who betrayed your father. But your uncle too was dead. Somebody killed him too. Aunty accused us as the
reason for his killing. I came to know then, there’s
someone else behind all this. Your aunt knows it but
she refused to tell. Aunt thinks we’re responsible
for his death. Since then she has stopped
talking to us. Where’s aunt now, mother? Aunt! He’s Raja, sister-in-law. I met him after 20 years. At least now talk to us. Our family scattered for 20 years. We were left as orphans
by losing father and uncle. But people responsible for
this are living happily. Tell me aunt, who are they? You hid it for 20 years,
tell me at least now. I’ll tell you, Raja.
I was scared to tell till now. I’ve got courage to tell
after seeing you. I’ll tell. Details of Nana’s gang which your
father collected with great risk, seeing it wasn’t published
in newspaper, your uncle was aghast, he went to the press to
ask Chaitanya Prasad, he came to know that he has
sold the file to Nana bhai, not only that ACP Tyagi too
is involved in it, while he was telling me
this on phone, those criminals killed him brutally. I’ll punish them for their sins. Chaitanya Prasad, Tyagi and Nana
nobody will remain alive. Down with police brutality! Maharashtra police arrested Acharyaji for
protesting peacefully against corruption… Why did you call me urgently? Did you see Acharyaji’s
popularity has reached peak? He’s being called
as Mahatma in India. Ending corruption is Acharya’s aim! This is the right time
to finish him. I gave you Rs.100 crores
to plant bombs. We’re getting pressure from top. But no hope that you can do it. What are you saying? Some Shadow has killed your
brother Jeeva and your men, Pratap arrested your
younger brother Lala, he’s now in Hyderabad jail,
what if he spills the beans? Our plan to bomb Hyderabad
will be finished. Nana, the blasts must happen. Think about payment
once you engage Nana, not about the job! Let anyone dare stop me,
blasts will rock Acharya’s meeting. When?
– On the appointed day! Tell me! Who is funding you? What’s your plan? Turn approver and tell the truth, at least you’ll remain alive
in your family. You too have a family, right? It seems your wife is pregnant. Mother and child would die together. 1Tell me where have you
planned the blasts? Tell me. October is nearing, he’s the only source to know where
and who their target is? You risked like to arrest him,
will you kill him now? He was blabbering nonsense, sir. How is my brother? He may die. I think Pratap may kill him
in a day or two. What are you doing?
– He won’t listen to anyone. DG has given him full powers.
What can I do? Kill Pratap. Have you forgotten that
I’m Police Commissioner? I’ll give Rs.10 crores.
– I can take the risk now. Tomorrow is Ganesh immersion day, Ganesh idols are immersed in water,
Pratap will die! Home Minister will be here
in 30 minutes, sir. Who is it? You don’t have the right
to live on earth, Tyagi! Do you know with whom
you’re talking to? I know a sinner who sells
people’s lives for money. It’s not holy band,
it’s your funeral band. Who are you? Who are you? Shadow of your death! Shadow? Shadow? Death is the punishment for sins
committed by you and Chaitanya Prasad. Is he a lightning… Is he God in human form… Is he here to do justice… Is he Lord Shiva to wage war… Hail Lord Ganesha! Somebody has killed Commissioner. Unknown assailants have killed
Commissioner in Ganesh immersion. Move, I must see him. What happened?
– Killed him. Who?
– He killed him. He spilled colours and killed him. Did you see the killer?
– We both saw him. Did you see him?
What did you see? I saw half and he saw half. Tell me.- He had a half bottle
and I had a half bottle, no kick, but we saw him fully. What’s your problem?
How did the killer look like? He’s tall like you. He has big eyes,
he kept knife in mouth, he smeared colour not to
recognise his face, then, he killed him. He killed him, but before that
they had a discussion. They talked to each other?
What did they talk about? Name… No, shadow. Shadow!
– No, shadow. Shadow? Here too? I don’t get this, Nana. I thought Shadow was targeting
only you and your gang. He has killed Commissioner Tyagi too. Who this Shadow is?
– I too don’t know. What’s the necessity to kill Tyagi? You, Tyagi and I joined for a cause. Journalist Raghuram. Do you remember? That Raghuram. Name of the undercover operation
was Operation Shadow. Yes, operation Shadow. The boy who escaped then, he’s Shadow now!
I’ll plan to catch him. What? Why are you so excited? The killer who killed Commissioner
is none other but Chanti. I saw it. Come, Raja. Raja? Raja is my son. I don’t get what you’re saying.
– I’ll tell you. Is there so much pain
in your life? You’ve done a good thing
by killing him. Till my job is complete, my sister mustn’t know that
I’m her brother. But Chanti, I mean Raja, Psycho Seenu too saw killing
Commissioner along with me. Did he see? What’s this? He says Chanti but
killed a man with bare hands. If you know anything
about the killer, if you suspect anyone’s
involvement, come immediately to my home
and inform me. Govt. will reward Rs.50 lakhs for
helping to catch the killer. Got him! Respected Home Minister
Nalla Neelakantam Naidu, I’m telling you truth, I know who killed Commissioner, infact he’s staying with me
in my house, but trust me, I don’t have any
connection with him, sir. send as many battalions
as possible, if necessary,
get help from other states, arrest him but give
Rs.50 lakh reward to me. Please don’t tell him
I gave this information, sir. What’s it? Did you watch TV?
– I buy TV’s but never watch it. What happened? Live discussion about
Commissioner’s murder. His time came and he left.
Can he come back? He won’t. Do you know Home Minister’s address? Address? I don’t know Home Minister also.
Why do you want his address? I killed the Commissioner. My job is done. I want to surrender now. They’ve announced Rs.50 lakhs
for catching the killer. If you take me to them,
you’ll get Rs.50 lakhs. Till now I tortured you
emotionally and physically, and hurt you financially too! Moreover you took care of
my boarding and lodging. That’s why I want you to get
the reward as my gratitude. Are you so sentimental too?
You’ve taken my heart! How much love you’ve for me, Chanti? You thought about my reward
but they’ll hang you, son! Let them do it, useless life,
bore to live for long. I’ll fulfill your wish
to go to gallows. Eat spicy biryani tonight
and sleep in AC room. Gallows is guaranteed. What’s the reason to
kill Commissioner? Do you want reward or reason? Keep reason with you,
get me the reward. My engagement is fixed with
Home Minister’s son Sanyasi Naidu. So what?
– They’ll forcibly marry me off. Marry him. Don’t you’ve any problem
if I’m married? What’s my problem
if you get married? So, I imagined everything myself. Okay, I’ll marry him. Will you marry? Me! The girl is fantastic… She’s devastating… She comes into my dreams
in day time… She’s teasing my youth… There’s scissors in her eyes… It’s cutting my heart… My lover.. Hit a six of my beauty… Where has your eye pierced into me? No need to wait anymore… Take on me, my hero… My waist is invisible
like black beads… I’ll take you away with me… I got you in my grip… I’ll steal your youth,
I’ll shatter your shy… I’ll make your nights sleepless… You don’t appear but
very mischievous… My dear… You’re sharpener
to tone youth… My dear… I’m smooth and shiny… Come on, take me… Burn heat of passion
with fire of desire… Take me all over… The girl’s beauty is
enchanting music… Her sensational body
is alluring wine… Youthfulness is spicy
side dish for it… My dear doll,
I’ll aim the arrow at you… I’ll count the beauty
spots in you… I’ll crush you,
I’ll take on you… I’ll make you sweat
with passion… You’re too proud… You’re a trouble that
never leaves me… My dear, somehow like this or that… Every minute is dark for me…
raging desire is lighting it… Open the treasure of beauty… Steal it… In pursuit of fun and happiness… Throw away shyness into dustbin… Have a blast… CP runs 22 TV channels in 22 states
along with Jagruti channel, he has grown to become a media king, he has grown powerful
to order governments. presently he’s a
resident of Singapore, an international seminar
on media is scheduled here, he’s coming to attend it, but Home Minister is the Chief guest,
so security will be tight. your brother-in-law Pratap is
the security in charge. Home Minister’s Guest House My mind gets heated with
murders and tension. I’ll get massaged for an hour. Greetings sir. Who are you?
Where’s Massage Manikam? He’s my brother-in-law. He has gone to Bangkok
for holidays. He has told me everything
about you, sir. I must forget myself for
an hour, show your skill. You come, sir. Why do you worry sir?
I’ll remove it. Scent of fragrance
instead of blood. My son is marrying a middle class
girl without taking any dowry. Today is the engagement. Somebody gave this DVD
as gift for you. They’ve asked you to
watch it immediately. No time to watch films, son. It’s not a film,
it is your political future. What’s this nonsense? My political future?
What’s in it? Who is he?
He looks just like me. That’s me! Go out…out… CP channel’s secret operation. Neelakantam’s blue film! Sex in the name of massage. Enjoying sex with young girls! They’ve played with me. I lost myself in massage,
did you do all this? What did I do? How is Avatar, Neelu? Shut up! Who are you? CP channel owner Chaitanya Prasad. What’s this CP?
What sort of DVD is that? You placed cameras in different
angles and showed that I’m doing it. I know you didn’t do anything. But public won’t believe it. You did so much in intoxication. This is just a trailer. I’ve full film,
shall I release it? No…no…
Elections are nearing! Pay Rs.25 crores. I’m not taking any dowry
for my son also. I’ll pay, how can I refuse?
Cut it. Come. Greetings madam.
– Greetings. My sister. She’s very beautiful
like Goddess Lakshmi! That’s why I fell for her, mummy. My sister.
– Greetings uncle. My sister-in-law is very lucky to
become Minister’s daughter-in-law. Uncle, your home is also
quite big like you. Do you’ve home theatre?
I want to watch Avatar. I do have but nothing is
visible, virus problem. He’s my sister’s friend,
guide and philosopher. He wants to talk to you,
if you spare little time. He’ll talk to you alone. What’s his problem, doctor? Why is my daughter-in-law making
gestures to him and vice versa? Something fishy. You’ve announced Rs.50 lakhs reward
for Commissioner’s killer, right? Give it to me. Did you kill him? I killed him. Give the reward to Psycho Seenu. Cash would be better. He looks like a software engineer,
how could he kill him? He won’t tell the reason. I killed him to save
your family honour, sir. What’s the link between
my family honour and him? What’s this?
– Watch this! You’ll understand all the links. I’m not saying because
she’s my sister-in-law. Our Madhubala is fire! It’s burning here! My aunt doesn’t have
any boy friends. Few days ago I called
this girl to come and love. She said this is love. Meanwhile your son said
come, let’s marry! And you both decided
let’s stay together. No, there’s no resort
we’ve not visited, there’s no room we didn’t stay. Tyagi was blackmailing your future
daughter-in-law with this video. I didn’t want her to miss
a VIP family like yours, so I sacrificed my love,
and killed him! You played game and
call it as sacrifice. Though Tyagi is dead, Chaitanya Prasad who gave
technical support is still alive. It seems he lives in Singapore. Got him at right time. I must get him to down the ACP. Kill him also,
my trouble would be over. Are you planning murder
as Home Minister? Criminal must get punished. I’m like Chiranjeevi in
the film ‘Tagore’. Never spare men who intrude
your privacy with cameras. Kill him too. Correct sir, punishment for
killing one or two is same. But rewards are two!
Pay Rs.1 crore to Seenu. Rs.50 lakhs and now Rs.1 crore,
I’ll give you Rs.1.5 crores. Kill him! Day after tomorrow he’s coming
to Hyderabad to open a channel. I’m the chief guest. If you’re the chief guest,
security will be tight. Leave it to me, I’ll take care of it. I’ll show the way,
you hit the target. Till this murder is done,
let’s use code names. Your name is Lakshmi,
my name is Tulasi. My name is Nagavalli. CP’s time is over. Time is elapsing,
come to exchange proposals. Just now I got information
from Intelligence. That’s for later,
first exchange the offers. Engagement is cancelled. Hey girl, get up. What happened?
– You love someone, right? She isn’t like that.
– Move away! Do you love someone or not?
– Yes, but no problem. No problem for me too,
it’s okay to me. You said experience is good. Shut up.
– He says no problem. I respect women and
their aspirations. Find her lover and marry her to him.
– Okay sir. No, I want this girl only, mummy. Shut up, you fool!
Do you want her? Not only Home Minister,
other guests are foreign delegates. Check everyone’s ID card
and allow them. Boot is too small! What’s the checking? Checking is on.
– Manage it. You’re Home Minister, right? Isn’t it? Planned first murder, if you both are found,
then I’m also caught. How many murders
have you committed till now? Never counted it. What’s it? Why are they checking Chief Secretary
and my car too? We’ve to check your car too. Will you check my car too? Why my car?
I’m the Home Minister. Central Govt. order. Unnecessarily we got into his car. I’m hungry, I’ll have a biscuit. What’s this?
– Please cooperate. Want me to stand here,
you carry on. Dogs are here for biscuits. My surname is on you.
Dogs are seeking vengeance. What’s inside the boot, sir?
– Shut up. Why are the dogs barking
at your car? It’ll bark.
– Please open the boot. Open it! Check my boot too. First officer to check
boot of Home Minister. I think he’ll get us into trouble. Shut up.
– Check. Shall I lift it?
– Okay sir. Go! Greetings Minister.
Welcome. Nothing short in welcoming. Take it. Are you fine, sir? You saw me fully and
asking how am I? What have I seen?
– Naked truth! Your CP channel shows it, right? I’m opening CP channels
in 10 countries. You will open…
open everything! You’ll open for everything. My heart slipped not ID! Your work and your channels
are making me go to loo. Let’s go. Come to toilet.
– I’m not getting it. He says no, don’t put
pressure on him, sir. You come. Lakshmi, I’ve failed,
you do something. Bring CP to toilet at any cost. Will he come for us?
If he feels like he’ll come. Tell him this, he’ll come. For this?
– Yes. You killed them, right? Money…channels! Observe security cameras. An American and China man’s ID’s
were stolen and locked up in room. He’s coming! Come CP…come. When I called you didn’t come,
is it urgent now? I’ve been watching you, you’re talking nonsense
with some ulterior motive. Did you do which humans do? He’ll tell you what you’ve
to do clearly. Tell him clearly! CP channel…naked truth! Film it…show it… Is it you Nagavalli? You change get ups in seconds. Is your job done inside? I must get Rs.1 crore reward. Who are you? My father’s honesty,
the trust he had on you, truth which this world
should know, you sold it to Nana bhai, you killed my uncle. Are you Raghuram’s son? Nana and you’re planning bomb blasts,
where are you planting it? Don’t say you don’t know. I planned the blasts. If I get profit, I’ll plan
any number of blasts. For money only I sold your father, his worthless honesty,
for crores to Nana bhai. Now, you’ll die in my hands. He’s Shadow! He’ll kill me. I need to get information from him. Job is over. I’ll tell Tulasi to announce
Rs.1 crore reward. Tulasi, I’m Nagavalli here.
Announce Rs.1 crore reward. No ned of this stench
after job is done. Who is Tulasi? Who is Nagavalli? Please check the number
you’ve dialed. Be careful. You finished him. But Tulasi is not answering my calls.
He’s rejecting it. Let’s go to his home with press. You surrender and
I’ll take the reward. Who will surrender?
– What? Who helped to commit the murder?
– I did. You must also get punished, right? Surrender and go to gallows. Don’t go against Nagavalli.
At times I’m scared of myself. Though you know everything,
you can’t do anything. You’ll see the revenge of Nagavalli! CP was killed by Shadow, sir. That’s why special officer Chakravarthi
is coming from Delhi. Mother-in-law, I forgot my cap,
please bring it. I’m bringing it. Take it. Raghuram’s wife is still alive. Pratap is her son-in-law. He escaped. I’ll take care of him. Keep an eye on his home. IB Special Officer
Chakravarthi (Delhi) We’ve conducted Narco test on Lala. Where have you planned
to bomb in Hyderabad? I don’t know. Who is your target? I don’t know. Who is your target? Who is behind this operation?
Tell me. Guru bhai! Guru bhai is dead long time ago. He’s telling Guru bhai’s name. May be he’s not dead,
may be he’s alive. Tell me. Commissioner Tyagi confirmed
his death. Tyagi could’ve lied. Many truths have come out
after Tyagi and CP’s death. Both were working for Nana bhai
for 20 years. That’s why Shadow may have
killed them. Any news about Shadow?
– No. I’ve studied the case file, whether he murders or
changes the places, change men or countries,
there’s one thing common, did you observe it?
– What’s that? You! He’s your shadow. Every man you target,
Shadow kills them. You were there in every
place he killed them. I’m sure you’d know him very well. Your next target is Guru bhai. Better try to catch him
before Shadow kills him. Why is he after Nana’s gang? His motive could be revenge. But he’s doing it very intelligently. You can catch one who kills openly. It’s very difficult to catch
a scheming killer. Whoever this Shadow is… We’re doing our duty,
he’s doing with an aim. Are you here only? That day you stabbed him! To avoid trouble I’m settling it. Is your problem solved?
– Solved. Time isn’t good. This belongs to Pratap,
give it to him. Do you give gifts too? He’s here only and
they’re taking us all over city. They’re eye witnesses, sir. It seems you’re taking us
all over the city. Did you really see Shadow or not? It seems you all are together
and fixed a deal. Deal? He gave cap and computer as gift.
– Who? Shadow! He went out just now.
– Shadow? He was wearing black dress
but fair complexion like you. Sir, security cameras are
not working. Sir, your cap! He fooled us, we can’t catch him. Guru bhai is still alive. Inquire his hideout in old city. Let’s find his hideout
and trap him. I tried to trap Gabbar Singh… But gave up because he’s little mad… I tried to trap business man… Gave up because he’s too busy… I tried to trap Kantri… Gave up getting worried… I tried for darling but
gave up for his daring attitude… I gave up dating Bollywood stars… I’ve a great following… Don’t go overboard,
you’re not that worth… Don’t boast about having
many fans… Don’t yap about your greatness,
it’s painful to hear… Hey you Chanti, don’t consider me
as your enemy… It’s twinkling and shining… Everything else is milky… I’m a winning horse,
you’re my jockey… Let’s love,
come on Raja of Bobbili… You’ve come like a bull
on harvest festival… You gave a drink filled
with love… You’re very lucky to get
the post of my lover… You liked me and
I’m under the lime light… Cheating police with your death,
are you planning blasts in city? I’ll kill you, bloody! Why did you gun down police officers? You saved my life. Who are you? They killed my family in
an encounter. You’re in danger,
that’s why I saved you. You’re a lion! What do you do? What do you want? If you pay me,
I’ll kill anyone. I did it free for you. I want work.
– Work? My gang needs men like you. I’m Nana bhai’s right hand man. I’ll take you to top position. Nana left country years ago. He’s coming…
Nana bhai is coming. Keep this phone. If this rings, Nana bhai has arrived. Your job is confirmed. You’re a lion! Bye. Did he believe you?
– Totally. Come. One thing is common,
in every place you were there. I think you know him well. He’s your shadow. Mother! What’s it, Raja? Nana bhai is coming
to Hyderabad tomorrow. I’m going to meet him. Father’s last words are still
ringing in my ears, mother. For public cause,
kill or get killed. Are you here for pudding? No. Why are you here then? To talk to mother… You like guns, right?
– I like. You like to kill humans, right? Kill? Shakeel uncle, Robert uncle,
Jeeva uncle, Tyagi uncle. Recently CP uncle. Isn’t it you who killed them? What are you saying?
Chanti killed them? He’s not Chanti but Shadow! You’re caught! Nobody can stop me
till I kill Nana bhai. You’re committing a mistake. Raja, he mustn’t live. You’re safe, right?
– He escaped. Escaped? You sent him out.
– Did I send him out? I saw it. Did aunt send him out? Yes, I saw my mother
giving him the knife. Why did you do it?
Tell me mother, why? Because he’s your brother Raja! What you are saying is…
– Yes, Shadow is my son Raja. What I did may be crime for you. But I did what a mother would do. My son will kill Nana bhai. Shadow is your wife’s brother,
I can’t believe it. I’m not thinking about that. We couldn’t find where they
had planned to bomb! I’ll present him to court. He’ll come out on bail. Acharya’s meeting is cancelled
due to trouble in Bangalore, it has been shifted to Hyderabad, it has been arranged in
Gymkhana grounds tomorrow at 5 pm. Tomorrow evening meeting,
come in lakhs and millions. Join forces against corruption. Ending corruption is Acharyaji’s aim! What can we do in short time? People turn up in thousands
for Acharyaji. What if any untoward
incident happens? Tomorrow is October 2!
– So what? This is red October! Nana bhai’s target is this meeting. He’s planning blast there. You’re the first police officer
to give me tension. Bloody man is dead! Brother! We’ve removed 5 bullets from his body.
We’ve done everything as doctors. It’s up to him! Brother! Why God is so unjust, brother? He took away father
when I was little girl, he kept you away from me
for years, now that you’re here… He’s… No dear…nothing will
happen to brother-in-law. Brother-in-law will be fine. Brother, good news!
Nana bhai is here! I’ve told him about you. I’ll arrange meeting with him. I’m also waiting to meet Nana bhai. Raja, Nana bhai’s men have
kidnapped mother. Who is she? She’s mother of Shadow
who gave us tension. My partner CP spent a fortune
for these blasts. Where’s Shadow who disturbed
us by killing our men? Wherever he may be,
he’ll surely come for her. Bombs will go off in an hour,
Acharyaji will die. My dream will come true. Watch a sample. This is just 100 grams only!
Just a sample! Yours is 100 kilogram blast! Be careful. Keep it. They’re loading RDX into vans.
Park vans near the stage. Press this remote from
a kilometer away. This is enough for me. After Acharyaji’s death,
it’ll generate sympathy wave for me. Anyone I point as his disciple
would become MLA and MP! I don’t want position.
I want only political power. I want to become a king maker! What you think will not happen! My son will not let it happen! Bhai, he’s the lion,
who saved me from police. Guru told me about your guts. I’ll take you to top,
work loyally. If you want loyalty, rear dogs. I’m lion, I know only to hunt. There’s fire in his words. I’ll show it my deeds too. Bhai, he’s very useful to us.
He’ll take care of the Shadow. Take it as we got Shadow! Because the man who knows him,
the man who saw him, the man who heard his story,
Narsing is bringing him here. He’s that mental doctor. It’s a tradition for
mafia dons, right? I’ve seen in many films. Why is she here?
– Shadow’s mother. Don’t you know this? Shadow’s mother? His mother was in opposite house,
why did he stay with me then? He can do anything. Do you know anything about Shadow? Shadow loves sweets, lollipops
and chocolates! He appears funny but
kills cunningly. Stay with us till we find Shadow. I’ll stay here till
his funeral is over. Stop that nonsense,
can you recognise Shadow? I can recognise his shadow also!
– Can you recognise? His voice too is just like that. Did you see? Did you see Shadow? Can you recognise him? Don’t embarrass us, tell him. Why don’t you answer him? Which are you from?
Don’t you’ve head and brain? You’re not a don but butter nan Look at your suit, boot and style!
Great Nana bhai! Big build up!
Shadow will kill you! Stop that nonsense!
Where is Shadow? He’s omnipotent and omnipresent! Don’t I’ve shadow?
Don’t you’ve shadow? Doesn’t he have a shadow?
Shadow will kill you! I trusted you! No need of anyone’s help! Shadow will come here
for his mother. Take it. Kill Shadow! Will you sell our country? Why are you following me?
Go out and kill him. Come! Is Shadow here?
– Shut up! Is power cut or am I dead? Not power cut, he cut the power. Who? You said you know him, right?
Shadow is here! How can he come? He’s here already!
– Is he here? Did you see Shadow?
Can you recognise him? The man who asked me this
is Shadow! He’s Shadow! How violent it would be
after this silence! Are you Shadow? Kill him boys! Are you Shadow? I got Shadow! Your son Shadow is dead! Dead man is not my son, the man who killed him
is my son. He’ll show me your killing! Are you Shadow? You killed my father as I watched. I made you kill your own brother. Forgive me!
Please leave me. I didn’t search you for
20 long years to spare! To kill you! Come brother-in-law. My brother-in-law, sir. My brother! Recently he came to India.


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    Super movie comedy scenes chala bagunnai Venkatesh Tapsee Pannu pair bagundhi and Venkatesh acting excellent ga undhi


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