Shakespeare in The Park | The Public Theater

The Delacorte is my favorite place in
New York. I mean, there’s nothing more magical than doing theater and playing music under the stars, right in the heart of the city. To walk on that Delacorte stage, in the middle of the greatest city in the world, and one of the greatest
theater companies and traditions that have ever existed in this world, it’s a
unique experience. There’s nothing like it. You can feel just by sitting in the theater
that you’re at the center of New York City. It’s so wonderful to perform to an
audience that before you’ve uttered a word there, they’re in love with you. They want to be there, they’re there to have a good time, so the energy is very different. It’s so cool, you know, in that sense. Shakespeare in the Park brings this
incredibly diverse audience into this singular space for this singular event.
It’s still such an amazing thing that we all get to come together for a live show.
Thousands and thousands more people are gonna get to experience what this
community creates together. When someone supports free Shakespeare in the Park,
they’re helping to share the culture with all of New York.

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